im in love with whoever did this

@ whoever first made silena w a hijab bless you have a good day

Poor aphrodite kids having to wear the garish orange shirts, I like to think they work the system pretty well though. also this is my first time drawing a hijab, so please tell me if I did something incorrectly, thank you!

Moms finally reading Gangsters In Love lol

“I like Ash! He’s nice to the dog! …..did I make a good choice?”
“There’s no wrong choice, you pick whoever you want to fall in love with.”
“So it’s GUARANTEED they’ll eventually love me?”

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Yo yo homie Joe! I was wondering how the RFA boys would react to MC being gay af? Idk why but I think about this a lot.

A/N: Okay so the way I read this is a female!MC being gay af and how the boys react to not being able to be with her because she likes girls, right??? Since you asked how the boys specifically would react??? Sorry if it’s wrong and you wanted a male!mc instead, just lemme know when requests are opened again! ^^ ~Admin 404


           -He was excited as hell to meet someone as nice and caring as you!

           -You reminded him so much of Rika sigh and he just couldn’t believe it!

           -Of course he wanted someone like you in his life!!!

           -But he couldn’t figure out why you kept treating him like… like a little brother?

           -He’s trying so hard to flirt with you?? What is happening??

           -Is hE JUST TERRIBLE AT THIS?


           -So he decided to kind of shyly ask you on a date and was a little sad when you turned him down

           -When you explained that, as flattered as you were, you weren’t really into guys and he actually took it really well!

           -Like! Fuck yeah! I’ll just get a close enough friend to call my sister! After a little while passed where he could get over his crush on you, everything was a-okay because?? He’s completely fine with another sister????


           -Couldn’t understand why you weren’t falling for any of his charms

           -Sure, you always told him he was attractive and all that but??? You didn’t seem to be falling into his pool of love??

           -Which he was fine with of course, not everyone has to be head over heels for him or anything but…

           -He did kind of hope that maybe you were just shy??? And maybe you had a crush on him like he did you???

           -But you didn’t even have to tell him you were into girls. The two of you got close enough to hang out, and you seemed to show interest in Jaehee

           -That’s when it all clicked that, ‘wow, MC isn’t into dudes, damn’

           -A little disappointed, but quickly over it



           -Just wants you to be happy and in love, and if it’s not with him then he is gonna do his beST to make damn sure that you are, no matter who you end up with


           -Isn’t usually interested in women (or men…)

           -But took an extreme interest in you

           -So when you always kind of (politely) rejected his attempts to give you over-the-top gifts trying to show his affection, he always got really sad

           -He just couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong??? Did you just not like the gifts?? Should he try harder??

           -You were always visiting his office building, but mainly for his assistant. Why?

           -Seriously he had to have Saeyoung point out different things so he could start to piece it all together

           -Actually really broken-hearted when he realized you were into girls

           -Like?? Now he has absolutely no chance with you

           -But you couldn’t figure out why he started to avoid you for a few weeks??

           -He had to come back and apologize to you for being a jerk and disappearing like he did

           -After a long, thought-out, and careful explanation, he apologized for how he had acted, and for not taking your feelings into account

           -Which is like?? The sweetest thing he could do considering he usually wouldn’t apologize?


           -Already hid the fact that he liked you

           -So hiding it even more didn’t bother him

           -He would just admire you from afar and do all he could to make sure you’re happy

           -So when he went further into the file he made for you about your information, he stumbled upon the fact that you’ve never had a boyfriend

           -You’ve had a few girlfriends, though

           -BAM, sudden realization

           -That being said, he definitely keep his feelings for you hidden because wow he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything

           -No one likes rejecting anyone else. Especially when said person is a good friend

           -So, being the friend that he was, he always attempted to set you up with good girls!!

           -Lowkey he was just really excited that he wasn’t the only one who liked the same sex i hardcore hc that saeyoung is like pansexual yall

           -You’re like his best friend in the whole world and he will do ANYTHING FOR YOU




           -Completely okay with it from the start

           -Isn’t even disappointed??

           -Like, he was just… really happy for you?

           - uhh okay jihyun thats not weird at all???

           -He explained that he was just happy that you’re true to yourself and love whoever you love with all of your heart

           -That’s what he always did and he was just really happy that you did as well

           -I mean come on… he loved… Rika…. despite her being….. this big ass snake

           -And despite alL SHE DID WRONG IM SORRY BUT FUCK RIKA

           -You just loved and loved and even though there were more than likely some hate thrown your way, you just didn’t care???

           -Was he sad he couldn’t share that kind of love with you? He couldn’t even tell to be honest with you

           -He was able to share true friendship love and that made him just as happy!

           -As long as someone as bright and caring as you were in his life in some sort of way, it was all okie dokie with him


           -Also wasn’t very interested in any sort of relationship

           -So he didn’t care what team you played for

           -He did kind of get a crush on you though

           -But he’s a cool dude. He’s a tough guy. He can keep it to himself.

           - *Finger guns*


           -Seeing you flirt with another girl kinda hit him hard?

           -Like okay he’s fine with same gender love and all that

           -He just didn’t realize his crush on you was as big as it was??

           -So that was the extent of his sadness though

           -Because he knows that’s not something you can choose or “get over” like some people seem to think

           -Just accepts it. Whatever. Did he have a chance anyway if you were into dudes? Probably not. That’s how he helped himself cope with it all

           - someone save the poor baby

legends only… ily nakamotens

oh my god……… whoever u are….. you didnt have to take the time to compile all of this alkdjfhalj but since u did this is literally the Best thing we’ve ever seen?????? our fav is the #nakamotens u did again

but seriously we always get so much love from you guys even when most of the time we don’t deserve it… so thank you to everybody who has reblogged our stuff and especially to those who write cute things like this in the tags!!! we’re so happy to be in such a supportive fandom and we hope it stays like this for a long long time ♡


AU in which Isak saves EvenOH WAIT…. he actually did that

Can't Help Falling In Love with Sans (Duet?)
Randa panda & stfuadachi
Can't Help Falling In Love with Sans (Duet?)

So i did a thing, woo! It was fun. I guess feel free to imagine whoever is singing with Sans. Sorry if this sucks btw…

The original is by @stfuadachi GO CHECK THEM OUT!

why now is the best time to love the African DNA in you

Now is the best time to love the African DNA in you, you know why?

Because one day it will be extinct

Yes, now is the best time to love 

that wide ass nose and

that dark ass skin…..

those high ass cheek bones 

because its being white washed as we speak…


The traps that were setup will eventually wipe us out (to just name a few)

{the media content that doesn’t promote black love}

{the prisons that cant wait to hold us}

{and the many possible ways of death that will capture us from not being a community}


you will only have to suffer for your descendants……

In an amount of time that has been planned out, everything about the African we know now will be gone.

and as we move forward; hating ourselves for the world hating us we will mix with all races left until we are watered into history not the books because those will be rewritten


 pale skin 

and non coarse hair (4c hair)

and noses that are not wide but pointy


and the best thing  about this is

if you hate the color of your skin or

the texture of your hair

you can sleep well knowing  that one day that your future grand kids will never be cursed with those things

I cant wait how about  you?

I mean now we wont have to make babies with good hair because those that had the worst hair will be wiped out, 

and shit no need to date people with lighter skin tones because the most black will be gone 


and as the credits role I would like to thank the creator of all these ideas

I mean the originator,

whoever you were or whatever collective group you were

 you did hell of a job 

Everywhere I look I can see you  convinced the majority in many countries to fellow the destruction plan you set out

You were able to break down the minds of the Africans and  spread a standard of beauty that the world has died and killed for 




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Batfam + Ace hcs? As in, how would they react to knowing someone who is/being ace? (Im sorry if this is a weird prompt, today has just been a Bad Day and I'd like to see how my lovelies would react to it)

Ace buddies unite!

-they would be totally cool with it and be entirely supportive of whoever it is that they know (as long as whoever it is is happy, they’re happy)

-it’s canon that they go to pride parades (or at least Tim did) so they would definitely be allies and would be super inclusive to everyone

-especially when considering what they fight for and are trying to achieve by trying to make the world safe for everyone

-I headcanon that Cass would probably be ace and her family would definitely make sure that she has their support if she needs it and know that they all love her unconditionally regardless of how she lives her life

-they would all be willing to break someone’s shins if anyone said anything remotely negative about Cass being ace (or anyone being ace for that matter)


I hope you’re okay and if you need to talk to anyone, feel free to message me 😘

something I’ve noticed bout Noctluna

a lot of people love claiming that Noctis and Luna didn’t love each other. and I’m not gonna rant bout the same thing everyone else did. I’m going to talk bout something that I haven’t seen meantioned before

In chapter 4 at the very start you get a ‘side quest’ which is just the game letting us know what the heck Lunafreya is doing since we saw her at the start of chapter 2

After that flashback we go back to Nocits and the group start teases him bout his love for Luna and how he needs to man up even going to the point where guys would cry ‘why does Luna have to love the prince’

My question is this: If Noctis didn’t love her then why would the group bring it up? An even better question if Noctis didn’t love Lunafreya then why didn’t he tell them to stop. I mean, If i was in Noctis shoes and there was a girl i was really shipped with that i had no feelings for i would go out and say it. and stop people from teasing me bout it. Thats just how humans are. especially men (Though maybe i have no right to say that cause im a trans woman) This reminds me of the whole ft thing where the grey fangirls are convinced that Grey ‘dosen’t know how to tell Juvia no’ and like that Noctis really dosen’t need you to baby him. No, he is not ‘secretly in love with Prompto/Glaido/Ignis/Iris/whoever you ship him with. Noctis loves Lunafreya. Cause if you remember his reaction is to get embarrassed and just poke fun of thier imaginations. This is how an in love married man reacts when people tease him about his wife. 

@hernkydernky123 opinions? Did I hit the nail on the head?


lockscreen/homescreen tag challenge 🦄

• post your lockscreen & homescreen and explain them.

• my lockscreen is a drawing of lauren jauregui edited on some kind of beach and it’s super pretty and my homescreen is marble….just because it looks nice and i love how marble looks. 👅😍

anyway, since im starting this im tagging @whoever wants to do this (if you decide to do it, tag me in your post as #heyadrian or message me saying you did it) 💙


tagged by the gorgeous @blingjonghyun to do this cool moodboard/aesthetic thingy!!

i really like the ocean and the sky (anything bluish really) so i figured that i’d stick with that!! hopefully i did this right?  sorry that all the pics look the same okay i have like one day a year where i look good so i have to make the most of it…

tagging the lovely: @im-the-mac @rainbowosha @sluthyun @sabakunocasali @flower-taemin @kimjongloser @myuux2 and whoever else wants to! <3

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Whoever decided to make "cusps" a thing is so fucking stupid. Like in what delusional pisces land did you decide to take certain dates and make them into "cusp signs" AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEN YOU GO ON TO MAKE YOUR ONLY LITTLE CHARACTERISTICS AND TRAITS OF YOUR LITTLE STUPID FUCKING "CUSP SIGNS"?!?!?! Im heated but I'm fine its cool I'm cool. Just needed to get that off my chest ok bye bye now

ok i love you

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I remember I was watching a tjlc explained video and somebody had asked how could things progress with John and Sherlock's relationship if he was married to Mary and was going to have a child with her, (it seemed not that possible in my opinion as well)
Somebody(maybe it was Rebekah im not sure) replied with utmost certainty that Mary will be out of the picture in season 4 and that there was is another agra memory stick
I did not believe it at the time but both these things came true :)

Hey Lovely!

Well, personally while I didn’t think that the child was even real, I figured that it could still work with a kid in the picture, as long as Mary still stayed true to her character. The “””STORY”””” plummeted as soon as Mary’s character became non-sensical to the current narrative.

But yeah, wow, whoever wrote those predictions probably was joking, even. *sighs* Well, I mean a lot of us thought that Mary was gonna die, just… not in the ham-fisted cheesy way that she did. *sighs* Ugh.

Lauren Jauregui Coming Out Reaction 😨🌈 ❤️ 💛 💙 💜🌹

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If you don’t get the SARCASM from the gifs then maybe you are way far up your a**. Laugh a little, will yah? 

Soo. . Lauren’s “coming out” wasn’t exactly a surprise. Let’s face it. . we knew it was coming. It was just a matter of how and when. And her being Lauren Jauregui, she did it in the most Lauren Jauregui way.

I love the girl. She is brave. Brave i tell you. So if I see someone giving her the shade for calling Harmos out about three years ago for changing her Wikipedia info, then i must assume whoever those salty b*tches are, must be straight or just plainly ignorant and have never had a sense of fear on how hard it is to be who you truly are in public as a teenager who is growing up infront of eveybody’s eyes.

All we had to do was wait.. wait for her to be more comfortable in her own skin. We must understand that 17year old Lauren mustve been scared out of her wits for people to “assume” stuff about her thus she reacted the way she reacted. I dont blame her. I was once in her place. And it is beyond scary.

So no.. i wasnt shocked. I was happy. I AM HAPPY. Happy that finally she did what she did and she can finally be comfortable being whoever she is.

Honestly, whoever her endgame is will be the luckiest person ever. Because her beautiful soul, amazing mind and resilient heart radiates from miles away and they will be thankful that they get to wake up to that every morning, preparing them breakfast with eyes that would look at them with love day in and day out. 

Im glad i stan a legend. Yesterday was such a good day. 11/18/2016!

Lauren OUT!

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NO PUN INTENDED! Haha! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Neighbors (JB)

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Request: a scenario where you tend to play your music a little loudly, and your downstairs neighbor gets really crabby about it, banging his roof/your floor with a broomstick all the time. One day he finally confronts you and you guys have like the “wow” moment. After that it’s subtle flirts in the hallway of the apartment complex and much more frequent but less belligerent visits about the “noise complaints”?

Length: 1,247 words

Genre: Fluff/Angst

*A/N: To whoever requested this… THANK YOU. I LOVED THIS. You may have possibly ended the drought!!! but really, thank you for your creative idea!

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