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i am waiting for the moment where keith’s orphan hertiage comes out and he’s awkwardly saying it’s fine and “Rosa’s enough of a mother for me already.”

and the dinner table goes silent. keith looks up and rosa has tears in her eyes and he stutters an apology only to have her get up from her chair and embrace him.

keith awkwardly hugs back and looks towards lance in desperate confusion only to see the expression of absolute adoration on that boy’s face -

okay but imagine all the amis carrying around little packs of gold star stickers to give to people when they make an accomplishment! not the big accomplishments.the little everyday ones that should be celebrated.   

Cosette and Jehan probably started it all but it slowly spread to everyone until it became amis tradition

Bossuet went a day without injury? Gold star! Ferre learned a new thing about moths or stars? gold star! Bahorel didn’t pick a figh all week? gold star! Grantaire got out of bed today? gold star!

then when they’re having bad days they can just look at all those stickers and remember they may not always be the best versions of themselves but “hey i got a gold star. i did something good today.”

also grantaire being bombarded by a determined enjolras with stickers on his bad days like “was a great boyfriend today” “didn’t forget my morning kiss” “knows how to make the coffee i like” “makes great art” and basically any reason he can think of

(based off this adorable song)

Strong squish ( ˘ ³˘)❤

This may have gotten a little out of hand… I tried to keep it simplistic though. (and it’s transparent)

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oh my god i was like 17 when i started writing on tumblr and i roleplayed about 23 characters during those 4 years. to celebrate that i opened up photoshop and made something as shitty as this. a side from that though, it’s corins’ 1 year anniversary, so im cheering on that as well. he’s my first ever original character and i love him very much. i dedicate those who were interacting with me since day one i still enjoy your existence. other than that here are the people that make me smile and all that embarrassing stuff. i love you. don’t expect anything better.

               I locked away a wish to be by your side.

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