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What are the Elders favorite memes?

Price: Anything self-depreciating haha I’m fine :) 

Cunningham: The Girl Reading This meme is so funny and cute I love it! 

Poptarts: Look, I know it’s dead, but Pepe memes still make me laugh OKAY?! IM SORRY

Church: Any cat memes, they’re wholesome and pure I love them :)



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name: Mikki

nickname: Mikki (on this blog, I kinda like to be called by my nickname idk why)

gender: female

star sign: pisces

height: 5’0”

sexuality: straight

hogwarts house: i have no idea

dream trip: japan !! there’s so many places I want to visit if I ever have the chance to go. I would also love to visit hong kong again (i just love big cities lol)

hours of sleep: around 5-6

why i made a tumblr: i made my very first tumblr blog because my group of friends at the time were getting into tumblr and i just decided to make one too

dogs or cats: i used to be a dog person but nowadays im leaning towards cats

when i made a tumblr: 2012

reasons for url: i think my url is pretty self explanatory. it kinda screams… NARUTOOOOOOO

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name: aoife

nicknames: eefah, aoifs, aoif, eefs, eef, or like any variation of my name tbh… me ay-oh-fee and i’ll be like yeA?

gender: female

star sign: capricorn! my moon is taurus nd my rising is capricorn too! triple earth sign ey

height: 5'4" :) im short ok

sexuality: idek tbh….like guys r cute but girls r cuter!! bi i guess!

hogwarts house: ravenclaw/hufflepuff! i think im a hatstall tbh but if i had to choose probs ravenclaw?? i love hp!

dream trip: travel around the world!! idc where i just wanna Go Places

average sleep: about 7-8 hours?? ish

why i made my tumblr: my friend told me to! im super happy i did

dog or cat person: both!! both are good

when i made my blog: april! my first post was april 17th wrow so long ago

followers: 1400+!! thank u so much ily <3

reason for my url: my name is pronounced like eefah + ppl call me tht online and also….sims……so ya eefahsims

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We’ll return to regularly scheduled programming now.

I’m sorry I know this must be frustrating as this is not a drama blog, but a writing blog.

But I have a hater! That means I’m successful now right? Isn’t that how it works?

Give me all your money. Kthnx.

But for real, the asks in the askbox about actual writing questions will be answered later this evening. FREE OF CHARGE JUST THIS ONCE. After that, it’s $1,000,000 per question as I clearly deserve.

I need the million to feed my cats.

Thanks for your loving and (financially lucrative) support. That’s TOTALLY why I run this blog after all.


(Just to be clear, this is a joke Everything is free lmao Im just having fun. Also, asks will be answered this evening for real.)

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Name: Lily

Nickname: lily ( ikr? It’s true lolol)

Gender: female

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 165 cm (that’s an average height for teens in my country)

Sexuality: straight

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw

Dream trip: japan and korea! (Maybe Switzerland?)

Hours of sleep: 5 to 7 hrs

Why i made a tumblr: because im bored i mean im a big fan of naruto so… why not?

Dogs or cats: cats~ (i love both huhuu)

When i made a tumblr: 1 year ago lol

Reasons for url: cus that’s what naruto said (he loves his ramen-chan)


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Name: emma, i have a basic name lol

Nicknames: emzy, em

Gender: female

Star Sign: aries :3

Height: im 5′2? i think

Sexuality: im a straight hoe

Hogwarts house: no clue lemme go take a quiz brb. woooooo im ravenclaw isnt that good?? idk ive never watched or read hp


Avg hours of sleep: school nights its, 10 or 11? and weekends 9 or 10 i sleep alot ok

Why I made a tumblr: the nsb challenge i wanted to show lilsimsie my sims lol help

Dog or cat person: CATSSSSS i love them kitties

When I made my blog: hmmm a week or two after the nsb challenge came out

Followers: -3726

Reason for my url: lol none and i dont like it im thinking of a new one


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name: andi josiah

nicknames: andi’s already a nickname from andrew i suppose? also josiahs my middle name is that a nickname

gender: male

star sign: taurus but u know ya boy’s got his free cusp sign (with aries)

height: lmao 6ft

sexuality: gay af

hogwarts house: proud slytherin 

dream trip: i wanna go to japan but i wouldnt mind anywhere thats got a good swim nearby i love water

average sleep: anywhere between 4 and 14 hours im terrible at having a set schedule

why i made my tumblr: for my simblr i was looking at someone else’s blog and it was really cool not gonna say who its embarrassing (/.\)

dog or cat person: i love both but i think im a cat person

when i made my blog: hek if i know mate

followers: i just hit 1000 recently!!!!!!! thank u so much i love you all

reason for my url: my username on like most things like instagram and pinterest is venkyo i like the way it sounds so i added sim to it :’)

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I adore Homecoming so much and he’s such a pure good boy. Go and watch the movie. It’s amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. (2Redbubble