im gonna wear an all white dress when i actually do this

Secret Thrill (One Shot)

Summary: You’ve been teasing Roman for a couple of days since got back and when your parents ask the two of you out for dinner, Roman decides to show you what the consequences are.

Warnings: language, smut
(A/N) This idea popped up in my head after seeing gifs of Roman in a suit and I just had to write it down and share it with you guys. And thank you so much @x-fivefoot for helping me out😘♥️. This is also hella long so enjoy guys xoxo


‘’Like what you see Reigns,’’ I asked with a smirk on my face as I picked some clothes off the floor in our bedroom, my ass in full display. I didn’t have to turn around to know that his eyes were on me with every move I made.

‘’In fact, I love what I see.’’ He murmured. It was a hot summer night and even though it was still bright outside, we decided to just relax a bit.

‘’You do?’’ I turned around and crossed my arms, grabbing the underside of my shirt. I pulled it over my head and put it on the chair, leaving me in only my shorts and lace bra. The fabric hardly covered anything since it was see through. He nodded and threw the sports magazine he was reading beside him as I climbed onto the bed. Too slow in action, Roman reached out for my waist and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his waist. I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

‘’You look better everytime I come back home,’’ he groaned. I slowly grinded myself against him, feeling him getting harder second by second.

‘’I know,’’ I whispered in his ear. His hands guided my hips, setting a pace. As soon as I felt his hands travel up to unclasp my bra , I stopped and climbed off him. ‘’I’m so tired,’’ I yawned. He looked at me wide eyed.

‘’Baby come one,’’ he whined, ‘’That’s not fair.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’ I innocently asked and kissed him on his check.

‘’Y/n please, all I got from you since I got back is teasing and it’s getting on my nerves.’’

‘’There’s no need for that, we have all the time of the world. Besides that, what’s wrong with me being tired?’’

‘’Yeah sure, you’re ‘tired’,’’ he grunted and rolled on his side, his back facing me. ‘’You’ve been ‘tired’ for literally four days.’’

‘’Ahw come on Ro, don’t be mad, I promise you’ll have your way with me before you’re on the road again,’’ I sweetly said as I hung over his side. His eyes were closed and he looked quite irritated. I don’t want to say that I love seeing him this mad, but I kinda do to be completely honest. Last time when he was home, he was the one who was teasing the shit out of me by whispering dirty things in my ear in public, such as ‘’I wanna fuck you so hard that you’ll be begging me to stop,’’ or ‘’I bet you’re all wet for me babygirl, I can’t wait to eat you out and make you moan my name.’’ He’d get me all turned on and once we got home, he decided to ignore his promises and pretend nothing ever happened. The man even denied saying it. So this time, I decided to play fair and tease him back.

‘’I hope so for your sake,’’ he chuckled and turned on his back again with me on top of him. ‘’You’re lucky I love you.’’

‘’Aawh you’re so sweet,’’ I smiled and kissed his lips. As much as I wanted him, I had to tell myself not to do anything because it was payback. ‘’I love you too, my beautiful husband.’’

‘’Yeah sure,’’ he joked.

‘’You’re only acting like this because you’re not getting laid.’’ I seriously said as I placed my arms on his broad chest, my head on my hands.

‘’Maybe, maybe not. Anyways, I’m just happy to be back.’’

‘’That’s the nicest thing you’ve said so far,’’ I laughed. He shook his head and laughed along. ‘’But for real though, I’m really tired so I’m off.’’

‘’I’ll pretend to believe you and try to sleep as well.’’

‘’I don’t care if you believe me or not, I’m tired and I need my sleep.’’ I rolled off him and lied down on my stomach. I could feel Roman shift his weight, pulling me close to him with his arm, his face nuzzling in the crook of my neck. Just like that, we both drifted off.


I woke up by the rays of sunlight falling across my face. I slightly opened my eyes and sat up. Roman was not beside me so I figured he was in the bathroom or something. Looking on my phone, I saw that it was already 1 pm. I had several missed calls from my mom so I decided to facetime her.

‘’Honey, how are you and Roman doing,’’ she happily said as she answered right away. ‘’You just woke up, didn’t you.’’

‘’Maybe,’’ I smiled, ‘’We’re great, what about you and dad?

‘’Couldn’t be better hun. I was wondering if the two of you are free tonight.’’

‘’Uhm, yeah, I think so,’’ I thought out loud. Roman came walking into the room with a plate of fruit. ‘’Are you free tonight?’’ I asked him.

‘’Yeah, why?’’

‘’I don’t know,’’ I laughed, ‘’what did you have in mind mom?’’

‘’How does a dinner sound? Just the four of us. You and Roman and me and your dad.’’ She excitedly said. I could tell that this was something she wanted for a long time.

‘’Sounds good to me,’’ Roman said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

‘’Alright then, a dinner it is,’’ I answered with a smile.

‘’Oh that’s lovely, I’ll meet you guys at 7 at that new Italian place that just had their grand opening. Love you both,’’ she almost shouted. Before one of us could say anything, she hung up.

‘’Good afternoon,’’ Roman chuckled. ‘’I figured you could use something healthy since all you’ve been eating is junk food. Not to mention how unhealthy you’ll be eating tonight.’’

‘’You’re just jealous because all you have to do is eat healthy,’’ I stuck my tongue out and grabbed the plate with fruit. ‘’I normally wouldn’t do this but you can pick my dress for tonight, as long as it stays decent.’’ I warned him. He had this huge smirk on his face as he walked towards the closet. ‘’Decent, I said.’’

‘’I know, I know, don’t worry. I know what decent means.’’ He laughed and opened the doors, looking at all the clothing. ‘’I’ll bet that not even half of the clothes are mine,’’ Roman joked.

‘’A woman with taste, needs her space,’’ I proudly said.

‘’Touché.’’ He absently said as he sat down and opened the box with all my dresses. After studying all of my dresses for about 10 minutes, he stood up. ‘’This one,’’ he held the dress in front of him. I always knew Roman had an amazing taste and I couldn’t fight him on that. It was a long black dress with a slit at two sides of my leg, almost reaching my waist, so that both of my legs would be shown. It had a V neck and spaghetti straps. ‘’You’re wearing this one, whether you like it or not,’’ he chuckled.

‘’Alright, that one it is.’’ I put the plate away and crawled over to the end of the bed and grabbed him by the collar of his t-shirt, pulling him close to me. My lips barely touched his and when he was about to lean in, I grabbed the dress and backed away.

‘’You’re gonna pay for that,’’ he groaned. I just giggled and walked to the bathroom to get ready.


‘’You done baby?’’ Roman yelled from downstairs. ‘’We gotta leave, it’s almost 7.’’

‘’Almost babe,’’ I yelled back. I stood in front of the mirror, admiring the way I looked. My hair was curled, I didn’t wear any make up besides mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. The dress Roman picked looked really good on me, even if I’m saying it myself. My curves were showing just right. I wore my black heels and made my way down the stairs.

‘’Oh jheeze,’’ Roman said impressed, ‘’damn babygirl, you look breathtaking.’’

‘’Why thank you, you look breathtaking yourself as well,’’ I smiled, meaning what I said. He was wearing a checkered white and blue shirt with a white and blue striped tie. The jacket, just like his pants, were blue-ish. He always looked beautiful so this time there was no difference.

‘’Means a lot coming from my beautiful wife,’’ he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. I couldn’t back away this time, I also didn’t want to, he just looked, smelled, felt so good. He kissed me and smiled against my lips.

‘’Oh shush Reigns, let’s go.’’ I giggled. As I turned around, he gave my ass a gentle squeeze before walking outside and locking the door behind him. The car ride was just as usual; us singing along with every song on the radio, even though we didn’t even know the song, talking about how pissed he was that Vince wouldn’t let him wear his new gear. I enjoyed moments like this, knowing we both could talk about anything. Once we arrived, we could see my parents their car parked a little further.

‘’This place is actually pretty nice tho,’’ he admitted as he took my hand in his. We both walked into the restaurant, stunned with how pretty it looked; white and red as the main colors, ivy on the celling and there was an outside part. The waiter said my mom and dad took place at the outside area, which I figured since my mom loves having dinner outside.

‘’Y/n, Roman, my babies,’’ my mom happily said as she stood up to give us a hug. ‘’How are the two of you doing?’’

‘’We’re fine mom,’’ I smiled.

‘’Son, how much do you train because each time I see you, it seems like you’re getting even more muscular than you already are.’’ My dad joked, making Roman laugh.

‘’With my training schedule, it’s possible sir.’’ He replied with a smile. We all sat down and talked a bit before looking at the menu. While being focused on the dishes, I felt Roman’s hand on my bare thigh, sliding up higher. I batted his hand away, but he kept bringing it to the same spot.

‘’So, how’s your career doing?’’ My dad asked Roman.

‘’It’s amazing sir, being able to do what I love every day, makes it even better. The only con is not being home so often,’’ he said, his hand was now on my inner thigh, making me shift in my seat. That was pointless since he is super strong and held me still with just his hand. ‘’But the time I am at home is also the time I love the most.’’

‘’That’s great to hear,’’ my dad smiled. ‘’How was your time on the road this time?’’

‘’It was amazing, I got to see so many places and meet different people,’’ Roman answered. His hand was now rubbing me through the thin material of my panties, making me hold back a moan. I looked over to him, but he was pretending to pay attention to the menu. As I was about to speak, he crept his hand under the thin material, his index finger circling my clit. I covered my mouth with my hand, pretending to yawn. I could kick his ass right now. I started to realize why he picked that dress. He always mentioned how much he adored ‘easy access’ and this dress was just that with the slit as high as my thigh.  

‘’So honey, how are you doing?’’ my mom asked me.

‘I-I’m fine,’’ I stuttered, trying to sound normal. His finger was now slowly pushing inside of me, making it hard to even think.

‘’How is it while Roman is on the road? How do you keep yourself busy?’’ My dad curiously asked.

‘’It’s hard, of course, but I mostly keep myself busy with watching movies, reading and my own work,’’ I almost moaned as he added his middle finger inside of me as well, pushing his fingers deeper. I glanced over next to me and he just looked at me with the sweetest smile.

‘’Good to hear you have a source of distraction.’’

‘’I agree, it’s hard to leave my wife all alone so I’m happy she can take care of herself.’’  Roman answered with a huge smile on his face. This bastard. To make things even worst, he started to rub my clit with his thumb, making my orgasm build with lighting speed. I let out a deep sigh, my breathing got heavier, the pleasure started to build in my lower abdomen. My insides started to clench around his fingers as she was now pumping in and out of me very slowly. There was absolutely no way that I was going to cum near my parents, that’s just insane.

‘’Hi there, can I take your orders?’’ the waiter smiled sweetly. Roman withdrew his fingers and gave me a smirk. The emptiness made me whimper quietly. I could slap him right now.

‘’We both would like the pasta with tomato-basil sauce,’’ Roman answered.

‘’What a gentleman, ordering for his lady as well,’’ my mom smiled. If only she knew what kind of ‘gentle man’ he is being this exact moment. ‘’We’ll have the lasagna please.’’

‘’I wrote that down, anything to drink?’’

‘’A bottle of water will do,’’ my dad answered. The waiter nodded and walked away with writing everything down. When my parents were in a conversation, Roman licked his fingers and hummed while doing so. My stomach turned, wanting him more than ever at the moment.

‘’I bet you taste better than the food baby,’’ he whispered into my ear. Great, now the roles were turned, again. I gave him a ‘are you serious’ look and all he did was grinning. ‘’I can imagine how bad you want me now.’’

‘’You’re a fucking dick,’’ I said through gritted teeth, regretting my choice of words right away. But I could play dirty as well. I bit my lip and my placed my hand on his leg, rubbing up and down.

‘’Y/n,’’ Roman groaned lowly, ‘’I’m warning you.’’

‘’Hmm? What’d you say?’’ I asked innocently as I started to massage his dick through his pants. ‘’Two can play this game, Reigns.’’

‘’This ain’t no game, you have no idea what you just started babygirl.’’ He dangerously said. I smirked back at him while slowly rubbing his dick up and down at an agonizingly slow pace, causing his breath to quicken. He glared back at me, giving me a death stare and I abruptly stopped.

‘’I gotta use the restroom, be right back.’’ I announced with a smile.

‘’Alright sweetheart,’’ my mom replied. I adjusted my dress before standing up and making my way to the ladies room. I was just about to open the door when a hand suddenly appeared, blocking my way. I turned around to see it was Roman.

‘’What do you think you’re doing?’’ he hissed.

‘’Playing back your own game,’’ I grinned.

‘’I warned you y/n.’’ He ushered me into the restroom, making sure that there was no one there. The door was being shut firmly as I bit my lip and looked at him up and down. ‘’You shouldn’t do that, you know what it does to me.’’

‘’What does it do? I can’t remember,’’ I said, pretending I forgot.

‘’You know exactly what it does…’’ he whispered as he wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and pulled me in for a deep kiss. His tongue licked my bottom lip, making me shiver. Without warning, he grabbed my ass and lifted me up, slamming my back against the cold door. ‘’You gonna keep teasing me?’’

‘’Maybe,’’ I answered and bit my lip on purpose. Roman groaned and kissed my neck as he slipped his fingers inside of me for the second time this day. I could be a lot more vocal here, luckily for me and for him since I know how much he enjoys me expressing how good he makes me feel. ‘’Roman, I need you inside of me right now,’’ I admitted under my breath.

‘’Now you do huh?’’ He mumbled against my neck as I felt him unzipping his pants and pulling it down along with his underwear. I could feel the tip against my center and I arched my back, wanting to feel more. He chuckled and slid his thick length inside of me in a fluid motion.

‘’Oh my god..’’ I moaned. He lets me adjust for a few seconds before he starts to thrust. I missed feeling him fill me up like this and he knew.

‘’Goddamn baby, you’re so wet. I missed you,’’ He panted, ‘’fuck I missed your pussy.’’

‘’I missed you too, oh shit,’’ I cried out as he sped up, gripping my waist tighter. ‘’Roman…I’m so close.’’

‘’Already?’’ He asked as he started to rub my clit, making me grip his bicep tighter. I nodded and he chuckled. ‘’I can’t blame you baby.’’

‘’F-fuck you,’’ I chuckled breathless. He smiled and looked down to where our bodies joined. ‘’Roman please.’’

‘’Cum for me baby,’’ he looked me straight in the eyes as he grinded his hips slowly; so slow that I could feel every vein. The friction made me tingle. ‘’That’s it y/n, cum for daddy.’’

‘’Romann,’’ I moaned loudly as I reached my high. Right after, I could feel him release inside of me. We stood in the exact same position to catch our breaths and once we did, he gently pulled out of me and placed me back on my heels again.

‘’I’m so happy I told you to wear that dress,’’ Roman said as he pulled his pants back up.

‘’I should’ve known what you were up to,’’ I laughed. I carefully walked towards the mirror and fixed myself. Roman came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck. ‘’We should get back to my parents before they wonder where we are.’’

‘’You’re probably right, let’s see who gives in first.’’ He joked.

‘’You’re unbelievable Reigns,’’ I smiled and shook my head.

im not ashamed sneak peak 3

a crude drawing of a hand with writing on all sides sits on a whiteboard. dots between words, a poorly drawn fish on each side, and colored pencil skills that should probably be much better if this movie took place in a high school, but in Im Not Ashamed Alternate Universe, everything is out of place.
“ive always been drawn to hands” the Christian Girl muses

“i think its because its the way that we touch people.” unlike a real high school, where everyone would look up and possibly jeer at this potential sexual innuendo, everyone remains painfully indifferent. you can feel the awkwardness in the room. one girl is fucking passed out on the table. jesus christ rachel, ever heard of a intruiging opening sentence?

the camera pans out to Dead Girl and the rest of the uninterested class. Everyone looks like they left high school 4 years ago, especially this one chap in the corner. My oh my that’s motherfucking Keurig Careless!!!!!!!! his hair: freshly shaven in true skinhead fashion, arms: fucking ripped to shreds, legs: stunted, face: 40 years old. he is picking at the callouses on his hands on top of a hilariously thin blue notebook. What The Fuck? Why is his notebook so thin. How come dead girl has 2 binders and a piece of paper and a pencil and everyone else has a single notebook? did she try to cram it all in in one class? i suppose this would be the best place next to study hall, because im guessing most Inspirational Life Changing Speeches in this class are just as boring

“compassion is the greatest form of love that humans have to offer” christian audience gasps at the wise-beyond-her-years rachel faux scott. actually compassion is one of the only forms of love u can offer but whatever floats your goat, Fakechel.

“I have this theory that if one person goes out of their way to show compassion, they can start a chain reaction”
thats so deep rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hOLY shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nazi and dildo’s heads perk up at the word “chain reaction”. nnnnyess huehueheuhehe,,,, that is what Wiiii are going to do,,, a chain reaxtion to Blow this SchooL up hehuehueheuhe. the audience screams in desperation and horror. perhaps? perhaps this speech will change their minds?? perhaps rachel will convert them to godliness… yes…

“how do you know that trust? beauty? and compassion wont make the world a better place to be in?”
this is the most generic pep talk ive ever heard? like, if someone put a gun to my head and told me to recite a speech that you would find in an american girl magazine so he could write a letter to win the affections of said gunman’s estranged daughter, this is the shit i would say.

“tomorrows not a promise… but its a chance…”
we see the teacher looking at her proudly. also theres a girl that looks Exactly like Rachel in the background looking at her? is that her force ghost or something

“.. you just might start a chain reaction”
she grins. shes such a deep thinker.

the students roll their eyes dramatically, not focusing on rachel whatsoever. well that was for nothing.
she continues smiling in the silence. uhh…



“and whats behind all this is my faith” she puts down her arms to reveal a huge-ass cross necklace. This is like, margaret white style shit. its probably as big as her palm? minimalism. minimalismmmmmm….

“im a christian!” she says, smiling. obviously. every girl that wears mormon clothes like that, cross necklaces, listens to britt nicole at maximum volume while walking through the hallways at school and crying whenever she sees someone dressed in black and calls them “lost souls” is a christian girl, okay? it’s like coming out in a high school nowadays like… everyone’s gay, rachel. every single person is gay so you can chill out.

they pan to the jock guy.

and then to dylan with his psycho stare

and then to eric with his condescending smoulder

“im not trying to be weird or convert anybody or anything like that HUEHEHE,,, i just wanna be real with you guys…. Dudes, i just wanna be Cool and Swag with u guys, Ya dig?? just tryin to kick it chilly willy with my brUhs, ya see what im sayin… and let u know who i is, dawgs”

she stares again at the indifferent class. see? nobody cared. she smiles awkwardly. the second hand embarrassment is slaughtering me. my fucking eyes. please. rachel.

“jesus gave his life for me… and i will give my life for him…………………………………………….


"just wanted to get that out there”

she takes her crude hand drawing and promptly returns to her chair.

“thank you rachel.” the teacher says. the audience is aware of her purity and innocence, but also strength and endurance.

rachel sits at her desk with a sigh, plopping her notes onto her table in preparation for the next speaker.

“up next we haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeee….”

“eric and dylan.”

they look up with her, eyebrows raised and knuckles cracked. this video will fucking destroy. this video will fuckin KILL BITCHES!!!

“lets watch their videyyoh… on how they would change the world…”

the teacher pops the dvd labeled “hitmen for hire” into the tape player. she turns off the lights and walks to the back of the class. the tv statics like some sort of Lost Episode creepypasta.

jeffrey dahmer sits on a chair, facing the viewers
“people are always bullying me, i dont like it”
he swirls the chair and two trenchcoated bad bitches walk into the view of the screen. 

Rachel’s disapproving and paranoid eyes rest on the screen, concerned about what this could be about…. this… this isn’t about changing the world for the better? what the heckeroni??’

the video plays in the background as twink nazi smiles condescendingly at rachel. bitch whatcha gonna do? we had to listen to your bullshit

“you know we cant have weahpons on the skewl grounds.. but if you can get them away, we’ll take em’ out for ya. for 2000$, we’ll get rid of them. permanently.”

a white hat nerd walks up the stairs, neandering around, listening to 50 cent in his headphones when suddenly

eric and dylan are pointing pvc-pipe guns at him!!! shitty sound effects play as the jock is defeated.

the classroom is slightly more alert, putting their hands over their mouths in Horrified Shock! , but dead girl is still, of course, dead.

gunshots ring through the room as rachel turns to the teacher “do we have to watch this?”

dylan does a finger gun at the television.

“no, we don’t.” the teacher says. “OOKAAAAAY i think we’ve seen enough!” the teacher yells, turning off the tv

“thaaaaat” dylan begins “would make the world a better place”


afterwords, rachel’s a-skippin up the stairs, smilin bright like a diamond, when suddenly, 

shes confronted by two trenchcoated figures, cloaked in the darkness of the stairs. they corner her and yell “what’s your problem? >:O”. love this. love how eric and dylan would probably go cry in their room if someone interrupted them, they wouldnt confront them. literally the only time they had balls in their ENTIRE LIVES was nbk, so they wouldnt confront rachel…. just Sayin….

“what?” :0

“i know you did that.” eric snarls

“did what?” :0

“i didnt stop your stupid jesus speech” HOly Shit!!!! boyyyyy HE SAID IT!!!!

dylan speaks up “you think youre better than us?

"no :O… no im not better than anybody.” wow and shes humble????? she has zero flaws omg i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mom i wanna be just like rachel when i grow up.!!!!!!

“oh i know youre not” he gets closer….. cloooserr….

they stare. lock eyes. dream weaver begins to play in the background…

“i gotta get to class.” she stutters, holding back tears.

“youre just like aaahll the others” dylan jeers, striking her in her single nerve,,,, her utter originality,,

“compassion!” eric says “yeah thatll work!!!” wow what a fucking demon??/ what a devil gosh darn!!!!!!!!! i hope he dies at the end of the movie. i hope Both of them die at the end of the movie. that’d make this movie have the BEST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill pray abt it hold on!

the scene fades to black

The Zipper Of Good Fortune

“What do you mean we have to close up shop? We’ve never even worked a night-shift before, this is the first time!” Jungkook said to his manager, who was very done with Jungkook’s shit at the moment.

“Can you just stop complaining? You either work the night shift, or you go. Why cant you be like Jimin and just do as I say?” The manager looks at Jimin who was currently standing to next to Jungkook.

“Woah woah woah WOAH, leave me out of this” Jimin says to the manager.

“Get to work, both of you. Theres no one else working tonight because of Valentines Day, they all have dates and you two are the only ones here who are lonely and single, so don’t even try me. Now if you excuse me, I have a date with my boyfriend Namjoon.”

“Have fun Jin hyung” said Jimin with a cheerful smile. That beautiful smile thats so welcoming to others. Jungkook sees his hyung’s smile, and even though he’s in a bad mood he decides to smile anyways.

“Yea, bye” Jungkook said rolling his eyes. The younger of the two goes towards a tie rack and started to organize the ties that have been thrown all over the place from the long day in the store. Jungkook has always wanted to work in a fancy store for some reason, he felt that it would suit his personality. He looked at a black tie with pink stripes, and it reminded him of the first day he ever came to work. He walked in, and the first person he saw was a young man with pink hair, wearing a black Burberry tux, and he had a pink tie on. He found it the most weirdest thing, seeing a man with pink hair. But damn was he cute. Fetus Jungkook was very nervous of his first day at work at his dream job, so he went up to the man seeking guidance.

“u-um hello, i-im Jeon Jungkook, your new co-worker” he hesitantly bowed at a 90 degree angle and looked at the pink haired man.

“Theres no need to be so formal, my name is Jimin, nice to meet you Jungkook” He smiled and bowed. His smile. His smile omg. Jungkook’s heart started to race at how beautiful Jimin’s smile was, and how angelic his voice sounded. Jimin looked like he was glowing inside the already bright store.

“Is that what you came to work in?” Jimin said, pointing to the younger who was wearing a white shirt and ripped jeans with tims.


“Well then, lets go get a tux for you!” Jimin smiled and grabbed Jungkook’s hand, dragging him towards the fitting rooms.

Jungkook smiles at the sudden memory that popped up in his head, his hyung has always been sweet and patient with him. Jimin was the friend Jungkook could go to when he needed to rant, or when he needed advice with something.

“When he says that we have to close up, does that also mean we have to do the cleaning to?” Jungkook said while hanging up the ties on the stand.

“Yea, I guess so, we are the only ones here.” Jungkook looked around the store and noticed that him and Jimin where actually the only ones there. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head.



“I have an idea”

“…What is it?”

“Its very stupid”

“Your very stupid”

“Oh shut up” Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and they went to the backroom

“Jungkook, what the hel-”

“Shhhhhh, just wait” Jungkook walked further into the room and let go of Jimin’s hand unwillingly. His hands are just so soft and small, they are literally perfect to hold. He grabs a tux from the box that had just been shipped in today.

“Jimin. I HAVE to try this on”

“Jungkook you are an idiot”

“Yes. I am aware”

“Pass me the other one”

The younger smirked and reached into the box getting a tux that was Jimins size, and hands it over to him. They both left the dim backroom and went into the fitting rooms to try on the very, very expensive tux’s.

Jimin gets dressed faster then the younger and exits the fitting room and looks in a mirror. The silver button down shirt thats tucked into his slacks make his butt pop out, and it compliments his hips very nicely.

“Kookie can you see how this looks?”

“Yea sure hold on, i’m having a little bit of trouble with the zipper, it wont go up” he says struggling with the zipper.

“Do you need help?”

“W-what?” The younger started blushing at the thought of Jimin being so close to his dick…

“Do you need help?” Jimin said in a more powerful voice.

“NO I-im good”

After another minute or so struggling with the zipper, he finally gets it up.

“I GOT IT! HELL YEA” Jungkook exits the fitting room to a beautiful human being right in front of him. Oh wait he’s looking at a mirror. But then he looks to the side, OMG HES GORGEOUS!!!! Woop thats another mirror. He looks to the other side to see his hyung on his phone. Jungkook’s mouth drops at the side in front of him. Now, he’s just staring at Jimin without saying a word. The elder finally catches on and says-

“WOW Jungkook you look AMAZING” A little bit of blush creeps on his face noticing how sharp Jungkook looks. Sure, they were tux everyday, but the younger looks like he just came out of Prince Charming’s ball. His facial features suddenly look a lot sharper too, and its making the older feel some type of way.

“J-jimin you l-look really nice t-too” Jungkook stutters because the beauty in front of him is just so overwhelming.

“Can we take a picture together? I told my friend Yoongi that i’m going on a date with you tonight, and as you know, i’m not” Jimin laughs nervously as he scratches his head, hoping that Jungkook would be okay with what he suggested, and hoping he wouldn’t question why he decided to tell his friend that they went on a date.

“Yea sure, why not” Well, that went better then Jimin expected. He couldn’t help but notice the blush both of them had on in the selca. *Damn we look good together..*

“Damn we look good, can you send me that?” Jungkook said smiling with his cute bunny smile.

“Sure” Jimin sent the picture to his friend Yoongi and to Jungkook. The younger took out his phone when it rang, and Jimin looked at the notification. It was a text under the contact name of-

“Big Booty Jimin? PFFFFT”




“But seriously Jimin, damn that ass!”

“Bro your thighs look like they were sculpted by gods”

“Why, thank you” Great, now Jungkook was thinking about his Hyung’s ass. But its just so peachy and-

“Imma go get out of this tux, i’m scared i might rip it or something, we don’t want that happening”

“Yea we really don’t need that happening” They both went into the fitting rooms and started to get undressed. As Jungkook took off his shirt he couldn’t help but think about how Jimin told his friend that he went on a date with Jungkook. When Yoongi brought up a boyfriend, was the younger the first person Jimin thought of? The elder wouldn’t mind going out with him? The sudden though got him blushing and his cheeks felt hot. He went to take of his pants when he notices the zipper wouldn’t budge.

“Fuck” He kept trying with all his force to pull down the zipper but it just wasnt budging.

“Shit, shit shit” He started panicking, what the hell was gonna happen if he didnt get these pants off? He’s currently shirtless, stuck in pants that are part of a very expensive tux suit, he’s getting sweaty, and he’s at WORK. What a Valentines Day.

“Um, Jungkook are you okay?”

“No. Not really. Not at all”

“What happened?” Jungkook swung open the door and saw a startled Jimin outside of the fitting room stall. Jimin was currently looking at a sexy beast. He younger was shirtless, his nice abs exposed, and there was sweat dripping down his forehead and a little on his collarbone. He pointed to the zipper and said,

“This is the problem”


“OMG sorry i was pointing to my dick i meant the zipper”

“You scared me”

“I dont know what to do its stuck”

“Wait let me try” Jimin approaches Jungkook who’s currently in the fitting room fidgeting. The elder kneels down and his head is right above the younger’s dick and he suddenly feels awkward. He starts to blush and clears his throat. Jungkook is blushing hard as well, he’s basically a tomato at this point. The younger looks up at the ceiling and tries not to think too much of it.

“Well, uhm, im just gonna go for it” Jimin suddenly put his hand on the zipper and tries to pull it down. He tries again but this time his hand accidentally brushes a little too hard against the younger’s dick and Jungkook groans but when he realized what just happened he jumps back in shock.

“IM SORRY OMG” They are now both feriously blushing, and jimin can no longer look jungkook in the eye.

“JUST, JUST HURRY, i cant take them off by myself”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes just go ahead”

“O-okay” Jimin tried his best to not touch Jungkook’s dick, however, that didn’t turn out so well. Not just that, but the younger cant help but to look down and imagine Jimin’s pretty plump lips around his dick, sucking away. He bites his lip at the thought, he’s got to get these dirty thoughts to go away, he’s already getting a boner and he doesn’t need to make it worse. The elder is trying his best to not touch Jungkook again but when he does, the younger moans, and honestly, Jimin wants to hear him moan even more. He wants to hear the younger moan his name while he’s grinding on him and-

“mhmmm” Jungkook, just, he, MOANED? Jimin’s dirty thoughts distracted him and he accidentally let go of the zipper with force, and he put pressure on the younger’s dick. An idea popped into Jimin;s head. It really isn’t his fault, all those dirty thoughts. Jungkook got him all hot a flustered, being shirtless, moaning in all his glory. Jimin suddenly smirked and groped the younger, adding pressure and feeling the younger’s dick in his hand. Jungkook moaned, and took a step back in surprise, and shock.

“J-Jimin?” Jungkook looked into Jimin’s eyes and saw something he’s never seen before. His pupils have gone large, and he has a smirk on his plump lips. He’s no longer the cute angelic Jimin he first met, now he looks intimidating and sexy as hell. Jimin gropes the younger’s hardening dick again and the he groans at the friction. He feels to sensitive under his hyung’s intimidating touch, and he wants a lot more.

“J-jimin, do-do it again” Jimin’s smirk becomes even wider when he hears those words, he does the same action again however adding more pressure. The younger cant take it anymore, he starts grinding his hips against Jimin’s hand and lets out a lewd groan. The pink haired man looks up at Jungkook in shock, but he is just even more turned on now. He stands up and grabs the back of Jungkook’s neck and kisses him passionately. He starts grinding on him and the friction of their dicks rubbing against one another makes him go insane. He loves the way Jungkook’s body feels against his own, and he loved how the younger blushes innocently under his touch.

“Fuck Jungkook, you are so incredibly hot” He says while kissing the raven haired boy. The younger moans and grinds against the elders dick. All those fantasies he’s had in his head are now becoming reality. He lets his hands travel against the others chest, feeling every crease and playing close attention to his abs. He never knew Jungkook had an amazing body like this, just seeing the other shirtless is getting him turned on and making him lustful. Jungkook reaches down and grabs Jimin’s dick and adds the right amount of pressure to make Jimin groan and thrust his hips forward. Jimin pushes Jungkook against the wall and bites his shoulder,  he sucks and nibbles some more to leaving a love mark to claim him. Jungkook throws his head back in pleasure. He couldn’t believe that this was happening either, he’s currently having a heated make-out session with his hot co-worker. The older starts sucking and leaves love bites all over the younger’s collarbones .

“These pants are a problem, they’ve got to go” The older says in a husky voice that sends a shiver down the others spine. That husky voice made the younger lose his shyness. He was ready to fuck Jimin until he couldn’t walk.

“I’ve got an idea. Sit down” Jungkook sits down on the chair in the fitting room, following the others directions. Jimin straddles him, and starts riding the younger. The younger’s head falls back in pleasure and he lets out a moan. He grabs Jimin’s hips and starts adding more pressure to add more friction on their aching dicks.

“I cant take it anymore. Fuck it ” Jungkook reaches for the zipper and pulls it down with all the force he has. Jimin looks at the younger in shock,

“You-you broke it! Damn you want me to suck you off that badly, huh?”

“Its better broken then me cumming all over the pants, now isn’t it? Now suck my dick” He stands up and swiftly takes off the pants, leaving him in only underwear.

“My turn” Jungkook says with a grin. He slides off Jimin’s shirt and immediately attacks the new smooth skin. He nibbles on the older’s earlobe and gets a slight moan as a reward. He thrusts his hips onto Jimin’s, earning a very lewd moan from the elder. Jimin pulls the younger away from his body, eying him up and down. Jimin gives the younger a smirk, and he starts kissing and nibbling at the younger’s chest, soon lowering to his abdomen, leaving love bites. He swiftly takes off the others underwear, freeing Jungkook’s hard dick from the article of clothing. *Fuck hes big*. The elder continues what he was doing, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses as he gets closer and closer to the younger’s dick, the younger waiting in anticipation. Jimin kisses and sucks everywhere besides where the younger wants him to kiss and suck making the younger get needy.

“Stop teasing me”

“But your thighs are just too beautiful” Jungkook grabs a handful of Jimin’s hair and forces him to face the younger’s dick.

“Im about to fuck your mouth so I suggest your open those pretty plump lips of yours” Jimin obediently opens his mouth, accepting the switch of things and lets Jungkook force his dick inside his mouth. The younger moans at the feeling of him being swallowed, he loves the feeling of the older’s warm mouth around him, sucking away. Jungkook grabs the pink hair tighter and thrusts his hips into Jimin’s mouth, throwing his head back at the amazing feeling. Tears start forming on the elders eyes when Jungkook’s thrusts become harsh, and the hair pulling is intense, however he loves being mouth fucked.

“Mmm you dirty slut, you love the taste of my dick don’t you?” Jungkook says in a low breathy moan. Jimin hums in response causing a vibration that makes the younger whimper. Jungkook starts wildly thrusting into jimin’s mouth, pulling the older’s hair so he can swallow more of him. The younger throws his head back in pleasure when he feels he’s about to cum. Jimin however, grabs the younger’s hips firmly stopping the younger’s intense hip thrusting. He removes his lips from the younger’s painfully hard dick, making the younger moan in disappointment.

“J-jimin what the fuck?”

“I cant have you cum just yet, i want your dick inside of me” Jungkook’s eyes widened in shock and Jimin was honestly a little surprised with his own words, however he was just too horny to even give a shit. All he knew at the moment was that he wanted the younger’s dick inside of him. The truth is, neither of them has ever done it with a guy. This is the first time Jungkook has ever fucked a guy, and this is the first time Jimin has ever had a dick inside of him.

“What” The youngers eyes widened in shock.

“Fuck me” The younger’s shock just changed into pure lust when he saw the way Jimin looked into his eyes and how low his voice sounded. The younger groaned and pushed Jimin against the wall again biting at his neck. The elder moved his head to the side offering the younger more space to bite and suck. Jimin moaned at the feeling of the younger’s body surrounding his own. Jungkook went up and bit his hyungs earlobe, earning a satisfied groan. He felt two hands rub his sides and then they grabbed his ass earning a yelp.

“Fuck your ass is so peachy, we need to get those pants off” Jungkook smirked and unbuttoned the elders jeans, lowering them, allowing Jimin to slide them off. The younger gave Jimin one last kiss, tongues fighting for dominance as Jungkook rubs his hand against Jimin’s hard-on. He younger breaks the kiss and brings his fingers up to Jimin’s pretty plump lips.

“Suck” The older gladly accepts the younger’s demand and puts the fingers in his mouth. He sucks, his tongue swirling around the fingers and the younger swears he could cum by just looking at the sight. He brings his other hand down to Jimin’s hard dick and rubs through the clothing.

“Mmm baby your so hard for me” Jimin thrusts his dick into the younger’s hands wanting more friction. Jungkook watches as Jimin sucks desperately on his fingers wishing that it was his dick again. Jimin lets the younger slip his fingers outside of his mouth, and pulls him into a kiss. Jungkook uses his free hand to rub Jimin’s hard on through the fabric again and the elder moans against Jungkook’s mouth. He pulls away from the kiss and thrusts his hips onto Jungkooks hands again, letting him get the friction that he desperately wants.

“Fuck just, FUCK ME ALREADY” Jimin slides off his underwear in a blink of an eye and basically tackled Jungkook. He pins the younger against the wall, kissing his swollen cherry lips. Jungkook takes his lubricated finger and gets closer to Jimin’s pink hole, while sucking on those heavenly lips. As Jungkook’s hand brushes against the older’s hole, the older lets out a little squeak. He’s never felt a finger so close to his hole before and its a new feeling. He suddenly regrets what he said and he breaks the kiss, and bites his lip. Jungkook looks into the younger’s eyes, he could see a little bit of fright.

“Are you sure you want me to do this”

“Y-yes, but how painful will it be?

"Just a finger or my cock” Jimin blushes hard at these words,

“J-just a finger”

“You’ve never fingered yourself before?”

“YOU HaVe?”

“Of course!” Jungkook takes this opportunity while Jimin is distracted and put his two fingers through the muscle.

“AH, it burns!” Jimin yells out squinting his eyes. He has to admit, he really doesn’t like this feeling, but the younger’s hand slowly rapping around his cock is making up for it. Jungkook slides his finger in, and kisses Jimin trying to distract him from the pain.

“Babe, are you sure you are okay with this” Jungkook looked at Jimin’s watery eyes and saw pain. Jimin was about to answer no when-

“OH, fuck me!” Jimin’s eyes closed shut as he gasped for air. Jungkook found the older’s prostate and grinned, knowing that if he had waited any longer to find it he wouldn’t have been able to fuck Jimin.

“W-what was that!?” Jungkook rubbed against his prostate again and Jimin threw his head back welcoming the wonderful knew feeling. He closed his eyes so tight that he could see white when he opened them again. The younger added a knew finger and the elder whimpered in pain as the new finger was pushed into the tight muscle. But then again, the younger brushed against the bundle of nerves causing Jimin to arch his back and push his ass against Jungkook’s finger.

“FUCK! DO IT AGAIN” Jungkook thrusts his fingers into the elder at a fast pace, basically finger fucking the elder, each time aiming and hitting the elders prostate. Jimin couldn’t help but let his tongue fall out as he panted and threw his hips back everytime the younger’s fingers entered him. Jungkook’s pace got faster and faster until he noticed Jimin’s breathing and how his hole clenched against his fingers. The younger suddenly pulled out, getting a groan from the elder. He didn’t want him to cum just yet, and he felt that the elder was prepped enough for his dick. Jungkook turned around so now his hyung was against the wall and the younger was hovering over him.

“Jump” The elder jumped and the younger caught him, bringing his legs around his hips. Jungkook’s dick teased the elders whole, gaining a shiver from him.

“This may hurt a bit..” Jungkook entered Jimin’s entrance, stretching out the tense muscles slowly. Tears started forming on the elders eyes, he knew it would hurt, but this burns and it feels like something is ripping him open.

“Ah-hh, it-t hurts” Jungkook leans in and kisses the elder, trying to distract him from the pain.

“Its gonna be okay, I promise it’ll feel good in a little bit” He leans in for another kiss as he pushes deeper into the elder. They stay in that position for a little bit, Jungkook not wanting to cause Jimin more pain.

“You… You can go now” Jimin bites his lip as he sees Jungkook thrust into him from the dressing room mirror. He looks at the younger’s perfect body figure, the way he muscles flex, his nice broad back. He lets his eyes fall as Jungkook thrusts into him again. He didn’t think it would be so painful but it honestly feels like something is tearing him apart. He opens his mouth to let out a pained groan when Jungkook captures his lips in a deep kiss. Their tongues intertwine as they fight for dominance, the younger quickly winning as Jimin melts into the kiss. Jungkook’s thrusting is slowly speeding up, he just cant control it anymore. He’s secretly wanted to fuck his hyung and make him moan his name from the first day he met him.

“J-jimin your so tight” The younger says as he thrusts even harder into the elder.

“F-fuck” The elder is starting to get used to the thrusting and the pain is being replaced by pleasure. The elder starts moving his hips in sync with Jungkook’s thrusts, he felt like something was missing and he wanted to find it. The way his hole felt around Jungkook’s dick felt overwhelming to the younger. This is better than any girl he ever did. The younger moaned when Jimin started sucking on his neck, leaving another love bite. The elder started nibbling on the younger’s ear piercing which was one of his sensitive spots.

“J-jimin” the younger moaned. He thrusts really hard at an angle and Jimin swears he could see a white light-

“DADDY! F U C K ME” Well he found what he was looking for.

“What did you just call me?” The younger says with a wide smirk.


“Say it again”


“Fine ill just have to make you say it” The younger thrusts into the elder at the same angle making Jimin see stars.

“F-FUCK” Jungkook thrusts again, he’s quickening his pace but the elder wants more

“J-jungkook, h-harder!” The younger throws his hips against Jimin’s and the elder is hanging on to the younger’s shoulders for dear life. However, he knew Jungkook was holding back and he wanted more, he didn’t care what he has to do, he wants to be fucked harder

“Daddy harder!” The younger groans at the name, making him even more turned on. He thrusts harder and the elder is losing his grip on the younger’s shoulders. Jungkook is now thrusting in full pace with all his might, and Jimin could feel the ball of heat build up in his stomach. His prostate is being abused and he doesn’t know how much more he can take.

“F-uck i-im go-ing to c-cum” Jimin breathes out in moans.

“Hmm me too” Jimin’s entrance started to squeeze around the younger’s dick, making Jungkook moan at the tight feeling. Its just urging him to go more. He removes his dick from Jimins entrance, and slams back in with full force hitting the elders prostate completely.

“D-daddy!” Jimin pants out. He swears that he saw the gates of heaven for a good few seconds as he cums all over his and the younger’s stomach. He’s panting non-stop, and he feels amazing. The younger thrusts again into Jimin, going for his own release. He cums inside of the elder after a few more thrusts, moaning at how good it felt to finally release. They stay in that position for a little bit, trying to get their breathes back. He sits down on the chair and puts Jimin to sit on his lap.

“That was amazing”

“Yea i know but you couldve at least taken me on a date first”

“UM excuse me, you were the one who kept touching my dick! Its not my fault that you just looked so incredible during everything” Jimin laughed at the younger’s words.

“What are we gonna do about the pants?” Jimin says

“Oh shit I forgot about it. And that we are still at work!”

“Crap we have to close up!” Jimin suddenly gets up reaching for his clothes but then-

“OH FUCK” He falls back on Jungkooks lap as he feels a sudden pain on his lower back.

“My back hurts so much” Jungkook smiles and shrugs. He pulls the elder in for a kiss. It was deep and passionate and they both are enjoying it. Jungkook is the first to pull away as he says,

“Ill get us our clothes” He stands up and rests Jimin on the chair. He reaches for his clothing and once he has his underwear on, he gives Jimin his underwear and the rest of his clothing. They both struggle to get dressed, especially the elder who cant even stand.

“I have an idea about the pants” the younger said as he put on his shoes.

“What is it?”

“Why don’t we just put the pants back exactly how we found it, and then pretend like we don’t know anything if they ask us why the zipper is fucked? They don’t have to ever find out.” The younger grinned at Jimin, thinking this is an amazing plan.

“We are so getting fired”

“I know, but lets just try to stay until our next paycheck” They both smiled and started to close up shop. It was mostly Jungkook doing the work because the elder was having difficulty standing. They shut off all the lights and Jungkook helped Jimin walk outside. The younger locked the door and looked at the pink haired man.

“So, i was thinking, how about we go on a date? I mean if thats, if its okay with you, im not gonna force to do anything…” the younger babbles. He started to blush and looked at the floor smiling awkwardly.

“You know, for a guy I just called daddy, that was not smooth at all” They both started laughing and Jimin looked at the younger with kindness in his eyes.

“Yes i’ll go on a date with you” He pulled Jungkook closer from the collar on his shirt and they shared a deep, romantic kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is my first fan fiction and first smut, so I hope you guys like it! And also can we talk about how awesome BTS’s comeback is like damn. Chong! Jojun! Balsa! 

~Admin Blue :)

Sunday Mornings

Originally posted by forursmiles

↳ Namjoon x Reader

• Word Count: 5k

• Genre: Smut/No Story

• A/N: It’s been a while, so I pieced a Namjoon smut for you guys. Im gonna be working on Yoongi and Hoseok stories guys :’) so yeah! I won’t be writing for a while after finals however. Also this was really fitting because its Sunday when I finished this & Namjoon’s vlive last night lmao

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Everyday with you is wonderful

Request: Bucky x Reader where Bucky surprises her with a romantic dinner on the rooftop of the tower and everything goes horribly but the reader just finds Bucky adorable (because he is)

Warnings: language.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: I changed this up a little.

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

You can say you’ve always had a crush on the shy, metal armed soldier named Bucky Barnes.

So to say you were ecstatic when he (nervously) asked you out, would be an understatement.

Late night missions together, training sessions, even trying to teach the soldier to make a high end meal, which didn’t go over well. But makes for good memories to tell in the future.

You were in your bedroom, putting on a dress for your date with Bucky.

At least, you assume that’s what he wants you to do. He never told you what to wear, if it was casual or fancy. So you just went ahead with a pink and white sundress, put your hair into a side braid, and applied minimal make up.

Taking one last look in the mirror, you decide you look good enough. Now you just wait for Bucky.




Bucky leaves his shared apartment with Steve, a nervous wreck, his only palm sweating so much he keeps dropping his phone and keys.

“Buck, you need to chill. Everyone at the tower knows (Y/N) is head over heels in love with you, she’ll love it no matter what.”

“I know, Steve…that’s why I need it to be perfect, she’s perfect and she deserves the best.”

“Take the motorcycle Bucky, girls love motorcycles, at least that’s what everyone tells me.”

“Y-Yeah okay, that’s a good idea.” He takes the keys for the motorcycle and drops them 2 times before they even make it into his pocket.

Steve leans down and picks them up for him, resting his hand on his right shoulder to try to calm him down.

“’re gonna make her a nervous wreck If you don’t calm down.”

“I’m sorry. You’re right. She’s just so perfect Steve…she makes me feel something I haven’t felt since before the war…I actually feel like myself again…a part of me that I thought was long since dead has made himself known again…I can’t screw this up..” Bucky runs his hands through his hair.

“Just relax Bucky, she loves you just the way you are, you know that.” Bucky stands up and shakes himself off.

“I-Im ready. I can do this.”

Steve pats him on the back and smiles.

Bucky shakes his head one more time and walks out the door.

He comes back 30 seconds later.

“I need the keys.” Steve laughs and hands them to him.

“Wondered how far you’d make it.”



Bucky laughs and leaves for the 2nd time, with everything in tow.




Bucky is 30 minutes late at this point, you begin to wonder if he’s forgotten.

Another 5 minutes passes before you finally hear the door bell.

You get up off the couch and make your way over to the door, opening it to reveal your date.

You smirk at him, not at all upset with his tardiness.

“I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N), I forgot the keys, then traffic was bad, and the–you’re wearing a dress?” You’re taken aback by his sudden change of topic.

“Yes…is there something wrong with it?” You look down and try to find a stain, or something wrong with it.

“N-No! It’s beautiful…I’m sorry, I should have told you what to wear.., I brought the bike..”

You laugh, a big full belly laugh.

“You’re so adorable, Barnes. I’ll be right back.” You walk to the back room again, going to change into a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, seeing as that’s what he was clad in.

When you come back into the living room, Bucky is sitting on the couch, head in his hands. You assume he’s embarrassed.

“Bucky?” He sits up quickly, startled by you.

Did you just catch him off guard? That’s a first. He must be REALLY nervous.

“(Y/N) I-I’m so sorry…this is going horribly so far…I just wanted this evening to be deserve perfect…” He looks down, his hands interlocked.

You walk up to him, grabbing both his hands in yours.

“Just spending the evening with you is a perfect evening…” You look up at him and lean up on yout tip toes and kiss his cheek.

He blushes and runs his thump over your knuckle.

“We better go, doll.” He leads you outside and towards the bike. He gets on and you get on after him, and wrap your arms around his waist, leaning your head on his back.

You love this man. He means everything to you, this evening is wonderful to you, even if it does flop.




The ride to the restaurant is quiet, as quiet as a motor cycle can be at least. You get off the bike first, getting your jeans stuck in the kickstand, and fall over. Your back smacks on the concrete.

Bucky jumps off the bike and runs to you, leaning down to help you up.

“Fuck, (Y/N) are you okay?” You start laughing, wiping some tears of amusement off your face.

“I-I’m alright, Buck. That was great, man I needed that laugh.” He stares at you like you have 3 heads.

“You sure you’re okay, doll?” He rubs his thumbs over your cheeks and kisses your forehead.

“I’m alright sweetie, let’s go, I’m starving.”

You walk into the Italian restaurant, and up to the hostess. Bucky speaks to her;

“Yeah, uh, we have a reservation for 2 under Barnes.”

She obnoxiously smacks her gum a few times and looks on her computer.

“Uh, yeah, we had to give them to someone else, as you’re 50 minutes late. Sorry sir. NEXT.” She turns her back.

Bucky is just standing there in shock. You find yourself smirking.

“W-what?” You pull him by the sleeve, back out to the bike.

“I-I’m sorry (Y/N)…I can’t believe this…this is a disaster, I can’t do anything right..” He sits on the bench outside, obviously humiliated.

“Aw come on Buck, it’s okay, the days not ruined, we can go back to the apartment, order takeout and watch some scary movies, and I can snuggle close to you when I get scared! That sounds better than anything anyway, wouldn’t you agree?” He smiles up at you, standing up, he cradles your face in his hands, bringing his lips to yours.

“Alright, doll. That sounds good.”

Back on the bike, you make it home without incident, and manage to NOT fall off the bike this time.

You change into comfy clothes and pop in Friday the 13th. Bucky ordered pizza, so you lay yourself down on the couch, with your head on his shoulder, he wraps his arm around you.

“I love you Buck..”
“I love you too, doll.”

A perfect ending, to a disastrous evening.



I actually REALLY enjoyed this, super cute idea!

here’s some more youkael headcanons since i’m feeling extra emo:

  • they love hiking. they love going for long walks in the woods surrounded by trees and the sound of birds chirping. there’s a calmness to it. there’s a calmness in yousef watching mikael walking in front of him, leading the way when the path gets narrow, in seeing mikael’s face light up when he smiles, and then in mikael moving to his right hand side again as the path opens up. but in all of that, they don’t let go of each other’s hands. their hands remain joined, held together. there’s a peacefulness when they both find a spot, spread out a blanket, and lie down on it, looking upwards at the sky. there’s a stillness about that moment that yousef wants to treasure with his eyes shut for as long as he lives, that mikael wants to capture in a photo when he sees yousef at his most serene, and keep with him for as long as he lives.  there’s a feeling of completeness when mikael finally lays his head on yousef’s chest and feels yousef’s heart beating. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. they could stay like this forever, and it wouldn’t be a problem. at all.
  • mikael hates it when yousef doesn’t take care of himself, whether it be in football practice or football matches. “it’s just a sprain,” “it’s just a scratch,” “it’s just a bruise,”. but it’s not just a sprain, scratch or bruise, is it? it’s that agony and pain that makes yousef clench his eyes shut, grit his teeth, bite his lip so he doesn’t yell from the soreness, that mikael hates. because yousef has this tendency to always underplay himself. yousef gives so much of himself to people, and so little to his own self, that he dismisses his hurt. he’s selfless like that. so mikael doesn’t really care, at all, if he has to swat yousef’s hand away and glare at him when mikael is applying some kind of ointment on yousef’s sprain or scratch or bruise. if mikael wants to apply ointment onto yousef, then he will, and not even yousef himself can stop him from doing so.
  • there’s times when mikael will hear yousef pray qur’aan, and - he swears - there is no beautiful sound than that. it echoes around the walls of the flat. it makes mikael stop whatever he is doing, and simply close his eyes, and listen. it’s like divine intervention. in fact, it is divine intervention. there’s a sacredness and holiness in it, in hearing yousef recite the qur’aan, verse by verse, chapter by chapter. it’s a safety net. sometimes, mikael himself doesn’t even realise, since he’s so immersed in the feeling, that he’s made his way to sit in front of yousef, and simply take the sight in front of him in. his beautiful boy in a pristine white thobe, with the qur’aan in his hands, his full concentration in the words he’s reciting, even though mikael knows that yousef knows that mikael’s sat in front of him, because he notices the way yousef’s voice changes - it goes from loud and echoing, to just loud enough for the two of them to hear. and even though mikael’s name is the name of an angel in islam, right now, it’s yousef who looks like an angel in front of him, pure, clean, devout. nothing else matters in those minutes. not the outside world or it’s people. it’s just yousef, mikael, and the word of allah, tucked away in their flat.
  • the thing with mikael is, when he works, he often forgets that - oh, he has to eat. and he should stretch his legs and his arms from time to time. that he should move about a little bit, take a 5 minute break, give his brain some rest. mikael becomes so … engrossed when he works, he … himself doesn’t even realise where the time goes. good thing he has, you know, a boyfriend, right? that actually cares about things like those. “mikael, baby boy come on. you’ve been sat there for the past 3 hours, its not good for your blood circulation,” or “you’ll get muscle pain baby listen just … stretch a bit!”, or “how do you forget that you have to eat, ya allah this boy!” but yousef likes taking care of mikael, and he says all of these things in the most fond, gentle voice, that’s laced with so much care and concern and love and admiration that sometimes, yousef feels his heart is going to burst from loving mikael so much. and mikael hears that love, hears that admiration. he hears all the care and concern. so he, who’s sat on the floor with papers scattered everywhere, will raise his arms and do little “grabby hands”, and yousef smiles. he smiles so widely as he pulls mikael up and hug him, swaying them both from side to side, and ohmyallah, he HEARS mikael sigh and moan because oh it feels so good to stretch out his body and be held by yousef at the same time. “i love you, you know.” “i love you too.”
  • weekends are their most favourite part of the week, since throughout the week, they’re both so busy with uni stuff and work and matches and practice, that even though they both live together, they both understand that by evening, they’re both so tired and worn out that they literally do not have the energy to do anything laborious. they’ll cuddle and then fall alseep, because their bodies are that heavy, and then they’ll have to be up early the next weekday. so, weekends? those are their favourite days. especially saturdays. saturday is /their/ day. they don’t plan saturdays, they just see where life takes them. sometimes it’ll mean going out, sometimes it’ll mean slobbing out. sometimes it’ll means fancy wear, sometimes it’ll mean nothing but them in their underwear. they just, roll with it, and it’s so nice how naturally everything just comes. there’s no pressure. “let’s spend today in bed listening to more life and making out, and then some, and order in a shit tonne of greasy food”, and sometimes, it’s one of them finding a box wrapped in wrapping paper on their bed, with a note next to it saying “so habibi, i saw this shirt this week whilst i was in town. thought it’d look hot on you. thought why not buy it and take you out for the night. can’t wait to see you in it.”, and by 5pm, they’re both dressed in their button downs, black jeans and leather boots, ready to leave to go out. but before that, yousef fixes one of mikael’s top buttons on his shirt, before wrapping his arms around mikael’s waist and kissing him. “new cologne?”, says yousef, “mhmm,” replies mikael. “i like it.” “i like you. and you look so hot, by the way.”
Stressin' (Daveed x Reader)

hello sorry it took me a million years to upload something but here ya go!! this took on an ending that I wasn’t really expecting that like borderlines as a ramos x reader?? probs bc im upset he left today but anywho hope you enjoy

ps I know that the actually lyric isn’t “in the dressing room stressing” I was just trying to be clever okay

Request: maybe a part two to no stress?

Summary: Reader hangs out backstage more often with the cast of Hamilton, causing new feelings to stir.

Warnings: Bit of language. SHIRTLESS DAVEED.

Part One

“It amazes me how late you guys wait to get ready before the show,” you said to Daveed, Oak and Anthony. It has been two weeks since you first met the cast and, just as you told Anthony, you visited the Richard Rogers theatre more often, nearly on a daily basis. You had grown close to everyone in the cast in the short timespan and Daveed was so happy to see you fitting in with his friends so easily.

“You think we take our time? Try talking to Leslie five minutes before places, half the time he isn’t even mic-ed yet,“ Daveed told you, sitting beside you on the couch with an arm wrapped around your shoulders.

“Really?” you asked the three stars in the room surprised.

“Stop by his dressing room when they call five minutes to places, I guarantee you he’s nowhere close to ready,” Anthony said, sitting on the other side of you.

Oak stood from where he sat, across the room on a separate chair, and spoke, “We should probably start getting ready though, it’s almost ten til places.”

Anthony sighed in a resignation and said, “Yeah, you’re probably right. Catch you guys later.”

Anthony followed Oak’s lead and stood as well, the pair of them heading towards the door. Daveed stood and followed them out, telling them, “Yeah, that’s right, get outta here.”

“You know you love us, Diggs!” Oak said as they exited, Daveed closing the door after they left with a laugh.

You stood up and approached your boyfriend while saying, “Surely you’re not kicking me out too, are you?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist then proceeding to plant a small kiss upon your lips.

You smiled up at Daveed, holding him close as you casually said, “Mhmm, now take your shirt off.“

“Always so eager,” he joked, taking his shirt off nonetheless.

“I’m just trying to make sure you make it on stage on time,” you innocently told him, handing him his white compression tank he needed to wear underneath his costume.

“How thoughtful of you,” Daveed said as he slipped on the shirt.

“I try my best,” you proudly said with a grin, continuing to hand him different costume pieces as he got out of his street clothes. You took a small break from helping him change when people came in to mic him, sitting back down on the couch as you patiently waited for him to be done.

After he was all hooked up he asked you, “Babe, can you pass me my boots?”

“I mean I guess,” you responded with an over exaggerated sigh as you got up to get them.

Daveed chuckled at your behavior and said, “I’m just the worst boyfriend ever, aren’t I? Making you get up and walk five steps to retrieve my things.”

You handed him his boots as you laughed and said, “I don’t know why I put up with it all.”

“Five minutes til places.”

“Hey, I’ll be right back,” you said, making your way to the door.

Daveed gave you a questionable look and asked, “And just where are you going?”

“To see how ready Leslie is,” you informed him, opening the door to his dressing room.

Daveed laughed and said, “He’s still in a tshirt and jeans, I guarantee it.”

“Guess I’ll just have to go and see for myself,” you told him, making your exit. A few short moments later you arrived at Leslie’s room, announcing your presence as you walked in, “Knock knock.”

“Hey!” Leslie greeted, still in his regular clothing as Daveed had said. “What brings you here?”

“Just wanted to see if what everyone said about you taking your sweet ass time was true, which it apparently is,” you told him.

“Relax, I’ve got plenty of time,” he said, acting extremely nonchalant.

You gaped at him and said, “You’ve got five minutes!”

Leslie simply laughed at this as Kimmy walked into the room. He said, “Alright, alright, I’m getting ready! See?”

“You’re ridiculous,” you said, deciding to leave as he got ready. You heard his laugh echo again as you started down the hallway towards Daveed’s dressing room, but you stopped short as you heard your name being mentioned elsewhere.

“–but Y/N is with Daveed!” you overheard Lin say from inside his dressing room.

A second voice that you recognized as Anthony’s replied and said, “I know! It’s just.. I’ve never met anyone like Y/N before. When we met I couldn’t stop staring and now that we’ve become friends I just can’t get enough of em. Here I am, two weeks later in the dressing room stressing.”

You stood outside of Lin’s dressing room in a daze. Anthony Ramos had feelings for you? What were you supposed to do with this information? You silenced your thoughts and continued to listen in as Lin asked, “Does Daveed know?”

“God, no,” Anthony replied, “How would I tell him this? And should I even bother to?”

Lin asked as a follow up question, “Then what are you gonna do?”

You heard Anthony sigh and say, “I honestly have no idea.”

You began to slowly walk away from the room and started to head back towards Daveed’s room, already have heard enough of that conversation. Your thoughts wondered along the way, thinking about ways to deal with what you’ve just heard. Did you talk to Daveed about it? Or talk to Anthony about it? Or should you just leave it be unless Anthony brings it up? You were clueless.

Daveed’s door came into eyesight and you put your thoughts aside as you entered the dressing room. Daveed was sat on the couch in full costume, scrolling through social media on his phone. You greeted him with a smile, “Hey.”

“Was he or was he not anywhere close to being in costume?” Daveed asked you in reference to Leslie.

You answered him, “You were right, still jeans and a tshirt.“

Daveed laughed, standing up as he said, “I told you so.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” you said with a roll of your eyes and a smile tugging at your lips.

Daveed took you in his arms again, giving you a tight hug as he asked, “You alright? Your sarcastic comments are usually better than that.”

His choice of words made you laugh the slightest bit as you responded, “Yeah, just lost in thought.”

“What’s on your mind?” he asked, pulling away to look at you, his hands remaining on your waist.

“It’s uh.. Well, um,” you stuttered, not really knowing what to say.

“Places everyone. This is your call for places.”

A sense of relief washed over you as you heard the stage manager’s voice over the intercom. Daveed sighed and told you, “We’ll talk later, alright?”

You nodded and he leaned down for a quick kiss before leaving to head out on stage. Most nights you’d watch the show from the wings, but tonight you opted to stay in Daveed’s room as you were unsure of what you’d do if you ran into Anthony backstage.

Intermission quickly rolled around, meaning Daveed was back in the dressing room, rapidly changing from Lafayette to Jefferson. After putting the magenta costume on, he turned to you and asked, “All good?”

“One last thing,” you said, stepping towards him. You had to get on the very tip of your toes to do it, but eventually you managed to reach up and take the hair tie out of his curls, allowing them bounce down on either side of his head.

“Thanks,” he said, smiling down at you. He gave you a little peck before telling you, “I’ve got to run to the stage management office real quick. My cane broke last night and I forgot to go get it during preshow.”

“Okay, break a leg,” you said, exchanging another kiss with him before he took off. Once he left you plopped back down the on couch and took out your phone, only staying that way a few seconds. There were two knocks not even a minute later and you looked up to see Anthony leaning against the door frame. You grew nervous, but remained visibly calm as you greeted, “Hey, Ant.”

“Hey, you alright?” He asked as he pushed himself off the frame to go and take a seat beside you. He said, “You’re usually in the wings during the show, we missed you during The Schuyler Sisters dance party.”

You laughed and told him, “Sorry, just have a lot on my mind right now, needed some time to think.”

“Think about what?” Anthony asked, insanely curious.

You took a deep breath and, deciding to get everything over with, you said, “I overheard somethings in the hallway earlier.”

Anthony froze. He prayed that you hadn’t heard the conversation he held with Lin earlier in the day. He cleared his throat, making sure his voice was stable, before he hesitantly asked, “What things?”

You did nothing but give him a blank stare, which was enough of a signal for Anthony to realize that you had heard the very conversation he never wanted you to hear. He let out a large sigh, “Dammit.. Y/N, look I’m sorry. Sorry that you found out like this, sorry for even having these damn feelings in the first place, trust me, I don’t want them!”

You scoffed at his last few words, but then softly said, “It’s not your fault, you can’t control things like this.”

“You just don’t understand how frustrating this is,” Anthony said, “To be looking for someone amazing and finally getting to meet them.. only for them to be taken by one of your best friends.”

“I-I don’t know what to say,” you nearly whispered, feeling upset and almost guilty for the way Anthony felt.

“You don’t need to say anything, none of this is on you. It’s not your fault that I’m attracted to you, that the first person I develop feelings for in months is dating my best friend.”

“Ant..” you said in such a soft tone you weren’t even sure if it was audible.

“Places everyone. Places for act two.”

“That’s my cue,” Anthony said, standing up from the couch and walking towards the door. Just before exiting, he said a small, “See ya later.”

You slouched lower into couch, being left alone in the dressing room once again. You let out a sigh as one thought circled your mind: What the hell were you supposed to do now?

Latte Art

PAIRING: Taekwoon x OFC


WARNINGS: The usual AU/sex/foul language/cheesy romance y’all know the drill at this point…


NOTES: Y’all know my usual excuses: life is cray, I work hard, blah blah blah…However this has been sitting in my drafts for a while nearly finished so I decided to buckle down and write the finishing touches on this today. Please note that I’m complete trash for even writing a coffeeshop AU in the first place like who even does this anymore…TRASH I TELL YOU!!!! I hope that those of you who can stomach my cheesy AF writing will enjoy. Big hugs to y’all xoxo


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Dylan Strome Imagine - “The Set Up” Part Two

i liked part one of this so i decided to create a part two i hpoe you like it!! 

remember my requests are always open:))

part 1

Originally posted by joecolborne8

It was sunday night which meant it was also the night that dylan strome asked me to dinner. i met dylan at a party where my friend y/f/n and her boyfriend connor set us two up.

my phone buzzed with a text from dylan, i read it out loud to y/f/n who was over helping me get ready.

‘ ill be there in ten minutes, remember not too fancy’ - dylan

“okay so he said not too fancy” y/f/n looked at your outfit, “okay change those jeans to black tights.”

i did as she said which left me in black tights, a long white t-shirt and a army green spring jacket which was perfect for the weather in toronto around this time.

“perfect” y/f/n clapped excitedly. a knock on the door caused y/f/n to jump up, “ill get it!” she yelled running to the door. i let out a loud laugh before looking in the mirror, not bad y/f/n.

i walked down the stairs and could see the front door open and y/f/n’s brown hair moving as she nodded at something that dylan said. she let him in and his eyes quickly found mine. his mouth slightly opened, his eyes never left mine.

“you look beautiful” he smiled at me. i could see y/f/n from the corner of my eye pretending to be on her phone but actually recording this whole encounter. “you dont look so bad either strome” i smiled at him.

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Tae x Jungkook x Reader
SMUT Vampire AU
Warning: Blood, Rough Sex, Pain, Swearing, Dirty Talk…
1900 Words

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 3 (No Vkook) | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |
Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 |

Walking up a dark, cold alleyway in the middle of the night in a part of the city that I did not know began to seem like a very bad idea, a very bad idea indeed. Bleak, dim lighting on the high poles above my head were he only sources of illumination and they did little to reveal all the puddles of water and pot holes present on the ground that I kept stumbling into. I was told to wear nice ‘sexy’ clothes for this. Why was I told to dress provocatively if I was only donating blood and plasma to a private company? Why had I trusted my friend when she told me all about this amazing opportunity to get a lot of money and enjoy doing it as well? She was the type of friend who always got herself into trouble but I was desperate; student loans, rent, car insurance, food, it was all really starting to pile up and I needed some fast cash. The only thing that kept me from turning on my heels and backing out was the fact that Jazmin was beside me and clearly not worried at all, in fact, she seemed excited, desperate even, to reach our destination, the complete opposite to the nervous bubble growing in the pit of my stomach.


“UGH! Why does everything have to be so expensive!” I said in exasperation, flopping down onto the scattered notes and homework that shared the expanse of my bed. Jazmin sat at the small vanity that sat under the window on the side of my bedroom wall, bathed in the uncharacteristically bright February sunlight that filtered through my open blinds. I’m not sure if it was the flattering light or if she had somehow managed to become prettier in the last few months, but her medium brown hair seemed to shine and glitter with honey colored highlights and her skin glowed with a dewy radiance.

“AH! Speaking of expensive, here’s all that money I owe you..” she reached into her purse and grabbed her wallet, snapping it open and rifling through the many bills that were stuffed into it before handing me two new, crispy hundred dollar bills. I reached for the money, confused and disbelieving that she was paying me back after all this time. I had already resigned myself to not ever seeing that money ever again. I narrowed my eyes at her, suspicious.

“Is this real? How did you get this?” she just smiled and dismissed my suspicions with a wave of her hand.

“Don’t worry, it’s completely real and I didn’t have to walk the streets to get it either. I just found a new… investment, and it pays really well.” I didn’t like her pause and nonchalant tone she was speaking with, I could tell she was hiding the truth, or at least part of it.

“Yes, I can see. How much did that new purse cost you, it looks expensive, what brand is that? Kate Spade?” I said in a sarcastic tone.

“Well fine, if you’re gonna be that way then I won’t let you in on it…” she teased.

“Im sorry, keep going.”

 My attitude completely changed at the prospect of making as much money as she clearly had recently. She laughed at my sudden change in demeanor and began to explain.

You… directly donate blood to specific individuals who are… in need, sort of like a transfusion, through a private company. Their clients and the company are very private and secretive, they highly value your discretion and expect you to keep all knowledge that you may learn to yourself. That’s one of the reasons why they pay so much. You must sign a contract as well. They offer one time donation contracts and also 1 year contracts. A onetime donation pays 1000 dollars and a year contract will pay you up to 5000 dollars depending on how many times a year you donate. They also include healthcare in their contracts and, let’s just say, some people form a relationships with their Donee. I’ve been donating for a few months now to the same person. The thing is, their method of donating is a bit unorthodox, and it may freak you out at first but, trust me, you’ll be safe the whole time. Since I’m under a… contract, I can’t actually tell you how they donate but you’ll find out soon…

After she explained and convinced me that nothing was illegal or dangerous, I reluctantly agreed to try donating, she called someone and a few minutes later, I was added to the list of donors for tonight’s session that she was attending. She then spent the rest of the day prepping us both for tonight; showering, shaving, plucking, exfoliating, conditioning, the whole nine yards. She did my hair and makeup and put together as sexy of an outfit that I’d allow, answering all my protests with,

“Trust me, you’ll want to look good for whomever you get as a Donee. Absolutely every client there looks like they just stepped out of a movie, they’re so attractive.”

I had to admit, I looked pretty good, less like a tired college student and more like an extra from the movie Underworld. My hair was half pinned up and the rest floated around my bare shoulders in soft wavy curls. My eye makeup was minimal but accentuated the shape with a slightly darker color in the crease, elongated, winged eyeliner, and lots of mascara. My foundation had a light, radiant finish and Jazmin had sculpted my face slightly with contour and highlight. She had finished me with a red toned berry liquid lip stain and very shiny clear gloss that made me look like I had just bit into a fresh pomegranate.

My outfit was comprised of a tight, black corset that I had used for a Halloween costume one year, black leather pants that I bought but never wore, and black high-heeled leather ankle boots. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t help feel a bit like a piece of meat on display. Skintight everything and bare shoulders and clavicle exposed. I shivered from the slight cold that seeped in through the walls and grabbed a long black cardigan that had silver accents and faux fur trim on the neckline and slipped it on, wrapping it around my form despite Jazmin’s protests. My dark ensemble was the complete opposite to her baby pink dress and white kitten heels.

“I like wearing black so I’m not complaining, but why am I so dark and you’re so… pink?” I asked.

“Well, Jin likes pink, and I like Jin…” she trailed off, a devilish grin on her pink sparkly lips. “Jin is the one that I donate to exclusively now.”

“You make it sound like it’s a sexual experience.” I said, warily. She turned to me and carefully chose her next words.

“(Y/N), I’m not gonna lie, Jin and I do have sex. The donation process is very… intimate, I mean, you’re giving someone your life source to help them right? You get to know them and it creates a bond. Who knows, you might get some tonight too, if you want.”

“Uh, NO, I do NOT want that!” I exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, just tell them that, it’s not a big deal, they won’t force you.” She laughed as we left my apartment, finally making our way to our destination as the sun began to set slowly on the horizon, mixing colors of burnt orange, purple, and blood red into the rapidly fading blue.

To say that I was nervous and skeptical was definitely and understatement. What did she mean by unorthodox? Why did it seem like they were hiding their private business from people? Question filled my mind as I tightened my Heavy coat around my middle and we walked up to an unassuming door that held a small square mirror at face level. No, not a mirror, two way glass. Jazmin pressed a button on a voice-box attached to the side of the building and spoke into it.


“Hi, this is Jazmin, and this is (Y/F/L/N). She should be on the list with me as a new donor.”

She released the button and a second passed before a buzz sounded and the door clicked open, a handsome gentleman held the door open for us to pass through. I curiously glanced at him as we passed. He was tall and had white, fluffy hair, a cut in one eyebrow and silver hoops in in the ear on the same side. I couldn’t see his eyes since they were covered with a pair of shiny, black, square cut sunglasses even though it was nighttime. His black suit gave him a slight Men In Black feel and I couldn’t help but crack a small smile at the image in my head. However, my smile faded when he returned one and I swear I saw a flash of very sharp looking canines before his face returned to its neutral state. Jazmin’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned to her as she spoke to me.

“I’ll take you to Seulgi’s office so you can get your paperwork out of the way. She’ll explain what I’m not allowed to and you’ll sign a confidentiality agreement and a contract with her and then they’ll match you with a Donee. It should all go by pretty fast if you cooperate and don’t freak out.”

I had been too busy studying the hall we walked down to notice her choice of words at first. It was definitely luxurious, marble flooring, with clean white walls and black accents. The ceiling held ornate crystal chandeliers every 20 feet or so that sent sparkling reflections on the walls. The wide hallway echoed slightly and brought Jazmin’s final words back to me.

“…don’t freak out…”

My feet stopped following her as I said,

“What do you mean ‘freak out’? Why would I freak out!? Jazmin, tell me what’s going on!”

The panic in my voice was doubled by the echoing walls and I’m sure anyone behind the many doors lining the hall could hear me.

“(Y/N), calm down. It’s okay, shh.”

She held my hand and tried to comfort me in a soothing voice. The scene reminded me of how a child tries to call to a cat in a comforting tone right before they capture it. I was the cat in this situation. Before Jazmin could continue, a door to my right opened and out stepped a very pretty girl with dark hair and monolid eyes. Something about the way she stared straight into my eyes without any shame both terrified and entranced me and I found that I wasn’t breathing. She spoke and it felt like her voice was warm honey seeping into my skin and making my limbs heavy and languid.

“Hello (Y/N), you’re here to donate your blood for people who can’t survive without it, for Vampyres.”

As her last words left her mouth, her face split into a calculating smile, showing her teeth as she did so as her canines dropped down and elongated into sharp, white points.


The Dress Up Challenge (Brad Simpson Imagine)

Brad and I arrive late to the hotel where the band is staying at. Brad’s phone rings so he answers it. I look at him, watching closely.

“Okay, yeah alright”, he answers. The call ends and we make our way inside.

“So what’s the punishment?”

“Joe said that the boys are gonna buy me some clothes to wear.”

“Oh really? That’s nice.” I try my best to hide my smirk. Little does he know, I’m in on the plan.

We reach the lobby and Joe’s there waiting for us. I flash Joe a quick smile when Brad’s not looking. We get to their room and see the boys all on the bed.

“There he is!”, Tris beams.

Brad sets our bags to the side. “How are you boys doing?”

“Just prank calling pet shops”, James says.

“We should head out after you two get things sorted out”, Joe says to me and Brad.

Brad looks at me confused. “Dressing you up was my idea, well actually it was the fans’. They wanted to see us do the dress up challenge, where you dress up in my clothes and me in your’s. But since we’re not home, we have to get clothes from the store.”

“Sneaky. Why can’t we just use the clothes that we brought?” Brad suggests.

“Because you were late and this will be more fun, especially for the livestream”, Tris says as he points the phone to us.

We walk around downtown trying to find a store to check out. We end up going into Primark. Man there are a lot of people here.

“What about these?” Joe asks, holding up black matching work out clothes.

“Ahh, can you imagine what that would look like on the crotch”, Brad disapproves.

“I don’t see a problem with it”, I whisper into his ear.

He laughs then bites down on his lip.

Well shit.

“Maybe something like this?” Tris suggests a fluorescent yellow-green sports bra.

“That’s going in the right direction”, James says.

“It’s better”, Brad agrees.

“And this, for the pants.” I hold up a pair of tight, white trousers.

“Yeah, that’s good”, Brad laughs.

Joe grabs a fluffy coat off a rack and shows us. Brad nods as Tris puts it on.

“Tris is picking stuff out just so he can wear it after”, Brad says.

“Looks like we may be buying outfits for us all”, James jokes.

Joe takes a brown floppy hat and hands it to Brad.

“It’s the James Bay accessory”, James points out.

“It’ll put the look together”, Brad approves.

I walk over to where some high-heeled boots are hung. “Here, to match the hat”, I says as I hand Brad a pair of brown ones.

“Oh Brad, you should get a hand bag. These look quite expensive”, James teases.

“This is how we spend our money”, Brad says to the phone.

“We should go upstairs”, Joe says.

“Oh God”, Brad groans.

We go on to the escalator and Brad shows his outfit to the livestream. “I think this says I’m chic but in a casual way.”

“Chic but eyebrows on fleek”, Con adds.

“Eyebrows on fleek! ‘Dunno what? The other day someone on Instagram said ‘mate get your eyebrows sorted! get them threaded!’”, James rants.

“I think your brows look good, James. You don’t need to do anything to them”, I say.

He smiles at me. “You hear that? Ahh, she’s the sweetest. Brad, you lucky boy.”

Brad pecks me on the cheek and I blush.

We stop by the accessories. Tris picks out a long, gold necklace, James gets some brown gloves and I wrap a faux fur scarf around Brad’s neck.

“I think my outfit’s complete, let’s go look for your’s now”, Brad says.

“No, Brad we’re only buying for you. I’ll just change into your clothes.” I pull the most serious tone ever.

James, Tris, Con and Joe all laugh.

“I’m only kidding! Pick out my outfit now!” I say.

After the boys choose what I’m going to wear, we pay for the clothes then Brad and I change into our new outfits.

We both get out of the washroom all dressed and ready to head out. I look Brad up and down. Damn he looks good. I just stare at his chest which is bare and toned.

“Check out my bush”, he says.

I laugh so hard as I see that the scarf is tucked into the front of his pants, a good portion of it sticking out at the top.

“You look good”, Brad compliments me.

“That’s because I’m dressed like you!”

He laughs.

But I can’t deny that I actually do look good with a leather jacket, black skinny jeans, black docs and a plain white tee. Brad has style.

“I present to you..umm what are your names gonna be?”, Connor asks us.

“Coco”, I blurt out.

“Chanel”, Brad says.

We make our way to McDonald’s with James and Connor pretending to be our body guards. I giggle as people turn their heads towards Brad.

“Watch out people! Coco Chanel coming through!”, Tris announces.

We get inside and order some food. “What would you like Chanel?” Con asks Brad.

Brad whispers into his ear.

“Chanel will have a cheeseburger, water and fries. And you, Coco?“, Con asks me.

“The same as Chanel”, I say, trying to hold back my laughter.

Brad fools around by putting his leg up on the counter but then puts it back down. “Ahh, that hurts.” He walks towards Joe, who now has the phone recording the livestream. “I actually like the gloves.”

“Do a twirl”, Joe says.

Brad smirks then spins around. The food is done so we head outside to finish the livestream. Brad struts his stuff as we leave and I can’t contain my laughter.

This was actually pretty hard to write….and not gonna lie i got choked up doing it…

Heres a look at what i see when i think of The Shield boys going to the hall of fame

Crowds of people dressed  to the hilt. Smiles greeting friends and warm embraces greet old friends. Its the long awaited  night. One would  say one of the proudest and saddest nights of the decade. Fans fill the balcony and superstars settle into thier seats on the floor front. The night started with many jokes and many stars recieving awards for thier achieving accolades.

        Backstage Three men stood waiting to  be called  to the stage. Not a word said between them. The moment is bitter sweet.  Three best friends and brothers who started at the bottom and clawed and scratched thier way to the top of the company and held that status for so many years. The eldest man of the group a tall dark thick statured man,hues of grey and white intertwined with his black locks as he rubbed his tired old hands together as he stood holding back any conversation. His ruthless brother stood next to him adjusting his tie nervously  as he grimaced in his weathered expression. Hes always one to keep his cool as long as he can ,but the wait was wearing on him. Finally next to them walked up the third brother,the man who was said to build this greatest of teams. Hair pulled back tight into a black bun with strands of grey swirled into it. His crows feet and smile lines peered through his forlorned lost stare. He always had to be perfectly put together but tonight he felt anything but put together.

       From the stage the Hunter the boss of the company finished up his speech about the group of men who brought the WWE to the highest of goals. His wife stood beside him agreeing and responding about how much of an honor it has been to have the three men as thier greatest foundation of all time and how they have accomplished so much. Finally it was time. “Ladies and gentlemen it is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the greatest factions of all time in WWE  history,please stand and welcome them…THE SHIELD……the crowd went insane with cheers as Roman led them to  the stage.  Dean walked side by side with Seth due to his leg being weak from injury over the years. Each stepped to the podium standing side by side looking up and out to the large crowd. The mens eyes lit up and emotion washed over them.

        Roman stood center of the podium with Dean to the right and seth to the left . Roman stood there tears filling his eyes, choking back. The crowd wouldn’t let him speak for  quite some time. Finally as the people lowered thier cheers and sat to thier seats his silence broke.

     “Tonight we stand befor as the group the Shield. Its been a long  road from where we came  from.  Our ups and downs and ins and outs  all apart of a master plan. Did we know when we  got called up we were gonna be one of the greatest groups of entertainers of all time? No, not a chance,but we did what we did best.  We put on shows EVERY NIGHT,WE TORE THIS HOUSE DOWN DAY IN AND DAY OUT AND IF ONE  OF US WENT DOWN WE ALL WENT DOWN!”. 

The crowd cheers as his voice grew. Then Dean approached the calm and collect.

    “But it wasnt always that way. There was a time when there was a crack in the shield,….and when that happened it was time to spread our  wings.  Now im not saying a steel chair to the back felt good because Roman and I, we know,but what i am saying is this was the greatest adventure i ever had in my sad lil life. Wrestling put us at ease,it always scared away the monsters and it always made us believe we were invincible weather we lost or not. Even when we split to venture off on our own we were still bound as brothers to always have each others back out here,outside of our work schedule. These boys are and have always been the best thing thats ever happened to me and i am so proud to stand next to them today.”

Dean choked back his words before continuing…

      … is our honor to stand before you and say…we have officially made it to the finish line some of us in one piece, some of us not so much (patting seth and Roman  on the back) but even now when you  cant walk or your too damn old to press on ill carry you home boys”!

The boys turned hugging him. Embracing the crazy man known as the lunatic. Roman grabbed the sides of his head pressing his forehead against Deans. Dean turned to Seth kissing his cheek and holding him tight. They pulled away and seth stepped to the podium glassy eyed.

         Once again the crowd clapped.

         “Thank you…thank you all from the bottom of my heart… know there was a day that i was truly the bad guy,i hurt my brothers and i decieved many in the ring,but outside of the ring i never been more at home than by the side of these two. The Shield would never have been The Shield with out Romans brut strength, warm heart and grounded  feet and it surely wouldnt have been the Shield with out Deans balls,his  insanity and psychotic caios,  and i as the architect  could never have been who i was with out them….and you our fans.

Fans clap and cheered loudly and seth swallowed hard and his chin began to quiver and suddenly a stream slipped down his cheek. Deans head fell back looking up trying not to cry as he turned away from seth. Roman moved in to take Deans spot so he could compose himself. Roman wrapped his hand up over  Seths shoulder and seth couldnt finish. Roman leaned and finished for  him.

        “What i think hes trying to  say is, no matter the time ,day or circumstances a brother will always be a brother and You fans will always be apart of our upcoming and our final goodbye and Thank you will never be enough.”

      Dean wiped his face to finish up and came back to the podium.

        “Before we send everyone home a soppin mess there is a few people we want to thank ….first and foremost  the McMahon  family,the late great Vincent  McMahon  (he kissed his finger sending a blessing up to the heavens. Stephanie and Hunter,thank you so much for the opportunity to be apart of this company,to all of our mentors,Dusty,Rick,shawn…theres so many of you thank you, all of our fellow  superstars we have had the honor of working with,our families and friends,wives  and kids and lastly God …. to all of you  who held us up and held us down we love  and appreciate each and every one of you”

        As they waved and tried to close up  the Usos,new day,  The rock and many other stars swarmed the stage to show thier love and respect. Hunter and Stephanie  made thier way to the stage hugging and congratulating them on a successful career. As they made thier way from the stage the three of them embraced and hugged and cried. They knew their story wasnt over. They will be in the books as the greatest faction of all time and that was more than enough for them.


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how abt RFA/V/Saeran and Vanderwood reacting to an MC who is practically immune to cold weather, they love running in the rain like a kid and will wear shorts and a tank top at 6 in the morning... they want to do romantic cheesy stuff in the cold weather (like kissing yoosung in the rain....... im love him) and always want warm hugs ;3 thank u !! - petri

A/N Hiya petri!! I’m actually a horrible person and wanted to write a scenario-fic-thing?? Bc this just inspired me to do so!! And since you said yoosung was your fav I wrote one with him??? If y’all still want the headcannons just send in an ask and I’ll do them RIGHT AWAY I PROMISE. Okay ily okay bye -mod cozy <3  p.s. I am also in love with yoosung (I am in love with all of them [except rika {ew}]) I have a list of my favs in mysme and I stg yoosung is no. 2

Sweater Weather

Word Count: 950

    You had only meant to take a nap. You’d swear up and down that that’s all it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, due to the hellish nights prior and their endless cramming and caffeine consumption, your ‘nap’ turned into a deep sleep, beginning at 4:30 last night and ending, well, now.  Yoosung had carried you to your shared bed where you now laid. The clock read 5:14 a.m. as you stared at the ceiling, regretting taking that ‘nap’ that had now royally fucked up your sleeping schedule. You jumped up quickly and decided to drag the unconcious blonde down with you.
     A grin graced your features as you hopped out of bed, opening the curtains to the small city bathed in grey-blue hues. You pressed your hand to the cold glass for a moment and then ran to throw on a t-shirt, sweater and jeans. You held both hands to the window once more and quickly crouched next to a sleeping Yoosung.
     “Hey Yoosung,” you whispered, his even breathing stopped for a moment and he let out a grumble, still obviously asleep “get up please. I have an idea.” He rolled over, now only slightly more conscious than before. You reached under his shirt decisively and pressed your cold hands to his back. The blonde shot up and turned to you quickly, you smiled at him and he sighed, laying back down with his eyes still open.
      “What the hell MC.” He shifted his head to look at you with a tired pout.
      “Didn’t you hear me? I have an idea! Get dressed, it’s in the early-thirties I think, maybe a little wind chill.” You tugged on his arm and his mouth pulled into an exhausted smile to match yours as he sat up, draping his legs over the edge of the bed and moving to get dressed. You speed-walked out of the bedroom and into the bathroom to splash water on your face.
     “How cold did you say it was?!” Yoosung yelled from the bedroom, you held a towel to your face to dry it and leaned out of the bathroom door, bumping your head on the frame in the process due to your inability to see.
      “Agh, it’s like, anywhere from thirty to forty, I don’t know for sure!” you rubbed your head and tossed the towel onto the vanity, giggling to yourself as you walked into the living room to pull on your sneakers. Yoosung followed not long after, wearing a jacket over his hoodie, and slipped on his shoes as well. The two of you wordlessly walked to the elevator with your arms linked, and pushed the button to descend.
     “Why are we leaving the apartment at five thirty in the morning MC?” Yoosung looked down at you with a hint of playfulness in his tired eyes.
      “I am so glad you asked, dear Yoosung.” You both entered the now-open elevator door “I figured we could go get something to eat at that café down the street? It says that they’re open twenty-four seven but I don’t really buy it.”
      “So we’re just doing this for fun?” The elevator beeped, signaling it had arrived at the lobby.
       “Just for fun.” You nodded and walked out. Yoosung followed in suit.
The wind hit your face and he shivered beside you, zipping his coat up all the way and pulling the hood of it over his head.
      “How are you not frozen solid.” Yoosung whined “You’re gonna get sick MC.”
       “I’m immune,” you crossed your arms and began walking “it’s my super power.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulder as the two of you walked the almost-empty streets, save for the occasional early risers walking their dogs or cars illuminating the asphalt with golden headlights.
      It was 6:19 a.m. when you sat in the window of the small café, sipping your respective drinks and talking about nothing and anything: classes, pets, TV shows, the news. Only when your cups were empty and the sky began to light up did you see the white flakes falling from it.
     “Yoosung, look!” you leaned against the glass and your eyes widened. He looked out the window and then over to you with a warm smile on his face. You cut him off as he opened his mouth to respond by promptly dashing out the door, leaving your sweater you had stripped earlier behind. He followed you quickly, his coat left sitting in the café as well.
     You reached your bare arms to the sky and parted your lips in a laugh. Yoosung grinned and joined in, his breath visible in the frozen air. You lowered your arms to look at his shivering and giggly form and closed the space between the two of you to wrap him in a warm hug.
     His face reddened and he rested his chin on your head. The two of you stood like that for a minute until Yoosung pulled away with his arms still wrapped around your waist.
     “We should do this more often.” He whispered and closed the space between you once again in a soft kiss. Your lips moved against his for a moment before he pulled you further against him and moved one hand from your waist to hair, dragging it up the side of your body and tangling his frozen fingers in the locks. Both of you pulled away with matching smiles and returned to the café with your hands locked together, goosebumps lining your arms.
     “If you get sick I get to say ‘I told you so’”
     “If it means you’ll take care of me, I hope I do.”
     “That was really cheesy MC.”
     “That was the point Yoosung.”

Something About You

part oo1 !! aka the one where justin takes an interest in his dad’s new fiancée.

so this is a new mini fic i’m co-writing w the dream team. since there’s three of us, i won’t be writing again until the fourth chapter ( which allows me to work on my 2 other mini fics bYe ) so make sure you follow @justinbieberisms and @biebtastics for the second and third part !! you could also track the tag #SAYfic for their updates if you just don’t wanna follow them. ion blame u thith !! lastly, this gets smutty but briefly. it lasts like two paragraphs and it isn’t very detailed my b.

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T-Shirt ▏Bobby

“Try'na decide, try'na decide if I really wanna go out tonight. I never used to go out without ya, not sure I remember how to.” ♪

“Hello, are you still alive there?”

    You blinked and stared into your best friend’s Min’s eyes. Then, your attention turned to your other three friends across the table, who seemed to be lost in a world of their own, laughing hysterically. The restaurant the five of you were in was particularly busy tonight, and you felt strange being there without him.

    “Yeah,” you mumbled and picked up the menu. “So, what are you guys ordering?”

    Min eyed you weirdly and slowly picked up her menu. “I’m getting the steak,” she answered. “Yura and Jia are getting the chicken dishes, and Chae is still deciding. What are you thinking about?”

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Kiss Me, Please - Luke Hemmings One Shot

@tragicash and @hemmocrat are hosting a breakup!5sos night and u kno what….. im a hoe for angst so here u go

summary: michael’s wedding reminds luke of you and god damn this is some angsty shit ill be honest

word count: 3.7k+

warning: a lot of swearing, some heavy petting but other than that not much tbh lol

a/n: i rly like the idea for this but i wish i could have written it better tbh like this is p shit but i wrote it in like two hours so forgive me pls lol

Luke has never been the type to make speeches. He’s always been The Quiet One. The one that sits behind during interviews and giggles while the others make jokes and play around, pulling pranks on others. He remembers a few years back when Calum went through a phase where he would sit in the same way that Luke did, ignoring questions, in his own little bubble. But it didn’t last long. He went back to his fun-loving self as usual, and Luke was left in the shadows again.

He remembers feeling at peace in only one place; on stage. The only place he was upfront, the one who made the crowd scream by pressing his lips against his mic as he prepared himself for his solos. Then, you came along, and his one comfortable place turned into two, the second being your arms.

Now, as he stands up, dressed in a tux with a bow-tie that might as well be fingers, squeezing his throat into a tight knot. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s standing in front of everyone, about to talk about how his best friend is in love. How he’s so incredibly happy for Michael and his newlywed wife, Jordan. But, if he’s being honest, all he can think about it you. He can imagine you wearing a dress of a similar suit, all white and tissue and elegant.

He hears the chair scrape against the linoleum floors of the venue that the reception is being held at, his glass of champagne gripped in between his sweating fingers as he prepares his best man speech.

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*really short– sorry >< chan’s not my bias so idk how to like wRITE WITH OVERWHELMING EXPRESSIONS IM SO SORRY 

- a baby 

- just kidding but he acts like one awww

- but not the annoying, crying kind 

- the happy, playful, and lovable kind aWWW

- always needs love

-  you’d be dino’s bffl (yes l for life) 

- and you’d be tomboy-ish bc of hanging out with chan for the longest time ever

- but he still finds you the prettiest girl ever after all these years

- you’re always beside chan, hip-to-hip bc duh bffls

- okay story time!!!!

- chan was always the soft-speaking boy, occasionally whining or laughing reALLY LOUD

- but you’re literally loUD ALL THE TIME LMAO

- but he actually admires that about you. how you can just express yourself carefree-ly (lol idk) and you’re just so… coOL TO HIM?? 

- one day you and chan were just eating lunch in front of the school and you were dressed in your usual hoodie and shorts with minimal colour and your hair was always messily tied in a bun

- but the thing is chan finds it extremely attractive and cute??? like he just thinks that whenever he glances at you

- but one day a girl with her friends were just sitting and eating lunch near you guys and one of them really stood out because 

- she was wearing this really cute white and pink floral dress, her hair was curled perfectly with a creme bow on the back of her head that tied the top half of her hair

- and she was wearing really nice makeup like it looked so natural yet radiant 

- and she was glancing at chan like eVERY SECOND


- you weren’t wearing makeup so you felt really ugly


- anyways and you were wearing a white hoodie with navy shorts that looked like trash next to her expensive and cute dress

- and you glanced at your shoes and saw your old sneakers then you looked at her white flats

- and you’re just pouting bc you can see chan looking at her too

- you felt jealous because you secretly liked your bffl for the longest time

- and there you see him staring at a really pretty girl

- so you just sigh and suddenly stand up and chan’s like !!!! what are you doing???? where are you going????

- and you just mumble, “i just remembered i had to do something. i have to go.” 

- and he’s just so confused like ??????????? really

- and you just leave him and he’s so confused and pouty aWW

- unlike other girls that would change their appearance like that girly girl to get his attention, you don’t 

- bc you’re so cool reader ily

- so a few days after that day where you suddenly left chan, you haven’t been seeing him around


- but then you’re like shrugging sadly because maybe it’s because that girl confessed to him or something and he’s busy with her 

- so you just move on like ok chan i dont like u 

- but i like you chan frick

- so you’re getting a bit grumpy and sad that you don’t see him much or talk to him much 

- and you’re also confused bc like ???? where was he ???? 

- so then you just shrug and decide to visit him at his house bc you miss him and you wanna see him

- but then when you walked in the house


- and he’s looking at you so shocked

- and you just cross your arms and mutter, “chan…”


- and he’s just pouty and he cuts you off softly, “i don’t want you to worry about me.” 


- and chan just laughs with an eye smile

- and you just stand there, panting slightly from yelling at him lmAO

- you’re crossing your arms and fuming, “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING??!”

- chan slowly makes his way towards you and instantly you walk as well so he doesn’t have to take more steps than he should

- and chan just stares at you and sigh, “ i just feel like a burden to you.” 

- you’re like “rly chan what the fk im your bestfriend nothings a burden when it comes to you” 

- but he’s just all pouty, “but like, i’m always just with you but i don’t do anything for you and you’re always the one helping me and stuff so–” 

- you just cup his cheeks and stare at him with a cute mad face cause youre cute reader 

- and chan is staring at you with a dejected puppy face awww

- and then you slightly tip-toe to peck his lips 

- and he’s just like whAT


- “chan, you do more than just nothing for me. you care for me, you worry for me, you actually pay attention to me unlike most people– you’re my bestfriend and you’re always the one who’s making me happy and looking forward to everything like school” 

- and chan’s just staring at you really shyly and a small smile is playing on his lips

- “hey, Y/N…?” 

- you just stare at him and sigh before smiling, “yes, channie?” 

- “can you kiss me again?” 

- cue you blushing really hard– a rare scene for everyone, including chan

- but you do kiss him again

- awwww and he’s all giggly and happy like the usual chan again 

- but with crutches js 


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

What Have You Come As?

A/N: I started this a couple of weeks ago, and inspired by lametwentysomething’s great Halloween fic, decided to give it a slap-dash finish before Halloween was over. (I truly haven’t looked over this for errors, so let me know if something’s really wonky.)

This is FULL of British in-jokes, so if you don’t get a couple of the costumes, don’t fret. I expect, like five people to really like it. But you don’t have to get the costumes to enjoy the gang just being the gang.

(Also, Chapter 7 of Under the Tunisian Moon is ready for posting. Probably later tonight or tomorrow morning.) 

I’ll tag some people, since when I don’t, people ask me to. Though, I don’t know if this one is worth it.

boysweatandckone theblanknotebook someday-youwillfindme tinakegg luvs-jade broughttoyoubythelettera chrryblsms kneekeyta thisissomefreshbullshit old-lady-at-heart areyousad8118 nipasir ducky17 milymargot teastaindiary robichaux-prefect sharoonroney sarahlouise88ni slothpaws greenangelheart celestev31 fantasticab scumothaearff bitcheslovebeck magicalgrandma kerrvorting-and-snorting ililypop gemmarstyles ilovefinnnelson sammylbc ch1darkcy anca82 idontcareifyoudontbelieveme murderyoursoul carpe-libris  icshly adaftmyriad losingpudge heartnotbrain jackiewalsh2013 dairingoriginal lametwentysomething sunflowerdope omgbananasnailus perfecters how-ardently itsmirallegro i-love-mmfd abullofshit shadan-stone-roses 14000romances darlingdiver hohumi chicadificil raernundo gushington-central justagirlnamedkayla sassy-curmudgeon katywright340 i-dream-of-emus bitchy-broken mallyallyandra pigeonfarmrace rinncincin mellamoaiko anglophileyoungblood jessicacandesign fuckintentshop finnleysraemundo kristicallahan llexis musicfreak1 girlwithafoxhat mmfdfanfic 

Okay, so here’s this weird thing …

* * * * *

“It’s all kickin’ off this Saturday!” Chop announced as he flopped into the seat next to Izzy at the pub. 

“So you’ve been tellin’ us for the past two weeks, Chop,” Archie grinned as he raised his eyebrows at Rae across the table before taking a drink of his pint.

“Now, no one’s tellin’ anyone else what they’re wearin’, right?”

The gang nodded solemnly. 

“No helpin’ each other out wi’ costumes, yeah? It’s meant to be a surprise All Hallow’s Eve Bonfire Night Celebration Extravaganza.”

“Have you registered that name with the Patents and Trademarks Office, Chop?” Rae quipped and Finn snickered into his Foster’s.

Chop huffed and pouted. “You lot are laughin’ now, but come Saturday, you’ll be clappin’ me on the back and tellin’ me it’s a job well-done. You can patent and trademark THAT, Raemundo.”

Rae nodded, trying to keep a serious look on her face. “I don’t doubt it!” She chanced a glance over at Finn, but his whole body was turned away, shaking with silent laughter, so she bit her lip and looked back at Chop, eyes wide, trying not to giggle herself. “It’s a rare occurrence that Saturday falls almost exactly between Halloween and Bonfire Night; we totally should celebrate.”

Finn nearly doubled over at this statement, and choked out an apology, saying he had to go to the loo.

Chop grumbled, “I’m gettin’ a drink, ‘scuse me,” and, uncharacteristically, didn’t ask if anyone wanted anything before stomping off to the bar.

“You shouldn’t tease ‘im, Rae,” Izzy said, eyebrows drawn in concern. “He’s been workin’ on this party for ages. I know the rest of us don’t do much for Halloween, bu’ it’s his favorite holiday. He may not look it, but he’s sensitive about stuff like this.”

Rae nodded. “I know, I know. It’s actually really sweet of him, but he’s jus’ so much fun to wind up!”

Finn came back from the bog, wiping one of his eyes with the back of his hand.

Rae patted his knee as he sat down. “We’re not makin’ fun of this party anymore, okay?” 

“Sure thing,” he said, clearing his throat and throwing a dirty look Rae’s direction.

When Chop rejoined them, everyone was silent and smiling like little angels. Chop gave a suspicious look and then necked half of his pint.

* * * * *

Rae looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t sure anyone was even going to get who she was supposed to be, but there weren’t any costumes in the shops that fit her, and they were all ‘Sexy’ something. Even though Finn probably wouldn’t object to her showing a bit of cleavage or wearing something that fit her form, she couldn’t face the raised eyebrows and snickering behind hands. So, she adjusted the crushed velvet top hat and the goggles strapped atop them, touched the fake nose ring that was slightly freaking her out, and headed downstairs.

Her mum was in the lounge, breastfeeding Jasmine, and Rae instinctively snapped her head away. “Mum! Finn’ll be over any minute to pick me up!”

“So? It’s my house, Rachel Earl. I can do whatever I like under my roof. If he’s so delicate, he can stay outside. I’m sure you’re going to be off like a shot as soon as he rings the doorbell, anyway.”

Rae huffed and went to the kitchen get the bottle of vodka she was charged with bringing to the party.

The doorbell dutifully dinged at that precise moment and Rae rushed around the corner to answer the door and sweep Finn over to Chop’s. 

She opened the door to find him wearing pretty much his usual gear, plaid shirt and baggy pants, but he’d buttoned the shirt up and had his sunglasses on, unlit cigarette dangling from his lips, fringe combed forward.

“Oh, you lazy sod. Is it Liam or Noel you’re supposed to be?”

He shrugged. “Either. Probably Noel.”

“Don’t let them hear you think they’re interchangeable.” She shoved him the shoulder, grinning. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.”

“You’re not gonna invite me in?” Finn asked.

“Jasmine’s having her supper. You don’t wanna be invited in.”

A look of confusion quickly transformed into understanding, and Finn nodded. “Yeah, let’s go.”

As they walked along, Finn kept glancing over at Rae. He was trying to work out who she was. “I know I should know it,” he muttered. His eyes traveled up from the boots on her feet, to her standard issue leggings, but instead of a skirt, she was wearing some novelty boxers she’s found a the pound shop, with peace signs and smiley faces on them. Only a bit of the pattern was visible, because she was wearing a long sort of duster/trench thing. Her black top was cut lower than her typical band t-shirt, but her cleavage was covered in a bunch of necklaces, of all lengths. Her hair was wild and she wore red lipstick and just a little too much eyeliner. 

Rae let him take her in, and then nodded. “Yeah, you probably should.” She’d paused to let him look his fill, but now she was on the move again, with Finn trotting to catch up. “You’ll work it out eventually,” she said. “Not sure anyone else will, though.”

When they got to Chop’s house and rang the bell, they waited for a while and, finally, Archie answered the door. He was wearing gray trousers, a white shirt and blue sweater, and one of his collection of Harrington jackets, khaki, with a red badge on it: Denton High School. He adjusted his glasses and waved Rae and Finn inside. 

“Hi, Brad,” Rae flatly intoned. “Did NO ONE make an effort for this event?” she griped. 

As if on cue, Izzy skipped out of the kitchen, her red hair braided into two plaits which had been braided around some sort of wire, the pigtails stood away from her head, swooping upwards. She had on a dirndl, which was pulled a little low around the bust, and the sleeves of the white peasant shirt underneath fell off her shoulders. Thigh high striped socks with platform sandals finished off the look. Rae hid a smile.

“I’m Sexy Pippi Longstocking!” she giggled.

“Oi! You’re s’posed to let ‘em guess, Iz!” Chop’s voice bellowed from the top of the stairs.

“I love it, Izzy,” Rae said, grinning. 

“Thanks, Rae!” She leaned over to whisper to Rae and Finn. “Chop’s worked really hard on his costume, so … just be nice, okay?”

The couple exchanged a glance, shrugged and nodded. Archie shook his head. “I haven’t seen ‘im yet, either.” There was a long pause … it was early and Chloe wasn’t there yet, let along the throngs Chop had no doubt invited, as well.

“Alrigh’, Rae,” Archie sighed. “I’m only doin’ this for you.” He unzipped his trousers and pulled them down to reveal a pair of baggy white y-fronts. 

“Oi, mate, what the fuck?” Finn shouted as his friend stepped out completely out of his trousers.

“That’s more like it, Arch!” Rae clapped. 

Archie left the rest of his kit on, and pulled on the elastic of his pants. “Got a better fitting pair on underneath, so little Archie doesn’t go wanderin’.” Rae laughed, tossing her head back. Her hat started to tip off the back of her head, so she had to right it.

“Never seen Rocky Horror?” Archie asked Finn.

“No,” Finn smirked.

“It’s pretty good,” Rae chuckled.

Another ding of the doorbell announced Chloe. Rae looked at the clock. 7:15 for 7:00. Typical.

When Rae opened the door, Chloe didn’t come in straight away, but stood there with jazz hands, showing off her costume. It was a white satin mini-dress with a sparkly blue lamé flounce hem sewn on. There was a similar shape happening  up top, almost a pointy jester’s collar, and the letters B O U N T Y in painter’s tape down the side. 

“Well? Whaddya think?” Chloe asked.

“Ummm …” Rae didn’t know what to say. “C’mon in,” she beckoned. “We’ll all have a think.”

Chloe sighed and trudged in to the kitchen, where she put on her smile and jazz hands again. Finn, Izzy and Archie all joined Rae in furrowing their brows. Finally, Chloe sighed and put her hands on her hips. “I’m a Sexy Celebration!” 

“Ohhhhh!” everyone said together.

“But Bounty is the worst one,” Izzy said, making a face.

“I know,” Chloe said. “But it went best with my coloring, so …”

Rae rolled her eyes. She had to admit it was an inspired costume. “That’s really good, though, Chlo.”

Chloe curtsied. “Thank you, m’dear.” 

No one had tried to guess Rae’s costume yet. It was like they knew she was out of her comfort zone and didn’t want to say the wrong thing. She was about to tell them when they heard some clomping on the stairs. 

Izzy bit her lip and squinted. Rae noticed and wondered if it could really be that bad. 

The clomping got louder and then there he was, in the doorway, an imposing figure in heavy black boots and a gray suit. He had green face paint, and crude bolts sticking off the sides of his polo neck top. He wore large tinted spectacles and a handkerchief stuck out of his breast pocket. 

Then, he shouted, in a Cockney accent, “PAT. PAAAAT. Don’t go, Pat!” 

No one said anything.

Then he squared his shoulders and said, “Whad’ya fink I am, some kinda pilchard???”

Rae groaned. Was he?

“I’m Frank Butcher-stein!”

Finn slapped his forehead. “Bloody hell, mate.”

Izzy’s smile was somewhere between a grin and a wince.

“That is puntastic, my friend.” Rae held her hand up to high five Chop.

“Alrigh’, someone appreciates me, Iz!”

“I appreciate you!” she piped up, giving him a swift punch in the bicep. 

Chop took off his glasses to look at everyone. “Nice effort, everyone. ‘Cept you, Finn, you lazy arse.”

“Sorry, bloody hell,” Finn muttered.

He squinted at Rae. “Mad Hatter?” he asked. 

Rae shook her head. “Nope!”

“Can ya give me a hint?” he asked.

Rae looked at her boots, pretending to be shy for a moment. Then she lifted her head and belted, “I said HEY-YAY-YAY-YAY-AY WHAT’S GOIN’ ON!”

Finn bounced on the balls of his feet. “Oh! Um! What’s ‘er name! From 4 Non-Blondes!”

“Linda Perry!” Archie supplied.

“Nice one, Raemundo!” He came over to put his arm around her shoulder. 

“Okay, I think we all deserve a ruddy shot, yeah, my darlin’s?” The Cockney was back. 

“It’s only one night,” Finn murmured in Rae’s ear. 

“And he IS kinda funny,” she agreed.

They opened the bottle of vodka Rae brought and toasted to pumpkins and Guy Fawkes. 

As soon as the first round of shots was downed, Chop said, “Let’s empty this bottle quick, so we have one for later …” He waggled his eyebrows devilishly, smudging his face paint against his glasses.

Everyone groaned, but held their glasses out for a second round.

“Best All Hallow’s Eve Bonfire Night Celebration Extravaganza … EVER!” Rae shouted and Chop nodded his head emphatically. “Damn STRAIGHT.”