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Hi! I'm a nt singlet trying to learn about neurodivergence (and systems) so I can be a better ally. If you don't mind me asking, what do you think I should know about bpd (and anything else you have, because a lot of people seem to have multiple diagnoses)? Like the basics of what it is, how I can be an ally, and how I can be a good friend if I meet a borderline irl? I hope this wasn't invasive or rude, also feel free to correct my terminology because I'm really new to all this ❤

do my eyes deceive me??? a nice neurotypical in my ask box??? of course i will help u….(besides im bored and have nothing better to do)

firstly, being in a system is neurodivergent. you sort of separated the two, idk if u meant to do that.

i think u what should know is that borderlines are people too. people love to condemn us and say we’re manipulative, abusive. in reality, a lot of borderlines have high empathy for others (to the point where it hurts us if we see someone else in pain). we’re not bad people by default.

even doctors and psychiatrists call us abusive and manipulative. the belief actually comes from them. back when bpd was first coined as a disorder, it was seen as “the borderline between psychosis and non-psychosis” hence the name borderline. doctors back then couldn’t understand why borderlines kept ending up back at hospitals treatment after treatment, how we were so driven by emotion, why regular therapy would not work. they concluded that borderlines were manipulative, sought attention, and were on the borderline of psychosis and non-psychosis, deeming us “hard to deal with.”

ive heard so many stories about borderlines being treated extremely negatively back then, to the point where doctors and psychiatrists would give up on their cases, tell them they were unfixable and manipulative. if they wanted help, they wouldve worked for it by now.

thing is, borderlines don’t respond to cbt/talk therapy. psychiatrists failed to see that we weren’t failing on purpose. their treatment was not up to par. from the cbt i’ve worked with, ive noticed that cbt assumes one has a stable identity and is always aware of themselves. borderlines are not.

dbt was created by marsha linehan. dialectical behavior therapy was made specifically for borderlines. it combines elements of cbt, behavioral science, and zen buddhism. and serious…this stuff is amazing. it works. dbt is split up into four modules: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation.

mindfulness is the teaching of always constantly checking if youre in the present. it is by far the hardest module to master, but it’s extremely rewarding once you understand it.

interpersonal effectiveness is on interpersonal relationships. y’know, because abandonment.

distress tolerance teaches you what to do in a crisis. and it isn’t cbt crap docs hand you and expect you to master in a day. whereas cbt tells you “just breathe, count to ten” when you’re distressed, distress tolerance teaches you three steps: distract, relax, and cope. distract yourself from the situation, relax using your five senses, and cope with the situation by weighing the pros and cons. i use this nearly everyday.

emotional regulation teaches you to do the opposite of what your negative emotions tell you. it teaches you that you are more than your emotions. while you may not be able to control them, you can certainly stop the snowball effect of emotions that trigger thoughts, which then trigger more complex emotions, and more complex thoughts, and so forth.

being a good borderline ally is simple: dont spread needless hate about our disorder, don’t infiltrate our spaces, and advocate for fair treatment.

if you meet a borderline in real life and you are even just a smidgen nice to them, congratulations: that borderline is your new friend. also in retrospect, don’t be mean to them. they will hate you very much.

if you ever become the fp of a borderline, always try to be there for them when they need you. encourage them to talk to you about their emotions. some borderlines are quiet and won’t talk about their negative emotions, even if it hurts.

also, they are constantly afraid of you abandoning them, it is a constant fear. reassure them as often as you can that you do not have plans to. also, don’t ever tell them they’re a handful, or “a lot,” even in a joking manner. they most likely have heard so many borderlines like them being called “abusive” and will wonder if “they are too,” because of their emotions.

well, that’s what i have to say. i might do another thing like this on systems. maybe. depends.

Hi! I love your art style…it’s given me the courage to start posting again instead of just reblogging everything. (I have already posted a picture of a poster I had done for international women’s day.) I hope to start posting more before my break is up! If not by then than sometime really soon!
Anyway, I love your your Jamilton and Jonsnavi posts. So I thought why not combine the two. This is in fact this is my first time drawing Usnavi and Johan and my first time drawing Jefferson and Hamilton in a lovers light. I love the reincarnated lovers AU with a bit of anguish. I think these two ships could mix well in that universe. And thus this piece was born! Thanks for the ship posts for the inspiration.


Ok ok ok ok so this is an AU that I was talking to @timebenderss about, where Voltron was never built and Allura and Coran were never frozen but managed to escape from Zarkon by fleeing to a small desert planet where they joined up with the Garrison squad and Shay’s family as a group of street performers in the oasis city where Shiro and Keith are assigned as part of the small battalion occupying the city. They perform for donations, Lance and Coran play music for Allura to dance too, and Hunk acts as a body guard to keep people from getting too close, and Pidge earns extra money by picking the pockets of the crowd. Allura distracts them while Pidge picks their pockets and the two of them split the credits at the end of the day.

honestly, it was really just an excuse to draw a Shallura street dancer!Allura and love struck Galra soldier!Shiro and shirtless paladins and Galra Keith. i have so many idea for this au i stg im gonna cry

“I banished you for good.”

His companion grins. “Almost. Love of a good man and all that. Though,” he drawls, pointing two fingers at Edward and lowering his thumb in a crude mimicry of a handgun, “we both know how that turned out. Yikes.”

Lost Souls Forever, by @okimi79 & @riddlelvr

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I love reading your interviews. I see parts of myself in your past and think "hey, I'm kinda similar to porp!" and then I'm slightly happier because we sort of connect even though it can be a little one sided. But now that I'm sending this message it's a little more two sided.

thanks!! im just so damn relatable ya know im that girl next door 8)

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“Once you get this you are encouraged to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers! SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡”

1. I was always the most positive of my group of friends.

2. I like to make people happy.

3. I am organized with respect to what I do day by day, the schedule is something that I have much in mind.

4. I don’t like receiving help, although if I need it I find very difficult to ask for it. On the other hand I love to help others in whatever they need ^^

5. I have an inexplicable love for animals, especially dogs, I just love them. I have two and i love them more than my friends lol x’D hope they don’t read this…

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When jonas asked Isak who Even was in the cafeteria and Isak looks absolutely terrified in that moment I think jonas knew something was going on with them two, especially after Even said Isak had left it there on Friday... I think jonas was adding the dots up, he knew he was with Even and not having problems with his mum 👀 you can see it written all over his face

it kinda felt like that too but im not sure,,, i love that edit of him with that math meme thing sdklfjnh that was totally him

im in love

i just want to say i love strong woman do bong soon so freakin’ much


staring contest between two main leads, minhyuk honey dripping-eyes, bong soon cuteness, i love guk doo too but can he not, pls, bromance, the humour, bong soon’s family lmao 

ps: uhm btw can minhyuk and bong soon JUST F KISS ALREADY :’) 

So I bought a court of thorns and roses a while ago cause I liked the cover and just never got around to reading it, but I see a lot of people on tumblr talk about it and like, im so confused now? Cause I’m about to start reading and it’s just like this dude Tamlin, and I’m like who is he? Wheres the paint covered bat dude Rhys? I thought he was the love interest? I’m so confused??? This is why reading books that are popular on tumblr are experiences. Is bat dude even a character? An actual love interest? Who knows. Not me. Tumblr does.

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Who are those two cuties in your last post :0 ?

hehe im trying to work on a comic and i’m very far from having the plot and everything required to start. but i got them.

so i’m not gonna tell much about them besides :

- this drawing is them when they were young. present day, they’re quite older.
- dude on the left is named Yuan, dude on the right is named Sanjay.
- they’re very much in love.


like my biggest problem from age 6 to 16 was growing up in Shitsville USA where nobody played video games, and that was my favorite fucking thing. i had, like, TWO friends when i was a kid that played video games and then i found the internet where i could INSTANTLY FIND PEOPLE WHO LOVED GAMES!!!

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OKAY IDK WHY NO ONE HAS SAID THIS BUT YOU AND ELISSA ARE THE CUTEST AND BOTH DESERVE THE WORLD I LOVE THAT YOU TWO LOVE EACH OTHER aaaa im a sucker for love. You both give me hope in the world that good people exist.

<3 <3 this is so kind!!! 

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Hey mom! Today I had a spelling/vocab competition and my team took first and I took third overall!!! I'm going to Arlington tx in two weeks for the next level!!! We didn't score as high as we wanted but we're going to study really hard for regionals and I'm going to try to get first there!!! I'm really happy because I've been studying since September for this and now we get to advance!!!! - ruby anon

!!! gosh im so proud of you, my love! this is amazing. your hard work is paying off.

you are incredible. i wish i could be there. its like a 7 hour drive for me. otherwise i totally would! i’d wear my “my kids are amazing” shirt. i love you so much! im sending you all my good juju and love!

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dear best friend(s)?

ok i have so ! many best frieds! so uhm . yeha

we have been friends since kindergarten! i mean woah! and im sorry for fading away from you in 5th grade and im so happy we started hanging out again! like! thats hella! thank you to going to two eagle with me (though it was just a year) everyone misses you! but uhm next perosn

jeff: yee haw my boi. u are so sweet and great and thank you for being a lil baby ur so great! ur art is so good ! even tho ur so young! yoiu are meant for greatness but do not let that overwhelm you! youre so sweet!

chris: you are like!! one of the oldest mutuals i have!!! youre so cool! and i love ur acnl town!!! you knew me from ur my old blog and ! man i frickin love you youre so cool!! thank u for being my friend!! and for tellin me abt the arc!

claus!: i just met you last week but man!! you are so frickin cool!!! youre super sweet and so chill to be around! you are waay to nice!! like? dude i dont deserve you ! thank u for liking my art and i cant wait to see what you draw next!!!!

shoot im running outta space so!! to all my mutuals!!

you are winderful thank you for being my friend!! i love yall thank you for liking me!!!