im honestly getting paid to do this


Guess who’s finally made another formal commissions post !!!!!! It’s ya lad sna!!!

If you’re interested or have any questions, hit me up with a IM here, on my twitter, or email me at

Higher quality examples of my art can be found here and here

I WILL draw: OCs, fanart, Sonic-styled characters, light go/re

I WILL NOT draw: Anything explicit, heavy gore, n/s/f/w, etc.

Additional info:

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anonymous asked:

I SURE HOPE YOU'RE PURSUING A CAREER IN ART. found your blog through that gabe painting and im still screaming to myself... you're so freakin TALENTED im honestly blown away that you're 13 right now... what the hell,, freakin INSPIRING. whatever u choose to do pls keep up the awesome artwork.

Ohfgm my god thankyou so much,…. i was hoping to do art yeahb!!! i’ll try my best and hearing stuff like this motivates me more i am os happy goshh ////;;;;;;;

So Barnes & Noble does this thing every July called Get Pop Cultured where they run events and promotions for specific areas of popular culture. This year they are doing a Pokemon day and Manga day, both on the same day and guess who just got scheduled to run the events!?

IM GOING TO GET PAID TO TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT POKEMON AND MANGA ALL DAY!! I am actually really excited!! Of course my social anxiety is trying to make me freak out but honestly im telling myself this is a good thing! Its going to be a fun day! And i have an excuse to buy some new nerd outfits to wear!! Totally debating on getting a Pikachu kigurumi to wear!

Oh and for all of you who are Pokemon and/or manga fans the day is July 16th, all BN are doing it! Theres going to be sales on Pokemon stuff and Manga in July so just a heads up! Last year they did buy 2 get 1 free on all manga which is a FANTASTIC sale! Im pretty sure they are doing that again, and it starts July 2nd i believe, so yeah dont miss it if u want to splurge on manga lol!