im happy for the boys for sure

in case u haven’t heard, andi mack is a new disney channel show about a 13 year old asian american girl who finds out that (spoiler but it’s in the first episode) her sister is actually her mom. it centers around her, her family, and her best friends who are a black girl and a gay jewish boy (there’s a confirmed gay plot line and i could be wrong but im pretty sure it’s him) like ?? it deals w/ serious important topics like teen pregnancy, family dynamics, sexuality, and coming of age and it’s about children, for children im so HAPPY??? the first two episodes are online now and it officially airs in april pls watch and support!! if this show is successful it could really be vital in breaking into genuine inclusivity for modern disney channel like this is ? so ? important ?

lov my ninja dads


#whatever you do don’t think about this scene #don’t think about how much kissing isak actually meant to even #he wasn’t just happy because he was kissing a boy he liked #he was happy because he was finally kissing a boy he liked who liked him back #it was probably the happiest he’s been in a long time #he had to break the kiss. to make sure it was real. and it was. and he smiled so brightly #we thought that this kiss was really important to isak #but it was even more important to even #just don’t think about it

Imagine the Inner Circle’s children.

The little boy that has Rhysand’s face but Feyre’s personality. He’s always covered in paint for he paints things he loves: his family. Sure he’s strong, power coursing through him, but he’s more than that. He’s dedicated and full of the passion that rages inside of his parents. When he fell in love, it burned so fiercely that there were people who believed it would burn down the sorld

The girl they have sometime after that. She’s said to resemble her mother, due to her coloring, but hers is a face that resembles the aunt she never met: Rhys’ long dead sister. She masks herself with humor to hide that calculating mind. Only a fool would think her older brother is the automatic Night Court heir. They would never betray eachother, for they love eachother unconditionally and are best friends, but they are each aware that the day it’s time to ascend. It could be either of them.

And then the twins born many years later. The darlings of the Night Court. Even in the Hewn City, they are adored. The boy with his mother’s looks and the girl with Rhys’, only their eye colors being switched. They are strength, they are power, but most importantly they are good. It was their birth that began the patch up between the CoD and CoN.

Mor adopted her son after the birth of the first two heirs to the Night Court. She was determined to do it alone, though Azriel and Cassian eventually stepped in one night when the child recounted the horrors his family put him through. Mor cried all night, hugging the Autumn Court boy. He had lived in a harsh court, a court that brutalized her, and yet he was a survivor as well. Her son was fond of his friends, though none as much as the eldest daughter of Nesta and Cassian.

Nesta and Cassian’s daughter was an unstoppable force of nature. With her father’s golden brown skin, her mother’s cold blue eyes, and waist length dark hair, she was a beauty all would grow to worship. But it was not that that people feared her for. She changed the Illyrian ways, forcing the women to train. It was she that made them realize that they were worth more than being fucked and bearing children. She was a living legend. People came to preferring to deal with their High Lord and Cassian than with the daughter of the General.

It was Nesta and Cassian second daughter that pulled hearts. Her beauty was similar to that of her sister’s, but gentle. Her blue eyes lit up at romance, but she wasn’t weak. No, she burned. Burned so much that few could capture her heart. She wanted something all consuming, like the love surrounding the Inner Circle.

By contrast, Azriel’s son was quiet. He didn’t often speak his mind, but when he did, people stopped and listened. He was the carbon copy of his father in looks, though shadows didn’t clothe him. No, light did. His light drove away the shadows in his father’s heart and in the heart’s of others. His kindness burned bright and he was intolerant of people that showed anything but. When he found his mate, nothing stopped him. People still feared his father and the sight of Truth Teller, but they relaxed at the sight of him. What they didn’t know was that he could be worse than his father in terms of temper, but he didn’t let those bad days ruin the good ones.


ハッピーバレンタインデー  (*´▽`*)

in japan, it’s custom for girls to give 義理チョコ (giri choco, or “obligation chocolate”) to her friends and coworkers, and for her to give 本命チョコ (honmei choco, or “true feelings chocolate”) to the one she has romantic feelings for, but ya boy doesnt care about japanese gender roles

anyway happy valentines day!! i thought this would be a cute idea although im pretty sure someone already did it (better)

sequel coming on white day ^___^

sunnyrae20  asked:

Heyo, did you base the outfit in your Taako design off of anything specific? I want to do a cosplay of him using your design (if thats even ok with you) but I'm not sure where I could find those clothes... (if you know the name of those types of shirts/shorts it would be a huge help too!) thank you!

Hi Sunny!!

It’s super okay to cosplay my Taako design omg!!! AAAAA

The shirt I can’t really be specific, unfortunately, but the closest thing I could find that had similar design would be this shirt

For the shorts, I specifically looked at Ouji fashion, which has pants like these, which I think are more accurate to what I drew! Originally though I based them off a pair h.NAOTO’s balloon pants that I own.

Here’s something rough I came up with, also for my own reference since I’m planning to cosplay him sometime too ehuehuehue

I hope this helps!! ;v; 


As you know, it is almost Patrick Stump’s 33rd birthday!!


This man has worked so hard to produce music for the world!! His passion and love for music has always been a driving force behind Fall Out Boy, so to give back to him, we made this project! 

He loves us all so much, and we should show him how much we all love him too by giving him something special and meaningful for his birthday!! :)


  • To give Patrick a birthday present he will love and remember!!
  • To create a short (5-10 minute) video that expresses our love for Patrick and appreciation for his hard work.
  • To hopefully gift it to him on his birthday!!!!


  • Record a video!
  • Talk about how Patrick has impacted your life!!
  • Have fun with it!! Be creative!
  • If you own any fall out boy merch, wear it!!
  • At the end of your video please remember to say “Happy 33rd Birthday Patrick!!”
  • Don’t forget to smile!
  • Please do not let your video exceed 1 minute.

Send your videos to

please include your country and name with your submission :)

DEADLINE IS 6th April 2017 at 12 AM CST

if you are under 18, make sure to get parental permission! <3

we follow the hashtag #patrickbirthdayproject!


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happy 420 connor day

i cant believe the greasy boi is growing up yall

Post-It Notes, ch9

on Ao3

ch1 | ch2 | ch3 | ch4 | ch5 | ch6 | ch7 | ch8 | ch9 

IT’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly posting this is making me super nervous because it’s been such a long wait? which im very sorry about? so i owe yall a really good chapter in return for u guys being so lovely and patient <333 

thank you to @sadrien and @reyxa for being the best cheerleaders ever, love you guys <3 also HUGE shoutout to sadrien for beta-ing (ish??) for me. god bless i lov u 

as always, comments and reblogs are very much appreciated!!! (please reblog omg i want 2 know what u guys think!!!) 


Adrien is drowning. The harsh blue of the memory of her eyes pull him in deeper and deeper, and Adrien doesn’t know if he wants to stay above water anymore. He now knows for sure that the post-it notes had been Marinette, but he still almost can’t believe it. It feels like a dream that is too good to be true, but Adrien hasn’t woken up yet.

Adrien is so in love. And he is so fucked.

Adrien sinks into his chair as he spins in it absentmindedly. The words “I love you” scrawl their way across his vision again and again and again. He hugs the note to his chest.

“I love you,” he murmurs, swooning a little as he says it.

“Aw, Adri-chou! I didn’t know you felt that way about me!” Plagg coos as he zips into view.

Adrien rolls his eyes. “Plagg, you know I hate it when Chloé calls me that.”

“Adri-fromage, is that fucking better?”

“I hate you.”

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ok but imagine this

the boys rehearsing for their next concert, or relaxing after one, or eating a meal together, and they decide to check their twitter and then they notice the update tweet from Billboard regarding top social artist. and they’re MILES ahead of everyone else. everyone else, meaning american artists up for an award for an american show in a country where people aren’t all too interested into listening to music in different languages. the boys can’t believe it. they yell, they laugh, they jump around (im looking at you maknae line +hobi). they made ripples and now they’re MAKING WAVES. and their influence and fanbase will only continue to grow from this. their hard work and authenticity and passion is so apparent and shines in everything they do. and, only two days into voting/almost a whole month before the show, the army may have already set them up as a shoe in for the award and ITS ONLY JUST BEGUN. the connection between BTS and ARMY is overflowing. im sure theyre beyond thankful, and im sure army is so happy to see the boys soar

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listen tom and grant are low key gay for each other. Blessed.

i don’t know anything about LOW KEY tbh, to me these two can’t get any more obvious i mean they’re practically FLIRTING with each other on social media for all the world to see (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Here’s an (UPDATED) list of gustfelt moments for all the non-believers: 

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) …

this ask should also be included as further proof cuz lovely yesmaddyyyposts is either a psychic or tom felton  (¬‿¬ )


if I’m wrong just … yes :) ignore it lmao

I recently found @smokeplanet ‘s webcomic (holy shit) and I adore everything.

The story, the characters, the ART and the artist themself I CAN’T THEY ARE SO FUNNY AND LOVEABLE please look at their work, they are my no. 1 inspiration now I can’t discribe how happy their art makes me.

Enough of this sweet-talk /// I hope you like this trashy fanart, Mitch sure is fun to draw but also hard as hell I hope it kinda looks like him? aah