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I got into a car accident a few hours after I read chapter 13, and I hope you know that in that moment of sheer terror I didn't think about my family, no, nor my fiance. ALL I COULD FUCKING THINK ABOUT WAS 'OH FUCK IM GOING TO FUCKING DIE BEFORE I GET TO READ CHAPTER 14' I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT IF I DIED YOUR FANFIC WOULD HAVE BEEN THE LAST THING ON MY MIND. (Don't worry, I just had to get a few stitches and the other diver who caused it was unscathed so everything ended up fine.)

omg I’m so glad you’re ok! I mean, that is a hilarious story and I actually snorted when I read it but I’m also very concerned for you!

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Hello lovely!! Could I please have a hc of Tyler dating someone with an age gap (maybe 5ish years, nothing illegal) younger than him? And like they always tease him about being an old man and stuff, cause I think that sounds super funny/cute. I had to ask for this bc I loved the age gap thing you did with the blue boy. Thanks a million :)

Of course!! Here you are 😊😊💕💕



- You do it out of love

- Thinking it’s funny to see him get salty

- He’s not old, you’re just a young bean

- Seeing if he can do things you know he can’t

- ‘why are you so mean to meeeee’

- Still love him with all your heart

- But it’s hilarious

- Therefore you don’t stop


[im disappointed that i didnt get more screenshots but here’s a breakdown of what happened:

-i died like 5 times

-most maxwells died more than once

-two wilsons joined

-a wx joined then left

-i followed wilson around, tried to kill him

-i killed a wilson fairly

-killed a wilson with console commands

-things were set on fire like 10 times

-MY CODEX UMBRA WAS TAKEN (i am so salty)

eventually 2 am rolled by and people were busy and had to leave but I AM DOING THIS AGAIN I SWEAR

things i will DEFINITELY do differently next time:

-no console commands (boy things got wild)

-no pvp (its a server full of maxwells i…….)

and probably for next time im going to make it a strictly all-maxwell server (dont get me wrong though having wilsons kill the other maxwells was hilarious)

@itstheblob @conquerwithmind (and anyone else whose tumblr i dont know!)

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I'm new here I've only seen recent tf series on hub and cartoon network and all the movies where do I go now do I read the comics orrrrrrrrrr quoi?WTF IS MACCADAM LIKE SHOULD I KNOW THIS STUFF AND I KNOW LIKE A FEW CHARACTERS NAMES NOT ALL BUT LIKE IM LOOOOOST

Don’t you worry, Lovely Anon, it’s not as confusing as it first seems! At least not quite!

- What can you read/watch now? There’s tons of TF cartoons out there, I would personally suggest checking out the original 1984 show (referred to as G1) if you’d like to see something intensely hilarious and weird, Transformers Animated (you might need some time getting used to it but it’s my personal favorite TF show for all the subtle word building), Transformers Prime (in case you haven’t seen it yet; it’s a pretty good show for TF beginners) and, if you like weird 90s shows, Beast Wars (I have very mixed feelings for this show, but a lot of people like it and maybe it’s for you too!) 
There’s other shows too, of course, but these are pretty fun ones in my personal opinion, I recommend giving them a shot!
As for comics, I highly, highly recommend checking out More Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) and Robots In Disguise (RID) (which has a different name now, it’s very confusing. It’s written by John Barber if it helps you find it!) , they’re from IDW and, in my opinion, the best TF content being made right now and one of if not THE best TF content in general. It might be a bit confusing at first, but please just keep reading, you will soon understand what is going on!

- What is maccadam? I didn’t really know this for the longest time too, but basically, maccadam is the tag TF fans use instead of “Transformers” so there’s no need to scroll through tons of only TF-movie related things and TF-movie-actors etc. I’ll just link to this post where you can see where it came from and why it got started! 

- THE NAMES!! Don’t worry, you will get used to them after a while, and knowing all Transformers names is quite a hard thing to do because there’s just so so many, so don’t worry, it’s fine to only know a few at first!

I hope this answers your questions, Lovely Anon!

Can we all just spare a moment to bask in the fact that James Madison was 5"4 in real life, and Thomas Jefferson was 6"2. I can’t stop laughing over this! James was so fucking small it’s hilarious. And everyone’s always calling Hamilton and Laurens smol!

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Buddy I just wanna say, I ended up on your blog some how and i having the time of my life so much of your content is so adorable and Hilarious as hell every few min. i catch my self between aaw and getting tears in my eyes 'cause of all the hijnks yeah. Just wanted to let you know :'>

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! im so so happy you like my stuff aaa???? i hope it keeps on being fun!!!

  • aight so who’s willing to bet that if genji still has hair he dyes it neon fucking green 
  • one night zenyatta just just goes to see genji because no one’s seen him all day and he just finds him with his head covered in tinfoil
  • zenyatta’s really confused for a minute before he remembers that some humans think tinfoil keeps aliens away
  • genji, meanwhile, still hasn’t said anything
  • zenyatta’s just “are you attempting to ward off the aliens?” 
  • genji looks appropriately alarmed for a minute before he just starts laughing
  • “something like that”
  • the next day genji’s hair is just neon green
  • hanzo smiles a little bit and even if he’ll never admit it he has to stop himself from reaching out and ruffling it
  • his hair gets caught in his visor and it matches and it’s hilarious 
  • MEANWHILE zenyatta thinks this is perfectly normal and one day he just paints his head green because of course that’s a natural hair color 
  • he goes to talk to genji and of course he’s totally chill because this is normal and genji just fucking wheezes 
  • zenyatta’s a little worried he’s going to overheat 
  • they let him float around like that for four fucking days 
  • in short they’re all assholes except zenyatta 
  • he just wanted hair guys
  • Jaune: you know what's hilarious
  • Ren: Dare I ask?
  • Jaune: using old timey synonyms for sex stuff
  • Ren: I'm never speaking to you again
  • Jaune: is this because im randy all the time
  • Ren:
  • Ren: Goodbye, Jaune.
  • Jaune: YOU SPOKE I WIN
what it's like to have an unpopular blog

me : hey guys
you :
me : so how are you all if you need anything just let me know i love you all
you :
me : lmao this is hilarious
you :
me : *rants*
you :
me : so this day sucks i hate myself
you :
other popular blog : hey guys
me : *reblogs something*
you :
other popular blog : *reblogs something*
me : *makes an edit*
you :
other popular blog : *makes a very similar edit*
me : *makes an edit i spent a lot of time and hard work on*
me : *gets no notes*
other popular blog : *makes an edit they worked hard on*
other popular blog : *gets 728393929292928377337273727282828 notes*

  • iris, browsing loqi tummelt's files: this the weirdo who tried to fight you?
  • cor: yeah.
  • iris: but apparently he likes you?
  • how do you pronounce his name?
  • cor: ffs i dont know?? low-kee?
  • iris: pbfft yeah, /loqi/ crushing on you.

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the rfa draging a drunk & sentimental mc home and she starts thinking they'll leave her?

It’s been days since this was asked and I have been working on it on and off ~Madre Mod


  • He is actually is giving you a piggy back ride home
  • he blames jumin for all the wine he had at this party
  • Mc can’t even talk right, but yoosung can guess what you’re trying to say
  • but he’s not prepared for when you starts crying and nearly starts choking him because you tighting you arm hold around his neck
  • “Yoosung love me!!”
  • “I love you MC, please lossen your arms please..”
  • :Don’t leave m e! My body you want? Love???”
  • “Mc i’ll never leave you, ever. You are the only one I need.”
  • you end up a sobbing, babbling mess.
  • Yoosung loves you even more and tried to express that more often

❤Zen❤ (I swear i could make this into a fanfic)

  • you are his princess/prince and he’s gonna carry you like one
  • you are telling him your weird drunken thoughts on the way home and zen humoring you
  • “Zen….what if Jumin……and you were a couple???? Wouldn’t that be weird???”
  • “That would be very weird if me and him were a couple.”
  • “but like….hate sex is a thing.”
  • “If im not mistaken I think you want me and jumin to become a couple?”
  • at this moment zen knew
  • he fucked up
  • “Wait….you don’t love me anymore?????”
  • Zen is panicking o K
  • he doesn’t know what to DO
  • “I love you my princess/prince!”
  • “Don’t leave me for that rich bitch! I can’t function right without you!!”
  • Your crying
  • zen wants to cry because you look so heart broken
  • he comforts you though, and he brings you back to your strange drunken topics.
  • such as how you were going to bring zen the moon

❤Jaehee ❤

  • she had you over her shoulder
  • she strong
  • you were just laughing up a storm.
  • somebody could tell you the most blandest joke ever  and you would still laugh at it
  • she doesn’t know why or how but you ended up crying
  • You’re remembering the times when you were freindzoned
  • “Jaehee why don’t you love me??”
  • “Mc what are you talking about we are dating. for two months now.”
  • “Then why won’t you return my feelings??”
  • you started crying harder
  • Jaehee started panicking
  • “Mc I return your feelings..Does that make you feel better?”
  • in between sobs you managed a yes
  • when you both got home jaehee cuddled the SHIT out of you
  • just so you never forget that she loves you and only you


  • so much wine
  • you consumed soooo much wine
  • you were leaning on a somewhat sober jumin
  • you and jumin are at a rfa celebration for another successful party
  • then someone totally wasnt seven brought up the does jumin han is gay rumor, and you took that to heart
  • “JUMIN??? YOUR GAY???”
  • “What?? MC no i’m not.”
  • “Then why is there a rumor about you being gay??? Are you leaving me for some other guy??????”
  • “Mc….it’s a silly rumo-”
  • cue zen choking on his beer and seven dying of laughter
  • “Me..cheat on you…..wITH THAT THING??? That’s hilarious mc.”
  • you’re actually crying
  • Jumin doesn’t understand??? He thought you were joking???
  • “Mc please calm down..”
  • poor bean side hugs you because he doesn’t know what to do
  • he ends up taking you home with driver kim driving because jumin can’t drive for shit
  • you are still crying
  • you are also weakly hitting jumin
  • “No! You are leaving me for zen! He is everything im not!!”
  • “Mc please calm down, I love you for your commoner ways.”
  • bad move there jumin
  • “Mc please..”
  • he holds you close and softly sings to you, hoping you calm your drunk ass down (if you don’t know what song this is then im slightly dissapointed. go on soundcloud and look up Jumin Han singing. I have gone to sleep with this song)
  • it works! You’re calm and half sleep!
  • “There there mc. it’s ok, I love you.”


  • You two were celebrating one of his successes from his bullshit agency
  • he brought out the good shit that he saves for when he successfully hacks into something (he probably hacks space stations for the hell of it)
  • you both were pretty drunk
  • but seven still had his mind in tack
  • unlike you who went to bother helpless saeran
  • poor boy
  • he was being poked by you
  • after seven hauled your ass away from saeran and dragged you to yall room
  • you saw this picture of you and seven that was taken from the amusement park
  • but your drunken mind didn’t register that it was you
  • so you shoved it in his face
  • “Luceil who is this??? And why do you look so happy with them??”
  • “mc thats us, from when we went to the amusement park.”
  • “No it’s not! I’m not as pretty as she is! Look she even has mouse ears! ;-; you don’t love me anymore……”
  • as much as he wanted to record this moment who am I kidding he was as soon as you was poking saeran’s face
  • you were crying and trying to take your stuff but you were grabbing his stuff instead
  • he simply picked you up, put you on the bed and started treating you like a cat.
  • belly rubs here, a little scratch here, bopping the nose once in a while, and cute little reminders of his love for you. Until you calmed down and went to sleep.
  • Seven had some funny shit to show you in the morning
  • and he won’t let you live it down
  • ever

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Good morning! I actually had a dream about this, could you do a scene with Ethan being jealous because maybe one of the boys is hanging around you a lot and he just get a little self conscious? 💙

ahh!! hi bha, good morning to you too!! :) this is so cute ngl, tysm for the request, love! and im also sorry for the delay!

Jealous & Protective Ethan

You loved hanging around the office, but you loved hanging around the office with your friends way more. Amy had recently started to be your amazing best friend, and it was so fun getting to know her. You automatically knew how she made Mark so happy. You, Kathryn, and Amy spent the majority of your time together with some editing parties and other stupid things. More often than not, you were all draped over the couch in your pajamas watching cheesy movies and crying. It was hilarious.

Lately, you’d actually been spending a load of time with Tyler, brainstorming ideas together into the wee hours of the night, and you’d often wake up on the table in the office the next morning. The first thing you’d do is text Ethan- he was probably so worried about you.

This became a nightly sort of pastime for the two of you. Tyler would recommend a movie, and you’d watch it while working on something else, and end up all asleep the following morning. It was a relentless cycle of working yourselves nearly to death for the sake of managing to make funny videos. However, you had noticed Kathryn laughing a lot more while editing. It makes you ridiculously happy to hear her giggle, because she’s honestly one of the cutest people you know.

The following morning of a particularly late night with Tyler, you got up to get food when you heard somebody unlocking the office door and coming inside. You were happy to see your boyfriend’s face, even though he wasn’t smiling and his glasses were slightly askew.

“Hey, Ethan!” You grin, drinking milk from the gallon.

“Hey,” he responds, but it’s dismissive. “You had another nice night?”

“Yeah, Ty and I-”

“So now you’re calling him Ty?” He seems exhausted, frustrated, annoyed. You feel guilty when he feels like this.

“Ethan, how late were you up last night?” Slowly, you approach him, putting your hand up to his cheek. His dark circles are more pronounced than you remember.

“Late,” he murmurs, “I was just worried about you.”

“You know that Tyler and I are working, and watching movies, and that’s it, right?” You slide your arms around him, and he holds you like you love.

“Yeah. I know,” it’s a little whisper. You feel bad, you didn’t know he was the type to get jealous or even… stressed? And unhealthy?

“I love you, and I promise I’m going to come home and sleep in the same bed as you and you can hold me when I try to get up, and tell me that you were warm and wanted five more minutes. And I’ll listen, and stay in bed, and we’ll sleep for another hour.”

“And I’ll tell you I love you, because you’re so perfect.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most!” He pouts, and it’s adorable.

And he’s yours.

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Hey there...I love your Hilarious reylo comic strips nyahaha theyre funny really... if ever you're gonna draw more can I ask a comic strip about Rey forcing Kylo to eat Broccoli. Im actually at this resto and Im looking at this couple, the woman is forcing this broccoli on her man and says he has to eat vegies for some time too and quit eating instant ramen, the man is holding up tho i dont kno how long since the woman is putting all her might to shove that forkful of broc on his mouth.

“Rey shoving forkful of broc on Kylo’s mouth”. Anon, you know my aesthetic.

Somewhere in Ach-to:

“Forget the mission. Go eat some green, master.”

And then he smooched the broccoli instead.

((Rey aggressively taking care of Kylo Ren is my jam. SOmeday ill stop reylo shitposting but today is not the day))

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If you know a youtuber by the name of Keeyuh M. do you know where I can find Shamari's hair? I've also seen it on some males while you're trying to choose hair in your CAS videos. I'm pretty sure it's by Sheplayswithlife because I saw her little rainbw trademark thing on the picture of the hair, but I can't find it anywhere. P.S., you're hilarious and I binge watch all your videos. Thank you for everything you do for the community.

If im not mistaken that hair is here:

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Hey friend, just wanting to let you know that I'm absolutely in love with all your pewey drawings, your Mayor Dewey drawings, it's really hilarious, even cute, you're truly an inspiration thanks xx

i havent drawn them in a bajillion years so im sittin here wipin a damp towel on me forehead but im glad you like them! im glad theyre good for somebody