im happy and i know it


my body fakes a smile so everyone thinks i’m fine
i’ll even laugh once in a while too
but even with this fake façade and persona that i play
i’m not getting better and im not okay

i cry at night because i’m too deep in my thoughts
and i’m a hypocrite for telling people that they shouldn’t cry
i’m so bent on helping others that i can’t help myself
my mental state is broken and my world is shattering in front of me

and to those i talk to and hang out with
i’m sorry i’m not fun
i’m normally just thinking of the worse that’s yet to come
or what tonight’s miserable thought will be

i haven’t been happy in months and i don’t know what it’s like
being genuinely okay doesn’t seem right
and even if something good happens i’m too sad to care
i may talk about it like i’m happy but i’m actually just scared

i’m an antisocial mess with a extrovert life
talking to everyone that knows me
and making them perceive i’m alright
and when i make a joke about how sad i am
that’s me saying what’s wrong and i hope you listen

i’ve honestly come to a point where i accept my flaws and know that i have them for a reason and its to protect myself and if you can’t work with them that sounds like a you problem, im happy 

Sonic Boom makes me so happy. I know it’s not a perfect show but it makes me feel like a kid again. Back to when I was so happy all the time and would laugh at the smallest jokes. Honestly thank you so much at the creators for making me feel like that all over again. I really needed it.

Just two chicks hollering

[ @avistella  and her OC Fujiwara Kumiko (Vivi)]

Part 2 of my gift set! Its not all that because I drew it while in the back of my classroom, but its the thought that counts right-

Again, Happy Birthday fren!

Go outside you hermit


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

A/N: I am so happy to release the first chapter of this story to you, after sitting on it for quite a while. But im glad that you can finally have Jin’s story! :) (for regular readers, it will follow the kind of formatting used for Voices and Exposure- although this first chapter is slightly longer.)

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Part 1

‘I seriously don’t know how they expect me to get all of this done in two weeks.’

Exhaustion taints your words as you lean back in your chair, resting your head back on your shoulders as you look longingly out of the café window, the same view having greeted you for the past 4 hours that you’d been sat trying to work on your latest assignment for university, and each time having taunted you with the prospect of escape, before you’d ultimately turned back to your laptop to continue tapping nonsensically away.

‘Come on, Y/N, only 3 more weeks and then you’ll be free of this.’ You mutter to yourself, dragging in a deep breath once more before sitting back up and cracking your back as you refocus on what you were writing.

Although, its after around 5 minutes of staring dumb-foundedly at the paragraph of gibberish on the screen in front of you, that a loud hulking laugh penetrates through your concentration and you peer up at the counter of the café to see two tallish boys chuckling away together, their faces immediately catching your attention as you take in how stunningly beautiful they were.

‘Well, that’s a sight for sore eyes.’ You mumble, taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of them, but getting cut off when you suddenly see the most angelic boy turning to look in your direction, hurriedly looking back down at your computer and feeling your face heat up like a furnace. Of course, you couldn’t stop yourself from taking one last peak up at them when you hear them begin to mutter between one another once again, watching them receive their order of two hot drinks and a selection of cookies and biting your lip when you see the tempting sight of chocolate.

‘God, I could really do with a cookie right now.’ You murmur to yourself, sighing, and shaking yourself out of your thoughts as you try to reject the exhaustion pulling at your bones, instead leaning back to stretch in your chair and momentarily closing your eyes as you take a moment to escape the stoic pose you’d been sat in for the past few hours.

You draw in a deep breath as you sit up once more, feeling like weights were pulling at your eyes and having an odd sense of disorientation as the café blurs in your vision slightly, before you peer at the clock on the wall to see that rather than the 5 minutes you were expecting, 2 whole hours had passed.

‘Oh My God!’ you gasp, realizing you must have fallen asleep and awkwardly scrabbling into a more upright position, rubbing your eyes weakly and groaning as you think about how much time you’d lost that you could have spent working on your assignment.

‘Im so dead.’ You groan, instantly standing and walking over to the counter to order a coffee to go, and quickly packing up as you wait for your coffee to be ready.


You sigh as your order is called, hurrying to shove the rest of your stuff into your bag so that you could swing it onto your shoulder, before going to turn back to the counter, only to almost walk straight into a set of wide shoulders.

‘Oh, sorry.’ You mutter, about to move around them, before you realize the man was holding a cup out for you to take, your order of an Americano in his hand making you frown as you try to remember if you’d paid for it…

But that was before you looked up.

And you took in the same angel’s face with those warm chocolate brown eyes that you’d seen stood at the counter earlier.

Only this time, those eyes were staring down at you.

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Buddy I just wanna say, I ended up on your blog some how and i having the time of my life so much of your content is so adorable and Hilarious as hell every few min. i catch my self between aaw and getting tears in my eyes 'cause of all the hijnks yeah. Just wanted to let you know :'>

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! im so so happy you like my stuff aaa???? i hope it keeps on being fun!!!

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hey. i know my words won't be a lot of help, but. im rooting for you? like, you're amazing. and i know, that one day those ppl will see it and you'll get a job and you'll be happy and get lotsa moneys. because you're strong, cool, talented and as long as you don't give up you'll get there. so, my point here is. i believe in you! stay positive <3

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Hey let's pretend the champions just revive at the end of the game and go back to their villages (Im still so sad about that cutscene where they all just fade away, felt like they needed some more closure). How would the reunion with their S/O go?

For the sake of easiness, I’m going to assume s/o is the same species as them, to make things not exactly the same in every version.

….I know you probably want this to be happy but…. brace yourself.

-The sometimes apologetically sadistic Mod Pinks

Reunion with S/o 100 years later


  • When Urbosa returns to Gerudo city, there is so much joy and celebration, people go nuts!
  • Riju and Urbosa re-unite in joy, and Urbosa gets to see how her daughter has fared.
    • Eventually she asks where her love is.
    • And feels her heart thump loudly when she is brought to elder.
  • She recognizes them and and smiles.
    • I’m sorry you had to wait so long for me… my love…”
  • They have a lot of stories to catch up on.


  • People lose their SHIT when Mipha walks into the Zora Domain
    • Sidon and Dorephan are crying tears of joy and hugging and are full of joy.
    • People are crying tears of joy as their beloved princess returns to them, safe and alive and as bright as the day she was taken from them. 
  • Everyone is celebrating, loudly, joyously
    • And then, she hears a voice.
        • Mipha? Beloved?”
        • “(N-name)?”
  • When she sees them, her jaw drops.
    • They’ve grown older. Not by a lot (Zora age much much much slower than Hylians), but still. Taller. Wiser.
  • Sidon and Dorephan are not the only ones crying tears of joy.


  • You- you didn’t have to wait so long on me- it’s not- why?!”
  • Having waltzed back into the village, he had expected so many things. Talk to the elder, see how people have grown, see how the village has changed.
  • He hadn’t tears of sadness, as he is taken by the hand by someone small and young to an elderly Rito, frail and old on their death bed
    • With tears in their eyes and a smile on their face, they tell him how they waited for him, made sure his heirs (adopted, birthed or otherwise) carried on his legacy.
  • It’s not fair to them, not at all. They gave up their life and dreams to make sure he wasn’t forgotten. And now that he’s back, they’re dying??? It’s- it’s not fair!
  • For the first and last time, in a long time, they are quietly holding each other, tears of both sorrow and joy as their meeting is brought to an end.


  • Took you long enough! Thought the mountain had eatten you up!”
  • “And take me away from ya? Never!”
  • Goron age really slow, given they’re practically made of stone, so to Daruk, the wonderful Goron before him was as wonderful as the day he left, plus or minus a few wrinkles.
  • The people celebrate at the return of their leader, and s/o introduces him to all the family he’s missed out in his time in the Divine Beast.
  • That next morning, as the village sleeps in exhausted slumber, the two are up on the mountain, looking over everything.
    • (Name) tells him of all that he’s missed, and notices that he’s gone quiet.
    • His tears fall freely. So long he has been gone. Missed so much. How many family memories had he missed?
  • They hug each other. It would not be easy, but they would find their way again. Together.

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Hi, I'm the Ciel jealousy fic requester. Can I have a fic where Ciel thinks his s/o is asleep, so he starts talking about how much he loves her and giving her compliments. But little does he know his s/o is actually awake and just pretending to be asleep.

Hopefully this is good enough!! Its kinda short I’m sorry!

Ciel had been up late, finishing the work for the day. By the time it was done, it was far past when he usually went to bed, and his s/o had been in bed for almost an hour, so when Ciel finally joined them, he thought they were asleep.

He went to their bedroom, put on a nightshirt, and got in bed. He sat there, thinking about the day, and the day to come. During the day everything was chaotic, and he hardly ever got a moment of peace, but at night, it was different. Even when they were asleep, his s/o’s very presence calmed him down. They were amazing, he thought.

“You’re wonderful.” He whispered.

He didn’t think he could ever say something like that when they were awake. He would be too worried about appearances, or rejection, too ever express himself so openly. But they were alone, and his s/o was asleep.

“You’re amazing. I love you.”

“I love you too”

Ciel almost jumped from fright when his s/o spoke. Weren’t they asleep?

“What are you doing up so late? I thought you were asleep.”

“I was waiting for you to come to bed.”

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Hey for that art thing!! www furaffinity net/view/22989345/ I've been trying to practice backgrounds so any tips on that would be helpful!!

hi koby! wow, i feel like i have just been given a bag of sweet treats…the colour scheme is most vivid! i think it can be really tricky to make a colour scheme from the primary colours, so that you pulled it off so stylishly and harmonized is very impressive !! it is so a fun and happy piece that makes you smile, especially me because i love a good crab ! 🦀 and you are definitely making a good step into the wild world of bgs! 

this is how i like to think of them. i explained it like this to a pal once so i hope it makes sense (i dont know if im any good at that haha) but if you break it up into plane chunks, it makes it seem not too daunting. you can focus on it just ‘ok, what can i put to fill spot a? spot b?’ another way is just to make random shapes wherever and however you want to put stuff in the composition…and then fill them in with what the shapes reminds you of ! (and of course, what fits the piece)