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A continuation of this (read that one first pls if u haven’t)

Anonym hat gesagt: omfg u are an angel to accept requests and ending up doing them AAH just wanted to thank you for that first! Hope you don’t mind me asking for one;; like I was thinking since most feanger doodles involve Fear causing the snuggles and other stuff- what about /Anger/ being the one to give him a kiss or something? ;w;

soul-eater-geek hat gesagt: Ok so sorry for the bother but fear x anger >//w//< ♥ ? (Btw your art is just super cute >w<)


heyall! i only follow about 200 blogs and i just know there are more amazing blogs that im missing out on so please reblog/like if you post:

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IT WOULD MEAN LOTS AND I WILL DEFINITELY CHECK OUT YOUR BLOG! if you make graphics please say so in the tags so its easier for me :)


I dislike people who go on about how romance is only a small part of Bioware’s games and anyone who’s favourite part of the game is the romance is stupid/immature/missing the point of the story/etc.
I’m asexual, but not aromantic and have had potential relationships crumble because the people interested weren’t interested in an asexual relationship and I’m not comfortable with having sex (among other intimate things). Bioware’s games allow me to have those relationships and agree to sex without feeling uncomfortable and that means a lot to me. It makes me feel safe and happy and that’s a wonderful thing.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies Acapella
  • I Write Sins Not Tragedies Acapella
  • A stumpxvx

***listen with headphones***

Another a capella for you guys! It’s kinda like fake you out in that it’s got a lot going on and it actually did break my laptop this time. For some reason, I have a vague midwestern accent in this but I’ll roll with it. Download and leave comments/feedback (please!) here