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Sunday 21st of May 2017

So i’d like to apologise in advance for the state of this recap as i was crying through out entire act 3 and 4 and the fact that most of my attention went to Jamie. However, im gonna try anyway and some facts are derived from things i heard others say.

The emotions started already with the opening music and the potters arriving on stage. I nearly lost it at the sight of them but managed to contain myself. During scene two, were Noma was apparently crying already and had to turn around to compose herself (i missed this bc the too busy staring at jamie part) And i got the feeling that jamie and poppy were holding each other more firmly here.

Then enter scorpius. I had never seen James as Scorpius before so that took a bit to getting used to, but she had me in tears during the scene where astoria died, which had never ever happened before. I just broke there, which resulted into my first tears of the day.

Upon act six i started to realise that Jamie pulled of his glasses to wipe at his eyes a lot. I thought it mightve been me but it kept on going and others seemed to have picked up on it too. I guess he was really emotional, but then again, the entire theatre was. During this scene sam actually also fell of the stairs when Delphi came in, which i had never seen to this extent before, but it definitely made for a good scene.

During the next scenes the emotions even came more apparent, when it came to the nightmares and the way jamie reacted after the famous line about albus being his son. He seemed more hurt and seemed to plead even more emotionally than he did before and that carried through to the next scenes and jamie seemed sad and with his mind there a bit even still at the extraordinary wizarding meeting.

The polyjuice scene was brilliant and got massive, massive cheers. Jamie absolutely killed it and i loved the look on his face when Ron/albus started going on about a baby. It was really obvious he both did not want to be there and was also surprised about the turn of events and i dont think ive ever seen him bolt away from that so fast. And then during the riddle part themselves… they all were glorious. Jamie fucking killed it. The happy and high notes he made when speaking aa scorpius… it was again a sight to behold.

Act two had jamie being more emotional during nightmare scènes again than i ever saw him before and it was really painful to watch because you could actually feel his pain. It was terrible and all i wanted to do was hug the man.
I also happened to notice jamie kept holding his wand in his right hand, but did it with his left at the end of part 2. I wonder what that all is about…
Anyway jamie got me all to the point of tears again when hé was with albus in the hospital wing, which actually didnt help much at all because james was full on crying at points during the staircase ballet which had be bloody crying all over again. SHe really hit me there and it was just painful to watch.

The audience had to laugh when alex was smiling about harry doing most of the cooking, but it was really funny to watch because jamie was looking over at him like ‘what?’.
But then james played it up again in the libary and the entire rant about his mother had multiple people sniffing if the sounds in the audience where anything to go by. You could really feel the pain she was projecting. It was amazing.

Noma and Paul on the staircases were just really sweet and yet again i thought that there was going to be a kiss but unfortunately that didnt happen :(

Enter annabel. Annabel has been fucking nailing it as both Delphi and myrtle so im very glad shes staying on. Today she was myrtle again and she really pulled it out of the park, especially when she said the line about being impartial about a certain Malfoy and the reaction she had to both draco and harry. She completely stole the scene to the point that i was not watching jamie as much (which probably says a lot) And when the scene ended and the lake scene went up a massive cheer came from the audience for her performance. And with massive i mean massive.

Before act three i hardly saw people who werent hugging and crying and bring all sort of emotional. For me it felt like huge weight was pressed on my chest and that was the moment i knew i was not gonna be fine. Sure enough, within the first seconds of act three i was a blubbering mess and that did not stop until it was over.

James killed it in the alternate reality and the tears really started to flow when it came to astoria again. It looked like Paul bentall was honest to god crying when it came to the lily ,mention as his shoulders seemed to be shaking and then the following was just as emotional (even though the audience got yet again to laugh at nomas giggle and pauls the universe rests on neville line).

The romione kiss was the best one i had seen up until then and it was a shame when the dementors came bc i really thought it mightve gotten heated. James seemed to be crying or near tears again after having witnessed it all and snape got one massive cheer after he got rid of umbridge. Like truly massive. I think he changed his line a bit there too but im not entirely certain there.

James was amazing when everything got back to normal and there were massive laughs when hé adressed them all.
But then the scene with mcg. Poppy seemed to be comforting noma and then i cried even harder between cherelle and noma because it was so emotional and i think noma was crying and cherelle maybe too and gooood. Ive never seen it played so well.
Meanwhile jamie got me in tears the following two scènes and i think he was starting to lose it there because he pulled off his glasses so much.

CUE ACT THREE SCENE SEVENTEEN. I think every romione shipper loves it because of the entire renewal part and they took it up big time yesterday. First we got to laugh about the Ron being drunk line and then Paul went fucking down on one knee when hé threw out the line, which got massive whoops from the entire audience. The kiss was also a sight to behold. What a kiss.

The crucio scene was really painful to watch too. It was horrid to see them all in pain and then they threw it up a notch when craig died, with james actually pressing her face to the floor.

Cut to extraordinary meeting second go around.
This was truly hard. Noma was choking up on her last lines here with Paul comforting her. She could hardly get her lines out as she was so emotional and that made it really painful to watch. It caused many people to tear up again if the sniffing was anything to go by.
Aand then jamie and dumbledore. Ill never not get emotional at that and even when draco entered later i was still in full cry mode while jamie took forever to put his glasses back on his face.

The help shouting part was brilliant as always and then back to Jamie and poppy bc yknow, my attention. When jamie said the line about the shrine poppy honest to god seemed close to tears. She managed to compose herself enough but the emotions on her face were absolutely real. The kiss was absolutely intense too. Fuck i love their chemistry so much.

Godrics Hollow Time! Alex once again got the audience in stitches with his farmers market comment and then when they all got into the right time and poppy was running up to albus i swear she was crying. It was so hard to watch and james and alex also seemed to be hugging so hard.
Poppy remained an emotional mess during the Church scene and there was a really tight hug between her and jamie where poppy was crying after she told him that she was happy to discuss just how lucky he was.

And then the last scenes… they were all messes when it came to jily. James was standing there shocked with his mouth open and jamie was yet again held upright until lily died and he collapsed to the floor. And the scene after that he literally did not stop crying still. Kept wiping his nose and eyes and then sam was starting to get emotional too.
I was literally crying so hard because of that i was unable to scream at all until cherelle came up, visibly crying, and when i thought the audience could not possibly get louder than they already were they proved me wrong when the Final five came up. The cheers were massive. Wands went up in the air. The cast was crying. They came back three or four times for applause and then it was a mad dash to stagedoor.

I wont say much about that, aside from the fact that when secufity told people at the front jamie was coming a cheer went up so loud we at the back wonderen what was going on until word travelled and we got news jamie was on his way - proven one minute later when hé and noma jogged around to our end to start with us so we wouldnt have to wait as long. The cheers for him went wild and werent even as loud for jack and John who showed up for stagedoor as well.

All in all it was one massive show and i was so glad i flew out for it again. I wouldnt have missed it for the world and im gonna miss this cast so much.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for portraying the characters so Dear to our hearts so well and went above and beyond with them. Thank you for this experience. Thank you.

random ik but...

okay so,,, i was just thinking,,, i love my mutuals so much… so why not let them know randomly in an act of an appreciation post ?? im sorry this is so spontaneous i just feel like shouting out to all my best internet buddies so everyone else can check them out bc theyre literally ALL THE BEST. just saying. FOLLOW THEM NOW !!! (pls you wont regret it i promise) in no order:

@smol-anime-phan133 : ty for being with me through life, you’re literally my therapist and i need you to know that any time you need it, i’ll be there for you bc you’ve always been there for me (even during my 12 yo random phase im v sorry) and I appreciate you💕

@malecfangirl101 man we go wayyyyyy back, but i still appreciate you so much, you’re actually one of the most fabulous people i know. it’s a shame we don’t see each other irl as much but im so glad we text bc seriously it’s great to be able to be so open and yet random and weird to someone as accepting as you ✨

@nutellalester don’t even get me started you are such a bean, daniel !! you contribute some of the best bants to the gc and all the amazing creations (art/writing) you make is literally so good,,,also youve got literally the best music taste ty for existing 💛

@huphilpuffs okay so not only are you literally one of the sweetest people, but you make the prettiest gifs ??? how is this fair at all ??you’ve got so much talent and overall just loveliness and support im super happy to know you ty for everything ☺️

@misshktt oml where do i begin?? youre funny, supportive, open and generally just a really great person to be around !! you literally are toriel it’s not even funny the resemblance is uncanny,,, except less goat and more pure bean ty 💙

@actualhatter there’s so much to say about how great you are i literally could ramble on forever but for everyone’s sake i’ll try to be short: you’re funny, kind, really good at drawing AND you share my addiction to tøp and josh dun in general?? how could a person literally get any cooler?? ty for everything fren 😊

@phantastically-over-life phil lester defence squad unite haha thanks for listening and even agreeing with me when i ramble endlessly about my love and appreciation for phil, you’re really great and friendly, i love talking to you tysm fren💗

@philmeup-dildo i have a feeling this might be the longest paragraph purely bc you are literally one of the best people i know,,, you listen to everything i have to say (im sorry i ramble and complain a lot lol) and overall are just so supportive and kind, as well as we share heaps of interests (okay our music not so much bUT STILL) !! ty for being so open and letting me vent and bant with you bc seriously you have made me laugh when i really needed it so ty for everything 🤗 (also my mum loves you more than me im pretty sure)

@totallynotlevi // @totallynotfics you were one of my first internet friends, Levi, and although some of our interest have changed im so glad we still talk regularly bc you’re literally such a great person and im so happy I’ve found someone who loves pj and tøp as much as me 💚

@you-could-say-im-relocating-it you are the purest and funniest bean to ever exist, our gc owes you for making us laugh all the time with your supportive, funny and relatable personality !! if you ever need anything pls feel free to talk bc id love to get to know you better 😁

@little-cheeky-monkey you deserve the world, honestly im so glad we are mutuals, you’re pretty (even if you don’t realise it yet,, believe me), funny, supportive, really kind and just generally share my love of dogs and hp !!! (pls pet your dogs for me btw so pure) ty for everything and just being yourself you matter a lot ❤️

@heck-yeah-fandoms funny! great! supportive! those are only some of the many words i could use to describe you, ty so much for being a great fren i appreciate talking to you, you make me smile 😋

@pepperminthowell have you ever met someone that’s just so great and the thought of them being in your life fills you with joy??? you’re that person to me and basically the whole gc,,, seriously thank you for everything it means so much you are way too lovely and good for this world 💜

@isle-of-the-glowing-eyes although we talk on my other side blog, i just wanted to add you here bc you are really relatable, kind and im glad i feel i can be open around you bc you’ve just got such a great personality !! not to mention we also have a huge addiction with tøp oml ty for listening to me ramble haha 🌸

@dan-phil-obsessed we’ve been talking for quite a while now, and i can confidently say that you are honestly one of the nicest people to ever exist. everyone is kind in someway or another so you probably hear me say this a lot in this post, im not lying when I say that but for you seriously I can 1000% say that you are so genuinely considerate, not to mention really pretty, and great at photography/writing 💖

@phandomsandbandoms ty for being such a funny, witty, relatable and overall amazing person. your taste of music is one everyone should aspire to, not to mention your personality and sense of humour !! basically you’re goals tbh 👌

@glittering-litter i can relate way too much to you honestly you have all the tøp (yes I went there) notch memes and literally such a good music taste !! ty for always listening to me annoyingly talk about phan and emo bands whenever we talk hah you’re really great 🙌

@lestersdog ty for making the gc and Tumblr itself just a generally better place, you’re so nice and easy to talk to !!! your kindness and awesomeness is appreciated by me and so many others 💓 also your pride selfies were actually the cutest thing ive ever seen oml

@pasteldoothowell we haven’t talked one on one, but seriously from what i can tell when you talk in the gc you are a really fun person to be around !! ty for just your general awesome presence i feel blessed 😄

@peachou okay so we don’t really talk on private chat but seriously this may come off as creepy but i love your blog so so much and for you to actually follow me and like my posts blows me away !! you are so talented and i just wanna ty for being really amazing 💟

@softiednp this whole group chat, incase i missed someone individually, means the world to me tysm for everything you all are great people that i absolutely love talking to !!! you don’t even know how much i love y'all !! oml 😩👌

honourable (mostly) mutual mentions that i stalk and admire from afar: (pls feel free to message me seriously you’re all super cool) @wispyphil @fringegaps @florallylester @phanamored @philester @disgustinglygay @stardustphan @hazyphil @macaronidan @decaffeinated-shipper @yodastolemylightsaber @femtastico @britishteacup98 @lozzyg @lost-boy-ben @nonbinary-lester @suchaderp @sparklephil @adorkablephil @astronautdan @clouds-howell @shittywerewolfstudent @fallinghowell @opinionated-internet @stumpostar @tea-and-cozy-idek @purepastelphan @dansforeheadcurl @japhannie @eli-howlter

if i missed anyone pls punch me, chances are i either wrote you on my list but accidentally missed typing it out bc there’s so many names or literally thought we weren’t mutuals bc you are too cool to be following me :))

Prompt Master list!!!!!!!

I do requests for:
Team 10 house - all cast
Teen wolf -all cast
One direction - all cast
5 seconds of summer -all cast
Chicago fire/med/PD -all cast
Buttercream squad - all cast
Harry Potter - all cast
Marvel - all cast
Vanoss gaming crew - all cast
The vampire diaries - all cast
Twilight (all movies) - all cast

Shawn Mendes
ED sheeran
Cody simpson
Zac efron
Channing tatum
Chris hemsworth
Liam hemsworth
Chris pratt
Justin beiber
Chris pine
Jonas brothers - all

To request:
●I need the grouping or person you want.
●A prompt from the list below (can be morethan one. Max is 5)
●Little bit about you if you want me to put you in it.
●a plot or backround of the imagine if you want (i can make it up)

If i do not have your fandom or personal you would want messege me and i will do research and let you know if i can do it or not. Xx

1. “Stop moaning you big baby”
2. “Stop winking”
3. “Why did you have to be a smart person?”
4. “You’ve got to be kidding me”
5. “Wht the hell are you drinking. At this hour?”
6. “Take. A. God. Damn. Break.”
7. “Shit, im sorry”
8. “How did you manage to be this stupid?”
9. “Your hair is so soft”
10. “Sorry. I just got lost in your eye’s”
11. “What are you writing about?”
12. “I love you”
13. “Is that my t-shirt?”
14. “Please don’t leave me”
15. “Please say something…”
16. “We collide”
17. “Thats a stupid rule”
18. “How are you so pretty?”
19. “What the fuck?”
20. “You wanna go!?”
21. “Even the best fall down sometimes”
22. “You and i. We’ll be alright”
23. “What are you even saying?”
24. “Do that again”
25. “Please don’t”
26. “Hold me back!?”
27. “Oh its on”
28. “When i look into your eye’s its over”
29. “I feel lucky like a four leaf clover”
30. “How are you so tall?”
31. “Not in that drawer!!”
32. “Dont touch that”
33. “Im always going to be here”
34. “Help me up asshole”
35. “Ill show you where my shoe fits!
36. "Dont tell me to shut up”
37. “Dont dare touch me.”
38. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment!?”
39. “Country music is always the best”
40. “whatever she’s got”
41. “Dont you know how to clean?”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
43. “Is that the best you can do?”
44. “Dont you dare throw that snowbal-OKAY THATS IT!”
45. “You’ll catch flies”
46. “Im a little drunk on you”
47. “I touched the butt…”
48. “Its too cold! Come back”
49. “No. im not letting you go. Its too early to get up”
50. “C'mere, you can sit in my lap till im done working”
51. “Im not going to stop poking you untill you give me some attention”
52. “Just pretend to be my date”
53. “I think im in love with you. And im absolutely terrified”
54. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day”
55. “Its not bad to cry. In fact i think it make a person stronger”
56. “I remember practicing asking you out in the mirrior..”
57. “Let’s just stay in bed”
58. “We live together, you can’t blame anyone else for this.”
59. “I want to try for a baby”
60. “I think i might be pregnant”
61. “Think about it. The little patter of children in out home”
62. “I want to marry you”
63. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water”
64. “You lost your chance.”
65. “Dont look at me like that”
66. “Pack your shit and go. Get out of my sight.”
67. “I dont want to live in a broken home.”
68. “I cant do this anymore. Not with you.”
69. “I tried to move on but no body is you.”
70. “Please take me back.”
71. “Maybe im meant to be alone.”
72. “I fell like everyone has forgotten me. Like i dont exist.”
73. “Ive been alone for so long…”
74. “I can’t Belive you’d do this to me.”
75. “What about me!? Did you ever think of that?!”
76. “Did you think i wouldn’t find out?”
77. “Im going to skip the "how?” And “why?” And go straight to your cleaning this up.“
78. "Its 11:00pm, why are you making cupcakes?”
79. “Aphroadite ain’t got nothing on your beauty. Trust me”
80. “Sorry im rambling” “it’s okay. I like hearing you talk”
81. “You were supposed to be my forever”
82. “Pfft. the stars have nothing on your eye’s, doll”
83. “Im mad at you because i love you.”
84. “I cane to this city to ment my broken heart. Never imagined i would find you to help me piece it back together”
85. “Is that a turtle?”
86. “The heater broke and im freezing, can i sleep with you?”
87. “I hear cuddling helps you sleep better, wanna try it out?”
88. “I know how to settle this. DANCE OFF!!”
89. “Will you stope stroking my hair and whispering ‘my precious’?”
90. “Are you eating a jar of nuttella in one sitting?” “I have problems. Leave me be”
91. “If you insist”
92. “Thank you kind sir” “your welcome m'lady”
93. “I think you two should get married”
94. “ are you from Starbucks cause i like you a latte”
95. “Seriously?”
96. “I hate you.”
97. “Stop being cheesy.”
98. “I’ll slap you.”
99. “Since when did you cook?”
100. “You know what! I love you. I fucking love you okay!?”
101. “Could you help me”
102. “Fuck off.”
103. “You lied.”
104. “You think that im going to fogive you after all you put me through?”
105. “You broke what?!”
106. “Im sorry run that by me again”
107. “Its not nearly as bad as it looks, Darling”
108. “Frankly i couldn’t care less.”
109. “I don’t know where she gets it from”
110. “Bring that pretty little butt over here”
111. “We have to pretend to be married”
112. “Why are you dressed like that?”
113. “At what point did you think tbis was a good idea?!”
114. “Let me love you old school”
115. “You had me at 'free pizza”
116. “Why are you always pushing me away?”
117. “How did you even get that up there?!”
118. “You’re evil”
119. “The sign said not to push the button, so naturally i had to push it”
120. “That came out wrong”
121. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”
122. “I just came to dance”
123. “You know my name?!”
124. “Oh, you beautiful weirdo”
125. “How bout dat!”
126. “Ive never felt this way about anyone before…and it scares the crap out of me”
127. “None of this makes sense”
128. “You have a wicked sense of humor”
129. “I won’t let you fall.”
130. “Do you remember me? We were only 15”
131. “Your voice is like a melody, i could listen to you all day”
132. “Im your’s”
133. “Im only human!”
134. “Must be love on the brain”
135. “What do you want from me?!”
136. “Don’t mind if i do”
137. “Shut up and kiss me”
138. “Dork”
139. “Asshole”
140. “Ah, but i am cute”
141. “You will forever remember this as the day you nearly caught captain jack sparrow.”
142. “You did all this for me?!”
143. “What ate you afraid of?”
144. “What the hell was that?”
145. “Well the powers out”
146. “What now”
146. “Well. This sucks.”
147. “Awkward”
148. “May i have this dance?”
149. “Hand’s and eye’s off mate.”
150. “She’s mine.”
151. “Don’t freak out….but i think we got married last night.”
152. “Somebody is in love”
153. “You what?!”
154. “Did i stutter?!!”
155. “Fuck you.” “Please do.”
156. “I can’t wait to grow old with you”
157. “Why are you covered in mud?”
158. “You take one more step towards me and i will knock you on your ass.”
159. “Let him go. It’s me you want”
160. “Dont deny it.”
161. “Okay. This is seriously creeping me out”
162. “We have to find a way to make this work.”
163. “Is that…my picture in your wallet/ home screen?”
164. “If he asked. I’d be his”
165. “Come over here and make me.”
166. “Wanna bet?!”
167. “Pfft. Hold my beer.”
168. “Do you….well….i mean…i could give you a massage?”
169. “Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”
170. “Kiss me.”
171. “Marry me?”
172. “Im pregnant.”
173. “I wish i could hate you.”
174. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
174. “Please…dont do this…”
176. “I love you….”
177. “Is it really you?!”
178. “I’ve missed you”
179. “Boo.”
180. “Have you seen th- oh…”
181. “Shit.”
182. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go and get ice-cream?!”
183. “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”
184. “The only thing i want is you.”
185. “Are you ticklish?”
186. “PILLOW FIGHT!!!”
187. “Fight me”
188. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”
189. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”
190. “Im not leaving you.”
191. “Please…let me go.”
192. “You weren’t even going to say goodbye. Were you?”
193. “Im hopelessly in love with you.”
194. “I bet i can make you scream my name”
195. “Pervert!”
196. “Childish. Thats all you are.”
197. “I love you a lot. But stop trying to cook me dinner. You suck”
198. “If you shove cake in my face. This will be the worst wedding night of your life.”
199. “I bet its a girl/boy”
201. “Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort. Not me”
202. “Your dad is really excited to see you soon…its driving me crazy”
203. “I think we should have another”
204. “Are you drunk?”
205. “Im flirting with you”
206. “I had to see you again”
207. “Our baby is the cutest”
208. “I cant wait to meet you”

Happy Valentine’s day  💫🌟💖

(me? one day late? ,,never) but ehh i wanted to spread some love for this worldwide celebration of love, so here is finally my first ff ever!!! im so grateful for all of u, you’re the best mutuals in the whole world and universe (not even being extra) i hope you know u can always hmu even if we’ve never talked, and i hope this year of 2017 is kind and fulfilling for all you<3

(this is going to be so long sorry,,)

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Some MLB headcanons for the soul

-Adrien absolutely loves monopoly
-Nino has no idea why but every time he goes over to the Agreste mansion Adrien gets out his Monopoly board?
-He gets used to it
-Eventually his dates with Alya become monopoly dates because he’s so used to it and it reminds him of people who love him.

(A lot more under the cut)

-Alix and Jalil almost never talk to each other.
-Jalil is always busy poring over history
-Alix is too busy skating to give a shit
-Jalil craves her attention, as when she was a little kid, he always used to play with her when their father was busy
-Alix pushes him away on purpose because she hates his stupid sympathy
-And their relationship kinda sucks

-Kim’s mother pressures him to do well in school
-His father is an alcoholic
-He spends most of his nights laying in his bed feeling blank because he has little love
-Max and Alix help him feel so much better.
-Max helps him with the work he doesn’t understand so that his mother isn’t angry
-Alix constantly argues with Kim’s dad to save Kim from being yelled at, even if it means getting bruised eyes (it’s not like her brother will care anyway, right?)

-Nathanael’s mum is Madam Bustier, but he doesn’t tell anybody
-He still has his abusive father’s last name, even if that man is behind bars
-He and his mother have the best relationship
-They’re open to each other with everything
-And when his mum is upset about her past, he draws her pictures and paints for her

-Chloe pretends she only keeps Sabrina around for minion purposes, but the truth is, Sabrina reminds her of her mother.
-She loves Sabrina for that
-She also prefers dating girls, rather than guys, and uses’ Adrikins’ as a cover up
-She blames her dad on their missing family member

-Rose and Juleka have been low-key dating since forever
-Its not even a secret anymore everybody knows even Lila
-They are the cutest everyone loves them
-Rose’s family adores Juleka

-Alya’s little sisters (the twins) think Nino is the best
-He always brings over his mum’s homemade dinners when he’s spending the night there
-Alya thinks hes the best too
-She also thinks his dad is the best, because he’s super nice
-Nino and Alya like to act really mushy in front of the twins because they think its gross
-’Alya we love your boyfriend but can you please stop leaving lipstick kisses on his cheeks’

-Mylene loves singers like Taylor Swift and Alessia Cara
-Ivan loves MCR and Bring me the Horizon
-They’re always asking Nino to smash their favourites together
-They make surprisingly good mixes?
-Nino is happy to do it because they sound so good

-Every year around July, the whole class gets together at Nathanel’s place (Mme Bustier is happy to do it, these guys are like her second kids, their house is actually really big anyway)
-Everyone goes
-Everyone is accepted and gets along
-Even Chloe and Marinette (bc im a sucker for soft Chloe)
They do normal kid things they dont usually get to do because of family problems
-Kim is free of his parents
-Alix has no brother watching her constantly
-Adrien has people that love him
-Chloe has no high expectations
-Marinette supplies food and whatever
-Adrien supplies monopoly 
-He forces everyone to play
-They pretend to hate it
-But really
-They absolutely love it
-Because they’re surrounded by loving people and everything they’ve ever wanted. 

Am i even human?

I’ve been part of my new high school for 3 years now, so i guess you could say it’s not technically new anymore. I’m still making tons of new friends but i’ve been with my best friend Kyle since day one, we always play Pokemon together and watch episodes of Dragonball z.

My new school also has a very dark past, i was told it in my first year by Kyle, he also told me it’s been about 30 years since it happened. To cut a long story short, there was a girl called Melissa who attended this very same school 30 years ago and from what i can gather she suffered from clinical depression because of her constant bullying by her other classmates. She suffered with this for years and eventually it all became to much for the poor girl and she went on a mad killing spree, killing 14 of the 22 students in her class including the teacher. She worked her way up to the school’s roof where she continued to slash at her own body with a butcher knife, finally she ended her own life by walking over the edge and plummeting to her death. This is how the story goes anyway, personally i don’t know anymore than what i’ve been told but if i’m being honest.

I couldn’t care less

I’ve really never known of the emotion we call sympathy or sadness, for my whole school life i guess you could say i’ve been wearing a mask to hide the true me, ironically myself has never met the real me either. I’ve been trying to learn different emotions through people, which i why i have so many friends.

So far ive succeeded in being seen as funny, i learnt as long as i kept a winning smile on my face, then people wouldn’t hate me but rather love me. 19 years of my life, that’s how long ive kept up this charade, if you can even call it that.

Hey dude, did you hear what happened last night?

My friend Kyle said with a sickening expression, i made myself look concerned.

What dude?

You know that quite chick Samantha, the one that sits in the corner alone.


I heard she killed herself last night. Hanged herself in her room.

Once i heard this i didn’t know how to react, i hadn’t learned the emotion sadness yet. I just stared blankly at my friend until he said something.

Dude, do you not feel anything?

No. I said to myself

I’m sorry Kyle i don’t know what to say.

Yeah, i guess it is shocking news. Well want to come round mine later.

Sure thing. I replied. With our heads both down we walked to our seats, the class was about to start and i’m certain we’ll be getting the same old tired speech from the teacher. “She was such a value to us all” “Our condolences to her family” “She will be missed”.

What bullshit  

If she truly cared for anyone in this class then she wouldn’t have killed herself and left the burden to fall on us, if only she didn’t think of herself we might not be in this situation.

As usual class seemed to take forever to finish and by the end i actually felt like killing myself. The next day rolled around and the next and so on until a week had past since Samantha’s death, one week and i still hadn’t felt anything. Truthfully i actually forgot until a friend mentioned it today, i was getting ready to sit down until Kyle came running up to my desk drawing for breath.


It took him awhile to get the rest of the words out, he was still catching his breath.

Its happened again, another death!

Really? I replied

Yeah. I’ve only just found out but they say she was found with knife marks all over her body. Just like that story, remember that girl did it too herself on the roof.

I actually forgot about it until he just mentioned it. I tend to get rid of useless information i have no need for. This time i really couldn’t be bothered to lie and put on a show for everyone to watch. I just came out and said what i was thinking.

I really couldn’t care less

I knew after saying this the whole class would probably hate me, i’ve spent years with this mask on my face showing people the false me and now i really haven’t got the effort to put up with anymore shit. My friend replied the exact way you’d think he would, the way any normal human would.

You heartless shit!!!!. Don’t say something like that.

I just stared at him. No expression to show, i didn’t know what he wanted from me so i showed him the one thing i had learnt to do good over the years.

I smiled.

He flung straight at me, rage consumed his face as he punched me right in my eye, my now bloodshot eye. I didn’t understand why he was so angry he didn’t even know them, perhaps this is what people call compassion.

Compassion? I don’t know what this word means.

I was sent to the nurse’s office, Kyle really did a number on my face its funny how those simple five words “I really couldn’t care less” could ruin a 3 year friendship. I stared blankly into distance as the nurse started to patch me up, there was only one thing going on in my head right now.

I guess i won’t be watching Dragonball z anymore with him.

Days passed without anyone in the class saying a word to me, eventually days turned to weeks and weeks into months. Over time i started to feel something, i didn’t know what it was called but i thought to myself, was this what those girls and Samantha were thinking at the time before their deaths. I remembered i used to call people like that selfish and know i’m contemplating the same thing, killing myself. Im sure the rest of the class will be happy if i’m gone, i no longer have any friends and i haven’t spoken to my family in years. Now that i think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Class had finished and without a moment of thought or hesitation i started my walk.

To the roof.

Once i reached there i was blinded by a beam of light, the sun i thought what a wonderful day. I closed the door behind me and slowly started to move to the edge, each step felt heavier than the last it was like my body was saying no but my mind couldn’t react with any sort of reply. By the time i knew it i was standing looking at the concrete floor below, the wind brushed through my hair it felt like God was giving me a push. Still even now inside my head, there was nothing. I was hoping for at least something new, some new emotion that might help me carry on living.

But nothing.

When i turned round i realised the door i closed behind me earlier was now open. Kyle stood in front of me, now he was the one with the expressionless face.

Do you remember? He said

I just started directly at him, of course i had no idea what he was talking about.

Of course you wouldn’t, you don’t remember anything in that mind of yours but only the things you care about. Well i lost something i cared about!!!!

I Still had no idea.

6 months ago, when i came running to you about my sister and all you could say was you couldn’t care less!!!!

I remembered. Yes it was Kyle’s sister who killed herself that time, i guess back then i should have paid more attention to the conversation, or perhaps i did remember and didn’t care enough about that part of the story. About his own sister. I started to actually think, what sort of friend was i to him. I was to indulge in my own thoughts that i didn’t realise Kyle was now running straight for me, I wanted to move but couldn’t my feet just stayed still like they were attached to bricks. He grabbed me by the chest and pulled me so far to his face i could see his pupils dilating.

Tell me you bastard!! What are you thinking right now.

I. Didn’t know.

For the first time in my life my thoughts had vanished, i didn’t know what to tell him. The only thing i could do is resort to using the last emotion i could ever remember using in a conversation, ironically it was the conversation 6 months ago between me and Kyle. After a few seconds had passed i did it.

I smiled.

With complete anger in his face he threw me off the school’s rooftop. Suddenly my head started spinning, i was feeling so many things i had never felt before, Sorrow, regret, sadness, i was actually scared of dying something i thought i’d never feel. I guess i can only thank Kyle, whats this? I thought.

A tear?

I was crying, seconds away from death and i cry? I started laughing to myself. I could feel my head hit the concrete.

My last thought?

I smiled.

Ask and you shall receive I guess. ;)

Lilo future!fic, in which both are single, Liam’s got two kids, and I end up calling Liam’s first-born “James” because the fucker still hasn’t shared his actual baby’s name with us.

Liam was in over his head. He knew it, and it only served to annoy him further. This was stupid. He was a grown-ass man. He had kids for Christ’s sake!

There was absolutely no reason for him to angst over the meaning of a bloody text message.

Especially not one that said, Im not gonna comment until Ive tried it myself.

Louis had added the sunglasses emoji at the end, which was nice but didn’t help Liam figure out whether he was serious or not.

And knowing whether Louis was serious or not felt quite bloody important, considering the message Liam had sent him right before had been: Then she said i was lousy in bed, like, can you believe?!

Liam took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

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Bestfriend Benefits [2]

Word count: 1.6k
Warning: sexual implications, warren still has a daddy kink
A/N: Im so overwhelmed by the positive feedback from Part One of “Bestfriend Benefits”; thank you guys so much for everything please keep sending me feedback because Im not sure if I like this part and it helps me stay inspired

“That was smooth as hell but we aren’t done yet. There is no way I would ever call you daddy.”
The car stopped as Warren suddenly turned to you; his eyes dark and mischievous as he leant over in his seat. Your faces were mere inches away, his hands grazing over your bare thigh as your cheeks flushed a bright pink.
“Oh baby girl we will see about that…”

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I Need You

i wanted to be the one that was there for you forever. i wanted to be yours until the day i died. i wanted to have you for the rest of my life. i would still do anything for you, through all of the pain and all of the bullshit, i would still go to the ends of the earth for you, and thats so fucking scary to me. even after youve hurt me, ripped out my heart, stomped on it, and told everybody i was the worst person youve ever met, i would still go out of my way just to see you smile at me. just to look down at those beautiful brown eyes and see your smile. see my world. i had plans for you, i had plans for us. i knew what i wanted to do with my life. i knew what i wanted to do after high school, where i wanted to go to college, who i wanted to do it all with, and where i wanted to move and who i wanted to do it all with. i wanted to move on that fucking island with you. jesus i was so fucking in love with you that i have no motivation to even wake up and go to school because i know ill see your face and ill feel my stomach drop and have the need to just fall to my knees and weep. id still do anything for you. im sitting in my house, in my room, doing nothing all fucking day. i dont even want to move, i dont want to get out. i just want to die. i feel like without you, i no longer have any purpose in this world. and that hurts so fucking bad. id do anything for you do anything. id take my own life just to see you smile one last time, and thats the scariest thing to me. im so in love with you, even after you hate me, that i would do anything, and jesus i mean anything just to make you happy. i cant stop crying. i cant even get out of my fucking bed. i feel dead. i feel so fucking lost without you. ive never been so sad in my entire life. its as if my will to do anything left when you did, and with that, goes my universe. im crushed, im so fucking crushed. its as if ive hit an all time low, rock bottom, and ill always carry these weights with me my entire life. these chains that im tied to you. and as i sit at home, in my room sobbing over you, i know youre out there happy. youre getting out, youre talking to other people, you actually have the will, have hope to do anything. ive lost all fucking energy to do anything. i just sit in my room sobbing over you. ive been crying day in and day out for three weeks. sitting in my bed sobbing. its gotten so bad that  my fathers even come back into my life because hes worried. and when a man who hasnt been in your life for 17 years comes into your life because hes worried about you, you know youre fucked. im fucked. im so in love with you that without you i have no more faith. in myself, or in anybody. ill never get over you. and tomorrow night, ill be laying in my bed sobbing even more, because ill know youre out at prom, having fun, while all i can do is cry over you. i have no more hope. ive lost everything. ive lost everything.. ive put everything into you, and now that youre gone, im gone. i cant do this anymore. its too much to see you everyday and want to just sob over you. i hate myself for this. all i need is to talk to you. jesus i feel so dead without you. id do anything for you, and that has me scared shitless that im so in love that id do anything even after all thats happened between us. ill love you forever, and the worst part about it, is ill be telling my kids about you. ill tell my kids that i had this girlfriend in high school, and that i still love her more than i love their own mother. i know for a fact ill never love again, itll all just be lust. my heart belongs to you, and youll have it forever. nobody else will ever have it. nobody else.. ill never stop loving you. jesus i want to drop out of high school entirely because the thought of it makes me think of you. im willing to ruin my entire life over you, and maybe thats what i need to do. ill spend an eternity in hell for what ive done to you, and that eternity will be my soul and heart being torn as i watch the one thing ive ever cared about be happy without me. i feel so gone. so dead.. so useless. my parents were right. im just useless. im a piece of shit. im an asshole. but she is..she is still everything i wrote a year ago. but what i am, i am a man, im not a man. i am a boy who is dead inside, and will always love you. id die for do anything for you. say the words and i would do it. anything do anything for you. and i hate myself for that. i hate myself for loving you. i hate myself for losing you. i fucking hate myself. i want you, and i would do anything. i cant express that enough..anything.. ill never forget you, and i know that because this pain in my heart will never leave. my soul has been crushed. my world has been crushed. im so fucked..i have so much hate for myself that the love i had for you equaled it out. but now that i cant love you, the only thing in my heart is hatred for myself, and the memory of the love i used to be able to express for you. i miss you.. i fucking miss you and the only thing in this world that could make me feel whole again would be to see your smile..your lips on mine..the sound of your voice..god i hate myself for letting you go. you left. call it what you want, bottom line youre gone and i have no will to do anything anymore because of it. i cant remember the last time i laughed, the last time i smiled. but i can remember the sound of your voice, those eyes, your hand in mind. i remember. and ill never forget. i never want to forget, because the love i have for you is the only thing that makes me feel like a human being and not a fucking monster. i love you. i love you so much. i love you. baby.. goodbye my love. its been so long, but for you, it was time. ill never find a time to get over you. ill never do anything without remembering you. im so sorry..and im so in love with you. i love you so much. all of the things ive been doing lately dont feel the same. even crying without you doesnt feel the same. i hate it..but i love you. even my writing feels worst. this letter or, whatever this shit is, it doesnt feel good. its a mess, but its my genuine thoughts. i need you right now.. nobody will ever compare to you, and i never want anybody else. ill never forget. fuck.. im sorry. i love you baby.. i love you. goodbye.. you are the love of my life, and you always will be. she will be loved, and loved i made sure to do. ill never stop loving her, even when shes with another, ill still love her. all my friends are worried about me. my family. jesus even random people at school are asking me. i guess ive started to look how i feel. im scared that ill never stop loving you, but the truth, i never want to stop loving you. because something as beautiful as the love i have for you, is something special. almost as special as you.. i dont know how to end this. i dont know where to end this. theres so much on my mind. i didnt know one person could have so much impact on me. i didnt know the topic of one person could make me write non stop over her. you were the love of my life. and now i understand the meaning of it. ill love you for the rest of my life, even when i never see you again, ill always think of you. ill always dream of you. ill always love you. ill always fucking love you. i get the meaning of love, and to me, the meaning of love was you and i together. ill never get to experience that again. ill never forget you. and ill never be the same without you. i love you so fucking much. i am in love with you.

you can be sure that it will only get better // nurseydex

a/n: i have not written fanfiction in a very long time but this was. so fun and cathartic. enjoy 3.8k of the nerds falling in love.


Dex and Nursey are…. friends. The ellipses is present in every context – a pause between the end of Nursey’s joke and Dex’s corresponding smile, the hesitance of Nursey’s hand over Dex’s shoulder after a tough loss, when they’re alone and it’s quiet and the words seem to fall out of their mouths in disjointed intervals, like they’re not quite sure what they are when they’re not arguing.

At the end of the year, Nursey hovers over the threshold of Dex’s dorm, both of them on opposite ends of the room, not really sure what they ought to be doing.

“We could…Snapchat?” Dex suggests, dropping his shoulders.

“You hate Snapchat.” Nursey rolls his eyes.

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anonymous asked:

hey sorry to bother you but i was curious, ive been calling lance mcdoodle since forever really idk where it really came from i just picked it up off the rest of the fandom i guess... i was reading your writing lance ref and saw some of the posts about mcdonalds and everything else you call it lmao but is it just you dont like it because its not a cuban name? what are your favourite names instead? are really long names common in cuba? i have a lot of questions im a dumb mayo person sorry ;_;

Don’t apologize for asking questions!! Please!! I’m really happy and eager to help!!!

Here’s the thing about mcdummy: 

A lot of hispanics have grown up hating their names for sounding too hispanic. In hispanic culture, last names are important because they carry ethnic pride. We never should have grown up hating our names for any reason. seeing a character with a hispanic last name is so incredibly important, and that’s what people who go “oh but he doesn’t have to have a hispanic last name to be hispanic!!!!” don’t understand. 

Ultimately people only picked up on mcmoco because they got it from the previous cartoon, where literally everyone on the show was white. Literally even if someone that uses the mcpapaya surname who’d say “I’m not whitewashing tho!!!”, they’re still using the title that has actual white origin; hell if I’m gonna be really honest here, it really has whitewashing origin, because it’s technically an English dub name.

As for favorite names:

Personally, I really like to think that his real name is Leandro Acosta (simplified vers. of my hc full name lmao). 

My personal favorite hc surnames really are anything and everything that hold some meaning of water, such as Acosta, Cuesta (both meaning ‘coast’), and Fuentes (meaning ‘fountain’). 

I see Sanchez being the most popular latinx surname but ehh imo it doesn’t really suit him?? But better than mcpinga so w/e :v 

Honestly I really like the hc of using Lance as a nickname as it’s easier for people to remember because that’s a thing I and a lot of other Hispanic people who have ~uncommon~ first names do, and I really like Leandro because 1. It’s considerably hard to pronounce if you’re not latinx, giving all the more reason behind the Lance nickname lmao and 2. IT MEANS LION.

As for the long names being common in Cuba?


Most commonly, people would have four last names, going in the order (if my memory serves me right bc tbh I forget): [father’s name] [mother’s maiden name] [father’s mother’s maiden name] [mother’s mother’s maiden name]. It can even go on for longer.

It’s also common for people to have either one or more middle names, although it’s just as common to not have a middle name at all.

If you’re going to have Lance being born in Cuba, he’d have at least four last names; he’d ‘simplify it’ (aka sticking to just the first surname) prior to moving to the states though. That’s a common thing when adapting, if that makes sense. If you’re going to have him be an American-born Cuban, more than likely he’d just have one.

I hope this answers everything!

BTS During Your Pregnancy...

Group(s) & Members(s): BTS

Genre: fluff 

Warnings: none

A/N: the order in which they appear are Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin, Hoseok, Namjoon, Yoongi and Seokjin. 


Jungkook is the kind of person that has everything prepared and ready to go. The hospital bag is packed, the baby’s room is all good to go. He assembled all the furniture himself and he doted on you the entire pregnancy. However, that second your water breaks he becomes the definition of “Deer in the headlights”. All the books he read about labour, all the information he gathered - all of it goes out the window. As your contractions get closer together he gets more anxious. “They’re 3 minutes apart, Kookie!” “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN OTHER THAN IVE GOT 3 MINUTES TO GET YOU INTO THE ER?” By the time he gets you to the hospital he’s near passing out. He forces himself to stay conscious through sheer willpower the entire time you’re giving birth. He refuses to look anywhere other than your face because he knows he’ll go down if he catches a glimpse of blood or something else. He grips your hand tighter than you’re gripping him and you have to yell at him to calm down multiple times. You almost want to laugh at how freaked out he looks, but you’re kind of preoccupied. “Jungkook, I’m the one pushing a baby out of me, why do you look more distressed?!”

Originally posted by bwipsul

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parent!stormpilot headcanons

that stormpilot parent headcanon that i posted before made me really happy so now i have a bunch of them

- they think about having a child for a really long time before actually having one. and im talking a really long time, at least a year. one reason for this is because they dont feel like they have the time while the rebellion is still in progress and pretty much the whole galaxy is a mess, and they also dont want to take that risk while they could both die pretty much any second. another reason is the fact that they both have some doubts about whether they will be good parents, because lets face it; they both have some self esteem issues and tend to dwell on their past mistakes

- in the end, though, after peace is restored and theyre certain that it will last for a while, they decide to give it a shot. theyre both terrified but they still have faith in each other, and they are confident that theyll somehow make it work.

- after having the kid theyre both incredibly proud. theyre the kind of parents who show off their kid to everyone and go “arent they beautiful??? just look at their little nose and their eyes and their toenails”. they also spend a lot of time alone while just admiring the baby.

- rey is, of course, all aboard with this (i mean come on, we all know that shes been asking them when theyre having a kid for years) and once the baby is old enough to crawl she begins taking it on little adventures. poe and finn, of course, are a bit worried, because rey grew up defending herself on a desert planet and doesnt really know how old a kid normally should be before being exposed to difficult situations, but she handles things surprisingly well. it doesnt take long until she officially becomes the cool aunt that does a bunch of exciting stuff with her nibling

- also poes pilot team are all cool aunts and uncles to the child. this kid has a whole army of aunts and uncles who would do anything for it fight me on this

- actually, jess and rey kinda become the Cool Gay Aunts™ who attempt to teach the kid how to fly an x-wing and the milennium falcon respectively and just do generally awesome stuff and the kid just admires them (and the pilot team) so much

- alright sorry im sidetracking this was supposed to be about finn and poe

- anyway so finn is like, super gentle with the kid. we all know hes the kind of person who has some tough moments but deep inside hes actually really soft, and this shows when hes with his child. he sometimes spends hours just talking or singing to them.

- actually poe is really gentle with them too and i love it. imagine this guy, who is normally so cocky and confident and sassy being completely transformed as soon as hes with the child. its beautiful.

- ive written about this before but poe and finn are both super protective parents and rey just really wants them to chill (even though she finds it kinda cute)

- poe tries to teach the kid how to fly an x-wing as soon as they get old enough. hes very much aware of the fact that rey and the pilots are teaching them as well and constantly tells them that techically its his job to teach the kid this since hes the dad and all but they never listen smh

- finn really tries his best to make sure the kid has a bloody awesome childhood because he was raised by the first order and he wants his child to have all the things that he never had. poe eventually realizes this and when he does he just holds finn for hours

- shit sorry that was angsty

- even though poe is protective of the kid hes also the kind of parent who always allows their child to bend the rules a little. finn hates him for this.

- Kid: *walks up to finn* “Daddy, can i have a cookie?”

Finn: not before dinner, sweetie

Kid: *sighs, walks up to poe* Dad, can i have a cookie?

Poe: sure darling but dont tell daddy

Kid: *evil giggle*

- alright i gotta stop or this will go on forever but please talk to me about parent!stormpilot

anonymous asked:

The fem!MC X fem!RFA (like fem!seven, fem!zen, etc.) trying to keep their relationship a secret because of discrimination reasons?

thank you very much for ur request!! i am a mostly gay girl irl so I love the idea of this, but I don’t feel very good at the whole “hiding relationship because gay is bad” idea.

👩‍❤️‍👩 sooo instead I’ll write some cute lesbian headcanons for the rfa! 👩‍❤️‍👩

also, a reminder that being gay is 100% okay no matter what , and i hope that none of you have to go through the pain of hiding a relationship because other people don’t accept your existence. ive been through that before and it is awful! i hope each and every one of you can be safe and be openly proud of your sexuality, no matter what it is. 🏳️‍🌈


- you two are so over the top affectionate
- just like constant hugs and kisses and compliments, 24/7
- also you two love watching all the gay movies u can find together, even if it’s probably typical of y'all
- yoosung had always had feelings for girls but she never really understood it until she found you? and now it’s like, everything is right w her world
- you go with her for support when she comes out to her mother
- 100% accepting, there are so many tears and so much hugging
- then her mom makes you both dinner and tells yoosung that she’s always going to love her lil baby girl no matter what
- also…. she’s breakin out the embarrassing baby photos to show you
- if anybody says something homophobic to you two/looks at you funny while holding hands, she’ll hold on tighter to you and give a bright smile to the judgy people
- because she doesn’t want to hold on to that negativity or let it impact her, and she never wants it to impact you either


- she’s very proud and unapologetic about her sexuality
- if anyone ever implies that she should be ashamed of being gay, she will snap back and put them back in their place
- always treats you like a goddess
- you two go to sephora together and like to test out alllll the makeup (even if ur not that into makeup, she still wants to take you to fun girly places with her)
- shes been publically out of the closet for a few years now
- also! zen uses her semi-fame as a platform to raise awareness on lgbtqia+ issues and it’s wonderful
- she politely takes no shit and is #woke about current events happening
- there’s nothing she loves more than playing with your hair and braiding it (if it’s long enough that is)
- helps you go clothes shopping, but you can’t tell if she’s actually helping you choose things or not- she just gets excited and happy over everything you try on
- if any creepy dudes try to hit on you she will make it painfully obvious that you’re hers
- “hey wow girl ur sexy….” (zen, rushes in and immediately gives u a BIG KISS) “HELLO MY AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND IM SO GLAD THAT YOURE MINE AND ALSO GAY FOR ME”
- *swishes head around to the guy, death glare*
- also…. imagine……….. fem! zen….. in a messy bun……………..


- does jumin han is gay? YES!!!!!!!
- these rumors have been flying for years and finally they’ve been confirmed
- jumin doesn’t want this to be a big deal because she’s never seen it as being a big deal
- when people see you two kissing the tabloids r going CRAZY
- “………i never said I wasn’t a lesbian, I just don’t think it’s newsworthy”
- she’s such a role model to so many little girls who want to grow up and be powerful ceo’s
- when you’re on your period she gets you really fancy chocolate cake and heating pads for cramps because she understands
- literally never seen anything out of the ordinary about liking women and doesn’t think it’s a big deal, so she feels a little offended at the press reaction
- leaves lipstick kissy marks a l l over you before you go out in public
- she’s honestly never seen without you now
- and also if any man even Looks Your Way she pulls you to her side and holds onto you so tight that it almost hurts


- she’s never cared about gender or sex at all (she’s basically pansexual but doesn’t like labels)
- when you confess to her you’re afraid that she’ll reject you because she’s straight but she’s immediately really accepting of your feelings and doesn’t even crack jokes
- ’ i thought you’d reject me because I’m a girl’
- “no of course not sweetie~ gender literally doesn’t exist it’s a social construct and it means nothing to me, really. I don’t care about what your parts are, I care about what your heart is like!!! Princess!!!”
- usually all cooped up inside so you take her out to a bunch of lovely places
- y'all have the most fun together and also it’s really really wonderful to be dating your best friend
- if someone judges you two or says something then she’ll stick her tongue out at them and continue doing the gayest things possible with you
- “that’s unnatural!” “so is your dye job lololol” (picks mc up like a princess and begins reciting love poems, as obnoxiously as possible)

also. v and saeran because I’m love them


- i feel like she’d have an angled bob type haircut. idk why that’s relevant but I thought I would share
- anyways she’s so soft and gentle and sweet to you
- holds your hand everywhere- sometimes she’s just afraid to let go
- she doesn’t really do pda farther than that, though
- if anybody asks if you two are dating she blushes, grins, and says yes
- wishes that she could see more of you and your beautiful features
- also she likes to sing to you (soft and sleepy love songs)
- v has polaroids of you hung up in her room
- you two really like to have breakfast dates! sleepy and sunny mornings in pj pants and messy hair
- but also, midnight dates
- the kind of dates where you two just walk around the city late at night and go grocery shopping at Walmart at like. 3 AM
- really, non traditional types of dates are the most romantic to her because you two don’t worry too much about formality
- she never knew she was bi until you came into her life and seemed to make her heart grow three times bigger
- you helped her discover herself and she will forever be grateful to you
- also if anyone gives you two hateful glares? she won’t even know bc she quite literally Blocks Out The Haters (perks of being mostly blind)
- but if someone verbally insulted you two, she would ignore them and instead hold on to your hand and ask you what the sky looks like today
- to both distract you from the hate and to start a calm and peaceful conversation


- possessive ,,, she doesn’t want anyone to really touch her baby
- she is so new to all of this and still so jumpy and sensitive, but she wants to try her best to be a good lover to you
- due to her limited world view growing up she didn’t even know that liking girls wasn’t accepted by everyone
- but she doesn’t care. nobody’s opinion matters but yours
- you two like to watch the sunrise together a lot
- saeran wasn’t able to do this every morning before, or at all really, so it’s special to her
- things are going to be slow, but she needs you to keep in mind that you are in her heart and that she’s trying to let down her walls for you
- the simplest things make her happy, like seeing a street performer or a really fat dog
- you borrow her clothes all the time and she loves how you look in them
- “saeran what eyeliner do you use?” “this isn’t eyeliner it’s just insomnia”
- speaking of which she either gets really bad night terrors or doesn’t sleep
- but when she doesn’t sleep she just watches you, and it calms her down and puts her mind at ease
- nobody’s going to say anything nasty to you to because her resting death glare scares pretty much every stranger

anonymous asked:

hello, first i want to know if u heard of the accident that frank had in australia, he is ok but part of the crew are hospitalized. Due the accident G wrote in IG some of his feelings and "heartbroken" was one of them, Mikey and Ray sended love too to frankie, also in a interview Frank sai that G drove to venice to have luch with him while he was recordin parachutes in LA...did u knew that?

yes honey, heard of the accident :’( when i first heard of it there was no information on what exactly happened to whom and how serious it was and i almost vomitted, i swear to god,… it hit me hard…..but then Frankie said they were alright and omg, thank god billion times for that :’)

As for the lunch —Oh my god, now baby, this is SOME NEWS :-O  the two of them having lunch in venice…. wow….when did that happen? Did Frankie tweet that?

Wow, i guess ive missed some huge thing :-O

Thank you baby for informing me!!! 

you know these are the kinda things i like to hear :’D <3


whoa, whoa!!! but how could they have thought there would not be a huge reaction??? i mean, cmon, we’re all stuck in time, still talking about MCR and old times… :’D ….geez, majority of us is forever in denial about the break up…

And, shashitiw , honey, is that all he said? just that they talked about it? and that was during that lunch or…? and so what was th eoutcome of the talks? :D did it have any outcome? :D

whoaaa, so HUGE, though!!!!!!!

Edit 2.0>

AWW, just noticed  shashitiw also sent me a link to the vid, so here it is!! <3

let me just say Frank looks SUPER EXCITED and happy that people are still so much into MCR and …..lets just hope Gerard will realize that too that somehow for the world no matter what they ll do, they’ll still have had the biggest impact on it as MCR and that in fact it’s always been MCR that saved lives…..and that it has its place in this world……still…forever…..

I imagine Gerard liked the reaction too, after all Gerard does enjoy spotlight and feeling like a king of the world, occasionally :D ….it sure as hell did bring back memories…

Also the fact Gerard went all the way to meet Frank for lunch i mean, WHOA :D …..dont wanna get my hopes up or anything but im not gonna lie that this is making me super fucking happy, okay :D :D

A lot of things could come out of this…..dunno when….but it couls….daaaaaamn :”D

“I love you Y/N. And...” (Jack Barakat Imagine)

~Request: hey :) can you do me a jack barakat imagine where we are 4 years together and he wants to ask me if i want to marry him? with fluff and maybe smut? sorry if its weird ._. but thank you <3~

Warning: HELLA fluff, and smut

“FUUUCK Im so done” You groaned and fell onto your bed. Your boyfriend of four years joined you and flopped onto the bed face first. You went on tour with him and you both just made it home. Tour was always exhausting but this time specifically. No reason though. Nothing was off about the tour… except Jack. He was a bit off recently and you could tell he has had something important on his mind. Every time you asked he found an excuse to not tell you. You weren’t worried about him breaking up with you. He has been as loving and seemingly happy as ever, but you knew something was bothering him. Your thoughts of what was on his mind were interrupted by a sudden weight on your body. “Jack” You half yelled half groaned and half laughed. Jack decided to roll on top of you. You were used to his shenanigans but they never failed to make you laugh. “Get off me!” You yelled and tried pushing him off, but he wouldnt budge. He started to tickle you in your sides and blow raspberries on your neck. You screamed of laughter and he got off a bit, only to roll you onto your back and keep tickling you. “Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!!!” You yelled in between laughs. Jack finally stopped and kissed you. “Sorry babe” “Youre not sorry” you yelled laughing. Jack pretended to be offended, pouting at you. You giggled and kissed him. He kissed you back and you both ended up in a 2 hour makeout session, which wasnt a rare occurrence for you two

~A couple days later~

You had just arrived home from work, a bit early. Jack asked if you could come home a bit early because he “had something planned” You knew why. It was the 11 year anniversary of when you first met. You remembered it as if it were yesterday. 

 You were new at Towson High School, and Jack was in your 3rd period. He sat next to you, and you kept catching him looking. Halfway through the class, you overheard he and his friend, who later introduced himself as Rian, talking about you. “What if she thinks Im weird” The lanky boy said to the other. “You are weird, but in a good way. Youll regret it later. Talk to her.” His friend said. You knew they were talking about you. “Fine.. If she thinks Im weird you owe me pizza to pay for my embarrassment” The lanky boy said. You continued reading, as if you werent listening, and you felt a light tap on your shoulder. You looked up at the lanky boy. “Hi. Im Jack. Im in a band” He said jokingly trying to be cool. Who knew 7 years of being his best friend, he would then cheesily ask you to be his girlfriend on stage at one of his band’s shows, and 4 years later, youd be the happiest girl in the world?

You smiled and unlocked the door, walking into yours and Jacks house. You closed the door and turned around to see Jack, big smile on his face and all dressed up nice, but he looked nervous. You could tell. “You look nice” You complimented, walking up to him and hugging him. He hugged you back and smiled “Come on. Were gonna go do something. No need to dress all fancy just lets go” He grabbed your hand excitedly and pulled you out the door. “Cant I go pee first? Whats the rush?” You asked as he dragged you to the car. “Pee at the restaurant. Theres no time to explain!!” Jack yelled playfully, earning a laugh from you.

He pulled up to a nice little restaurant you guys like to go to. Its also where you went on your second date (Your first date was in like Iowa or something, since he asked you on a date on tour, it was a break day) Jack practically dragged you in and you both sat down at your usual table, a secluded two person table by the window. You guys ordered the usual (whatever you want) and after dinner he took you to the park across the street. You both always liked that park. Nobody was there at night, and there was this gorgeous gazebo with pretty lights in the center. You and Jack often went and just talked about everything there; music, animals, life, tours, how much you loved eachother, how you and Jack were probably going to bang later, and more. Jack was really nervous, you could tell by how sweaty his palm was while he held your hand on the way to the gazebo. When you got there you finally brought it up. “Jack-” “Before you say anything theres something I need to get off my chest right now. Im too excited to keep it waiting any longer” Jack interrupted you, suddenly very serious. “Uhh alright” You nodded, standing in the middle of the middle of the gazebo. Jack took a deep breath, and began to speak. “Y/N.. The first time I met you, I knew you were different. I tend to be a silly flirt, even in high school, but you. I was so nervous. I knew you were something else, something that was going to be a big part of my life, but I didnt know you would end up meaning so fucking much to me. Every moment you are with me is a moment I treasure, and every moment Im not with you is so shitty, but knowing youre mine either way makes it worth it… but just being your boyfriend isnt enough..” Your heart started to pound out of your chest, starting to put the pieces together. Jack continued “Ive always been kinda silly and careless about things, unsure and generally chill with stuff, but I dont think Ive ever been more sure about this… I love you Y/N and..” He kneeled down in front of you, reaching in his pocket and pulling out a tiny box. Your eyes widened as he opened the little box, showing two rings. One just metal, for him, and a beautiful sapphire ring for you. “Will you marry me?” He asked, with a nervous smile on his face and large puppy dog eyes. Tears started to form in your eyes and you nodded. Jack grinned like an idiot, closed the box, stood up and hugged you tight, spinning you around. You giggled like crazy and kissed him when he put you down. You sat there and kissed him for what seemed like forever when it was only for a couple minutes.

You and Jack got home, rings on your fingers and holding hands the whole drive home. He opened the door for you and smacked your ass as you got out. (He usually did that) and led you in the house. When you opened the door and turned the light on, you nearly had a heart attack when all of your friends were in your house, screaming “Congratulations!!” You stepped back in surprise and started to laugh it off. “Y/N!!!” both Alex and Zack yelled, running over and hugging you tight. “You guys are getting married this is so great we knew he was going to we planned this whole party he texted us saying we said yes so thank god you said yes or this would have been really awkward” Zack blurted out. You just laughed it off. That night you all drank, your girl friends fangirled over your engagement ring, the boys played beer pong, and everything in between, including Jack getting really drunk and bragging to all his friends how he was going to bang you later. You didnt mind though, as that was a common occurance (more often from Alex bragging about Lisa though). As the night came to a close, most everyone left, some people slept in the livingroom, and you went up to go to sleep. You werent awake when Jack came to bed

You woke up the next morning, Jack was spooning you, drool all over his pillow. You giggled a bit and went to get up, but Jack wouldnt allow that, as he pulled you back into bed. “Where you goin?” He asked sleepily. You kept trying to get up, but he wouldnt let go. You finally gave up and laid back down. He snuggled into you and started kissing your neck. You told him to stop but he wouldnt, and you were glad he didnt. You liked it. You made it obvious when you shivered at the feeling of his teeth brushing against your neck gently. Jack raised an eyebrow at your shiver, and continued, sitting up a bit and starting to run his hand up your shirt, drawing little circles on your tummy with his finger. You giggled a bit at his tough, he sat up a bit, propping his head on his elbow. He leaned in and started to kiss you gently, running his hands to your bra (you didnt bother getting into pjs when you went to sleep) and squeezing gently. You sighed into the kiss, which gave him the opportunity to stick his tongue in your mouth and explore. As your tongues wrestled he climbed onto you and put both his hands in your shirt, you could feel the bulge in his pants pressed against your thigh. Your face turned bright red and you smiled into the kiss, grinding your hips up against him, in turn making him blush too. You pulled on his shirt up and he took the hint, sitting up and taking it off, which gave you the opportunity to take yours off as well. You didnt have the time to unhook your bra, but Jack saw you were going to, so he helped you out. He ducked down and kissed from your chin, down your neck, to your collarbone and down your chest to your breasts, taking one nipple in his mouth and the other in his hand. You sighed and held back a moan, reaching down towards his pants. You slid your fingers under the hem of his sweatpants and rubbed his hard-on through his boxers. You could hear his breath hitch. He looked up and smiled at you before moving to your other breast, feeling it needed attention as well. Jack couldnt take it anymore and he pulled his pants and boxers down, then pulled off your pants but left your panties on (he liked playing with them) He rolled over so now you were on top. He grabbed your butt and squeezed gently, making you jump a bit. “Youre adorable” Jack said softly and started nibbling on your earlobe. You sighed and grinded against his cock, the only thing between was the soft fabric of your panties. Jack stopped biting your ear and grabbed your shoulders, gently pushing you down towards his dick. You knew what he wanted and happily obliged. When your face reached his pelvis you took his shaft and pumped slowly. “You can do better than that babe” Jack chuckled. You started to pump faster, teasing him by kissing the tip gently. “Better?” you seductively asked. Jack didnt even bother responding. You bent back down and put the tip in your mouth, sucking gently. Jack started to moan softly, getting louder when you start bobbing up and down, til he tangled his hands in your hair and started pushing you down, forcing more of him into you. You picked up the pace and he sighed “Fuck, Y/N” he pulled you off of him gently. You smiled at him, the taste of precum on your tongue. He rolled you over and got into the same position you were just in. “Why are you so hot Y/N?” Jack said and kissed yours stomach, trailing down to your damp panties. He kisses your wet cunt through your panties, licking a bit. He started kissing down your left thigh, and back up your right. He pulled away and pulled your panties off, throwing them onto the floor. “Ready?” He asked with a wink. You responded with “Do your worst!” And Jack leaned down and pressed his tongue into your pussy, licking up and down. You put your legs on his shoulders and started to breathe heavy. You let out a sharp gasp when he unexpectedly sticks his finger into you, then two. “Jack” You moan out, tangling your hands in his hair like he did to you. He sucked on your clit and pumped his fingers in and out, using his other hand to jerk off. “Jack!” You yelled out “Just fuck me! Fuck me now!!” You yelled out. Jack smirked and took his fingers out. He crawled back on top of you, sucking your precum off his fingers. He smiled down at you and reached over to the drawer of his nightstand, pulling out a condom and unwrapping it. You watched him unwrap it, looking at the ring on his hand. This man was yours now, and this was your first time having sex with him as one. He slipped the condom onto his dick and held himself over you. He kissed you roughly and dug into you. You moaned into his mouth and moved your hands to his back, digging your nails into his back. Jack growled into the kiss and started to breathe heavily. He buried his face in your neck and began to ram into faster and rougher. You tried to say “deeper” but it was inaudible. Luckily he understood what you said and started fucking you harder. You moaned loudly, the warm knot in your stomach growing. “Y/N” Jack growled into your neck, fucking you harder. You yelled out “Jack I think Im gonna..” “Not yet” Jack said between breaths. “Hold it” He kept thrusting, licking and sucking on your neck.  He hit your g-spot, causing you to scream out, but you still kept yourself from reaching your climax. Jacks thrusts became sloppy, and he began moaning more. You knew he was about to hit his climax too, so you let go and you both came at the same. Jack moaned loudly into your neck and you yelled out. Jack slowed down and pulled out, rolling over to your side. You both lay there, catching your breath. Jack looked over at you, eyes averting up and down your body. “God, i fucking love you” He breathily said. You smiled like an idiot at him. “I love you too.” Suddenly you heard a knock on the door. You heard Rians voice “Hey guys we kinda heard all that so… were all gonna go home. Congrats” You and Jack both laughed and heard the front door close a moment later. You rolled over to Jack so you were both face to face. “Round two?” You asked with a wink. Jack grinned “Lets do it”

(sorry this was kinda long. Hope you liked it c;)

Title: Hero

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Summary: That he couldn’t remember the first time he’d protected Saruhiko from harm wasn’t really going to stop Yata from doing it one more time, again and again.

Notes: Just wanted to write something based on that ‘First Contact’ short manga from LSW, so here we are.

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