im good at being alone

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No idea if you answered this before, but why was keith thinking of the shack in episode 1?

My guess is,, it’s the same reason why he thought of it in BOM:

Whatever else everyone believes about Keith’s backstory, I think we can all agree that–to Keith–this is home. Even if his dad isn’t there waiting for him right now. Even if he returned there and spent a lonely year wondering the desert. Even if all his memories are tinged with regret or melancholy,, it was still his home

For him, he has no place else. 

At least,, until Team Voltron became his other home, of course 


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

kim jonghyun, a son, brother, friend, artist, lover, but more importantly a light to all. you, your opinions, your thoughts and your songs, you were there for everyone but we couldn’t be there for you. the world lost a star today but heaven ? heaven gained an angel and one of the most beautiful angels at that. you’ve suffered enough and now you can rest. rest in peace kim jonghyun, finally, rest.

why does my mental health act up at the worst times

I’m feeling really down tonight and I’m so done with everything I could just curl up in a ball and cry for hours..

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can you talk t o me about mcgenji....

yE S yes i will talk to you about mcgenji forever anon please fuel my love holy heck

do you ever think about how genji was sort of pressganged into joining overwatch? i mean do you reckon he even knows what happened to him? after the hanzo incident, he probably drifted in and out of consciousness for weeks while overwatch ‘fixed’ him, gave him a new body to plug the holes ripped in the last one. and then when he finally does wake up, comes back to life, it’s “you’re a valuable asset, mr shimada. we need your unique set of skills.” there’s no choice about it. it’s a life debt.

like. the months of physical therapy, of rehabilitation. learning to walk, to fight. learning what he can do. genji was always the shimada spare, and he wonders idly if this is how hanzo felt, being honed into a weapon by a power he feels he owes.

and the omnic crisis is long over, but he’s still not exactly a welcome addition around the watchpoints and the briefing rooms. he doesn’t talk. he learns his purpose. fulfills his orders. he’s breathing but he’s not alive any more. there’s no reason to keep going save his value to overwatch, his utility.

the first person to talk to him, after dr. ziegler, is mccree. a blackwatch lifer. a cartoon character, right down to his spurs. the old genji was personable, always joking, always thriving on social interaction. but that genji is long dead, suffocated, and he doesn’t understand why jesse tries so hard to talk to him - a living ghost of a rich brat deemed too big a threat to keep alive - even when genji doesn’t reply or snaps or walks away, catching him in the mess hall, after training, in the dead of night when neither can sleep. it surprises him, after all jesse’s harassment has worn them down into something resembling ‘friends’, that this new genji can still hold a conversation. he can still make people laugh. he’s still a person. jesse shows him that, and afterwards, it’s a lot easier to see it for himself.