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-The Secret History


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sooo I was still thinking about this post and i think i got it.

Tsuki sees here Suga looks in the direction of Kags and looks too, and I think it’s like the first foreshadowing in this episode (as it was only in the anime and not in the manga).

Later we see more about how Tsukki doesnt make that much effort as the others, and actually wonders why they train harder, if they only get hurt later.

I think that from what he knows from before, he sees it now with Kags and Hinata too, because of their fight and how much more they’re trying to get better at volleyball and then get hurt… I think that the moment Tsukki knows that Kags is hurt becuase of his fight with Hinata.

Also i think it’s more visible on Kageyama (like Hinata is hurt too, and they are working on it, but he takes it better, i think? Hinata communicates better with the rest of the team, etc..)

so my conclusion is: lets say that tsukki really cares/is worried for kags because he sees how hurt he is