im having one of those moments right now

yall keep asking me about why silver chose to put the *vague possibility* that thomas is alive into flint’s head so.. [takes deep breath] 

this could mean so many things and its still early days believe it or not so i cant be sure. but the way i see it is that silver truly cares for flint and doesnt want this war to be the end of him. he doesnt want it to get to the point where he has to choose between him and madi “it is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another” like !!!! if there is ANYTHING that could stop him from going down that path john will use it. he cares about flint /so much/ thats why he didnt outright say what max told him because if he did he knew flint would do something reckless. so instead, he just asked him ‘what if’. because i do believe that /john/ believes its a possibility, you could see it in his face when max mentioned it. like he /WANTS/ flint to be happy, and he cant bare the thought of eventually leaving him. he is his only friend, hes the /only/ reason flint is still alive, flint is literally /living/ for john at this point and john knows this.. “thank you for opening that door” he /KNOWS/ this. the only reason flint keeps on going is because of him, and he knows that if he is forced to leave him in the end that it would mean james loses the last person in the world that he cares about, and that with that loss he would then give up everything 

so yes, this is a Very Sensitive Subject™ >:) he chose to only vaguely hint it to him because he is still /FULL/ of questions about thomas. he doesnt know if james would even want thomas to see him as he is now if he were alive. LOTS of midnight chats about gay feelings by the fire are still to be had!!! and who knows, if they’ve jumped onto the unrequited love train john might know about flints feelings for him, after all he knows he is at least bi so like..?? he doesnt want to break flints heart. it has been broken SO MANY TIMES. this being said if they /both/ had feelings for each other that would be the greatest motive for john wanting flint to be happy. flint had miranda and thomas like john now has madi, but now flint has no one but john. hes got no one to /live for/ no one he wants to /protect/ but john. so if there is even the slightest chance that thomas is still alive.. wouldnt john do everything he could to seek it out?? to see if thomas could end flint instead of himself having to do it? to let thomas mend his heart instead of him being forced to break it again?? like i said there are SO MANY THINGS this could mean, but when it comes down to it i truly believe everything john is doing, his motives, they are all driven by his love for those closest to him, and there is no one closer to flint in the world right now than john silver

Okay so I don’t think we can officially say Dan ‘came out’ (as gay, bi, pan, etc.) in his latest video BUT I do think it was a huge step for him. Several years ago he wouldn’t have even likely joked about his sexuality. Or if he did, he usually seemed pretty uncomfortable. 

Dan being comfortable with the topic of sexuality is a good thing, no matter what sexuality he actually identifies with (or if he doesn’t identify with one at all right now) =^.^=

youre on my phone. you wanna scope out my music taste, so you open pandora. i have one station, a Nirvana Station. you groan cuz im probably a weirdo edgy “classics” elitist. you tap the station anyway just to listen. mamamoo’s “You’re The Best” comes up, and you realize that through a series of carefully planned up and down thumbs ive manipulated the station to be exclusively k-pop. and then you realize ive planned this all along, i saw your nosiness coming, in fact im right behind you, grinning, wearing those sunglasses that flip upwards & a “hawaiin” shirt from walmart, and tight boxer briefs. i have two girlfriends in my arms now, one of them was yours till just a moment ago. i dont even use pandora, i use spotify.

do you ever have one of those moments where you’re just watching an old random bangtan bomb and you find yourself completely immersed, watching the boys laugh and smile and goof around, noticing their little mannerisms and how they act around one another, and your heart just swells and you realize holy poptarts i am in so deep but this makes me so happy and it’s too late? 

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Everytime i see photos of Key, be it photoshoots or airport fashion or instagram or anything, he looks so freaking flawless that i cant help but think whoever he is fucking right now is one lucky son of a bitch

oh dam…

srsly tho like most people have those moments where they just don’t look good but kibum??? just doesn’t ???? ?

like okay in photo shoots

….okay i can respect that everyone can look beautiful in a photo shoot right??? and the same goes for instagram tbh cause like he has total control over what he posts and shit like that but like

on stage

……okay thats fine but im sure he’s hyper focused and shit like cause hes in the spotlight and shit right ???? but then

the airport

how??!??!? how does he literally always look like this how does he literally never look bad HOW

kim kibum is such a mystery.

the fact that troye’s studio feels like home for him just makes me so emotional because he’s worked so hard and dreamed so much for this and it’s all just finally happening and idk it’s just crazy how this is his life right now. an amazingly awesome crazy.