im in love with middle aged men

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hey, hair anon again. yeah i guess i just need to get over the idea that t will automatically make me love my body & the tumblr trans men fetish bc all you ever see on this website is ~trans is beautiful~~~~ always~~~ hoping that it wont be a while till im balding bc my dad only started balding after 40

Yeah I mean most cis men don’t start balding till late middle age and I can guarantee if that does happen you won’t be the only Middle Aged guy with thinning hair!

This kinda “soft cute transboy” fetish thing is bad, agreed. But try not to let it change the way you see yourself

im honestly loving this internet trend where we just accuse middle aged white men we don’t like of being the zodiac killer. bonus points if they’re definitely not old enough to have been the zodiac killer.

like “this person was murdered by the zodiac killer in March of 1971 when ted cruz was 4 months old” “yes correct he’s such a dick that he was already a serial murderer as an infant and i have PROOF….”