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It’s Been a While Part 2 (Richie Tozier x reader)


Pairing: Richie Tozier x reader

Request: sort of, you guys seem to really like it and I’ve been planning on continuing it :)

Warnings: INTENSE CLIFFHANGER IM SO SORRY GUYS I LOVE YOU(don’t beat my ass it’ll be worth it I promise)

A/N: This is so much fun to write, I might make 3-5 parts, if you have any ideas you know where to find me ❤️

“Hey Rich, might wanna close your mouth or you could catch flies. It’s been a while, I’ve missed you,” you said breathlessly, your cheeks growing hot as you softly smiled and went to sit next to him.

Richie tried to gain his compusure but it just couldn’t be real. He looked to you briefly, wanting to say a million things such as ‘I love you’ or ‘where the fuck have you been Y/N? I missed you so much,’ yet he couldn’t say anything. So he looked away and began talking to Eddie. Your heart shattered.

Yet you still sat next to him, trying to look happy as ever, telling Bill how impressed you were with his speaking skills and laughing whenever Beverly would make a joke. You looked over to Richie, only to see him already staring at you with a scared yet loving look in his eyes. He quickly averted his gaze as his face bloomed with color and he began asking about the plan for tomorrow.

“So, Mike, how do we beat this piece of shit? I personally think we should head to the fuckers house tomorrow with the weapons we’re going to pick up,” as Richie spoke his hand shifted under the table to grab your hand, his thumb running over your knuckles. Because if Richie couldn’t tell you how he felt, he’d at least try to show you he didn’t hate you. Your head snapped up, looking at him with disbelief.

Richie smiled at you warmly. “Well, meet you guys tomorrow?? I’ve got a fucking clown to hunt,” he chuckled, and everybody else at the table laughed too knowing that he was the same trashmouth he was since he was 13.

Everybody exited the restaurant, bidding their goodbyes and hugging each other farewell until tomorrow. Richie pulled you aside after everyone left and pulled you as close to him as he could. “Y/N…,” he kissed your forehead, “I’ve missed you so much, you’re so beautiful… I thought you’d never come back.”

You put your face in his neck and kissed it, “I always knew I would come back Richie. I always knew. I love you so much,” tears started to stream down your cheeks. His thumb softly wiped them away, leaning down to kiss you. His lips and yours, it was better than any firework show, it was better than any explosion or supernova. He was meant for you.

“How about I walk you home, Y/N,” he said softly as he pulled away, interlocking your fingers. You nodded, you’ve never been happier.

Richie dropped you off at your hotel room, kissing you goodbye and goodnight. Now you lay in bed, and despite the circumstances, you felt absolutely wonderful. He was the man you loved, and fucking hell were you going to keep that promise.

You heard droplets coming from your sink, you probably didn’t turn it off all the way after brushing your teeth. You walked to the bathroom to turn it off, yet something was wrong.

You were hearing the whispers.

“We’ve found you Y/N, we’ve found you,” they whispered, the accumulation of voices making a deafening volume.

You began to scream, not this quickly. The clown wouldn’t, you’d only just gotten back to Derry.

A gloved hand fell over your mouth. “When you float down here with me, and the others, nobody will be able to hear you scream.”

varsity athlete!grayson
  • probably plays a contact sport like football or lacrosse
  • been on varsity since freshmen year since hes so fucking athletic
  • hes a bro but hes a little baby at the same time
  • his varsity jacket has so so many pins from all the teams he plays on
  • never takes off his varsity jacket, ever
  • super passionate about the sport; could honestly go pro if he chose it
  • you’d probably meet on the field or at a game
  • “holy fuck! i didn’t mean to hit you with my ball. im so so sorry, maybe i could take you out to make up for it?”
  • hed ask you to wear his jersey to both home and away games so people knew you were taken.
  • hed give you his varsity jacket if you were super cold, which is crazy because it’s apart of him
  •  “now everyone knows you’re my girl”
  • “how does it feel to be dating a star athlete??? i bet its fucking hot”
  •  you’d go to every practice/game rain or shine
  •  after a shitty lose, you’d cuddle with him and give him that reassurance
  • after a win, youd have such aggressive sex bc hes almost high off the adrenaline
  •  “im the best you’ve ever had, right princess? i know i am”
  • “i love you and thank you for being my biggest supporter”

anonymous asked:

Did you know that attractiveness goes up exponentially the shorter your hair is, putting you at god tier on the hair length-hotness scale. Sorry I worded this weird but you're just really attractive and a real sweet pure bean from what I have seen of how you are on here!

im morphing to my sweet pure bean form

aspergerasparagus  asked:

Do all the emojis questions. I'm on phone so can't rmemeber them so ehhhh

U sure like to challenge me baby
👆Hot tall are you?
✔ sexual orientation ?
Asexual romantic ( im onclined more for boys but i like some girls too )
🚬 do you smoke ?
Do you take drugs? ( didnt find the emoji lmao )
😃 age you get mistaken for ?

💉 have any tattoos ?
✏Want any tattoos ?
Yes probably , but i dont think too much about it
✂Got any piercings ?
Used to on my nose when i was 15 and it got infected
✌Want any piercings ?
Not really
👌Best friend ?
@sewyclub has know me  for such a long time is like a sister that likes undertale and all that shit but i love her
@shadows-vengeance7 also is one of the first that followed me here and despite we dont talk a lot i also considere them a good friend
@aspergerasparagus bc we meet this year and is a bae who dont know how to shoot
❤ do you like anyone ?
Mhmh maybe
🎤 top favorite bands ?
Mago de oz
🎶 top 5 favorite songs?
10.000 days by tool
Losing my religion by rem
La cantata del diablo by mago de oz
Until it sleeps by metallica
War by poets of the fall
Africa by toto
😒 biggest pet peeve ?
When people dont let other people talk or left things were they are not supposed to go
📝 story from your childhood ?
I was thought there was an alien calling over the telephone for help in my house
💬I wish …
To finish my studies and be financially stable and of course have a good career , stay with friends and make good horror movies
💌 fan mail me ?
I know who will get this .. But ho is gonna send me one lmao
💍 marry me ?
@aspergerasparagus 💍 wanna get married and have a clown wedding with lots of pancackes with me ?
💘 be my tumblr crush ?
Hahahha all of u know who it is
Didnt find the emoji again lmao ) favorite foods
Spagetthi and meatballs
Fried fish and french potatoes
Ice cream
🔆 story about your day ?
My notebook die today and i spend 12 hrs on a bus to get home :D
💘 top 5 celebrity crushes
Mads mikkelsen
Hugh jackman
Cate blanchet
Bill skardsgard ( he is such a twink yoo 👌👌)
Edris elba
🎥 top 5 favorite movies
The thing 1982
The plague dogs
The boondock saints
Hellraiser 1
Watership down
📺 top 5 favorite tv shows
Law & order ( the original )
True detective ( season 1 bc ss 2 is shit )
Ash vs evil dead
The simpsons ( the 12 first seasons )
The mentalist
✏ random fact about yourself
I tend to make poetry once in a while
✈ where are you from ?
🚀Where do you wanna visit ?
San francisco again,london, finland , japan
😍 do you have a crush ?
That is top secret
😷 something you hate eating ?
🙈 what makes you shy ?
Big groups of people , my face sometimes
💃Can you dance ?
No , i suck at it
💏 do you love anyone ?
Top secret my dudeee
👟 favorite shoe(s) to wear
My slippers
🌴 island you would visit ?
Juan fernandez island
🌍 a country you would visit ?
Mentioned above but i would really like to go to usa again , japan or great britain
🌀 favorite type of weather
Rainy days
🔮 Do you believe in luck ?
📱What phone do you have ?
Lg stylus x power
📅 favorite time of the year ?
Vacations lmao
📚 career goal you want ?
Film directing , or art directing along with concept artist
🍴 favorite food(s) to eat ?
Pizza and icea cream
🍭 favorite candy ?
Goomy dolphins
🍇 favourite fruit ?
🚘 dream cars(s) ?
Dont really care about cars
🚔Have you ever been arrested ?
🚑 have you everdriven and ambulance before ?
( fucking emojis where the hell are they ) do you have a license ?
👶 do you have or want kids ?
I dont have and i dont want them
🔞Are you under 18 ?
🐶 do you own a pet ?
3 female adult cats and 1 little male kitten
😢 something that makes you sad ?
Seeing friendssad , not reaching my goals , being left behind idk
😠 what pisses you off ?
Too much ego on people and liars
😉 what turns you on ?
Same interest on something yo
😈 are you a freak ?
We all are
💪I walk a lot to get everyday to school and work but workout actually nahh

softboys are OUT…softgirls are the hot new trend!

edit: this most is mainly but not only for wlwoc bc we’re stereotyped by our oppressors to be mean, rough, tough, etc. i want us to know that we’re allowed to be soft and sweet and gentle and like things traditionally associated w that. i did not intend for it to seem like i was encouraging hyperfeminity that’s already forced upon women by men. im sorry if my wording made it seem like that!! i myself am a gnc wlwoc

this post, however, is not for trans exclusionary radfems. fuck you


story of my life would a pair of murder husbands tell their child how they fell in love?

Astrology and Elemental Imbalance

Elemental imbalances occur when an individual has a limited element present in their birth chart and most often an excess of another. An unattended imbalance can cause stress of extremes of an element being projected by ones personality (Think of the knights in the Tarot).

Having 10 planets in the natal chart, including the rising sign, we naturally have a high chance of having an elemental imbalance in our birth chart and personality.

An imbalance of elements often looks like a minimum of 2 planets in an element, often seen as only having 2-0 planets missing from being familiar with that elements associations.

Having aspects from planets  that naturally contain the missing elemental energies prominent in the natal chart (example, if you lack air but have many mercury aspects), this can aid the elemental lack, though it will not necessarily bring the elements in ones personality into balance for the planet will still be in an excess sign (example mercury in pisces), and it will still act accordingly to the element it’s placed in.

Fire Signs: Aries/Leo/Sagittarius 

Air Signs: Gemini/Libra/Aquarius 

Earth Signs: Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn 

Water Signs: Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces

Signs, symptoms and manifestations of having a limited element in the chart

Limited Fire:

  • Lacking passion and enthusiasm to do things
  • Having difficulty standing up for yourself
  • Tending to drift along with the flow of things which ends up being time consuming and making things progress slower than others
  • Feeling easily offended by harsh words or criticisms
  • Feeling uncomfortable around those who are quite flamboyant and expressive
  • Can’t stand noise of fast movement of things and people
  • Being highly introverted
  • Often feeling a lack of creativity
  • Lethargy and low energy often
  • Inertia and lack of motivation to take action
  • Feeling cold often
  • Often being too passive
  • Hypersensitivity to everything/everyone

Limited Air:

  • Leaping before thinking which ends up resulting in problems later on
  • Cognitive issues
  • Disconnected from others (either from self isolation of difficulty relating to people)
  • Limited socialising
  • Difficulty understanding other perspectives and ideas
  • Prefer expressing the self through non-verbal ways of communicating
  • Not a fan of social media and/or technology
  • Quiet (or very loud) speaking voice
  • Difficultly conveying thoughts and ideas cohesively
  • Tending to care more about ones own endeavours or how one self feels over another
  • Putting oneself down in analytical and ‘logical/rationalising’ areas of life (aka “Im dumb because i don’t know or understand this”)
  • Getting too emotionally involved with people, places and situations
  • Having a difficult time when it comes to standing back and rationally observe whats going on.

Limited Earth:

  • Having difficulty creating a practical plan and routine
  • Not caring too much about the material world and possessions
  • Having a difficult relationship with ones own body (can develop eating problems, wanting body modifications, excess dieting and bodybuilding)
  • A difficulty getting in touch with the body and its functions (can’t tell if hungry or full, if its hot or cold ect)
  • Having a difficulty staying grounded and often day dreaming
  • Giving things away to freely
  • Having a poor sense of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing in one form or another
  • Difficulty creating the reality one wants
  • Not feeling connected to nature or animals
  • Getting too lost in thoughts, ideas and feelings and forgetting the reality of whats going on around you
  • Not caring about money or material possessions making the day-to-day life difficult
  • Not bothering keeping track of money and bills
  • Avoidance of hard work if possible
  • Easily physically fatigued

Limited Water:

  • Difficulty bearing with ones own emotional nature and that of others
  • Repressing emotions then realising them in private when they overflow
  • Becoming angry/agitated
  • Difficultly empathising with others
  • Not truly understanding what one is feeling
  • Expressing feelings inappropriately (getting angry over the little things/being calm when a tragedy occurs ect)
  • Rejecting ones own pain/refusing to feel it
  • Getting frustrated with those who are in an overly emotional state
  • Trying to rationalise and make feelings a practical and manageable thing
  • Thinking oneself out of feeling (excess air)
  • Expressing rage then calming down immediately after (excess fire)
  • Over spending (excess earth)
  • Difficultly in discriminating or recognising inutile hints and psychic messages
  • Avoiding closeness and touch of others

Signs, symptoms and manifestations of having an excess element in the chart (3+ planets in element)

Excess Fire:

  • Feeling restless and having trouble sitting still/relaxing
  • Constantly thirsty/Drinking very little water
  • Feeling restless
  • Fluctuating Temper/Easily provoked
  • Loud and bold (at inappropriate times)
  • Over enthusiastic about ones own passion
  • Expression can overbear others at times
  • Can be desensitised to the feelings of others
  • Frustration when things are going ‘slow’
  • Leaping before looking

Excess air:

  • Talking too fast/Too loud/Too much
  • Not listening to others
  • Excess thinking to the point of blurring out reality
  • Dominant and sometimes intrusive thoughts
  • Fluctuating emotional stability
  • Difficulty relating to others on an emotional level
  • Detachment to people, places and things
  • Over intellectualising and over processing things
  • Consistent/loud mind chatter
  • Inability/Difficulty relaxing due to a need to move or fidget
  • Short attention span

Excess Earth:

  • Stubbornness
  • Low energy/Vitality
  • Slow process on tasks
  • Can lack drive and enthusiasm
  • Set in ones own ways
  • Emotionally distant by focusing only on what the 5 senses can provide
  • Focus on material gain and maintenance
  • Excluding family and relationships for work
  • Over/Under eating
  • Obsession with body (for good or bad)
  • Overworking ones self
  • Slacking and lazing around excessively

Excess Water:

  • Fearful and oversensitivity
  • Focusing too much on feeling to the point of creating a foggy reality
  • Not seeing reality for what it is
  • Living in a world of daydream
  • Feelings hurt easily
  • Fluctuating emotional state that can be difficult to control
  • Lacking drive to take action
  • Avoidance of everyday tasks if possible (chores/jobs/managing money)
  • Excess desire to connect with the higher realms and detach from the body
  • Physical weakness/lethargy  

How to balance your elements

When we are unbalanced, we either draw others to use (or us to them) to act as an external reflection of the things we lack within ourselves, however, its possible to engage in other activities that can help bring our elemental lack into appropriate balance that can allow for self-healing and improved wellness.

At times due to elemental imbalances in out chart, we may be drawn to another who has excess of the element we lack (even signs) as to experiences a sense of ‘ying and yang’ by interacting with another. You may find you personally may greatly clash with another, yet you are reluctant to part because they seem to ‘fulfil’ you in a way you can’t explain.

For the element you lack the most in your chart, see the table below to find out ways you can help bring the lacking element in your personality.

“So I’m your huntress and thief?” His hands slid down to cup the backs of my knees as he said with a roguish grin, “You are my salvation, Feyre.”

its au time you sons of hecks

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