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HEY! I saw that you did a thing about what Bex said about KLANCE but can you do one for Jeremy too?

fam trust me ok my favorite thing to do is to drag jeremy shada about klance

i feel like you want me to do the one of afterbuzz [link] (tbh i think i can do his other interviews too lol i am a trashcan), but i got kind of… too annoyed at the hosts to finish that episode…….. for reasons……….. BUT i tried for you anon i briefly skimmed it again

warning: this is gonna be long because despite what most people are saying on tumblr jeremy does not explicitly state that klance has a slow burn relationship lol and i need to explain context gdi

  • at 19:26 the hosts say that the commenters are crying over how lance and keith weren’t reunited in the first two eps and how people are concerned for their relationship and jeremy is grinning like an idiot tbh THIS BOY I LOVE HIM
  • he goes “Love that! Love that.” and he adds that there’s plenty of more lance and keith scenes in the rest of the season and tells us “Do not fear.” lol
  • ok klance is mentioned by one of the hosts at around 39:14 (they were talking about how jeremy isn’t a writer of the show and can’t make ships canon even if he wanted to)
  • then they drop the topic of klance completely and side comment about “the age discourse” (lol) and about how shippers are literally insane and tbh its true
  • then ok the hosts mention how the creators once said they’re willing to explore sexualities on the show and jeremy shada gives his two cents about it
  • he basically says that yeah they’re pretty open about stuff in every capacity
  • then about ships his exact words are this lol (complete with stammers sorry jeremy)
  • “But I think, uh, they’re planning a pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff. Uh, and so… yeah, I mean as far as where we’re at there’s not even been- I mean, they’re- they- yeah. They always put like little things and we’re like this will probably pay off later? Odds are? But yeah we don’t, I mean, nothing like for sure as of yet. Uhm, but I - I imagine throughout the course of the series they’ll probably definitely have something. I don’t know. I don’t know- they could - you can’t tease, like, certain things so much but yeah.”

bonus: he says lance is the space version of sokka from avatar, (who was jeremy’s fave character) i feel alive

I’m a couple of minutes late for where I am but I hear it’s a certain dog’s bd 👀


these two actually complete my life

OKAY SO i made a post!!! about how artists have style challenges, but there doesnt seem to be anything like that for writers? anyways, i figured id make it into a sort of challenge!!!! im afraid im rather shitty at imitating your work, but i tried my best!!!!!! if youre tagged, (or if you just think this is a cool challenge), feel free to do this with any writers whose styles stand out, or you enjoy!!!!! thanks!!!

i picked a kiss scene, because i felt like it was something that i did decently well, and that kind of set me apart!!! feel free to choose any snippet of your work you feel makes your writing special!!!!!!

My Style:

You were long sober by then, the anxiety melting away at the alcohol in your system, but the moment you kissed him, you felt drunk, dizzy, high on power and the taste of his lips. You were unsteady, knees clacking, hands shaking, so you pushed your fingers into his hair, fisted, tugged, and he moaned, mouth falling open.

The taste of him, you were discovering, was quickly becoming your favorite, and you chased it, tongue probing, reaching to greet his like old friends. He wrapped his arms around you, and you were so full of him, and here, this beautiful moment, two stars meeting, passing by for just a moment, and deciding you liked the view.


You watched his eyes dart down to your lips, and you felt drawn to him, sucked in by some weird gravitational pull. He was on you in an instant, surging forward to kiss you passionately. You were trapped, pressed up against the door, and the way he kissed you was fierce, hungry. You responded with equal force, grinding against his thigh as your lips danced.


You grab his tie, and pull him in, mouth meeting his with a sigh. Your arms wrap around him, and you draw him close, groaning when your tongues meet. His teeth nip at your bottom lip, and you whimper, knees buckling. He pulls away, and you feel his lips on your neck, harsh enough to leave a mark.


He kissed you with surprising force, pressing your back against the door in a single, fluid motion. His hands wrapped around your jaw, and you smiled into the kiss, cheeks blazing.


You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him close enough to feel his breath on your cheek. In an instant he closed the gap between you, hands running down your sides to fist in your shirt. He hummed into the kiss, body flush against yours, and you sighed.


In an instant, he closed the distance between you. One hand drifted to your hair, the other resting gently on the small of your back. He caught your bottom lip between your teeth, and your fingers reached forwards and tugged at the hair at the nape of his neck.


Your eyelids flutter closed as his lips meet yours. The kiss is hesitant at first, but it quickly turns passionate. He pushes you back until you feel the edges of the desk press into your lower back. His mouth drifts lower, and you feel his hands slide down your hips, lifting you to set on the hard surface.

in addition to the people above, im also tagging @angerybisexual @daveeddiggsit @down4usnavy @exhibits-no-restraint @fragmentofmymind @guns-and-baguettes @hamlltvn @l-nmanuel @manuelmirandamn @ourforgottenboleros @ruth-hamilton-delrio @starboydiggs some more crazy talented folks!!!!!!