im gonna tag everyone here we go

Seven Realms Groupchat

okay, so like im gonna start off by (hopefully) tagging everyone who commented on my earlier post thats now making the rounds so they for sure see it but its not limited to just those people

@stvrwar @incredible-dontknowwhattoput @violentbaudelaires @wolandweeps @swamp-thoughtseize-go @solemnly-mystifying

okay, now that thats done, here we go, I’m gonna start a groupchat on kik (cause thats what i usually use) for the Seven Realms fandom which tho we are small, i’m discovering exists, so if you are a member of said fandom, feel free to message/send me an ask with your kik username and i will add you to the group…

that being said, this doesn’t have a start or an end date so if you are reading this it doesn’t like time out or anything… BUT, please please don’t join if you’re younger than 16… I’m sorry but like Im just not comfortable providing a platform to talk to strangers to kids… like i get it you’re on tumblr anyway but its just in this case I would be the intermediate and Im not comfortable with that so please be at least 16


okay here they are! my 6 favorite seflies of 2015 so far!!!! why do i almost always tilt my head in the same direction, and also why do i look so good in pink lipstick? these are the questions we must ask ourselves 

i was tagged by the beautiful angel manicpixiedreamdad and im not gonna tag anyone bc its 1am and i work tomorrow morning and i wanna go to sleep but honestly everyone should do this bc sharing  your selfies is so fun tbh