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pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3


every time i show up, blow up

Do you ever think about all the dreams James must have had over those 10 years of being with Thomas and then waking up alone on a ship and realizing it was all just a dream and it could never happen again?

Because I do and I feel like I’ve been stabbed. 

Let’s Not Fall In Love | 6



chapter length and warnings: 11.3k (what is life), smut, swearing, drinking, vandalism, and violence/abuse. please don’t read if that makes you uncomfortable. overall this chapter is a lot more heavy-going than most but I hope you like it!! :-)

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lol is anybody else like dead bc of Sarah Weichel rn or

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Lol appreciate floriana?? HOW?? Just because of a ship? No thanks. Not when she's dating a man like casey affleck and likes to take latina roles. U just wanna make excuses for her bcos u love Maggie and sanvers

  • not just for the ship but because she cares about how she is portraying maggie and how she is cares about the fandom just as much as Chyler does. It is not so likely to find people like that. 
  • AND putting aside that who she dates isn’t an issue we can judge her on because we dont know her personal life (NOR SHOULD WE GET INVOLVED). just because she is dating a trash person doesnt define who she is for gods sake, that is his issue. I can’t fucking tell her who to date or who to not…no one can which is why ITS HER PERSONAL LIFE.  (we all don’t date the perfect people i really dont think we need to judge on that)
  • and with the latina roll thing…well really I don’t know anymore how to explain to you guys that latina is just an ethnicity and she wasn’t stated ON THE SHOW in general that she was latina. the casting may have asked for that but if you see the show she hasn’t been called latina just “a non-white not straight girl”. Once(and if they do) call her a latina then you can complain about it.
  • For now though im happy to see someone of my skin tone (even if she isnt latina) representing something close to me. and also to make it even clearer..
  • BEING LATINA IS NOT A RACE IT’S AN ETHNICITY. (my goodness i have white looking mexican families and my mom is light skin toned and im tanned skin)

I really am just tired guys of having to see others TRY and make maggie a dislikeable person when she is really awesome to see on supergirl. Like if you don’t like her then okay don’t watch the show or ignore her and stop trying to make others not like her…if they do cool it’s their prerogative.  Making people believe liking a certain character is bad isn’t all to nice if you think about it and posting things like hating her and all that doesn’t help anyone. 

… Be very careful @slendersummerseve. Very careful. You will open the floodgates. At least for me (Sol) you will. It’s my OTP for RB too. Besides Soriel obviously. I drive Poisond nuts with it constantly. I yelled at Poisond in call caps on skype when I saw this message. That’s how much I love Rivster. Plus look.

These are just two out of many doodles/drawings I have done of these two in my free time. I have waaaaaaay too many and some I can’t even share yet because we haven’t reached that arc in royalblue. I love them. They have such a cute and tragic love story we are dying to share and hopefully will be able to share soon. For now enjoy these nerds. 

~ Sol


I don’t have a choice. I don’t get to just go.

im so happy that in the era of queer characters just fucking dying that yorkie and kelly get to live literally forever together, and that when people tried to say that they weren’t really together, the creator of the show himself basically told everyone to fuck off and that they had the happiest ending together

also hey guess who talked to a guy today without feeling nervous :):):)

So after kk-sis posted this list of the web extras for Detentionaire, I wanted to look them all up on YouTube. Thankfully they all were there (if…varying in quality) so here’s a masterlist for anyone else interested. 

Obviously they’re all also on the Teletoon website but region-blocked to Canada.

Descriptions mostly copied from kk-sis’s list.

alsooooo….if you don’t watch Detentionaire….some of these shorter videos might help you decide if/that you want to…..just saying~

(I’m also saying the Tina ones are especially good for this purpose, if mildly spoilery. They do make more sense with the episodes as context, but they do well at hinting at the show’s overarching plotlines.)

(Just also saying)