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HEY! I saw that you did a thing about what Bex said about KLANCE but can you do one for Jeremy too?

fam trust me ok my favorite thing to do is to drag jeremy shada about klance

i feel like you want me to do the one of afterbuzz [link] (tbh i think i can do his other interviews too lol i am a trashcan), but i got kind of… too annoyed at the hosts to finish that episode…….. for reasons……….. BUT i tried for you anon i briefly skimmed it again

warning: this is gonna be long because despite what most people are saying on tumblr jeremy does not explicitly state that klance has a slow burn relationship lol and i need to explain context gdi

  • at 19:26 the hosts say that the commenters are crying over how lance and keith weren’t reunited in the first two eps and how people are concerned for their relationship and jeremy is grinning like an idiot tbh THIS BOY I LOVE HIM
  • he goes “Love that! Love that.” and he adds that there’s plenty of more lance and keith scenes in the rest of the season and tells us “Do not fear.” lol
  • ok klance is mentioned by one of the hosts at around 39:14 (they were talking about how jeremy isn’t a writer of the show and can’t make ships canon even if he wanted to)
  • then they drop the topic of klance completely and side comment about “the age discourse” (lol) and about how shippers are literally insane and tbh its true
  • then ok the hosts mention how the creators once said they’re willing to explore sexualities on the show and jeremy shada gives his two cents about it
  • he basically says that yeah they’re pretty open about stuff in every capacity
  • then about ships his exact words are this lol (complete with stammers sorry jeremy)
  • “But I think, uh, they’re planning a pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff. Uh, and so… yeah, I mean as far as where we’re at there’s not even been- I mean, they’re- they- yeah. They always put like little things and we’re like this will probably pay off later? Odds are? But yeah we don’t, I mean, nothing like for sure as of yet. Uhm, but I - I imagine throughout the course of the series they’ll probably definitely have something. I don’t know. I don’t know- they could - you can’t tease, like, certain things so much but yeah.”

bonus: he says lance is the space version of sokka from avatar, (who was jeremy’s fave character) i feel alive

the egos having really easy-to-watch nice videos though

will having a bunch of pastel pink and yellow slime, floam and stuff. icing cookies and cakes. cutting kinetic sand with knives. I feel like he’d like orbeez

dark videotapes himself playing piano and cello really smoothly and serenely. doing covers of songs beautifully. maybe the odd paint-mixing video or something

the host doing story readings and vividly painting the images in your mind. sometimes he tells his own stories and it’s entrancing and beautiful

google doing something similar to the show how it’s made. he probably posts ambient noise videos and soundtracks too tbh

I’m a couple of minutes late for where I am but I hear it’s a certain dog’s bd 👀

Crop top yuuri cosplay (ft my friend who took the photo) ignore my derpy face. Also @zephyrine-gale who gave me the idea and made me wanna wear croptops. Ty for the crop top yuuri revolution.

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What is it about Matt's accent that everyone says is a strong NY accent? I've never been to new york and english is not my first language

so first things first, I’m really just talking out of my ass on this one but here goes…….there are a few things that are very particular to the new york accent - to someone not from north america, i assume the distinctions between the NY accent and the ‘normal’ american accent would probably not be so clear (kind of how like we north americans lump all the various UK accents under the ‘british’ umbrella)! 

matt’s accent isn’t very strong, actually, in terms of the stereotypical new york accent, but you can definitely hear hints of it, especially when he gets impassioned or excited, or when he talks fast. and he definitely suppresses it a bit as alec (but not entirely). again, a lot of the differences between the NY accent and the ‘standard’ american accent are very subtle, so if you’re not a native speaker, it might be a bit hard to hear them! matt’s accent is relatively subtle as well, so it’s hard to pick up on if you’re unfamiliar. (like, for an example of a very exaggerated nyc/jersey accent, look up the character janice from friends lol). 

personally (NOTE: i’m not a linguist or a dialect coach or anything lol, i’m just a dumbass with internet) the things that stick out to me are: 

- non-rhoticity: this isn’t as pronounced in the NYC accent as it is to many of the British accents which are very non-rhotic, but it just means that there is a tendency to not pronounce the letter “R” especially at the end of words or syllables and especially before consonants, or to enunciate it less than ‘normal’ (e.g. “park” –> “pahk”, “here” –> “hee-uh”). matt doesn’t do this a WHOLE lot, but it’s there sometimes.

-”soft” alveolar consonants: matt does this quite often - consonants like /d/ and /t/ are said in a “softer” (for lack of a better word) way in the NY accent;  for example, when i, with a canadian(??) accent say the letter “d” (as in doctor), i use the tip of my tongue against the roof of my mouth, whereas new yorkers (and matt very often) often use the flat part of the of the tongue against the back of the the teeth. it makes it sound quite different. 

-vowels: the sort of stereotype with the new york accent is the very long vowels and the “aw” sounding vowel, i.e. “talk” becomes “tawk,” “fall” becomes “fawll”, and they tend to spread out and elongate their vowels a bit - a stereotypical, phony-sounding accent tends to over-elongate the vowels, but in reality it’s not that exaggerated. matt doesn’t do this very much, if at all, and when he does it’s pretty lowkey and unnoticeable. one of the most noticeable times he did this is actually as alec, when alec was very upset at the start of 2x01, he says “everybody, just back off,” and the “off” sounds a lot like “awff”. 

“o”s tend to also turn into the “aw” sound. notice how matt says dom vs. how dom says his own name in his English accent - when dom says it, the “o” is short and directed, whereas matt’s sounds a lot more like “dawm” (and it’s a bit more exaggerated IMO than the typical american accent too) 

-back to consonants: this is typical of a lot of accents, but new yorkers tend to drop the ‘g’ at the end of ‘ing’ words, e.g. “goin’” instead of “going”. matt does this a lot. dropping the last consonant of a lot of words is actually pretty common too. 

-monotony: new york accents don’t usually involve a lot of changes in pitch throughout a word, which is typical of matt (and noticeably, when matt does change pitch he goes high usually when he’s being cute, but then usually the whole word or multiple words are all said in the same high pitch - it’s still monotony of pitch, but at a higher pitch)

-and finally, just in general, his enunciation isn’t always very clear, and that’s not necessarily specific to the new york accent, but like. new yorkers tend to do that sometimes lol - they kind of just mush stuff together.. matt’s worst common words (in my opinion lol) are “something” and “probably” (or, to matt, “sumtn(?)” and “prawly”). i mean, to be fair, those two words are butchered by basically everyone fluent in north american english, so i’m just giving him a hard time. i think it’s cute.

also, just as a concluding note, accents are not consistent and matt doesn’t do all of these things, or very strongly, or all the time (especially given that he’s an actor and tends to suppress some accent features, at least as alec.)