im gonna regret posting this now

stop treating todoroki like a stupid fuck pls

oohhh my goddd y’all todoroki didn’t grow up in a cave. the boy lived with an abusive father for years, he was abused, he’s socially awkward but he’s not a reckless idiot. did y’all sleep on his entire arc

and listen, as much as i love todo//deku myself, he didn’t blindly rush to midoriya’s location when he received that mass text, he knew something was wrong & was the first and only one of midoriya’s contacts to figure out that the boy was in trouble

“all you did was mass-send your location pin to all your contacts”

actually, let’s go back to the very beginning of the series:

his very first line shows us that he’s….. not… dumb?

AND (manga spoiIers ahead) DID Y’ALL FORGET ABOUT THIS?


can you tell that i’m sick of abuse victims being mischaracterised as dumb by their fandoms?


plus, for some mysterious reason everyone seems to be forgetting that he ranked 5th out of 20 in the end term written exam? (midoriya was 4th) hmmhhm

hell, when midoriya asks todoroki what he’d do with kouda, he straight up gives advice that i’m 100% certain comes from a personal standpoint:

todoroki knows how to express himself. he knows how his actions influence others, what impression he gives off. HE’S NOT DENSE.

and my dudes. even if you’re gonna write him as a lovestruck fool in fics: being in love means you can sometimes make irrational decisions or act flustered. it doesn’t mean you Suddenly lose half of your braincells.

MHHHHMM CONCLUSION: being socially awkward as a result of years of abuse doesn’t mean you’re “not with the times”. todoroki has a phone. he understands sarcasm. he gets jokes. he knows what an emoji is. he can communicate face-to-face with someone. he gets social cues. he’s an excellent fighter, analyser and strategist. 

so stop treating him like a stupid fuck.


top 25 female characters as voted by my followers 23. lexie grey
i know that i’m supposed to toughen up, i know that i am supposed to not care, but… how? how do you not care?

I was feeling shitty after therapy the other day so I decided to jump on the train that is @merry-the-cookie‘s over the garden wall au which you can check out here

I’m sorry that the photo quality isn’t amazing but it’s 10 at night and I only had my desk lamp for lighting. In other news my last exam is on Monday so after that I will have a lot more free time for drawing and I might be getting a tablet soon so I can start doing digital art as well.

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how do you feel about SU Crit blogs??

I’m kind of jaded about the SU c/rit/ical thing. So like disclaimer, if you’re a fan of the show providing legitimate criticism, that’s one thing. I respect that, like, a lot! But I’ve seen “su cr/iti/cal” blogs complain about such trivial things, down to (literally) inconsistency in Pumpkin’s tongue texture. I feel like at the beginning there was actual valid criticism, but now it’s just turned into a hotbed of negativity.

I think the problem is that some people feel like ragging on something for its flaws somehow demonstrates that you’re more objective or enlightened than those who choose to celebrate the good things about it. But how can you provide a valuable critique of something you’ve already decided you hate? In my opinion, if you find it impossible to acknowledge anything good happening in the show, you’re pretty much just as subjective as someone who is incapable of acknowledging its flaws.

The thing that I mostly don’t like is that when a fan of the show says “I don’t like su c/ri/tical’”, their immediate response is to say “foolish sheeple^tm, you special snowflakes are unable to take criticism about anything you like. these damn millennials !!!” Which is so ironic, because like, that’s just a weak response that gets tossed out by people who claim to be “critics” but are unable to handle when anyone says “hey, that’s a dumb argument and here’s why.”

I do really appreciate that they keep the criticism in their own tag rather than just the general SU one, though, so like, props. They can keep doing their thing, they aren’t hurting anyone. A lot of the time w/ ships and stuff, the actual ship tag is just filled with hate, so it’s nice that these guys don’t post their stuff in the main tag.

also–in case you’re worried this is suddenly gonna transform into a Discourse Blog^tm or something, worry not lol, we are returning to your regular programming right after this post. I just have gotten a lot of messages about this and feel like I should voice my thoughts about it \o/

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Hey im 4 days in to camren. Currently cant/not ever gonna get out of this rabbit hole. Anyway, what is 'the merch' ive seen it in some posts, not quite sure whats it about. 🙂

Welcome to the fandom sweets!! You’ll surely regret it! 😂

The whole “merch” thing is because Lauren and Camila wore the same clothes on multiple occasions through the years like the cute couple they are, and Lauren thought the best way to justify it was to say that those clothes were “merch” and therefore that she and Camila weren’t sharing clothes. So now everytime they wear the same clothes the fandom says it’s “merch”, even though we all know they put each other’s clothes on after having wild sex and picking the first item on the floor, or when they miss each other.


(REQUESTED) So I myself have been a fan and supporter of jack and jack since minute one, since before they were even j&j, just when they were two kids making fun videos. I even made fanfics back in the day. So… when all the videos of gilinksy verbally insulting madison came out, my heart broke a little. I will still support them cause I love their music (and by no means im supporting jack’s behavious whatsoever) but yes the image I had of him will never be the same. Everyone makes mistakes, we have all said bad things we regret (again, im not justifying what he did) and he definitely screwed up, no one should ever get attacked like that. NOW with that being said, THIS IS WHERE IT ALL GETS MESSY.

Jack J has posted a video talking about all this drama, and finally the truth has come out (I adore Johnson, he’s genuinely a nice kid and I believe him 100%). SOOOO apparently, it was Madison the one who sent the videos to a fan account so that they could leak them, even made fake text captions from the fans to post as if it had been written by them). Im not gonna lie, I was a fan of G long before she dated Madison, and I didn’t like her, at all. Her “discovery” and all that jb crap was FAKE!! But you know what, they seemed happy, so I accepted it.

Now, her true self has come out. She is a kid, who got famous at 15 and liked this cute guy. Okay. All fine. Did G had to say those bad things to her? Absolutely not. That’s not the problem. the problem is that she then freaking went to Twitter and posted this fake long ass caption saying how “it was hard for her to go back and hear those videos” LIKE WTF?! the fact that she just tried to make him look like a horrible person (which he might be, we cant know from a 2 minute audio) and then tried to become the victim when SHE was the one who started all of it. “i wanted to help him” LIKE ARE U SURE? then why would you post that????? Im honestly hoping people stop giving this people all this attention when they are the ones creating the drama.

Jack G was so wrong and he should have never said any of that to her, but he was in a bad place, he accepted it, and asked for forgiveness, now let’s move on. Like I said, Im never gonna see him with the same eyes, but I do think he regrets it and he’s in a better path now.

But what she did I find incredibly disgusting, I get that she was hurt, but she should have just broken up with him on first place, and get him some help, don’t expose him in front of the whole world. Because you know what, she probably did that bc she was too mad he had broken up with her. She made it look like she was being abussed for the three hole years of their relationship (like J said, that was not true) and being abussed is a serious issue, and I feel like she just used it to make him look like an awful person and just gain attention.

With that being said, I just think they both did incredibly wrong and both deserve to stay away for a while. I hope G is in a much better place now and he gets to be the Jack he’s always been. As for her, I think she just needs to stop trying to be a victim and if she has any real serious issue, she should get help too. They both need help, they both did wrong. But its not fair how G was treated (even after he sincerely apologised) while Madison looked like an angel while she was lying to the whole world. They both fucked up, hope they both get their shit together.

why am i even doing this vero forced me
so dont sue me if ur ears start 2 bleed im broke
why am i even doing this vero forced me

im…not rlly sure about posting this but uhh whatever 
so i was tagged for the accent tag thing by @japan-korea-canada @chenniepotter and @babyminseok !!

in return im tagging @xiuminel @kittyhunnie @jins-right-hand @chanyeolscauldron @theshenanigansoftakiyah @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner @minxingg @xiuxiuflake @minseoked-my-life @3cbx @7deer-ofthe-dawn7 @minshooketh @luflute ik most of yall have probably already been tagged or whatever bc this tag is going around like crazy but uhh yeah

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Anyway, here’s a Yhun. I wasn’t sure whether to upload this here ot not but since dearest @sacha-desyreffxiv kept me company while I was drawing and gave me tips and stuff I decided I would! SO HERE WE ARE

“He once held one of the most powerful trading kingdoms in eastern Sornieth in his talons. Now, the Dark Sun-King roams the ruins underneath Keivalsuul, the burnt, crumbling columns being as much of a reminder of a nefarious past as the fallen tyrant himself.“

did an aesthetic moodboard thing for iustus because i suddenly love him????

Exhale Desire

Word Count: 1 350 of sin

Genre: smut (I can’t believe myself ugh)

Warnings: smut , top!phil , originally written just for my friend’s eyes only so the first part is me trying to entertain myself writing (aka I wrote it as a joke at first but then decided to properly do it)

Summary: You know that live show where Dan sorta got turned on by candles?? The one where he’s like “that’s some great fucking candles, fucking, fuck me.” well, this is the aftermath

A/N I never intended to post this but I haven’t posted in ages (really sorry ‘bout that, I just didn’t feel up to it. like at all. sorry again) ((also this was saved on my laptop as “totally not phan smut” and my mother had to use my laptop for her teacher stuff for a week and I was so paranoid))

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Unpopular opinion, but I don’t get why it’s such a big deal when you find a double. 

Like, if said double contacted you and was like “guess what, I’m the REAL ___ so suck it”, then hell yeah there’d be a reason to be upset. But if you just like… see them? In the tag? And then you go to your friend group like “how DARE this person exist!” Like guys chill. If the multiverse theory which the existence of fictionkin is based on is true, then not only does the world we see through a screen that you were once a part of really exist, but there’s multiple versions of it. Hell, that’s probably the reason why some people are kin with more than one character from the same thing. So yes, there are multiple Crash Bandicoots, Peridots, Bendys, whatever. 

So chill out. I’m sick of hearing people getting territorial over this dumb shit.

So we’re using the hashtag shiningzeloday for his birthday this year? Man i totally get it he’s definitely shining like his smile. I wonder when he’s gonna actually be zelshionista. He can work so many types of clothes cause hes tall and cute. His teeth are so nice too, like smol but so straight it makes his smile so beautiful and when his eyes just turn into crescents and theyre like smiling kitten eyes oh god thats so cute aaaarghhh i feel like bursting everytime i see it

His smile is always shining shimmering splendid hehe

A Werewolf's Scratch Aftermath

óuò …… FUCK I HAD TO CONTINUE IT (this is after PJ scratched Error)
First part by @underverse-trash (which is on Rouge’s blog)

Error started feeling weird after PJ scratched him. Right now it was bandaged, with the help of Ink, but it was a bit itchy. Of course Ink asked how he got such a wound, so he said that he encountered a wolf and got scratched, choosing to be vague on the details because he couldn’t bring himself to tell Ink that PJ was turned into a werewolf. One night while he’s out in the woods for a walk, he starts to get a strange feeling throughout his body. He lied down to hopefully let the feeling pass. But he was wrong….. so wrong. He began to get a weird sensation in his certain parts of his body, as if something was growing.

“Hrk! W-what’s happening to me??” He questioned himself. He then felt a slight pain, all while he began to grow fur on his arms and legs. Hands and feet became paws, and he proceeded to grow ears. His clothes became tight and started to rip.

“AAAAAAAGH!!” He shouted, not being able to handle the pain. A few excruciating minutes later, the pain stopped, but he wasn’t the same. He looked down at himself: his clothes were now useless rags and he had fur on his arms and legs.

“Oh no….” He whispered to himself. He went to a nearby pond to examine himself. He had ears coming out of his now ruined hat, and he looked at his hands, which were now paws.

“Oh no no no…. What will Ink say when he sees me?” He said. Speak of the devil….

“Error? Where are you?” He heard Ink’s voice call to him. Ink didn’t normally go out looking for Error, he trusted him to be safe during the night and at least visit him when he’s off from wolf watch. But on this particular night Error didn’t come over for his evening visit which caused Ink to become worried. When it started to get darker Ink’s worry grew so he decided to look for Error.

“Error?” Ink called again. Error ran behind a tree to hide himself. Ink turned towards a different direction, giving Error the chance to escape. But luck decided to forsake Error for he stepped on a branch with a loud snap. Ink looked at the direction of the snapping sound.

“Error? Are you there?” He asked.

“Go away Ink, please.” Error said from his hiding spot behind the tree.

“Error what’s going on? You didn’t come over like you usually do and you left me worried.” Ink said, moving closer to Error’s voice. Error heard his footsteps and ran to a nearby bush.

“Please Ink, I beg you to just leave me alone.” Error said from his spot in the bush. Ink heard the shift of the voice location and made his way towards him.

“Why? What’s the matter?” Ink asked him.

“I can’t tell you.” Error responded.

“Why not? You know you can talk to me if something is wrong.”

“I’m sorry Ink. But I just can’t talk to you about this. Please just leave me alone.” Error told him.

“Say it to my face! Tell me you want me to leave you alone! If you do…. I’ll believe you and leave.” Ink had small tears forming in his eyes. Error gave a silent sigh. He stepped out of his hiding spot in the bush. Ink gasped when Error finally revealed himself.

“E-Error…. W-what happened to you?!” He said as he noticed his physical changes.

“It wasn’t a normal wolf that scratched me. It was a werewolf.” Error replied, still being vague on who scratched him.

“Oh Error, why didn’t you just tell me?” Ink said, placing his hand on Error’s cheek.

“I was worried if you saw me like this, you would freak out and push me away.” Error looked away from Ink’s gaze.

“Error, even though I hate wolves I would never leave you if you turned into one.” Ink moved closer to him to hug him. Error hugged him back.

“Besides, people only turn into werewolves at night right? So you only have to deal with this at night.” Ink said, trying to make Error feel better.

“Heh, I guess you’re right Ink.” Error said.

“Of course I am. Now come on, you owe me some tea time.” Ink reminded him.
I IS DOOOOONNEEEE AND I REGRET NUTHIN :DDD (plz ignore the fact that Ink totally forgot about PJ)
LJH AU- @blogthegreatrouge (reminder, the first part is on her blog)
Werewolf PJ (mentioned)- @drawingerror (I blame them and @underverse-trash for this)
Ink- @comyet
Error- @loverofpiggies

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lewvithur prompt: so listen close to the sound of your sooooul, take back a life we led once befooore, iF IT AIN'T YOU THAN WHOO? IF IT AIN'T YOU THEN WHO'S GONNA LOVE YOUUU? [soothing Sleeping With Sirens acoustics strumming in the distance]

Ok im either gonna regret introducing you to those songs or love it but cOMMENCE THE LONG POST


This could’ve been his big moment. Arthur was helpless, battered and weakened and hardly able to run anymore. Vivi and Mystery were trapped on the ground floor, desperately trying to move the barricade in front of the stairs and save their mechanic from the paranormal assault taking place on the catwalks above. Arthur was as good as dead.

But it wasn’t Lewis’s doing, and now that he had learned what really happened that night, could clearly see the sparks dripping off Arthur’s left arm (he hadn’t noticed it in the manor, oh god how did he not notice), he would do anything to stop it.

Murderer. Weakling. All your fault. You did this. You could’ve made it right. You could’ve made it right a long time ago. Weak.

“That’s not true!”

Lewis’s voice was booming, echoing throughout the vast warehouse and shaking the few remaining windows. A flash of lightning illuminated the room, trailed by earthrattling thunder as the darkness reclaimed the location. Shadows curled around every surface, chased off only by the bright pink of the enraged ghost above, and the sickly green of a weak and spiteful spirit making one last attempt on a tortured young man.

Murderer. You think he’ll ever forgive you? He hates you-

“Arthur, don’t listen to it!”

He wants you dead. That’s the nicest thing you could do for him, for any of them. Just drop dead right now, and save him the trouble.

Arthur had his arms wrapped around his bruised midsection, shaking his head and staring wide-eyed and wary through tears at the concerned ghost before him. He took another shaky step back, the tattered shreds of his ruined vest brushing against the warped, frail railing behind him. Only a thin, rusting metal tube between him and a straight drop. Several stories. Cold, spiteful concrete below. “Please don’t…”

His voice was thin and shaky, and Lewis could feel another crack worming its way into the surface of his anchor. He’d known Arthur since they were kids, seen him through every low point for over a decade…and he’d never heard him so broken.

That was the word. Broken. When he allowed himself to believe his best friend in the world had it in him to kill him in cold blood, he broke him.

“Arthur, I’m so sorry-”

He’ll kill you. If you won’t make it right, he will.

One last parting shot by a dying ghoul, one last shot at a crack in the wall. Arthur took another frightened step back.


The railing at his back snapped, and as the green glow around his head finally died out, his feet left the catwalk. His eyes widened, one last splash of tears flying in an arc after him, and he only had time to quietly gasp in shock. His blurry vision caught a last glimpse of Lewis, horrified and reaching out, before he was under the platform, ground rising to meet-

Vivi screamed, and burning bone wrapped around soft fabric and cold steel. Arthur jerked painfully, wincing and crying out as his left shoulder nearly popped out of it’s socket from the force. Biting his lip so hard it bled, he struggled to crane his neck and look up at his rescuer. In the blink of an eye, bone gave way to warm, conjured flesh, and orange eyes met a pair of violet rings, wide and terrified, buried deep in a sea of black.

“I’ve got you, Arthur,” he breathed shakily, “I’m not gonna let go.”

The blonde maintained half-lidded eye contact as the ghost, wearing an old, almost forgotten form, pulled on the cool metal limb, dragging his friend back up to safety. He weakly raised his one flesh arm, weakly gripping the edge of the platform as Lewis tried to hoist him back up. “L…ewis…”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got-”


Violet met flooded orange again, and Lewis could feel an icy finger of dread glide up his ghostly spine.

“I am….I am weak…”

Arthur’s eyes rolled back into his head as he lost consciousness, his fingers losing their grip on the edge of the catwalk. Lewis panicked, both hands tightly grasping the metal wrist of his prosthetic…

…and with a hideous screech, the damaged limb disconnected from Arthur’s shoulder, sending him into freefall yet again.

Lewis kneeled on the end of the catwalk, eyes locked on the still sparking limb in his hands. He lifted it too easily, the frantic thumping of his anchor slowing to a crawl as he watched sparks shoot out from the destroyed wires at the end. The end that should’ve been connected to his best friend. His best friend, who had just…

Oh god.

Fat gobs of glittering tears rolled down a simulated face, and the huge figure heaved as the weight of what had just happened settled into his chest. He edged closer to where the metal under him met open air, urging himself to look. Even if he was terrified of what he’d see, even if he knew it would destroy him…he owed him. He owed Arthur…

In the darkness of the warehouse, he first read the red and dark mass, moving under the head of his friend’s still form, as something else entirely; if he’d still had a stomach, he was certain he would’ve been physically ill. He reflexively slapped one huge hand over his mouth, unable to restrain a despaired sob.

Then, a twitch, and a figure moved under Arthur. Lewis froze, and a streak of lightning outside lit up the floor momentarily. Just long enough to illuminate the large, furry form, slinking out dazed from under the intact human on his back. With a relieved sigh, the giant canine looked over his shoulder, making eye contact with a stunned Lewis, and allowing a weary smile to creep over his snout.

Mystery caught him. He was…

Vivi slid on her knees across the floor, frantically dragging the limp younger man into her lap and throwing the side of her head against his chest. She froze, silent for a moment, before breaking out into a peal of uneven, nervous laughter. She drew away, glancing up at the figure on the catwalk with tears in her eyes.

“He’s alive! Lewis, he’s alive!”

Lewis wasn’t aware he had jumped from the upper story until his feet gently met the floor, and he walked over to the relieved duo and their injured (only injured, alive, oh god, still alive) companion almost on autopilot. He sunk to his knees, humanoid guise flickering in and out as he cautiously reached over, wrapping one big hand around the mechanic’s smaller one.

Arthur whimpered, eyelids lightly fluttered, and his fingers twitched in Lewis’s grasp.

The ghost felt relief hit him like a truck, and with a deep sobbing sound of gratitude, threw his arm around the two humans on the floor with him. Vivi’s free arm wrapped around his wide chest as far as it could go, nuzzling the side of her head into his suit and crying. In their laps, Arthur murmured something in his sleep, his feverish cheek pressed against the softly glowing locket that pulsed gently on his dead friend’s chest. Mystery wrapped his long form around the trio, resting his tired head on his forepaws as he watched the three kids hold each other.

It was over. It was all, finally, over.