im gonna shut my mouth

When she finally finds Nymeria again, or Nymeria finds her, and she of course wants her to come back home with her and be her loyal companion again, but Nymeria’s found her own life.

oh these dumb motherfuckers lol. the direwolves were never simple “companions” for the stark children. “these wolves are more than wolves YOU MUST KNOW THAT”!!!!!! they’re actual extensions of their souls. they’re bonded that deeply. its a marriage! they wed for life! the old gods sent them to the starklings to protect them which is more important during winter than ever before but these idiot writers just write them off with bullshit fake deep excuses. when the least they could do is just being honest and say they can’t afford to keep them in tbh. because they’re hugely crucial aspects to the stark kids character arcs so the fact that they’re all been ignored reflects how wrong they’re doing their stories. 

nymeria can’t be too wild for arya. she’ can’t have her own life. they’re two halves of the same whole. they belong together. 


I swear he's holding a VICTORIA SECRET BAG BITCH… W A I T what are you and Vernon doing backstage? ya know what ima let yall guess wtf he does with what ever the hells name is in that bag but im gonna keep my mouth shut bc last time i checked V.S only sells WOMANS BRAS AND U N D E R W A R E but im not gonna be quick to judge bc for all we know he just got a SHIT TON of lotion or even got sum ugg boots b u t  I’m just giving my own 2 sense take it or leave it

reason #42

i’m just gonna keep making the same mistakes for the rest of my life and probably get shot for it at some point tbh

hey im scared about how my bodily autonomy and reproductive rights will likely be infringed upon in the future but i am here for trans women 10000% and if i see any of you choosing to be bitter and ignorant about how the defunding of PP or the impending loss of rights for LGBT people under this president harms trans women PARAMOUNTLY i’m just going to assume youre a transmisogynist and im not gonna keep my mouth shut about this. hearing about trans women going out and protesting alongside cis women only to be ridiculed and shut down for having the gall to talk about how their rights AS WOMEN are being endangered made me so furious and i am done with all of this bullshit about “trans activists” and “genderists” shut the fuck up and see the bigger picture here

😑😑😑😒 white ppl gotta put science into everything if my mom says rubbing an egg all over my body will keep negativity out of my life GUESS WHAT THE FUCK IM GONNA DO SHUT YOUR MOUTH