im in love with his clothes im serious

lesbopphobic  asked:

fran what would modern sasuke wear

ok ok

not to get overly serious about this but! i will

i think sasuke had his more intense emo phase (wore only black, had those ugly belts w black and white squares, uhhh THOSE MESH FINGERLESS GLOVES definitely, black arm bands) around middle school-start of hs

he keeps his love for deep cleavages thru his whole life and loves a good deep v neck shirt (im talking DEEP). my modern au sasuke is pretty vain and so he is that bitch wearing the tightest skinny black pants u have ever seen

but ALSO heres where i get overly serious abt this. analyzing canon, i think sasuke favors flowy, non restrictive clothing and while you could argue thats just bc hes a ninja, we see a lot of other characters wearing tight clothes (mesh shirts and lee and gais body suit). so while he does love how he looks w his skinny pants i dont think he feels v comfortable wearing them lmao hes just doing it for the look. idk where im going with this anymore but we should give a thought to modern au sasuke only wearing light shirts open at the front like hes going to the fucking beach or something, favoring loose layers and having Het Guy loose pants that naruto makes fun of

his winter coat is a black cape tho