im in a hotel room

minho rly brings out every other member’s chaotic energy… he’s like a beacon of chaos…. i dont know what to do with this information i just know none of them are safe


“so i know you think i dont notice because usually you do it after im asleep, but i know you leave the hotel room every night and make a phone call.” Sam stated.


“well im not dumb and im your brother,” Sam laughed, “who is she?”

jon misses arya more than anyone. he was torn up inside over not being able to save arya. he thinks of her constantly. he wants to crush ramsay’s throat for marrying her. he remembers needle and how he told her to stick them with the pointy end. he wonders how much she’s grown and if he would even recognize her. he wants to muss up her hair and call her little sister. when he says her name his voice is hoarse. she could always make him smile and his heart almost breaks when alys’ reminds him of arya’s. he can almost see her in his mind as she was when he last saw her. he believes arya’s home is with him. his last thought of dying is of arya. 

gendry isnt a pov but the first time we see him after arya was taken he is filled with rage. he is beating on his sword as if he wished it were a foe. its not a reach to believe his behavior is in large part because of arya. he failed her. she was taken by a murderer and this must be driving him crazy. i know in my heart he misses her. that fierce little girl. he stays at the crossroads where all the lost children of the riverlands end up. 

arya was always close to jon despite him being a bastard. she loved him unconditionally. their bond is one of the most important in asoiaf. arya accepted gendry into her pack. she was the first person to ever truly value him even though she is a lady and he is a bastard blacksmith. they have one of the best friendships in asoiaf. 

arya is the only true connection between these two bastards 

100 reasons to love kang younghyun

i was inspired by this really good hanbin post i read.

(lot of win, man in a movie, pocket live and fancam references)

*with the widest grin on my face, i will proceed to type this.*

1. His love and appreciation for each member’s talent and genuine appreciation for them, especially on radio shows(hongkira)

2. His unfailing ability to describe loneliness and solitude perfectly with his lyrics.

3. That one pre-debut cover of gd’s butterfly

4. his dimples

5. “NOT Brian. Who is BRIAN?!”

6. grey hair, i’ll say no more


8. That one radio-cam of him jamming to Baek-ah-yeon’s song. with her. in the studio. 

9. “BOOM!!”

10. Him getting all flustered on ASC when Dreamcatcher sang im serious(”my favourite group”)

11. “She called me to her hotel room”

12. “Yess, good morningg”

13. every single time younghyun has ever rapped hunt while treating a HEAD BAND as if it were a BLINDFOLD.

14. his dimples.

15. “wh-wh-whAt is in your bAg?”

16. him imitating dowoon on a vlive while watching a jaesix vlog

17. while we’re on dowoon, his genuine adoration for the maknae like you can SEE it in his eyes it’s beautiful

18. that one fanmeet photo of him in the harry potter merch really buttered my beer

19. The broccoli hair yes in this house, we apprec8 that

20. while we’re on that,the HEYJUDE COVER.

21. His ability to take on a million ranges vocally, take incredible falsettos, and also sing from the gut fascinates me

22. jaehyungparkian.

23. “i’ll try harder to be like young k”

24. “i wish i nEver knEW you bABy”(the english rap it ended me.)

25. “knock you with my punchlines” WIN era younghyun, best younghyun


27. that one fantaken photo of him with the sipper and multi-coloured hair and a denim jacket and a guitar on his back.

28. the be lazy pocket live but hold up, the behind the scenes of that where he’s sweating(ah the struggle to be sexy)

29. the “what can i do” pocket live. i think about that a lot.

30. everytime he’s ever done the nose scrunch.

31. that one gif of him rolling up his sleeves to reveal !!! his biceps !!! boi!!!

32. Blood rap translation. bye

33. mathletes dance compilation.

34. him dancing to gashina and literally  pelvic thrusting in everyone’s faces

35. oh oh that fancam of him dancing to “all that i have” and doing that back thing. you know what im talking about 

36. “JOUUA”

37. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAMBAMBAMBAM. (what can i do live bass vocals by one and only kang younghyun!!)

38. wooyoung exposing drunk k “why do you fucking do this to me, hyung” i love him

39. “why am i alone?” every time i hear him sing that line, i get chills. pure art.

40. “yg get an attitude”(he dropped it like it’s hot)

41. youngfeel.

42. while we’re on youngfeel, him replying to a tumblr ask saying “love wonpil” is a goal for 2018.

43. hungry k(”best part of songwriting is breakfast, lunch and dinner”)

44. that one video of jae and young k using the jyp card and young k squealing-”it’s not our money, it’s not our money eehehe!!!!!!!”

45. his rap in congratulations. i c o n i c

46. him mouthing “sarangeul haetdaa” when hongki played love scenario. im an ikonic and  a my day and this was just the most satisfying thing ever

47. every. single. part  he has in man in a movie. it’s all us young k stans ever think about.

48. his relationship with terry. terry we love you.

49. pre-debut video of young k falling off the stage while performing. rip his ego

50. his rings. p l e a s i n g 

51. that one baby pink shirt he wore on hongkira while promoting I loved you

52. a fancam of him doing the whole “yess, good morning” thing, and the mic falls down

53. the video of day6 performing man in a movie on nct’s night radio and johnny looking at young k in complete and utter amazement.  same, johnny, same.

54. him describing the percentage of alcohol in their drink on a rooftop live and the giggling about it and yelling “we gon’ get craaazyy”


56. the arirang avatar thing where he wore a hanbok and the headgear too. ded.

57. his appreciation for good music. he’s really out there listening to neon trees, arctic monkeys, lauv and daniel powter

58. the beginning of a day6 moments video where  he’s singing i like you but effortlessly and it should be funny but yet again, im just very impressed none of those notes are falsettos

59. when he danced to knock knock and then got all shy. my boy knew ALL the steps :‘)

60. when he forgets lyrics while busking and makes shit up. priceless.

61. on his solo live, when he made that song about soy sauce and dipping meat in it and it being delicious to the tune of what can i do. istg younghyun what can you not do

62. his business administration windbreaker

63. in general, his love for business administration lmao i love him

64. his efficacy and will to get good grades even while touring

65. his dubsmashes and that baby sound one in particular


67. his vibratos in songs. they’re like a separate entity altogether. we’ve got young k’s beautiful versatile voice, then we’ve got his vibratos. right there, on a pedestal.

68. that one fantaken picture of him at the recent thailand concert where he’s wearing a blue shirt and hugging himself(?) idk it’s cute his cheeks are full , he looks happy :’)

69. when he loses his shit during “sing me” in concerts and just vibes with the crowd. best.

70. kang younghyun’s DayDreaming. pre debut. go listen to it if you haven’t. rightnow.

71. the thumbnail of the last third degree video. young k with terry. it’s the look on his face. the innocence. i melt

72. his relationship with people around him and friends. it’s so cool and he literally leaves no stone unturned while thanking his friends :’) (KMESS4LYFE i c u)

73. i don’t say this enough but the lyrics of all alone. younghyun’s part. “i wish someone would hug me and tell me i’ve worked hard when i came home”. come here bby i’ll hug you you’ve worked so hard.

74. kang younghyun’s eyes.

75. him in a black cap and earrings and a white tee.a look.

76. “someone pls teach me how to tweet” 

77. him forgetting his own collab song with jimin on a live broadcast of ASC

78. him admitting in a concert that he’s felt like running away at times and he’s here only bc of the fans’ love for day6. im not crying u r

79. this one tumblr post of him growing up thru the years it’s like an ‘evolution of his smile’ post it brings me to tears

80. his habit of repeating something someone says if he finds it amusing

81. him opening a bottle of beer for dowoon

82. the look on his face when my days are singing man in a movie from start to finish without any percussion or bgm. an in a movie. a song he wrote. a b-side track.

83. the way he says bye to the camera swaying from side to side

84. when he was a total sport and jammed to b.i spitting freestyle rap in his face(WIN)

85. “noo. nooo he’s lying. i beat him i hit himm”


87. the aaa falsetto at the end of that part^^

88. his verse at the beginning of “i would”. i think that’s what he’d sound like in the morning.

89. he’s just so humble. he literally writes the lyrics we all love so much but never misses an opportunity to commend everyone’s talent “i get the most ideas but jae has the best ideas”

90. “young k has maximum experience when it comes to girls. he knows what warms a woman’s heart”. lmao i agree

91. him singing “oh wonpil you play the piano so well” at the end of a pocket live

92. the fact that he was dating in canada without his parents’ knowledge and that’s where he gets the inspiration to write songs from. idk it’s adorable

93. his borderline jazz version of pouring in a pocket live. i hear you jazzy rhythmic finger snaps

94. his smirk when he does the “aah” part in “what can i do”

95. his awe and admiration for his dongsaengs like he’s genuinely in love with how talented the the stray kids boys are

96. “i ask people to call me young k bc as young k, i can make up for the inadequacies of brian. brian is weak.” this is why i often stick to young k now. yeah it’s fun to joke around but maybe he dOES feel more emotionally and mentally adequate as young k. maybe he feels more empowered or stronger and i don’t want to invalidate that. it takes courage to say what he said in front of a crowd.

97. just the stuff he’s gone through and how strong he is. he’s overcome so much. brave and powerful.

98. the fact that he doesn’t ever fake it with his lyrics, he remains true to his music and so does the rest of day6. stan day6.

99. he’s so interactive with fans and always wants to see us happy. you could say your fav idol does that too but this really IS why i love younghyun

100. the final reason is just because he lives. he lives despite all the obstacles that were probably thrown at him, and i respect and adore that. the way he makes us feel a little less lonely with words that he’s penned out of his own sorrow. the selflessness. i am lucky to listen to songs he has written and day6 has sung. he’s a beautiful human who deserves all ALL the love :’)

thank you for reading, my dudes

no okay so my favourite is and wow im sorry i have like 374 of them BUT the hotel room after baltimore??? like fuck me up for 5937 different reasons but…. andrew and neil could NOT have been more wrapped up in each other. it took 0.3 seconds for andrew to fight an fbi officer and get his hands all over neil like at one point he has his hand clutching neils hoodie for dear life??? and neil is just like yes good me too imma frame your face with my hands like we’re in a fucking movie and twist my fingers in your hair (IN FACT DOESNT ANDREW HAVE HIS HANDS IN NEILS HAIR TOO AT ONE POINT???) and touch your chest,,,,, like there is not any point where one of them isn’t touching the other???? and they almost explode if they think anyone is gonna come into their bubble. andrew with his “stay away from Us or im gonna kill you” and neil is practically flinching every time he thinks anyone is coming over. theyve been apart like a day and when theyre reunited they quite visibly and obviously Lose Their Shit… and then allison queen reynolds is like so are you gonna tell us when you hooked up and aaron and nicky are so!! fucking!! flummoxed!!,,,,, like my dudes my guys,,,,, idk what to tell you but you’ve been watching a fucking scene out of a romantic thriller for the last 20 minutes

Hey @taylorswift I just wanted to let you know that for my birthday I got tickets to come see you in Manchester both nights 🎉🎉🎉 Im so excited we booked our flights and hotel room the other night and I can’t wait. I’m reuniting with so many of my Swiftie friends that I met at the 1989 show and I wanna thank you for all those friendships you’ve created for me. For night 1 I’ll be sat in block 111 row R seats 257&258 and then for night 2 I’ll be sat in block 104 row K seats 81&82. I hope that I’ll get to meet you this era and be able to thank you in person for everything you’ve done for me. Love always Corrie 😘💕 @taylorswift @taylornation