im having too much fun you cant stop me

there are gods inside your mind
gods and monsters, angels and devils
(it’s true what they say – where’s there’s one
there is always the other)
oh, your blood is sickly sweet to the divine
ruby rivers of sins and saints and storms
they’d eat you up for dinner, my dear
if you give them a penny, you give them a pound

your pulse purrs to pains and pleasures
such sinewy secrets slithering down your spine
your body is a dream for the demons and the deities
a cage of crimson curls and cuts all to catch
a little ballerina girl balancing on breaths

he says, trust me, trust this start, trust your heart
and you think, trust is not for a woman made weapon
here you are, sharp steep slopes and spinning stars
a heart made of hollow hopes and hissing hurts
life is limitless and loud and lonely for little girls
who only ever learned how to run

—  en pointe | m.j.commission a poem

1staz-kun  asked:

Can you do an imagine where Jumin finds out MC has been calling Zen daily while he is at work?(smut) Or Jumin and MC phone call?(sweet) I love your imagines btw~ ^-^ I hope this isn't weird...

Note: Thanks for your compliments and btw, guys, im not at home again so i cant find a chance to write imagines, im so sorry i will try to write all of them, thanks.

Since Seven works so much, you feel so alone at home and as your best friend Zen always calls you and you always call him too. He is nice, kind and everything. Even the hardest times he was with you when Seven couldnt.
You’re talking to him again, Seven’s at work.
“Yeah, sure you can come over, Zen.”
“Is it okay?”
“Seven wouldnt care, you know. He goes to work. He comes and sleeps. And I am just nothing.”
“Hey… If you feel like you are nothing to Seven, know that you are someone else’s everything. Whatever. Then im coming. Pizza?”
“See youuuuuu!”
When Zen comes, you two start watchin movie while you are eating your pizzas. You laugh a lot you have fun a lot. Zen might look like a playboy but inside of him, you know him all too well and he is your best best best friend. You dont think anythin wrong whenever he gets close to you or something because Seven is always on your mind.
Also you text each other too. With all those morning messages and talks…
You two are having so much fun that you cant realize Seven is there and watching you. When you realize, you stop the movie and see how angry he is.
“Shut up.”
Then he moves so fast and punches Zen. You are so shocked that you cant move for a while. Zen is way stronger than Seven but he does nothing.
Then Seven suddenly stops and sees you crying. He tries to touch you but you dont let him.
“Look. Im going. And dont make her sad again, Seven.” says Zen and goes.
Seven talks without looking your face “When I hacked his phone and saw all messages with you and that he was here and… Im so sorry.”
“You hacked his phone?! Why the hell dont you trust me?”
“Please. Please dont do this I know that trustment is the most important thing to you but since I have to work so hard for a while, I missed you so much. And you were having fun with him. I saw your laugh after a long while. It was for him. And I got so mad and… Please dont leave me, okay? I will be back. There are better guys than me, like Zen. But please… dont leave me…”
You look at him with tears and hug him. “I wont leave you but understand me too. Understand how I’ve been alone. How I miss you even when you are with me. I love you Luciel. Id never leave you.”
He looks at you with tears and kisses you. And after that day, he never works till late times and stays by your side in case boys come and try to talk to you.

Note2: Hope you like it!

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