im in so much trouble with the second one

Can’t Remember To Forget You Ch. 1

Ever since you accidentally spilled your lunch on Im Youngmin, the popular chaebol senior with money and fame, he’s seemed to hate you. However, when some odd photos of the two of you arguing appear in a tabloid, he has a solution as to how you can make up for it– pretend to be his girlfriend. 

  • high school au + fake dating au
  • same universe/basic timeline as let me love you
  • multichaptered for all you youngmin stans!
  • dancer!reader
  • reader is a second-year in high school; youngmin is a third-year


“What does this have to do with me?” You asked, tossing the magazine back onto the table. “I’m not the one who’s famous, nor am I the one who took the picture.” Youngmin glared at you for a moment more before rubbing his hand on his face, sighing deeply. When his eyes met yours again, his frown had been replaced by a much softer, more despairing expression.

“I need your help,” he muttered, “I know what I’m about to ask is a lot, but believe me, if the truth comes out, not only am I screwed, but you are as well.”

You stared at him.

“Look, consider it payback for you fucking up my uniform,” he said, leaning against the table. “Here’s the favor: I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”

“Bye.” You spun on your heel, reaching for the door to the classroom.

“(Y/N), please.” Something about the desperation in Youngmin’s voice made you freeze, turning around to face him. “I… I’m desperate. Nobody can know that I was at that competition, or that I dance. You being my girlfriend is the perfect solution—you have an excuse as to why you were talking to me, I have an excuse as to why I was at the competition, and the press can stop saying that I’m crazy and not fit to inherit.”

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Inktober days 16, 17, and 18
I was three days behind, so I figured I’d do that thing everyone else is doing: a Bendy Cuphead Boss! Despite having so much trouble coming up with the attacks of the second stage, I’d say that one’s my favorite!

lockwood and co theories

Here are some original Lockwood theories I have for the fifth (and final) book, TEG! Spoilers from the previous four books are going to be present, so don’t read if you’re not caught up. 

  1. What if, because Lockwood and Lucy crossed to the other side as teenagers, they come out with even more powerful Talents? I was thinking about it. If there’s technology that can make adults see ghosts, this has to be a possibility. You can take it even further and say that they could never loose their Talents. What if, by entering the portal to the other side, they somehow become part ghost? 
  2. Lucy’s coat fell off when they were running away from the ghosts. What if, because of this, she becomes physically affected? It could be either good or bad. She could start having trouble walking, or maybe she ages extremely fast. Maybe she gets special powers even Lockwood doesn’t receive?
  3. I feel like something is going to happen with George. In the second book he was controlled by a ghost. Maybe that’ll happen again? Idk, I’m just worried about him. 
  4. This one is less of a theory and more of something I’m worried about; nightmares. Lockwood and Lucy have already been through so much, and now this. I can’t see Jonathan leaving nightmares out. 

Do you guys have any theories? I’d love to hear them! 

anonymous asked:

My ADHD is so bad I can't even do homework, and if I do, it takes hours and hours. I break down and cry or just give up and stare into space. How do I cope?

Find some stims that might help you. When I have trouble working on something, I audio stim. So I will play the same song over and over again while I work, and it helps. 
Or try breaking tasks down into smaller chunks as much as you can, and work on stuff one chunk at a time. When our brains see a large task, it shuts down. If it takes more than 2 seconds of effort, our brains are like “nah im good m8″ so making each task more manageable is important


“Gonna announce a small semi-hiatus for now. Life is really hitting hard, and I’m having trouble getting on and posting lately. Especially with Youmacon approaching in 2 weeks. Free time to rp feels pretty darn non-existent. And with my queue currently empty, I have no excuse to say that I’m at least getting one post out a day ;;;; Sorry guys! > . <”


i recently started playing Symbaroum with some of my friends. It’s a dark fantasy tabletop rpg. and I loooove it! 

This is my character Mynas. She’s a changeling witch who grew up in a barbarian clan. After it was discovered that she was a changeling she was thrown out by her parents and sent away to live with a different clan. Being shunned by her new clan she gave up on her dream of becoming a witch. That is until she met a barbarian girl named Hanila, who began teaching her about mystical powers in secret. Years later the clan had finally gotten to know Mynas and had learned to trust her and made her a witch. 

Being a changeling means she is longlived and is currently 119 years old. With a new kingdom slowly pressing in on the barbarians territory, she passed on her position as leader of a witch node over to her apprentice, and is now out looking for ways and powers to protect her clan and the ones she love. 

gaaahhh i freaking love this rpg! I spent so much time on creating a backstory for her, I sent 4 pages to my gm, but it is so much fuunnn! 

eternallyautumnal  asked:

Firstly: I must agree with an ask you posted earlier today, about you writing a book. If you wrote a book or books I would buy and read them all!!! You’re truly an amazing writer. Second: I hope you’re doing better after having a hard time a couple weeks ago. And I just wanted to let you know I’m sending you happiness, because no one deserves to feel crappy. ☀️ Lastly: I was wondering if you could tag me in your future Castaway chapters? If it’s not too much trouble? 😬😋

IM SO FLATTERED!!! Thank you so much hun. And absolutely, of course!

I came home for a good fucking time, was gonna play video games with Orrin, go home and eat all their food in the morning. Noooo the second I walk through Orrin’s door it’s gone to shit our brothers are in serious trouble for a girl they barely know or like and my little brother ended up sleeping with our foster brothers girlfriend despite hating her and now my mom has to clean up this fucking mess how can one girl cause so much trouble??? The fucking police were called, a search team was gathered, because this 14 year old baby child decided fucking her boyfriends brother was better than going home for the night or asking if she could stay the night at her friends house!!!! Or even saying “hey I don’t want to go the fuck home, dearest boyfriend do you think your mom would let me sleep over?”

Mom has to buy a morning after pill for this stranger girl she just met, not even her own child, because none of those stupid fucking children were smart enough to wonder “hmmm maybe if we think we’re mature enough to have sex we should do the responsible thing and use a goddamn condom!”

I’m gonna punch someone it’s been so long since I have been furious I’m so used to just feeling annoyed. This feels like before i got a hold of my anger issues if someone speaks or touches me I’m breaking them. Mom is so pissed and disappointed I’m throttling my brother AND that girl and I’m telling my little brothers girlfriend what he fucking did because obviously he’s not ready to have ANY kind of healthy relationship if he thinks what he did was ok in any way


Michael5SOS: ‘‘I FUCKING LOVED THIS TOUR. I’m so sad it’s over. thank u to every person who came to any show, UK, EU, AUS, NZ, USA, Canada, you are the best and until next year, 5sos signing off this whole world tour thing.’’ x x x

Calum5SOS: ‘‘Melancholy day. Last day of tour. Thank you so much to our touring crew who work so hard for us. Hey violet, for being such a rad band. And most importantly, you guys. For being relentlessly supportive and overwhelmingly vocal and energetic. I will never forget you guys giving us the opportunity to go from playing to 12 people to 25,000 people. There is so much love.’’ x x x

ashtonirwin: ‘‘We hope every single one of you who came to a show loved it, we hope you felt free from all the worlds troubles for 1 night and we hope we can see you next time ❤️ what an incredible and life changing journey! Love you! X’’ x

Luke5SOS: ‘‘Thank you for an incredible tour, almost half a year later Huge thanks to everyone who came out to a show ❤️🎉’’ x

5SOS: ‘‘Thank you to every single person who’s come to the #ROWYSO tour. We’ve loved these shows, you guys are the best !!’’ x

Get off your high horse. You stepped all over me and left me in your dust, so dont act like a victim. I wouldnt even acknowledge your pitiful existence if it wasnt for how much trouble and pain youve caused the person i love. But im not like her, ill keep this grudge for the rest of my life. Im not sorry for a thing ive done. I hope that one day youll get whats coming to you, you filthy, manipulative backstabbing worm.