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So @wren-of-the-rain commissioned me to animate my last drawing ;v; thanks a so much my dear, this was a pleasure to work on!! 

ok ok ok so. steph being robin is so so so so so  important because in the beginning all bruce and tim did was push her down. they never called her “spoiler”, implying that she wasn’t a real hero. they (yes, even tim, her boyfriend) constantly told her to go home and stop being a hero and that she wasn’t good enough. steph became robin by marching into the batcave in a homemade robin costume and said “bruce. i’m robin now, and you can’t stop me.” he let her be robin to lure tim back, which absolutely SUCKED, but by letting her be robin–or, more accurately–by steph DEMANDING she be treated with respect and be his second-in-command, his PARTNER, it proved that she WAS good enough and that she COULD do it. of course, that didn’t last bc DC is an asshole and made her only be robin so tim could come back and she could eventually die so DC wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore–but she was robin. she did do it. for those brief three issues,  stephanie brown was bruce wayne’s partner. and that’s so so so so important, at least to me.

then of course, her terribly sexist death and retcon of said death aside, the batfam didn’t really treat her any better until cass & bruce let her be batgirl, and once again she forced her way into the batfam’s hearts and she, again, did it. she proved herself as batgirl (which is a separate operation from batman) and she proved she could overcome all the odds, even when literally everyone was against her.

then DC took all that away and now she doesn’t even have that and is once again dropped down to just tim’s girlfriend.

I feel like at this point I entered some sort of calmness. I feel a lot more stress free now that a bunch of things are done and over with despite my current situation where I don’t necessarily know what exactly I’m doing, but I think this is fine. There’s some things I worry about still ofc (bc I worry about anything and everything ahah) but they’re more minor now. While I still don’t know what exactly I’m doing, I feel more open now to options and communication and one thing I know for sure is that transparenting and editing V3 related stuff is really a passion of mine that makes me feel like it’s worth it as long as even just one person can possibly make use of them.

i just watched the todrick interview and wow i honestly just wish that people would start treating Taylor Swift like she’s a human being with actual feelings and actually take the time to understand her point of view. its really sad when someone so humble who cares so much about other people gets bombarded with hate, and the fact that she’s so sensitive about it makes you think how many times seeing one hate comment could have ruined her entire bubbly mood, let alone when the whole of social media decides to go against her

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Pros and cons of dating ong please~


  • smiles all around
  • he just wants to make you happy all the time
  • will always be trying to make you laugh and smile 
  • pretends to be sad when you tell him he’s not that funny 
  • when you guys are more comfortable around each other 
  • he’d be the type of boyfriend to enjoy teasing u and playing small pranks 
  • like he’d try to trip u over by sticking his long legs out but would also catch you lol
  • omg going on drives with ong 
  • how handsome does he look driving wgwagafhdf
  • where you guys would play your fave music and have deep talks 
  • and really just driving to nowhere and enjoying each other’s company heheh
  • dates would be anywhere and everywhere
  • you guys would love going to different places and trying different things 
  • omg he’d carry a big backpack for dates which has like EVERYTHING in it 
  • including an emergency kit lol “what if u get hurt from playing at the arcades ??”
  • he’s too adorable hehe
  • ok this is super random but i can imagine seongwoo wanting to start a youtube channel where he can be funny and react to random things and occasionally he’d want u in his videos 
  • and ofc the ending and the start of the videos would be of him  hitting the slat 
  • anyways even tho he’s always bright and cheerful and making jokes at everyone 
  • he’s a real softie and can be sensitive to and likes some quiet time
  • he’d love sitting with you watching the ocean in silence
  • with the gentle sound of the waves 
  • and he likes honest conversations and genuinely cares for you 
  • like you guys would have a really healthy relationship to the point where you guys can point out each others strengths and weaknesses and to be able to build each other up :)) 


  • he could come off as a lil arrogant and desperate and trying way too hard to be funny at first
  • but once you get to know him you learn that he just wants to be funny to make the world a better place and to set the mood into a positive one and at the end of the day, he’s also someone holding onto and chasing his dreams 
  • i made that mistake i am terribly sorry i love ong to the moon and back now 

other wanna one members: minhyun (x), sungwoon (x), jihoon (x), daniel (x), jisung (x), guanlin (x), woojin (x), daehwi (x) 
other p101 trainees: kenta (x) 
ps. baejin and jaehwan are coming soon as they’ve both been requested many times!! pls bare with me as im super busy with balancing uni, church, work, life, tumblr and kpop lol

{Monsta X Reaction} to S/O having sleep paralysis

Scene: You’re lying there, tossing and turning because not a single position is comfortable. Eventually you lay on your back, but something’s wrong. It felt like someone was sitting on your chest, pinning your whole body down. Your eyes shoot open, but your whole body is stiff and it refuses to move, struggling to get a decent inhale of the cold night air, your conscience internally screaming at your body to move just a little. Just enough to wake your partner next to you. Tears slowly start to form and you’re scared of being stuck like this, but the fear only digs its nails further into your psyche when out in the corner of your eye you see this figure standing in the doorway. You can’t make out who it is, its face is completely blacked out, until it smiles. The tears now streaming down your face and all you want to do is move. When it felt like you were about to pass out from the lack of oxygen, the weight that was on your whole body was gone and so was the figure. You gasp loudly and began to sob even louder, waking your partner next to you.

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A Supernatural x “ IT ” crossover (part 5)

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S U M M A R Y: Their next case brings the three Winchester siblings to Derry, a city in which children seem to disappear for a unknown reason…

A/N: imagine that the IT movie plays in 2017 and not in 1988.

Also this is a crossover between supernatural and the “ IT ” movie. Not the book. It’s been a while since I saw the movie so if I make any mistakes, please don’t be angry, I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it would go super well with Supernatural.

( This is going to have multiple parts )

A/S/N: I know this is an extremely short chapter and not really spectacular, but my mental health is really bad right now. Im so sorry, you guys are all so sweet and happy over this crossover, so I didn’t want to let you guys down 🐈💫🌻 I really tried today.

A short part is better than no part, right 💛

Chapter 5

You’re nothing to us.”

You are just a burden to us, you and your stupid teenage mood swings…”

You really thought we’d love you?”

You, Y/N Winchester, are better dead than alive.”

Taking a deep breath, Y/N opens her Y/E/C eyes and sits up. The voices of her two brothers are still ringing in her ears, while she stares into the darkness that surround her.

Something cold is laying on her lap and when she looks down she can see the outlines of , what seems to be a ice pack.

Her eyes are slowly getting used to the darkness and she runs a hand down her face but stops when she feels something stuck to her forehead:“What…”,she whispers confused and tries to stand up.

Her legs feel incredibly unsteady as she makes her way up to the door, from outside she can hear muffled talking, with all her strength she turns the doorknob and breathes in the cold air of the night.

“So you’re telling me, you’re what, some sort of real life men in Black?”,Richie asks and jumps from one leg to the other. He and his friends are all gathered up around the Impala, Dean has opened the back of the car, while Sam explains everything that is inside of it to the children.

“Richie-”, Eddie says annoyed and rolls his eyes:“If you would have listened you would know that they don’t hunt aliens- they hunt ghosts and-”, he turns around to look at him but when he sees that Y/N is standing in the doorway he stops:“Guys…she’s awake.”

Dean, who sees how fragile she leans against the doorframe runs up to catch her body before it falls to the ground:“I’ve got you, Sweetheart.”,his soft voice says as he presses Y/N close to his body:“I’ve got you…”

“What is the last thing you remember?”, Dean asks, after he took her back inside, she is now sitting on the couch again with a bottle of water in her hands.

Y/N looks down at her fingers:“After Ben told me everything, I ran out of the library because I wanted to talk to you two-”, she turns her head to face her brothers:“But then my phone died and some voice started talking to me-”

“A- a - a v-v-voice?”, Bill asks nervously and shares a knowing look with Stanley:“W-What did i-i-it s-say t-t-to y-you?”

“Well-”,she says and stares at her fingers while she tries to remember the exact words:“It told me I would float too- it sounded like a child- but the voice was more high pitched -”

“Like the voice of an clown.”, Stanley interrupts Y/N and she looks at him in shock as realisation slowly hits her.


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ok im still in a jackshittybitty mood
  • but my meds are fuckin w me so i don’t want to write fic so have more messy bullet HCs
  • post-grad dating is tricky bc now there’s THREE totally different and demanding schedules trying to line up
  • they do a lot of one-on-one plus skyping dates during the season
  • the commute between samwell and cambridge is not ideal but it’s also not terrible so by the end of the first semester it’s p much like shits has moved back into the haus w bits
  • jack gets a lil jealous that his BFs’ schedule match up a bit better than his but mostly he just misses them a whole bunch
  • shitty has been banned from “””””helping”””””” bitty write the notes on jack’s pregame PBJs. he writes his own and sticks them in the lunch sack when bitty’s not looking. they’re always very crude and either make jack laugh like a fool or blush bright red in public. 
  • bits and shits are jack’s unofficial cheerleaders at home games. bitty wears his zimmermann jersey and sometimes paints little blue and yellow streaks on his face. 
  • shitty is a fucking hooligan and tends to get overzealous in his Team Pride Gear. im talkin blue wigs, body paint, big ass foam fingers, boas, glitter, pom poms, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS
  • the falcs loooove jack’s best friends. mostly bitty, but shitty’s good for a laugh. 
  • (it takes jack a lot longer to confide in anyone re: his relationship, but george is a fucking goddess and takes it in stride – after the initial “teammates” panic, that is.)
  • (there is a brief second where she thinks that jack is dating both tater and snowy. she’s not sure why those are the names that come first to mind, but the logistics of it all nearly stop her heart right then and there.)
  • when they go out in public, bitty and shitty don’t have to hide with each other, but jack is very reserved.
  • (in a way, it’s harder, because he so desperately wants to hold their hands and kiss them without thinking about it; but it’s easier, because they can still be open together, which is all jack wants for them.)
  • luckily, shitty is equally gratuitous in his friend-PDA and his boyfriend-PDA, and bitty is equally reserved, so it’s not like they have to hold back too much love
  • jack and shitty have nearly gotten into physical fights over paying for dates. at first bitty feels bad and tries to steal the check from them, but he’s learned that’s the fastest way to lose a hand with these two goofs. 
  • so he just finishes his drink and watches them bicker like an old married couple and gives them That Look so they’ll hurry up and take him home already

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I'm crying im so happy!! I had a really shit day at work and getting off and seeing all this fatgum art really put a smile on my face. Seriously Thank you :"))

I’m glad–! To be be able to lift your mood with all my spamgum makes me really happy too lolol. Today’s done with so hopefully you’ll get to relax now. I pray that you get a better tomorrow and the day after that too–! ; w ; 

Overnightwatch Songs

To celebrate the end of Overnightwatch, and the Fact we survived, I’m gonna start a list of songs that i associate with it

1. Fireflies by Owl City. Mood doesnt really fit, but theres just something about the lyrics that does.

2. Im A member of The Midnight Crew originaly by Eddie Morton but heres the better version. once again doesnt exactly fit but hey.-

3.The Working Dead from Steven Universe.

4. Enjoy The Show by NateWantsToBattle. self explanitory

Thats all i can think of for now, feel free to add more!

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H E L L O!

Surprise surprise, im alive and i dissapeared which is literally common on this blog but this time, was for good reasons. Now, i don’t like to bore you with long speeches so i will get to the point with the highlighted letters and want to be honest in order to move on. Here i go:

I have problems dealing with emotions and anxiety and it got worse and led me to become ill various times and feel weaker and on the mood of doing absolutely nothing. In resume: my mental and physical health went to the floor and did break dance, it was awful. So i needed a big break to calm down and focus on selfcare.

I don’t want to worry you, now im better, stable and progressing on things i wasn’t able to do before and having good help :3. Means: i will be able to work on the blog again, i wont be so fast but there is going to be activity and comics back. Askbox and requests will be closed for the moment while i respond to pendant dusty asks and requests and work on new small amounts of new content.

Sorry if i dissapoint you and your hopes on new content and if you sent me any message im sorry for not responding as soon as you expected, and many thanks from my kokoro for waiting all this time and for supporting me with kind words, new followers and the blog by reblogs, thats so nice i freaking want to cry. Too nice for my body fghjkl.

In other news (no need to read if you don’t want to):

I want to confess that during this whole time i’ve been gone the only thing i have been drawing is Hamilton trash (and got into Heathers) and just like 3 or 4 doodles of Undertale… so prepare for Hamiltrash because that’s what the menú has.

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I will be able to open donations soon yay! Commisons will be open whenever school stops being like a crying betch  i have enough time and open some slots to begin with, im actually excited at this point ;v;

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My internet conection got better which means Streams!! i don’t want to keep you waiting for new stuff so i will do streams so you can see progress on comics and random doodles. When? mostly on weekends in the morning and if im not sleepy, Friday nights. Some of them will be with mic on so you can listen at my stupid jokes, stories and me singing Hamilton.

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Get ready to see animations!, thats something i’ve been practicing and it doesnt look so bad even when its scrappy. Yes, i  really want to do Hamilton animatics, Heathers as well and would love to do animated memes.

And welp that’s what i remember on what i had to say. Thanks again to everyone who waited for a life sign of me and for writing and dedicating your time on something to show me