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Request: alright then, thank you !!! i would like to request for jeonghan/joshua/jun/mingyu angst pls !! like a true angst,, im in the mood for extreme suffering 😭
Member: Jeonghan (svt)
Genre: Angst
Word count: 3028
A/N: Went with Jeonghan because of the minimal vocal unit requests I get, the fact that I did soulmate Josh a few days ago, and because the vocal unit song they released today is dope. 

Edit: this has been made into a series!! Find the tag for it here: x

Three months. It had been three months since everything had slipped through your grasp. Okay well everything may be a tad bit dramatic- you were still employed, still physically healthy, still had a house, still had most of your friends (though you had lost a significant amount of them in the last three months). But you didn’t have him, and that was a pain you had to shoulder everyday, moving around almost numbly most of the time, not entirely present in your everyday life anymore. 

Your closest friends told you that you needed to move on, that what he had done was borderline cruel, that he certainly had done enough damage. They would hold you and tell you that months had passed and you needed to start “getting back out there,” because that was somehow supposed to help you. You didn’t want to get into it with them, so you would smile and nod and say you’d think about it and politely show them to the door. You didn’t tell them that it was hard to see his face everywhere you turned, to hear his name when people mentioned handsome idols, to see videos still pop up in your recommended and news articles flash his name. You didn’t tell them there was still a sweater of his stuffed in the back of your closet and a box of photos and gifts he had given you stashed under your bed. You didn’t tell them about the unlabelled album in your phone full of pictures and videos, some of him, some of both of you together. How could you tell them? They’d scold you for hanging on, for excusing the fact that he did you wrong, for not trying to move on. 

But you didn’t really want to move on from Yoon Jeonghan did you?

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Good morning everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing morning or so (: anyways today member is got7 im jaebum and that’s total must of boyfriend jaebummie!! [ like / reblog ] please do not steal and take credit! Tyty. Have a wonderful day everyone!!



the second pic may look awkward as hell but that’s bc that’s my Legit Smile, like how i smile when i laugh n stuff. it’s a good smile bc it shows that i’m rlly fucking happy right now!!!!!

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If Aerys had agreed to marry her to Rhaegar, how many deaths might have been avoided? Cersei could have given the prince the sons he wanted, lions with purple eyes and silver manes … and with such a wife, Rhaegar might never have looked twice at Lyanna Stark. The northern girl had a wild beauty, as he recalled, though however bright a torch might burn it could never match the rising sun.

blurry | bambam

prompt: inspired by bammie’s instagram selfie hot dayum could i not contain myself, so i made an imagine abt it B) here it is if ya wanna get attacked by our bamchinja. c; 
group: GOT7
pairing: bambam, you
genre: fluff
words: 3185
note:  sorry theres so many spelling errors its currently 3:18 am and im tired as heq ill edit this tomorrow thanku ㅠㅠ

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i got some rlly rlly fantastic news today so im a rlly happy mood. anyway, i am online at last and im gonna be doin asks and maybe some drafts but – mostly asks i think im feeling ???

if anyone needs me feel free to message me on discord im finally getting focussed on responding to stuff on there bc ive been super scatterbrained with school stuff lately 



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Im reading the entirety of Duality again instead of doing what i need to do whoops

Ohhhh mood. Except in my case it’s, “I’m planning a massive D&D campaign instead of doing what I need to do aka write Duality.” XD Have fun with the reread, but I hope you also find time for whatever else you need to do!