im in love with this picture :')


Can I have your attention pls? Thank you.

I just wanna say that I FUCKING LOVE this picture of Fyodor. He’s cute. Like he’s contemplating something.

“Should I go commando today?”

“Can I ride a zebra in Russia?”

“Do I have cereal left at home?”

“Where’s Dan and Phil’s new Sims video?”

We never know what’s in Fyodor head but look at him…he’s so… *dreamy sigh*

I think its a mixture of cold medicine and lack of sleep, (lol oops), but I really wanted to say thank you to my amazing group of friends who are so lovely. I never thought I would be able to make friends on this tumblr, let alone with such amazing people. Plz ignore my sleepy/medicated ramblings and just go follow them if you don’t already. They are all super cool. 

Also, I hope you guys like my picture that my drugged up self whipped up in 3 minutes. Cool thanks love you guys. and sorry if i missed someone, or if i tagged the wrong person,im sure your lovely too. okay bye <3

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Masterlist *Updated!*


I feel Nothing (Park Jinyoung)

“Date Night” (Park Jinyoung)

PDA (Park Jinyoung)

Four’s a Crowd (Park Jinyoung- Mark Tuan- Lim Jaebum) (M)

Notice Me (Park Jinyoung) (M)

Mad. (Lim Jaebum) (M)

Reaction: They discover your love language

Reaction: When given neck kisses

Sick (Park Jinyoung) (M)

Either Way (Lee Minhyuk-Park Jinyoung) (M)


Picture Perfect (Lee Hongbin)

Smile (Jung Taekwoon)

Four Words (Kim Wonsik)


Distraction (Kim Namjoon) (M)

I think (Kim Seokjin) (M)


Hit and Run (Choi Junhong)


Speak (Jeon Wonwoo)

Monsta X

Either Way (Lee Minhyuk-Park Jinyoung) (M)


Best Friend Love (Lisa Manoban)




Dawn (Kim Jiwon)

I, I loved you in spite of

Deep fears that the world would divide us

So, baby, can we dance?

Oh, through an avalanche?

shutter-bug124  asked:

Can i have a ship please Im 5'0 with black hair and brown eyes. Im panSexual. Im super fucking pale and i cant tan no matter how hard i try. All i do if get a few freckles. Im pretty nice and im the kinda take no shit but do no harm person. I love to sing, take pictures, cook, and my plants. Im pretty funny at least i think i am. I try my hardest to be nice but i have trust issues. But you can tell if i like you i cook for you. Thanks!!

I match you with…


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- Oh boy, you cook? He’ll try EVERYTHING you make, no matter what it is

- Mako loves that you’re so much shorter than him, it makes it easier to pick you up or protect you from harm

- He thinks your freckles are super adorable, and contrast with your skin beautifully 

- He offers to brush your hair for you all the time, just because he can 

- He likes patting your head and holding your hand; it brings him comfort of sorts 

- He’ll tell you all about the Outback and how he was glad you never had to go through any of it

- He talks about you all the time; he’s so amazed that someone as beautiful and strong as you would even consider spending time with him

- He also thinks you’re really funny; he laughs at almost all of your jokes and even follows some up with his own 

- You cook? He’ll cook with you! Or even make you stuff his parents used to make him before the Omnic crisis. 

- He loves to cuddle tbh and he’s basically a space heater


Eyyy m’boy Roadie!! Hope this is good, my dude!!! 

- Mod Art

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D


i still think about boysbe a lot