im in a mood no one touch me

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GOD you not being online for all this drama is such a mood...why are you always do you do it...

motherfucker we only got 5 days ‘til season 3 airs i’m cold i’m numb y'all can’t touch me i got one hand clutching the seams of the void and the other on my left lance-loving tiddy

a concept:

riding jimin’s thighs while he’s wearing latex (or leather, he picks and chooses) and licking the cum up off them, lapping around his fingers and leaning into his touch; into his words - “such a good, good pet, just for me - making all this mess, cleaning it up, knowing your place” - a slurry of everything that makes you come undone

Hetalia Au- superpowers/mutations

-Feliciano- superhuman speed (which makes him a great fencer and explains his love for for example fast cars, he can´t stand it when things are going too slow and he instinctively runs away from things he finds uncomfortable, like training)

-Ludwig- superhuman senses as well as abnormal /but not inhuman/ strength and speed ​(dog instincts = super solider)

-Kiku- teleportation (explaining his ninja tendencies)

-Gilbert- abnormal /but not superhuman) strength as well as the ability to grow out a limb if it is cut off and heal himself making him close to immortal

-Alfred- superhuman strength (because of his size and classic hero complex)

-Arthur- has the ability to control the weather, as well as super regenerative cells, (science!) much like Yao (which explains why he was able to sail the seas so well in his early years)

-Francis- has big, angel like wings (cus he is beautiful and will totally brag about this until the day he dies, what a drama queen)

-Yao- gets visions about the future as well as having super regenerative cells which has granted him an extra long life, no one knows just how long though (which explains his slight obsession with good luck. He sees something bad happening, perhaps to one of his friends and instantly begins to try to change it by giving them a ton of lucky charms and amulets)

-Ivan- can enter the mind of others through hypnotism (while being hypnotized the victim might experience the sensation of being surrounded by a mysterious, purple aura beaming out from Iva, making them feel uncomfortable. Perhaps when he was younger he could´t control this ability which would explain why he´s so insecure or unsure of himself, hearing what others were thinking of him or even able to hear everyone´s thoughts, driving him a bit… well, mad)

-Mathew- invisibility and ability to create force fields

-Bella- can extend her tongue/grow fangs at will and produce venom like a snake (my first thought when I hear Belgium is always chocolate and food, which lead me to poison as a defense mechanism and her being able to poison the stuff she makes. Also, poisonous green eyes!)

-Abel-  poisonous like his sister, although he can blow a deadly smoke rather than a venomous bite

-Roderich- has the ability to create extremely high pitched noises, hence able to immobilise his enemies completely (he can literally blow your eardrums to pieces, he is not as weak as he seems! Also this sounds very defensive, which would make him at one point having a cooperation with Vash´s very aggressive approach much more agreeable too)

-Vladimir- shapeshifter, but animals only (it is a common belief that vampires could do this)

-Elizaveta- she got abnormal strength and can control air, however not weather in general (you could say she´ll… Knock the air out of you! Hah! …Because her power could´t just be a pan, I- I´m sorry)

-Lili- healing touch, but cannot restore the dead (btw, can you say Belalich? vvv )

-Vash- telekinesis, hence his impeccable ability to control weapons at will

-Feliks- dream control (also Poliet inspired, but this would explain how he´s able to rise again after everything, he simply weakens his enemies and transfers all his insecurities to them)

-Liet- can sedate people and make them fall asleep, only he will as well if he does (based on his sort of nervous/calm nature)

-Eduard- has the ability to control computers and various electronics

-Raivis- can sink through floors and go through walls (flee from your anxieties, just flee)

-Natalia- can enter the minds of others by touch, although it is extremely draining to the point of where it is life threatening for longer periods of time for the one who´s being used (based on her abilities to see ghosts and read cards)

-Yekaterina- can control various flora, for example grow things very fast (based on her farming skills)

-Lukas- can create extremely life like images and sceneries for other people, making them believe that they are seeing things that aren´t there, etc. (like pixies and trolls, for example)

-Emil- has the ability to split the earth open and actually create and control volcanos at will

-Tino- abnormal /but not inhuman/ strength along with the ability to grow claws and fangs (based on his mama bear nature and the stereotype that finnish males loves to go knife fighting. And I do give him this power in the most badass and least cheesy movie way I can!)

-Mathias- has the ability to take control of other people´s bodies (based on his inability to handle his own feelings very well and childish-lego building, terrifying viking nature)

-Berwald- can control ice and snow (*hums under breath* let it go, let it go~)

-Heracles- can get visions of the past by touching different objects (say, the ruins of Greece?)

-Sadik- can harvest/suck up energy like electricity or an explosion and use it later

-Gupta- can clone and duplicate himself (inspired by egyptian paintings, which sometimes appears to have almost armies of “clones”)

-Michelle- has the ability to grow gills, webbed hands/feet, sharp teeth, etc. at will, basically becoming a classic mermaid-ish creature

-Lovino- extremely precise photographic memory (which upsets him because he can´t forget all the bad things that has happened to him)

-Antonio- pyromancer

-Im Yong- has the ability to influence the mood of others

-Mei- superhuman flexibility and speed

-Alistor- has the ability to completely numb a person, taking away their sense of smell, hearing, their vision, touch and taste, but only for as long as he focuses on them (based on black outs, hang overs and smoke)

(I really, really love making these so I hope you like it! Maybe I could post more later if you do c: Also, feel free to rp this with me and I´m sorry if I left out one of your favorites!)

#5 - Jendall??

#5 from my au list ;I’m kind of jealous of Kendall because you guys are so close but I act like I’m not :-)




requests are always open !! (be sure to message me a # of which one you want to see !)

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I watched as Justin and Kendall shared another inside joke, both of them bursting into laughter and I rolled my eyes, before putting on my best poker face.

I wasn’t one to get jealous, but it felt like god was testing me.

“Babe why are you so far away? Get over here” Justin said, noticing my distance. Literally almost two hours later.

I didn’t want to be a mood killer so I put on my best fake smile and shook my head slightly.

“Im good over here babe” I say, ignoring the way him and Kendalls leg touched because they were so close.

Justin gave me a look, gauging my mood but I smiled again, blowing him a kiss so he wouldn’t suspect my great annoyance and jealousy.

I loved everyone in the squad, I truly did. But besides Justin and I, Kendall and Justin seemed to be closer to eachother than the rest of the group, and that irked my soul.

Its not that I don’t trust Justin, or Kendall.. because I do, but sometimes she acts like were in this relationship together. I know she doesn’t think that, well I hope she doesn’t. But it feels that way.

“Y/N!” Kendall shouts, snapping me out of my trance, I looked at her.

“What?” I snap, voice harsh.

“ I said do you remember that once night when Justin got so drunk and he tried to give us lap dances on the couch?” She says, laughing , and Justin rolls his eyes, arm wrapping around her shoulder.

My eyes focused on his arm as I replied . “ No, he only tried to give you a lap dance Kendall” I say. “I was the one pissed off in our bedroom, remember Justin?” I say, smiling sweetly.

He smiles sheepishly . “I can hardly remember a thing from that night babe.”

“Wait we have to take some selfies” Kendall says randomly, pulling her phone out.

“Of course , how could you forgot the selfies” Khalil says, and I smile at him .

“Okay, pose Justin” She says, aiming the camera so that its only showing them .

I watch as they make kissy faces and silly faces in the camera, Kendall laughing and snapping away.

“Somebody is jealousss” Za , whos sitting next to me, whispers.

“Shut up” I shove him and he laughs, tickling me .

“Za stop!” I squeal, falling into hysterics as he continued to tickle my stomach, before we heard a cough .

“You love birds done?” Justin says, humor laced in his tone but I became defensive quickly.

“Says you” I retort, rolling my eyes and he furrows his eyebrows.

“Just joking Y/N” Justin says slowly, and I look away from him.

“I think its time we call it a night yeah?” Khalil says after the awkward silence .

Everyone agrees and I stand up from the floor, not meeting Justins gaze until I heard Kendall speak .

“Im really tired J can I stay over?” She asks and I reply quickly.



Justin and I look at eachother and I give him a ‘wtf’ look.

“Um.. im confused” Kendall looks between the both of us.

“Yeah Kendall, take one of the guest rooms upstairs” Justin says before I can answer, and I sigh.

I turn around, trying not to stomp up the stairs as I walked into Justins bedroom, grabbing my overnight bag I was supposed to use tonight.

I grabbed my phone and my car keys, getting ready to walk out but Justin walked in, his face confused as he saw my bag and keys in hand.

“Babe what was that all abou– are you leaving?” Justin asks, and I nod.

“I thought you were staying over tonight?” He pouts, and fuck if I wasn’t annoyed with him id push him on the bed and okay im not gonna finish that but you get it.

“You don’t need me, you have Kendall remember?” I say sarcastically, crossing my arms.

“Baby, youre not jealous of Kendall are you?” He asks, a serious look on his face.

I don’t reply and his mouth drops open.

“Youre jealous of Kendall? Kendall?” He says and suddenly I feel stupid .

“Well, you guys are always together! And like are close and stuff” I mumble, not meeting his eye.

Justin starts chuckling and I scoff, getting annoyed.

“Im glad you find this funny” I say, shaking my head.

“Im sorry but really Y/N. Kendall is literally my sister, I see her no other way” He says, and I feel better inside.

“I know that” I purse my lips.

“Plus, why would I be thinking about any other girl when I already have the best girl right in front of me?” He asks, and I feel myself start to smile .

“Youre a smooth talker aren’t you” I tease, and he laughs.

“No Y/N but seriously. You have no reason to ever be jealous. Im yours babygirl” He says sincerely and I grin at him .

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i love the superhero + journalist trope hehehehehehh it might be like a light hearted au? a breath of fresh air? jdkfkfks i know im looking forward to this one

saaaaame it’s a very good trope! and yeah this au is fairly lighthearted!!! i mean you know me i like my angst so there’s a touch still but for the most part!!! <3

ive never touched stardew valley in my life but its cute and shane is cute and offers a really interesting look into like. the portrayal of mental illness in media and is A Big Mood but like. looking at the farmershane content its obvious that the gay shit is the shit with actual emotion and care for shane het is just ‘uuughhhhhgh fuck me chicken man ooooh yeah’ with maybe a passing thought abt ‘ph right one of his heart events or whatever is where u literally talk him off of a cliff mmaybe i should mention smth abt his mental state’

Thank Yeezus

Personal rant because Kanye’s under fire. I love Kanye. Not entirely him, but what he stands for. Not what he publicly stands for, not the shit that gets him in the news, but the few words embedded deep between meaningless lyrics that overpower the rest. The stories he tells. The heartbreak he’s felt. If I’m sad, I’ll listen to “Everything I am” or when I’m heartbroken I find myself listening to “flashing lights” because there’s a specific verse that makes me feel like I’m not alone. “Blame Game” has a bit of the same affect for me when I’m in emotional pain. When I’m feeling like I’ve messed up, but no one else knows and it’s only relevant to me I go to “FML” by Kanye and The Weeknd because “even though I always fuck my life up, only I can mention me.” Those days where I want to go out and feel above everyone and power trip I blast “Black Skinhead” on full volume. From that opening lyric “for my theme song, got my leather black jeans on” im ready to go. Untouchable. Anytime I just need a touch of nostalgia to put me in a better mood I go right to “Gold Digger”, of course. Then when I’ve got a morning shift… Nothing’s gunna get my day started as smoothly as Kanye’s song “good morning”. If I’m lowkey angry and don’t feel like putting out my own flames right away, I’ll put on “send it up”. The point is, I tend to drown in my emotions and thoughts. Part of that drowning has to do with me feeling that I’m alone in it, so time and time and time again Yeezy’s music has built me up. It sounds silly, perhaps- but that dude gets me through my worst days. So yeah, that’s my personal lifeline on the news and in the negative light. Yeezus is my savior, and Yeezy taught me well. ✌🏻️

How he eats you out (Visual)

Sorry for two in a row tonight guys, I found a picture of Liam with what looks like a hickey on his neck, and now I’m in a mood x]

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  • There’s nothing holding me back now.

Life is full of contradictions. When you think you’re going forward, you’re actually going back. When you think you understand something, you realize you understand nothing.