im imagining helping him with art

“- Don’t you dare touch him again…”

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•Remus was questioning his sexuality since first year until he finally spoke to Lily Evans at the start of third year, who helped him realize that he was gay

•He kept it a secret until the end of the summer before fifth year

•About halfway through fourth year, in an unusually boring Defence Against The Dark arts class, he found himself staring at Sirius more than usual

•It only took him a week to figure out that he liked Sirius more than a friend

•He was scared, thinking Sirius was straight and though of him as nothing more than a friend

•James was the first one to figure out his best mate was gay as hell, after Lily, of course

•He asked him about it and told him that he supported him no matter what, Remus started crying and hugged him, because he just didn’t know what to do anymore

•So they sat together on James’ bed, with Peter and Sirius downstairs, and James let him cry on his shoulder. What kind of friend would he be if he turned away now, of all times?

•Remus told him about how he felt about Sirius, and he listened intently, waiting to give his two cents on the problem

•"Well you’d be insane to think Sirius wasn’t as straight as a circle. The boy can’t keep his eyes off half the guys in our year" James told him, in attempt to cheer him up. It worked, well, somewhat

•So two hours later, Sirius came to look for them and immediately asked Remus what was wrong

•He became a stuttering mess and could barely form a sentence, so James stepped in and told him everything was fine

•The next morning, Remus woke up in Sirius’ arms

•They went to Diagon Alley and bought their school supplies, and Remus caught one of their fellow Gryffindor boys eye. He was tall and blonde with blue eyes, and Sirius felt strangely jealous for the rest of the day when Remus talked to the boy he couldn’t bother to learn the name of more than him

•So when the first Hogsmeade weekend came around, the same boy asked Remus to go with him, and without hesitation, he agreed. Anything to help him ignore his feelings for the attractive boy he shared his dorm with

•Lily, James, and Marlene all secretly shipped Remus and Sirius so hard, but never said a word

•Peter knew nothing, as always

•Sirius became oddly cold and Remus became worried, so he stopped whatever was happening between him and the other boy instantly

•Sirius felt better that whatever was happening was over, but he didn’t know why. After all, he liked girls, didn’t he?

•Nothing happened between the two until one night around Christmas, they were serving detention together in McGonagall’s classroom, filing papers

•It happened so fast after McGonagall left the classroom. Remus looked up and Sirius was already looking at him. Still to this day, he doesn’t know what came over him. He walked right over to the guy he liked for the longest time, grabbed his face and kissed him

•No matter how hard Sirius tried to deny his feelings for the boy, he couldn’t. So he kissed back. McGonagall had a quite a shock to walk in on the two kissing in the middle of her classroom, but smiled to herself. She knew it would happen eventually

•The two got together that same day, and when they told everyone, you could see Lily discreetly handing Marlene five Galleons. They had made a bet on when they’d get together

•In sixth year, when they did it for the first time, Sirius was so shocked when he found out he wasn’t a virgin, Remus didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh

•Finally, when Jily got together, the two couples were known as the two that would go down in Hogwarts history. The boy that was madly in love with the girl that hated him, and the two gay as fuck best friends

•When the two got their own flat, Sirius didn’t want to wait any longer. So a month after they moved in, he asked Remus to marry him

•Remus fell off his chair

•The two couldn’t wait until they could get married

•Lily and James got married, and they had the best time at their wedding, and they couldn’t wait for their own, but something came up

•That something happened to be little Harry Potter

•There was no way to describe how happy Sirius was when he was asked to be the godfather. It was unexplainable

•Just when the two began to plan their own wedding, everything began to fall down.

•The night Lily and James got murdered, an indescribable depression fell over Remus. He lost his two best friends. The first people to help him through the toughest times of his life. One who became and animagus just for him. Gone

•Then, Peter. Peter was sort of the outcast of the group, but still their friend, nonetheless. And Sirius, his perfect, happy fiancée was a murderer. Well, at least he thought so

•When Sirius went to Azkaban, life was never the same. Remus barely did anything. He could hardly drag himself out of bed. He wouldn’t touch Sirius’ side of the bed, either. He hoped and prayed that one night he’d walk through the door and lay with him

•Sirius stayed locked in the cell for twelve years. Twelve long years, and all he had to think about was that his two best friends were dead, one was a traitor, and he left the love of his life alone when they were planning their wedding

•Every full moon Sirius would sit there and cry, because he knew Remus needed him and he wasn’t there

•The whole time until the two reunited once more, Remus though Sirius was a murderer, and Sirius thought Remus hated him. Little did Sirius know, Remus could never hate him

•The whole twelve years, not once did the two fall out of love. And Remus hoped that one day he’d get his Sirius back. The one he was supposed to get married to

•Sirius hoped that one day, when he returned, the love of his life would still be waiting for him. And he was.


and then in the exact same thing happens in the next few weeks — based off a conversation i had w/ asktheseventhhuman because i couldn’t help myself,,

also what if Tira meets Eight and just as Ethyl greets him and the two embraces Tira tries to tug Ethyl away from him :3 *don’t touch my mom* :P

now im just imagining like, tira was hugging ethyl to avoid letting eight have physical contact with her and tira’s just coming up with an excuse so that she could spend the time with her mother instead of ethyl spending time with her dearest oh dear xD ]

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I was relistening to an old favourite song of mine the other day and suddenly I had massive inspiration (with the help of Alex) to draw out a comic strip based around YogLabs, depicting how an evil Xephos ensnared all who entered his domain.

So here’s the first page! More to come soon, the song’s almost 20 minutes long so you can imagine how many pages there’s going to be

But imagine this, Louis having a baby girl and asking Zayn to be the godfather and Zayn is so happy and says yes with tears in his eyes and makes it his job to spoil this little girl.
Imagine her not being able to pronounce Zayn at first and Zayn laughs and they tell her to call him Zee instead because that’s easier
Imagine Zayn teaches her how to draw and helps her color and buys her art supplies and other little toys and then Louis’ daughter goes running up to Louis when he goes to pick her up from Zayn’s house saying “Daddy, look what me and Uncle Zee did today!” while proudly holding all her drawings that Zayn helped her with.
Imagine Louis and Zayn teaching her how to play soccer and then later on after Zayn is picking her up from soccer practice, they go get ice cream and she chooses the same flavor as Louis and he smiles because he can’t believe how much her and her dad are alike. He also asks her not to tell her dad they got ice cream before dinner but she does by accident and Louis pretends to be upset while he looks at both of them with fondness in his eyes.
Imagine the three of them watching Frozen for the first time and Zayn’s favorite part comes up and he imitates Olaf and she can’t stop giggling and then Louis teaches her the words to Let It Go and they all sing loudly and off key and then after that, she makes Louis and Zayn dress up as Anna and Elsa and laughs seeing them act out scenes from the movie.
Imagine her then holding Zayn’s hand and seeing the ‘Bus 1’ tattoo and pointing at it all excited while saying “Daddy has a tattoo like that too Uncle Zee!” and Zayn sits her down and tells her all about the times where he and Louis ruled the world when they were in a band together many years ago.