im in programming right now

Best feeling in the world:

When you’re working on a big project and it somehow didn’t save one night  and you lost all the work you did on it one night and it’s just the greatest because now you have to do it all AGAIN and it totally makes me happy and not want to cry.


You are my Sunshine

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Pleasd spill that dingdulian stuff from the stream c:

oh anon u sweet soul, anything for you
so i wanna mention that before julian came in dd sounded absolutely miserable, and he mentioned he was stressed out. julian came in and he perked up (as per usual) and tried to get jules to stay but he was like “nah i have to do a few more pages of my comic” and dd sounded sad
julian came back like 45 mins later and this time dd coerced him into staying so they chatted and there was some cute stuff that happened (julian having a whale plush, them naming the whale plushes, talking abt spy kids and dd going “why do you remember so much from these movies”, etc)
but what really killed me was when julian even hinted at getting up to finish his work dd went “NOOO DONT GO DONT GO I….I FINISHED MY WORK SO??? ill cut the stream off???? hang out with me???” it was real cute um
so theyre talking and julian does smth (? im arent sure what) and dd went “what are you doing, what are you doing ,what are you d oi ng” and julians like “im not doin nothin,” and it was quiet and ding dong went “DO I NEED TO SHUT THE STREAM OFF”
anyway im bad w remembering the exact timeline but heres other cute stuff that happened
- julian: “i love cold water baby,” [ proceeds to spill cold water on dd’s foot ]
- julian: you have pigtails!!!
dd: ???
- julian: stop playing with your leg fat
dd: HEY
julian: its gross
- julian: you havent programmed at all since i came in
- julian: do your work
also julian: [ plays w dd’s hands ]
- dd: …and bowser comes [in]
julian: bowser comes?
dd: profusely. anyway -
- dd and julian hitting themselves and then pretending that it was each other
- dd: youre smiling
julian: whats that mean?
dd: you havent been doing that much lately
- dd: im sweating
julian: then why do you have a blanket on…? is your dick out i dont see anything????
and finally:
at the end of the stream, julian was like “ok im tired im gonna go” and dd like… had a meltdown??
“no you dont need sleep, dont go dont go im done programming the stream is done im wrapping up right now, if you leave im gonna cry!!!” and he like, got on julian to stop him from leaving. julians like “get off i cant BREATHE” and dd was like “only if u promise to stay!!!”
and julian was like “you dont have to end the stream just coz im tired” and dds like “no i want to” and julians like “why” and dds like “coz youre here!!!!” im crying in the fucking club rn
anyway thats all i really remember comment if theres smth i missed

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Seven finding out MC knows how to program?

this is my dream

  • thump
  • MC looks up from their book to see Seven sitting in front of his monitors, head laying on the key board and arms handing down
  • his head was pushing on the H key, so H’s kept appearing on his screen
  • MC was hanging out with Seven while he did his work that day
  • “Seven?”
  • the boy doesnt budge
  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • without moving, he starts to groan
  • “I can’t get into this damn server”
  • MC stands and walks over to where Seven is “working”
  • they push him up by the shoulders and sit on his lap, examining the code displayed on his screen after earasing like 600 h’s
  • “MC, as nice as this is, i dont have time to-”
  • “Seven, what are you trying to do here?”
  • “hacking, like i always do”
  • “tell me, specifically”
  • So Seven explains that he’s trying to gain access to information withing a server, but since it’s online he can’t run a brute force program properly to crack the password
  • “I’m sure this is all just gibberish to you…”
  • “so you need the password?”
  • “yea, MC. i need the password”
  • “did you try a log strokes program? send it in an email to someone who has access to this server. when they log on you’ll have the password”
  • log strokes! of course! why didnt i think of that?”
  • Seven raises a hand to his forehead, disappointed he couldnt come up with a solution himself
  • …wait
  • why did MC think of that?!
  • MC gets up to return to their book, but Seven grabs their hips and pulls them back into his lap, this time so they face him instead of the monitor
  • “how did you know all that stuff?!”
  • “you’re not the only one living a double life, agent 707″
  • MC smiles smugly at Seven
  • he’s too shook shocked to even respond 
  • he just stares at them
  • then Seven realizes he’s just staring
  • and not saying anything
  • and it’s kinda weird
  • he wants to make a stupid joke like he always does but he’s just so shook astonished
  • “so….when i hack…”
  • “yea?”
  • “you know what im doing? like you understand it?”
  • “yea”
  • how can one human being be so perfect for him
  • “MC, never leave”
  • “huh?”
  • “you have to stay here forever, ok? you’re mine!”
  • Seven pulls MC closer to him and scoots his chair forward, trapping them in between his body and the desk while he resumes working
  • “I can’t even leave this seat?? this is kidnapping!”
  • MC throws a temper tantrum
  • “sorry not sorry. you’re stuck now. you really shouldn’t have told me you know how to program. you know im never gonna let you go now, right?”
  • “…not even to get my book?”
  • “nope”
  • “what about when i get hungry”
  • “ill get you some chips”
  • “what about when i have to go home”
  • “nope”
  • “…..nope?”
  • is this Sevens way of asking MC to move in
  • MC gives up on trying to get free, and ends up dozing off in his lap
  • when Seven finishes his work a few hours later he’s exhausted 
  • but he doesn’t want to move MC
  • he doesn’t want to move from that chair…ever
  • he loves being this close to MC
  • here, with MC…it’s all so perfect
  • so he falls asleep in the chair


headcanon requests?

megatron may wear the autobot badge but honestly hes not an autobot. its like a fake gesture to pretend hes ‘good’ now. also whats the deal with the comic forcing decepticons to all disband and yet autobots are still autobots. wars over assholes youre the only ones not with the program. im really embarrassing myself right now


Wanted to test my tablet out really quick during my break in studying, and its NOT TOO SHABBY I LIKE IT. 

i need to find a program to actually art in, im using Mischief right now and im not 100% feeling it. And I have a Sai, but for Mac so pressure sensitivity doesnt work and photoshop is really expensive. ANY RECS??

If nothing, i’ll just still use Mischief. /broke student life 

this is literally the best teamup i love them all so much what a good

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