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Even more winter fairy kei inspiration~ Enjoy ♥

Image sources: @junnyan69​, unknown, unknown (possiblSpinns blog), Japanese Streets, @tomoike2525​, @tokyo-fashion​, KERA, @yannmmm

The amount of trust Zen has in MC is really touching, honestly. I find it really interesting how Zen doesn’t feel the need to be overly defensive with MC. With the whole Echo Girl issue, he assures MC that nothing had happened and then devotes most of his energy to focusing on the consequences of this problem. As if he knows and believes that MC would be rational, that MC would be able to trust his honesty. That MC would like to hear his reassurance but won’t depend on it constantly in their relationship, in whatever form that may take. 

He says a lot of things like, “Don’t look at other guys besides me,” and “I want to be a bit possessive of you,” but at the end of the day he makes sure not to restrict any of MC’s freedoms. He allows MC to make any decisions they want to. Zen is very good about conveying his feelings about anything MC says or does but ultimately never guilt-trips or forces them into anything.

In conclusion: Zen is wonderful.