im having a bad day give me attention

Bad Days (Tony Perry ONESHOT)

Hi lovelies! Here is a fluffy and (possibly) triggering Tony oneshot. I hope you guys enjoy it; I have quite a number of requests still to get through but feel free to send through any requests. Enjoy xx

Anon requested: can you one where you have depression and anxiety and usually its under control but lately its been getting worse and tony gives you lots of attention and encouragement and is just really nice and helpful and sweet sweet fluff pls im just sad

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Depression is serious and not something to take lightly.

Depression is not something to take lightly what so ever, honestly having depression sucks because you generally feel low all the time and every day tasks which can only take a matter of minutes could take a few hours especially if you are having a bad day.

You constantly doubt yourself and you always feel a burden to your friends and family even though they have told you that you aren’t. I suffer from it and i have more bad days then I do good but I never really talk to anyone about it because well to be honest its hard. Im always struggling with self harming and want to do it on a regular basis or I just want to end it all.

It annoys me when people either pretend that they are depressed to just get the attention from people (don’t message me giving me grief because I know some people who have pretended) or self harm because they think its “cool” and “fun” when in reality thousands of people struggle to even get up in the mornings.

Depression is not a joke.