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Hey there! Forgive me if this has been asked before, but how do you deal with people reposting art? I've not dealt with much myself, so I was curious how you handle it? If you don't mind sharing that is.

(first of all im freaking out coz I love your blog so much hello HAHAHAH/////)

Also with reposters……honestly I usually just ignore it most of the time depending on my mood. Most of the time people are very rude when it comes to dealing with the reposts so I just dont bother anymore, but every now and then I’ll try to confront the reposter.

I try not to think about it much, I draw purely for hobby and I have so much fun doing it so I choose to ignore any and everything that could possibly try to take that fun away from it!

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One insecurity: my voice

Two fears: sudden noises, depth 

Three turn-ons: ehhehh, collars, pretty lingerie, fffresh air (jus take it as it is)

Four life goals: freedom of mind n lifestyle, nobody knowing where i am, being friends with birds, a cool leather jacket

Five things I like: sharks, setting fire on things, conifers, embroidery on clothes, gas stations

Six weaknesses: hahahah im not telling

Seven things I love: the smell of rain and mud, garlic, cinema, road trips, day naps, painting, spy

Eight people to tag! @ratmanofsouthend @bluzniper @cryingtime @hemchampa @leecherish @matchruns @vanyel-or-just-van @concheror n whoever else wants to do this i guess


Neymar vs Mazzafera - Moda vs Futebol | #HotelMazzafera

[Turn CC on for English subtitles: video starts at 0:40 [and with the subs]

the mc was pronouncing the fandom name as “MON BE.BE” or monpepe who knows so this fan was like HELL NO IT’S MONBEBE and they started screaming and wonho is like MONBEBE HAHAAH this is a mess