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bangtan asks!
  1. what was first intriguing about bangtan?
  2. describe in detail the moment where you fell in love with your bias(es)?
  3. top 5 fave squishy/adorable moments
  4. the moment you knew that you wanted to commit to them
  5. top 5 ’nOOOO STOP IT B YE’ moments
  6. favourite kimdaily and why
  7. favourite hope on the street dance and why
  8. favourite eatjin moment and why
  9. how did you feel when yoongi dropped his mixtape?
  10. when did you realise that you’re in too deep?
  11. the first moment where you’re watching a video of them and think ‘ah crap, i love you’
  12. have you ever doubted bangtan’s love for armys? if you did, what did you do to overcome it?
  13. the first moment where you truly felt that your relationship with them wasn’t like a typical fan-idol one.
  14. top 5 ‘you’re lame but i love you anyways’ moments
  15. the very first moment where you felt their sincere passion for music
  16. the moment where you felt ‘aw, kook is all grown up now~’
  17. top 5 ‘please get out of my face’ moments
  18. first time you’ve seen jimin sulked?
  19. if you’re a content maker, what made you decide to dedicate your work to them?
  20. the first moment where you felt ‘wow… the boys actually do love and cherish us’
  21. what was the reason that you believed that they would make it big one day?
  22. what do you think is their biggest charm?
  23. how did they impact your life positively?
  24. were there negatives in stanning them? if there was/were, how did they?
  25. what kind of role do you wish to see taehyung act as?
  26. a song of your choice that you wish for any of them to cover?
  27. a song of your choice that you want the dance line to dance to?
  28. most touching/sentimental moment of them
  29. the proudest moment of them so far
  30. “lets keep running forever” will you keep running with them till the end of time?

@ whoever first made silena w a hijab bless you have a good day

Poor aphrodite kids having to wear the garish orange shirts, I like to think they work the system pretty well though. also this is my first time drawing a hijab, so please tell me if I did something incorrectly, thank you!


lockscreen/homescreen tag challenge 🦄

• post your lockscreen & homescreen and explain them.

• my lockscreen is a drawing of lauren jauregui edited on some kind of beach and it’s super pretty and my homescreen is marble….just because it looks nice and i love how marble looks. 👅😍

anyway, since im starting this im tagging @whoever wants to do this (if you decide to do it, tag me in your post as #heyadrian or message me saying you did it) 💙

Can't Help Falling In Love with Sans (Duet?)
Randa panda & stfuadachi
Can't Help Falling In Love with Sans (Duet?)

So i did a thing, woo! It was fun. I guess feel free to imagine whoever is singing with Sans. Sorry if this sucks btw…

The original is by @stfuadachi GO CHECK THEM OUT!

anonymous asked:

hmmm i realize now with skam filming i'm soon going to get my comeuppance for laughing at noora and noorh*lm stans for being unable to let go of trash s2. bc i'm still over here like 'hmm what's up with isak tho'

honestly me. like i love all the characters and im happy with whoever is gonna be the main bc i know julie will wow us with whoever, but i’ve never related more to a character in my life than i did to isak valtersen soooo no matter who the main is and during any episode i’ll still be like ok but what is isak doing. like i did that shit when i watched s1 and s2 after s3 like cool story but um why did isak break up with sara what’s going on there why did isak get into the car with chris!!?? what’s happening i need to know how eskild and isak met tell me!!!

“Did you do this? To my nakama?”

I love Luffy, sunshine child of my heart, with his smiles and laughter, and trust and his love for people, his capability to offer second chances and reach out to those who need it. But I also love Luffy, who can snap at the sight of his nakama in pain, who fuels anger with love, whose arms that grab and protect become forceful blows that rain fury down on whoever dare hurt his family. I love Luffy. 

tldr: when the sunshine child stops smiling, you know you’re fucked

anonymous asked:

I love that we're talking about even and Mikael already!! I love that he's getting a best friend!! More please ♥

ahhh i know anon i know!! it’s so pure! i do have a feeling that, whatever structure or whoever is main etc, we will be getting some even/mikael angst, right? cause like, why did they stop talking in the first place? or have they stopped talking??? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS,, but thinking about even hanging out with all his best friends and introducing them to his love like the Proud Boyfriend that he is!!

I 👏🏻 CANT 👏🏻 WAIT 👏🏻

I had this dream a while ago where I was watching America and Russia have this really touching moment, hugging each other and all that until America tells him something like

“Whoever lives has to play ‘mmm watcha say’ while the other dies. For a peaceful death”

Then suddenly both of them take out their guns and shoot each other. America is the one who gets hit and Russia doesn’t because Al’s gun never even had any bullets.

So Alfred starts falling and it’s all in slow motion but ‘mmm watcha say’ wasn’t playing. And when he falls he looks at Ivan with so much hurt as the other just walks away into the sunset.

When I woke up the first thing i said aloud was “Why, Russia, why?”



About a month ago I received the below message from a brother (I will not expose his name YET). Of course I did not response because @reverthelp is here to help people find Allah and His Messenger (saw), not significant other!

“Assalam u alikum brother and sister whoever is running this blog. Im not a revert a revert im a born raised Muslim and I love the fact that you have made a blog dedicated to help fellow muslims. Well I am writing here in case I could get some help. I have been reading stories of reverts and watching videos about peopling how they revert or why they revert. Well I’ll come straight to the point. I am looking to get married and my parents want to me to get married too. But I don’t want to marry some desi girl as it happens in our culture. Instead I want to marry a revert so that I can help her by giving her a Muslim family who loves her supports her and be there for her when she is at her lowest point. But sadly where I come from I don’t know any revert im real life except here on tumblr a few revert brothers. So was wondering if you guys could help me with this at finding a revert girl who is looking to get married ?”

So why am I writing this today? For those of you who have been following this blog long enough know that I never get involved with anything that might cause an argument. However, today I found out that this brother has been getting in touch with all the revert sisters I introduce on my blog after taking their shahadah. I talked with 2 of the recent revert sisters and they both told me that this brother is asking them to meet him and talk about marriage. I checked his blog and recognized at least 4 sisters he has been tagging on his posts.

So what is happening here? When a sister accepts Islam she usually feels alone and thinks that she need somebody to lean on in order to learn the religion. She thinks marrying a born muslim brother is the solution. And this is where it gets dangerous with meeting people online and this is the feeling this bother is using to get to those revert sisters. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM GUYS LIKE THIS. Allah guided you to Islam. You dont need anybody to become strong in Islam. All you need is time. Slowly but surely! Internet is not the best place to find your future husband! Try to learn your new faith, practice, and give it a time. Please dont fall into this trap. Be careful!

I will get in touch with this brother privately first and ask him to stop what he is doing. If he does not react positively I will expose his URL

May Allah protect us all

Can you all stop?

We need to respect Britney’s decision concerning the video. Although we still think of her as the 22 year old popstar she IS a mother and ofc she’s gonna think about the fact one day her kids WILL watch the video. I love Britney’s look in the video, whoever did her makeup should be hired tbh and yeah the product placement was a little much but thats how they make money.

Just be glad Britney is back and better than ever, we have an OFFICIAL release date and title for the album and the fact she seems more invested in her music than ever before.

Im not gonna be delusional and say its a great video by Britney’s standards esp with the fact there’s no choreo and the plotline was so boring but at least she looked great! And we have so much to look forward too!