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Hyung Line+Mark's reaction to their s/o taking care of Nct Dream

Request: Hi~ Can i request a hyung line + Mark reaction to their crush/gf being motherly(taking care of) the Dream members? Thanks♡

A/N: i sincerely apologise that this is so bad, it’s 2:23am here and im half awake while typing this im sorry omg



Finds it cute and loves it actually. The dream members would always go to you if they needed help and advice, and Taeil found it amazing how much you love and care you give to them, despite only being older than them by a few years.

Would probably also smile to himself a lot because of this, and thanks to you, he managed to get closer to the dream members.

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Would be confused at first as to why you treated them like small kids, from taking care of what they eat to watching out for them-you were never like that to him. But as time goes by he slowly start to realised that you truly care for them, which he loves a lot, since you love both him and his fellow members.

Would also help you in taking care of the members, being your “camera” when you’re not physically there with them, updating you on how they’re doing.

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Smiles a lot!! As someone who loves taking care of others too, he found it cute how you’d always panic and get flustered when you realise that the dream members were not getting enough sleep, acting as if you’re their real mother. If he’s free, he’d also spend more time with you and the dream members, and would also give them advice when needed.

“You’d be such a good mother babe”

“Cut it out, don’t start this again-”

“I can’t wait to see you be a mother to our child *smirks*”

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The official parents of the group!! Probably the number one person the dream members go to when they need help and advice, as they trust that you’re able to give them good advice. Taeyong loves it a lot and joins you very often in taking care of them, making sure that they’re always prepared and ready for performances and stages.

He loves it that you share the same motherly feelings he has for the dream members, and he loves that you’re always trying to make them happy-which makes him love you even more as a person.

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Gets really jealous that you tend to focus more of your attention to them instead of them, and would start becoming even morw clingy and whiny. He even lied to you once and said that the dream members were not free so he could spend the whole day with you.

But although he doesn’t show it, he loves it that you’re helping to take care of the younger members, and often thanks you because of that. Like Johnny, he’s probably also tease you about being a good mom, and how much he cant wait to see you be one.

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Smiles everytime he sees you buy gifts for the dream members, and also offering help when they need to. Often showers you with hugs and kisses because he’s thankful towards you, and would always organise outings and meetups with you and the dream members so y'all can go out together.

This angel would also volunteer to treat the members to food every single time, and also buy them things that they want, all thanks to you for influencing him.

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Another mom of the group- the dream members would always get a nagging and talk from the both of you, as y'all tend to be very protective over them. At first when Doyoung saw you having a long chat with them, he found it cute how serious you looked and had a motherly smile towards the boys. From then on, he also often goes to you to discuss about things regarding the dream members, asking for your opinions and thoughts.

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Stares at you with his eyebrows raised and mouth open because he’s just fascinated by how you take care of the dream members, and loves how you always seem very sincere and serious when giving them advice. Would probably compliment you a lot to the dream members, sharing cute stories the both of you have.

Teases you about not giving him as much love as you give the boys, but hugs and kiss you at the end because he knows that your love for him is even more.

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Smiles and laughs to himself a lot because of this. He finds it amazing how you’re always looking out for them more than he is, and is grateful that you care for them that much. When he’s free though, he cooks for both the dream members and you.

Also good at giving advice to the boys, and helps them out when needed to. Probably saved your contact name as “dream team’s fav noona” and made the boys change his in their phone to “dream team’s fav hyung” so y'all can match.

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Doesn’t say or do much because you also baby him a lot, just lesser than you do to the dream members. As you often ask him to teach you Chinese so you can interact well with Chenle, he joins in the conversation a lot and probably compliments you a lot in front of the chinaline, “她很漂亮” (she’s very beautiful)

But is also always there for the boys too, and often also goes to you for advice regarding them. Loves you a lot for always putting in time and effort to spend time with the boys when he has other schedules, and often makes it up to you by treating you to food.

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Likes it when you help take care of the other members, because they can get too out of hand sometimes. As you often ask him to rest while you entertain the other boys, he feels bad and repays you by writing you songs and buying you things you like.

The younger members always tease the both of you and he’s always very shy about it, as he tries to ask the boys to stop. The both of you also give the members advice when they need to, and y'all are the ones who encourage them when they’re tired.

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54: “I waxed the floor, grab your fuzzy socks.” Omg the title is horrible lol. Im like half awake and trying to draw newt. Im not good at anything half asleep

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Newt was down in down in his case for the seventh hour straight. It began to worry you, Newt was so stressed and he really needed to take a break. You walk out of the bedroom and step in something sticky. You scream and look to see what you stepped in, it was some slime from his creature. Sighing, you go to get the mop. While searching for the mop, you spot a bottle of wax. An idea pops in your head and you smile. 

You rush down Newt’s case in excitement.

“Newt!” you call. He comes running, 

“Yes, Y/n?” 

“I waxed the floor, grab your fuzzy socks!” He looks at you confused.

“Y/n… I can’t.” You face falls and you put on your puppy dog eyes. 

“Newty, pwease? You’ve been working so hard, and I miss you.” You wrap your arms around his waist in an embrace and bury you head in his chest. He starts to feel bad and looking into your eyes he gives in

“Oh, alright, let’s go.” 

“Yay!” you kiss his cheek and run up the stairs. 

Newt follows in amusement. He finds your sudden excitement adorable. He puts on his fuzzy socks and meets you in the other room. 

“Y/n?” he asks as he doesn’t see you. 

Suddenly, you run by him and slide on the floor. He laughs and joins you. After a few minutes of Newt baby scooting, not wanting to fall, he finally starts to slide around more. You love seeing Newt let loose once in a while. Both of your laughs mix in the air as you slip and slide around. You tried sliding into him softly but went a lot faster than you wanted. You missed him and ran into a desk. Newt runs over, well baby scoots 

“Y/n, are you okay?” His eyes scan you for injuries. 

“I’m fine Newt; now are you gonna help me up, or what?” He rolls his eyes and pulls you up, which causes him to fall down. 

You start laughing and Newt gives you a playful glare 

“Come on, Y/n, help me up!” You grab his hand, still laughing a little.

 You move to pull him up but he pulls you down on top of him. 

“Newt!” you yelp in surprise. He wraps his arms around your waist and looks up at you. 


“Yes, Newt?” 

“Can I have a kiss?” You smile and lean down to give the adorable magizoologist a kiss. 

He rolls the two of you so you’re both on your side. He brings you into a protective bear hug. 

“Thank you for doing this with me, Newt.” 

“Of course, Y/n. I needed a break, and I don’t think I could have thought of a better way to spend the afternoon.”

Can anyone think of more angsty Headcannons. I’m in an angst mood