im good at being alone

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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do you ever want to live inside the way a movie or book or song makes you feel

Can I just

Ok, so..

And topping.
And switching.

I have too many opinions on these topics for ships tbh. Like, yes, ok, its easy to see Felix as a top, but like???

Nono, wait-ok, when I first got into Phan right? When I first got into it and started watching them, I saw Dan as a top??

Wait-waitwaitwait, okok. Fuckin Mark. Nobody’s with me on the idea of Mark bottoming??

Why do I never find Top!jack fics??? WHERE IS MY EQUALITY (joke)


also, still being on the topic: why does everybody act like Jack and Felix AND mark arent perfect fuckin switches?? bye imso


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

i am so far away from my safe places, wales is so beautiful, i miss it, i miss it so deeply

im not good at being alone, not unless im deep in a welsh forest, jumping over streams and reading books and laying in the sun

anonymous asked:

what do i do when no one likes me? ive tried to make friends on here only to make them uncomfortable with me nothing i say comes out right i have autism so that might be it but i hate it and i hate that i'll never be good enough for anyone im just sick of being alone and im honestly so ready to kms

h onestly i really like. am not sure what to say? i feel like every “successful” social interaction i have is a happy mistake and i really dont know where to start with advice on it bc it is NOT my strong suit. it’s really i guess a matter of findijng people wh oare compatible with you? theyre out there i promise. i promise you. and my IM is always open if u wanna chat further. im sorry im tipsy and cant offer much advice but like ily

Okay so I accidentally rebloged 3 number ones so I’ll just answer them all

What is the shirt your wearing right now from

I actually can’t remember sorry ;-;

Who is your best friend?

I don’t have one sadly all of my friends like someone else better than me

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Definitely introvert im not very good at talking to people and I like being alone over being surrounded by a ton of people =^•w•^= tysm for the ask ily!!💕💕💕💕