im having a proud mama moment

Ok so no matter our feelings on this episode i think we can all agree on how amazing it was that lukas actually talked to mama shea??? Like he literally said “liking philip this way, its hard.” This is the boy who is covering up a triple homicide that he witnessed just so he wouldn’t have to come out. This is the boy who is near panic attacks whenever philip even dares mention telling helen. This is the boy who is so terrified of coming out that he keeps hurting the boy he cares about and keeps self-destructing. This is the boy suffering from intense ptsd and suicidal ideations. But this is also the boy that admitted to philip’s mum, who already knew about them, that he had feelings for philip. No matter how shitty his actions were for the rest of the episode and how hurtful he became, this is a moment im proud of. Take a moment to imagine just how freeing and nerve-wracking and absolutely terrifying that must of been to say out loud to another person for the first time in his life.