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april 19, 2017 

asdhlgdgakj i didnt even hit 1k yet im one away but who cares not me. SH00KITY SH00K THANK FOR THE FOLLOWS IDC THIS ISNT A GOOD TY NOTE BUT I JUST,,,,,,,,,, HOW. ILY EVERYONE AND YAYAYYYAYA. @ravenclw drunk viv makes a return

probs won award for the world’s most basic banner tbh and its a big milestone rip whateva im in a good mood for the first time in forever i wont dwell on it


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idk if i ever posted this or not but i’ve always meant to i just forgot to do it lol but anyways i had this commissioned by kris anka at heroescon last year 8)

white person: maybe morrison earned his promotion to strike commander of overwatch through his own merit and skills, and racism/colorism towards reyes had nothing to do with it ? maybe stop making it a race thing ?

me, in my head: While I have no doubt Jack possessed the abilities needed in order to be a capable and effective leader, you cannot look me in the eye and tell me that Gabriel did not. Reyes successfully lead everyone during the Omnic Crisis – a war – and that takes a tremendous amount of ability.

If both men were equally capable leaders, then what reasons could the UN possibly have to choose one over the other? I can’t think of many. Age? They’re both around the same age. Gender? They’re both men. Race…? That’s where things get interesting.

Overwatch was a global organization and it needed a poster boy. An icon. A figurehead to admire. Someone who everyone can look up to and see themselves in, even in the smallest of ways. And the UN chose Jack, a blond farm boy from Indiana, as opposed to Gabriel, a Mexican American who grew up in LA. Weird, huh?

It’s no secret that many modern movies, TV shows, and video games tend to have white male protagonists, and it’s usually for one reason: relateability. They want their works to be ‘relateable to a wider audience’ so they make the protagonists white, which is problematic because it implies that whiteness is the norm and that brownness/blackness is something different. It dehumanizes poc. When the UN chose Jack in the hopes of making Overwatch more relateable to humanity, they were implying that Gabriel was somehow less relateable on the basis of his race. Which is fucking racist.

So yeah, Morrison may have earned the position with his abilties but racism definitely had a role to play in it because racism has a role to play in literally everything. Bye.

me, out loud: no fuck you puta

Imagine that one day in like the winter it snows and so as expected the gang’s outside playing in it and stuff but like at some point Johnny trips and falls in the snow or something like that and at first everyone finds it kind of funny but Dallas ends up having him use his jacket instead of the now snow-covered jacket he’s wearing and no one really questions it except for Johnny and they kind of just

“Are you sure you’re gonna be OK without a jacket? I mean you’ve only got on a simple T-shirt on for a top now.”

“Of course I will, but you won’t be if you don’t shut up and enjoy yourself while there’s still snow.”

But then later Dallas is found at the Curtis’s house, wrapped under 3 or more blankets, not fine, as he nearly froze to death after only just over 10 minutes after he gave Johnny his jacket.

ashley wood’s glorious art of 90s bb has inspired me to tell you a story about big boss sucking all kinds of cock

throughout his years big boss went down on many a dick…which you may think is a privilege in and of itself but there’s more - certain individuals proved lucky enough to be allowed to blow their load in big boss’s beard, so let’s work out the details.

Lucky Bastards Allowed to Cum All Over Big Boss’s Above Pictured Face Fluff:

  • kaz, obviously.  in later years big boss supposedly denied him the pleasure but this was really more an act of stubborn hostility and false sense of defensive self control - kaz still does it anyway.  more often than not.  bb likes to pretend that he thinks kaz doesn’t still deserve it.
  • zero.  a somewhat unusual case as it went on long before big boss became big boss.  so it wasn’t exactly having a warlord between your legs but zero definitely came all over that snake’s face.  I have to believe it and I know if you look in your heart you will believe it too.
  • gray fox.  finally received the honor after his first ten years of unwavering, borderline masochistic devotion.  though it hadn’t been something he’d particularly worked towards.  he was more than content - spoiled even, with the routine bleed outs and gutting.  not to say he doesn’t enjoy mixing cum and blood in big boss’s facial hair.

Everyone Else Who’d Better Watch Their Aim

  • our poor solid snake.  though you shouldn’t pity him, big boss went for that quite often - he was just very particular about the mess, eye contact and firmness of any grip that may accidentally occur.
  • venom.  I feel bad, but I also feel that it’s true.  v’s got to watch his place and that place is not showering bb’s face with cum.  which is difficult for him because as we all know, v is constantly horny.  keep fightin’ v.
  • ocelot.  admit it, if ocelot ever actually managed to end up with bb’s mouth around his dick there was no way he’d want to waste a drop.  he probably thinks it’d spoil the moment somehow.
  • roy campbell.  but if you get him drunk he’d lied about it.

honorable mentions:

  • liquid snake.  he never got the chance (though it was his only dream) but you can bet he wouldn’t be allowed to so much as acknowledge the situation, much less spill anywhere.
  • solidus snake.  big boss’s curiosity would overtake him and he might’ve actually let it happen - just to know what’s it’s like to cum on his own face….or….something like that.
  • zadornov.  big boss sucked him off in his cell a few times but it was some of his more efficient work and there was no mess.

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