im gonna sleep forever now


Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Moments (via

It took me forever, but I finally finished my Benry video! It’s my first vid that I’ve ever made so it’s not that great, but I hope you like it anyway :)

hello!!! I recently hit 600 followers, so I decided to make a post appreciating y’all before the end of the year.

so with out further a due, and in no particular order, sorry i didnt feel like organizing it, here are some of my favorite blogs!

@christmasskeleton / @saturatedmoonrise / @topart / @dunwenowourgayapparel / @foliageadeux / @babygirllani / @weekesthetic / @xksheax / @perfectlyhalsey / @regionally / @swiggityswontplsdont / @helloyesthisisvictoria / @keylimedun / @tylersdunbuns / @cornerstcne / @dragme-to-infinity / @joshthedunflower / @quietdun / @staydunlit / @tuentyonepilots / @gh-sty / @silentpilots / @sand-owl-howell / @stavlow / @christmaskarth / @regionalblurryvessels / @theukuleleguy / @trxnton / @jishwaenthusiast / @blurryjoshua / @youngbloodpete / @giving-birthandstuff / @insomnovert / @jolie-a-duex / @thetimes-wefeltalive / @tearinmyhearts / @eversteps / @blurrrryfacee / @glowingxeyes / @disenchanfed / @itis-time / @twentyonecopilots / @gunns-for-hands / @vampirehanukkah / @weareblurrryface / @polarizehalsey / @ferzzle / @radioactive-pineapple / @mychemicalfeelingss / @prcttysad@vampvivi29 / @forcalamity / @everlastingstateofmind / @cheeryqueer

u kno im probably forgetting a lot of people, but it is 3:32 in the morning and this is more time consuming than I thought.   Also!!!! shout out to the peeps who have been following me since the start. you all have special little places in my heart.

and to everyone!!! thank you for brightening up my dash and thank you for finding me follow-able .I hope you all had happy holidays and I’m wishing the best for the new year!!!!