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Can you write "Levihan is love!" in chinese please?

of course anon! here ya go



是爱=is love <3

Just so you can check: here’s the chinese copy of a snk volume I have

levi is translated as 里维 (li wei) and hanji as 汉吉 (han ji) which is just super cute if you ask me.

okay a few more phrases for any chinese levihan shipper needs:

我爱里维汉!!= i love levihan!

为什么是里维汉不真的?= why is levihan not canon? :((

里维汉是真的 = levihan is canon!

里维和汉吉是婚姻的!= levi and hanji are married!

里维和汉吉是婚姻和有四个孩子!= levi and hanji are married with four kids!

我觉得里维喜欢汉吉= i think levi likes hanji

为什么他们没有亲吻?=why haven’t they kissed yet?

anyway that’s all i have for now, much love to you anon for making me combine my ancestry and who i am- with some levihan! 谢谢!(thank you)


Stydia AU: MIT and George Washington finally shuts down classes for Spring Break. After nearly a month of not seeing Lydia, Stiles wants to photograph every moment. 


Hairstyles and realizations

  • me: [just chilling]
  • me: [starts thinking about how for over 10+ years yuri was constantly pushing himself to grow up faster and to exceed others' expectations like when he was a literal infant he just kept telling his grandpa he could do better and he was fine without his mom and as a teenager he told lilia he would give her his entire soul and body to win but even that required him doing routines that he didn't necessarily enjoy and otabek is the only person who's never made him feel like he has to prove himself or be anyone other than who he is bc from the very start he's always viewed him as an equal and fully respected him so yuri can finally act his age and do what he wants to do and canonically otabek and yuri have a loving, supportive friendship that could one day set the grounds for a healthy relationship]
  • me: [choking back tears] n-nice..........

January 14th, 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me.


“The night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.”


UNDERTALE /AU ART RAFFLE TIME!! A big thank you to everyone who has supported me this far! :) When the deadline ends, I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winners, and I’ll let you know if you’ve won! 

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First place: A short, fully colored comic (10 panels or less)

Second place: Picture of up to three characters

Third place: Picture of one character

-Deadline is July 8th-

Good luck! ^^

Divide: An Album Summary

Eraser: brb dropping all of my responsibilities until i learn this rap 

Castle on a Hill: this is the type of song that if you listen it to while walking, you end up going like 10x your normal pace 

Dive: this song will be sung to every cheesecake i eat (also like idk about you but the beginning kinda sounds like dangerous woman??)

Shape of You: like idk why but all I can think of during this song is somebody bouncing a basketball?? 

Perfect: wedding dance song for 2k17 and beyond

Galway Girl: Irish dance party 

Happier: no i’m not crying. I just have something stuck my eyes. yes, yes, both of my eyes

New Man: okay but literally every line in this song could be put on a t-shirt

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: in which every person listening to this imagines ed singing this to them 

What Do I Know?: what do I know? i know that my boi ed is amazing (also: in which a song can age me back 10 years)

How Would You Feel (Paean): pure cinnamon roll in lyrical form #bless 

Supermarket Flowers: shit i will never be able to buy flowers from walmart ever again without crying 

Barcelona: I never would have thought that I would be attracted to a ginger british guy singing in spanish, but here we are. i can now die in peace. 

Bibia Be Ye Ye: *frantically head bobs* *bangs an invisible drum* *astral projects my body into heaven*

Nancy Mulligan: Irish dance party, pt. II (also super cute)

Save Myself: “’cause she’d just smile and I’m complaining in a song, but it helps” - same, Ed, same

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Omg that "secret homosexual signals" thing made me think of like if lance came up to Keith and pointed to the handkerchief hanging from his back pocket and was like "dude you know that's a singal that you're gay right?" (It used to be in the 80s or something) and Keith makes a face and points at lances pocket which also has one and lance just smiles and winks or some shit idk whatever ur art is amazing



gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)