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Got Game?

Summary: Who would’ve thought that the chain of events that led to Dan getting a date with a guy completely out of his league started with a bucket of popcorn dropped on the ground and a broken down car? [Ft. Pj and Punk!Phil if you look hard enough]

Genre: fluff | AU

Warnings: none unless you’re scared of slight cockiness and dropping popcorn on the floor

Word Count: 1.3k

Authors Note: I POSTED THIS A WEEK LATE IM SO SORRY. Im finishing up school for the year so thats gross and tumblr is blocked at school so thats even worse but please forgive me. Also Dodie’s ep and Yuri!!! On Ice are my new favourite things, okay enough rambling this was v v fun to write but it has the shittiest description ever but yeah I hope you enjoy :D [oh yeah incase you can’t tell its based in 2013 okokok coolios]

part three of “The Ways I Met You”

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