im here to ruin your night

Bottled Up.
Part 2. Angst/Smut

I’ve tried bolding the smut for those of you who only want to read that. I feel that sometimes. Writing this really helped me relieve a lot of negative energy, and i really didn’t realize how long it was! I hope you enjoy it!

You helped Taehyung stand up, and apologized repeatedly. “I shouldn’t have came here. I ruined everything. Im so sorry.” your apologies were cut by Rap Monsters Voice echoing through the house, “Suga, sit the fuck down, i swear!!!” At this point you ripped Yoongi’s keys out of Jungkooks hands, stormed into the living room, and out of the apartment.

The storm had calmed, and you sped all the way home. When you arrived you went straight into your room, climbed in bed, and cried yourself to sleep. Then sun crept through your blinds, and you rubbed sleep from your swollen eyes, recalling the events of last night. You turned your phone on, and the texts poured in one after the other.

“Please come home.”
“Just talk to me, Jagi. I’m sorry.”
“Fuck it.”
“Are you really done? Just like that?”
“I love you.”

“Suga is trying to drive, he’s been drinking.”
“I tried to stall.. We are coming over.. I’m sorry.”

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I hope you’re okay. Please call in the morning to check in. I got Suga in bed, asleep. Don’t stress. Everything is okay.”

You sighed, grabbed Yoongi’s keys, and put on a coat and a scarf. You knew you’d have to face this mess sooner than later. When you pulled into the boys apartment, you hesitated before heading inside. But took a deep breath and headed inside. The boys were all still sleeping, and you quietly made your way toward Taehyungs room. Yoongi was asleep in his bed as promised. You tapped him lightly on the shoulder, “Oppa…. Lets go home..” he didn’t move. “Oppa…” you pushed him a little harder this time. He slowly opened his eyes, and streched before looking over to you.. “Jagi-yah.. I..” you interupted him, “can we talk at home Yoongi? Everyone is still sleeping..” You headed towards the car, and Yoongi collected his things and met you there. He was in rough shape. You guys stopped at the drive thru for coffee, barely making small talk, and then headed home.

At home you guys sat on opposite ends of the couch, and after a silence that seemed to last forever you finally blurted “do you even love me anymore..? Because you dont even look at me, or hold me, and I can’t remember the last time you made love to me like it wasn’t a chore..” He moved down the couch to get closer to you, and grabbed your face so he could look into your eyes that were already welling up with tears.

“Baby,” he said, as he kissed you softly, “You are my whole world.. I can’t explain how in love I am with you..” he wiped the tears from your eyes, and kissed you once more, and then rested his forhead against yours. “I’ve just been so stressed out, and I don’t want it to drag you down so I avoid it, and act like I’m okay. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting us, and I’m sorry Jagi-yah. I love you. Okay? Never think that I don’t love you.”

You smiled, and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you, Oppa. I’m so sorry for the mess i caused.” He kissed you firmly, and pulled you into him. “Please don’t leave me again Y/N.” You shook your head and told him, “Never.” your kissing grew intense and you straddled him, your entire body hungry for the passion that had been missing these past few weeks. His hands slipped slowly into the curve in your back and you breathed a soft moan into his mouth. He smirked and bit your lip. “Ahh, Babe!” you growled as you ran your nails down his chest, and pulled his shirt off.

You began planting kisses down his neck and across his collarbones. Your lips tasting every inch of bare skin you could find, sending chills up his neck. You started rocking your hips in his lap, as you made your way up to nibble his ear. “I want you so bad Min Yoongi,” you whispered before gently licking his earlobe. In one swift movement he pulled off your shirt and bra. Wasting no time, his hands began exploring your back and shoulders, as he bit your neck just enough to leave small red marks. You pressed into him, moving your hips slowly but harder in his lap, and he let out a hard sigh before lifting you off the couch, and carrying you to the bedroom, kissing you the entire way.

He laid you on the bed, and slipped off your pants, you sat up to pull down his and he kicked them off his feet, and then climbed on the bed hoovering above you. He kissed you while his hand slid slowly down your chest and began massaging your breast, his thumb lightly flicking your nipple. You let out a subtle whine, and ran your hand down his back, making your way over every curve and edge, and then grabbed his ass. He smirked as he kissed you harder, and between breaths asked “oh? So this is how you want to play?” you nodded your head with a devilish look and bit his lip. He took his hand from your breast and grabbed your hair, pulling your head to the side and biting your neck, hard. You moaned his name as you wrapped your legs around him and drug your nails down his back. Yoongi grunted, and pushed himself up off the bed to remove his underwear. You licked your lips at the sight of how hard he was.

“Roll over on your hands and knees.” he commanded, and you obeyed. He pulled your underwear down just enough to reveal your ass and smacked it surely leaving a hand print. Tingles ran through your entire body, as you half gasped, half moaned, it had been such a long time since Yoongi took control of you, even though he knew how much it turned you on.

He lowered himself over you and bit your shoulder, then your side, down to your lower back. All the while, running his hands down the front of your body, only stopping to give your breast a rough squeeze before continuing on. Hit bit you again, right on the top of your thigh before running a finger slowly up your core. “Baby.. You’re so wet.” he said in a sarcastic voice.

“Dont tease me, Oppa! I want you so bad.” you whined, begging for more. He giggled, and you knew you were in for a torturous night. You look back as he grabbed his member and began to slowly rub it against your clit. You stuck your butt out further towards him, hoping to get some type of penetration, but instead he slapped your ass again. “Tsk tsk. Don’t be greedy.” he smiled at you and you put your head down on the bed as he continued to tease you. Sliding just his tip inside of you, and making small circles before pulling out and rubbing your clit again.

You moaned his name, and a desperate please, and he finally grabbed ahold of your hips and slammed into you, throwing your body forward. “Oh fuck!” you yelled into the pillow. He kept his pace steady, but his thrusts hard, never releasing his firm grip on your hips. Your body began shaking as you came close to your climax and his pace picked up slightly. Just as chills ran down your back and your moans grew louder, he stopped and rolled you over.

“Yoongi, I was so close!” you whined. He smirked and kissed you, biting your lip as he pulled his mouth slowly from yours. “I want to see your face when I make you cum Jagi-yah.” and before you could utter a response he was inside you again, with his thumb rubbing harsh circles on your clit. This time he was gentle with his thrusts, and quicker woth his pace. His eyes never leaving yours. “Cum for me Y/N” he moaned slightly as the words passed his lips. You wrapped your legs around him, tightening yourself on his shaft, and grabbed the sheets as your body began to tremble beneath him. He rubbed your clit faster and you could barely breathe through the screams leaving your mouth. A soft “oh fuck” escaped his lips, and you felt your body release entirely as you reached your climax. Yoongi pumped slowly inside of you, letting you ride out your orgasm as he reached his. His body collapsed on top of you and you began to run your fingers through his hair as you both tried to steady your breathing.

“Jagi-yah?” he spoke softly in your ear, and you replied a gentle “Yes, Oppa?”

“I love you. I dont ever want to lose you. From now on I wont keep things bottled up. I will let you in, i swear.” you smiled and kissed his cheek “i love you too, Min Yoongi”.