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MELODRAMA (2017)  song titles


Happy Birthday Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt ( April 3rd )

“I bet my bottom dollar you’re gonna be part of something that makes the whole universe sit up and take notice.” 

Waving Through a Window

A/N Here’s this… thingie that I wrote for @analogically-prinxiety as a part of the fic exchange. Also huge thanks to @princeyandanxiety for putting up with my constant questions and helping me edit this.

Chosen Prompt: 1 - Soulmate AU

Pairing: Analogical (Anxiety/Logic), side Royality (Prince/Morality)

Genre: Soulmate AU, High School AU, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort

Word Count: many 8.6k (the k stands for kill me)

Warnings: panic attack, like a paragraph dedicated to this One Shove, heaps of swearing (courtesy of Anx) and uh… I think that’s it?


Soulmates share an emotional bond where they can feel what the other is feeling. That has always been just an unimportant  fact that Virge has lived by. It was the same as someone saying ‘water is wet’ or ‘the sky is blue’. When Virgil’s old neighbour moves away and Logan’s family moves in, things start changing.

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Do I hate asking people to review at the end of my chapters? Yes. I despise it. It makes me feel needy, whiny, ungrateful for the readers I have. 

Do I hate asking people to reblog instead of just liking? Yeah. It makes me feel like I’m forcing them to do it through a guilt trip. 

But here’s the thing. 

I consider myself a fairly well known author in certain fandoms. This isn’t me bragging, this is me looking at the number of readers I have on Fanfiction and AO3, the fact that I get requests in my inbox, and the fact that I’ve been mentioned in a couple different fic rec posts, and deducing that I’m a somewhat popular author. 

My most popular fanfiction I have posted on Tumblr has just over 800 notes. Only 18 of which are reblogs. Only 6 of which have comments or tags on them. 

The most popular piece of fanart (in this case, meaning a single piece of artwork, not a comic or series of drawings) that I’ve ever seen had over 100,000 notes. At least a quarter of them were reblogs, and every single reblog that I saw of it had comments in the tags. 

So I’m not going to stop asking for people to reblog. For people to leave comments in the tags. For people to leave comments on AO3 and Fanfiction. 

Because fanfiction writers are treated like pack mules and, for the most part, artists are treated like gods. Artists can get PAID for their fanart, and we get yelled at for not posting the next chapter of a 10K story within two days of the latest update.

And I’m kind of sick of it. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. 

If you have the ability to like it, you have the ability to reblog it and leave a three word comment in the tags. It’s not difficult. 

trynna be productive n take care of myself like
  • me: im actually starving and need food to eat
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ok i will eat.. i will get up.. go to the kitchen.. find something edible.. and then eat it
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: any time now.... i'll go get that food heh
  • me: ... aaaand now
  • me: ...
  • me: or now..
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: eh.. i'll try again later

give me fucking royal!aus

🍊 muse a is betrothed to muse b’s sibling bUT GUESS WHAT MUSE A IS A GAY AND FALLS FOR MUSE B
🍊 servant and royal falling in love???? muse a is next in line for the throne but muse b their best friend and personal servant has been with them since childhood and they share everything together anD MAYBE MUSE A IS HARBORING A CRUSH FOR THEIR SERVANT AND SO IS MUSE B
🍊 bickering ass royals who are forced to get married because their countries are about to go to war and so their parents are like FUCK OK WE DONT WANT WAR MARRY and muses are constantly bickering bUT OK MAYBE THIS OTHER ROYAL IS FUCKIN HOT cue angsty hot makeout sessions
🍊 lANGUAGE BARRIER MUSES muse a is betrothed to muse b but muse a is pissed about this and refuses to learn muse b’s language and so awkward interactions and broken languages but the effort muse b puts into learning muse a’s language makes muse a maybe sort of like muse b
🍊 muse a is known as the playboy royal and bangs everyone thats willing and then muse b comes along and is muse a’s tutor in like fencing or something and muse a is like IM GONNA GET IN UR PANTS and muse b is like what the fuck no focus on your fucking sword

also just nice ass fucking dresses and shit i’m such a hoe for royal aus like pLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE ROYAL AUS


“Theseus Scamander? The war hero?” 

“No, this is his little brother!” 

I cant stress enough how much i look forward to starting on T, and getting top surgery.

I cant wait to hear my voice crack for the first time.

I cant wait to start shaving

I cant wait to look down at my chest and be happy with what i see

I cant wait to pass as a male

I cant wait to get that jawline i hope i get

I cant wait to stop getting my period. (You have no idea how wrong it feels, every freaking month!)

I cant wait to be called a boy by everyone around me

I cant wait to be a proud trans boy, who isnt afraid.

I cant wait to people making fun of my voice cracking, even if im 21 when i start on T.

I cant wait to go topless at the beach, and no one staring at me weirdly.

I cant wait to be ‘one of the boys’

I cant wait to be able to go into the mens section in stores, and not get weird stares.

I cant wait to go into a mens bathroom, and no one looking at me weirdly.

I cant wait till i find a name that i think suits me, and then having people calling me that

I cant wait to teach people about lgbt+

I cant wait to meet other people like myself

I cant wait to hear somone call me their BOYfriend

I cant wait to be refferd to as a boy, even when im not around.

I cant wait to hear my mom and dad call me their son

I cant wait to tell my story to other trans people, and hearing other stories 

I cant wait to wear a dress, even after i have transitioned fully, and then rock it!

I cant wait to stop being scared

I cant wait to stop crying

I cant wait to stop hating my self

I cant wait to not feeling like this anymore

I cant wait to be happy with my self

I cant wait to be a better person

I cant wait to be more happy, so much more happy

I cant wait to get the people out of my life who arent okay with me being trans

I cant wait to set and X with male on tests

I cant wait to start growing a beard

I cant wait to then shaving it off

I cant wait to when people dont have to be scared to come out as trans, or anything else

I cant wait to all parents are accepting and supportive of their kids

I cant wait to all people re accepting and supportive of their friends and family.

I cant wait to being trans isn’t something you should hide, becouse you are scared of others reactions.

I know i can do many of these things already when i havnt gotten the surgery nor started on T. But when i do get the surgery, and start on T, i know im gonna be much more confedint. Im gonna move away from where i am now, and start again, as the boy i truly am, and not someone i pretend to be.

I am so lucky that i have suportive parents and suportive friends, and im so happy. I am so freaking lucky to have them, even though im not fully out at all to everyone i know, just this little start means so much. And i cant imagine how it would be for somone without the suport. So please, if you know somone who is trans, agender, bigender, or something else, pleasure suport them. They might ask you to use a diffrent pronounce, or name, and if they do that, please use the name/pronounce they want, it means so much. And even if its a bit hard for you to remmber it, please try your best, and if you use the wrong name/pronounce, just quickly change it and move on, no need to make a big deal out of it. But just things as that can help so much, it can really mean a lot.

Being trans isnt always easy, some people have it worse than others.But i know just the smallest things, can make someone that much happier. 

I my self is a 17 year old trans guy, i havnt always known that, but im glad i have figured it out. There are still a lot of things i dont know yet about my self, But for now, i know im a trans guy, i am pansexual, though leaning towards guys, so i would say im quite gay. 

People figure out who they are at diffrent times, some when they are young, others when they are older. ANd that is okay, you should never force anything, and you dont have to label yourself, some people like labels, others dont. Just do what you feel comfortable doing, and dont judge others for doing the same thing.

I know i dont have a big following, and most of my folowers are porn blogs, but i just really nedded to say these things, and i will probrly reblog this post later, and probrbly also write one more or two. Happines is something that comes and goes, right now im okay, but i know that i will meet people who wont agree with who i am, and tell me that who i am is wrong, and tell me all kind of negative things, and i know i will cry, a lot more, happy tears and sad tears, beauce there is gonna be hard times and good times, and that is never gonna change, i hope it will though.

Anyways, im Ollie for the time being, a little gay trans guy just passing by. My inbox is always open, and i would love to talk to people, and learn about their experiences. 

I hope you have a great day

A Friend For the End of the World

“You’re my favourite, you know,” Clarke whispers like a secret into his skin. It sends a shiver down his spine. There’s more than just softness there. He’s sure he hasn’t imagined that it sounds a little wanton.

Still, Bellamy tries his best to play it off. “Don’t worry,” he replies lightly, voice muffled by the pillow. “I won’t tell the other kids.”

Clarke, Bellamy, and the night before the second apocalypse.

Rated: E. WC: 5902. started as a drabble for @wellamyblake and turned into… something. So I decided to post it.

AO3 or


Wow it’s…. a lot????? A lot of people??? It happened last night and I wasn’t ready for this ahah. I’m so bad at expressing my emotions with words, and I’m pretty speechless tbh. Thank you I really mean it. You don’t even know how y'all make me happy everyday. I receive so much love it’s really incredible. I get so many messages telling me how my comics are good and it makes me so confident. In real life people are not humm really supportive. Not that they don’t like my art, it’s just that they don’t pay that much attention. My friends and family often see me as really independent so I guess they just think that I don’t really need it. But I realized how much I needed these words. I’m just really proud of myself and it’s a great feeling ahhh. I’m proud because I achieved something, but mainly because I make people happy. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t draw this often. And thanks to this, my art improved so much and is still improving! Tbh I don’t even know how this happened, and I don’t know what I did to deserve that much kindness ;;; Thank you to all the friends who helped me, to the friends that I don’t talk anymore, to those that I still talk, to people reblogging and liking my stuff. I LOVE YOU A LOT!!!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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anonymous asked:

1d as Tumblr users lmao

(idrk if u mean like actual people on tumblr or not but im just gonna go with this kghkfjhg) 

louis: has a sideblog for discourse, started the Gay Babadook sensation, fights terfs and aphobes, mutuals with a lot of kpop and fashion blogs that he really doesn’t even remember following, drunk posts, his main blog is literally just him complaining about something, the biggest tgd fan (and has @’d netflix multiple times), reblogs posts like “im tired and gay. rb if u r tired n gay too”, never has a queue, never has an empty inbox, quite popular because staff @’d him once

harry: has a minimalist and clean theme, reblogs aesthetic and fashion and tags stuff with just random letters like “a”, “r”, u kno the ones; had a fairly small following at first but then posted an ootd and it got like 4k notes so he gained lots n lots of followers, reviews books, posts pictures of his meals, takes photos of sunsets/rises and flowers and beaches and posts them (this also ups his follow count), secretly follows lots of meme accounts (including louis n he sends him secret anons) and he loves the Babadook meme, has a really short and pretty url

niall: runs a meme blog tbh, loves userboxes, liveblogs angrily about the outcome of eurovision, reblogs pictures of food and tags it “porn”, also reblogs slime videos and paint videos, posts lots of audios of him playing guitar and singing songs so his follow count goes up bc he’s really good, screenshots his spotify screen and posts a reaction pic to whatever song is currently playing, reads stucky fanfiction and screams about it on tumblr at 5am

liam: doesn’t know what he’s doing honestly, he just made one so his friends would stop bugging him, only follows a few people, has like 5 followers bc he’s never active, has a really long url and his theme is still in the default mode, he’ll reblog from you and you’re confused because he doesn’t even follow you, stalks the Snoop Dogg tag more than he probably should, always ghosts

yur local girl is back with some edit type thing and a hella dank banner (inspired by @huphilpuffs​)

so i hit 2k a couple days ago idk how that happened and I’ve been told my moodboards are dank (also coz idk how to make anything else rip) so to give back to my wonderful followers, i thought i could make a little url moodboard edit type thing for y'all. 


1. must be following me thank

2. have a dnp themed url (sorry y'all non-dnp blogs)

3. reblog this postrini and send me an ask of your url (incase ur main isn’t dnp related), something you really like and your favourite color 


  • everything relating to this will be under the tag #isabella does mb so feel free to black list it 
  • similar to callie  im only gonna do the ones that inspire me the most coz im expecting quite a few requests
  • be patient with me bc it will take a while to make quality edits! and expect me to post more often <33

if this gets no notes it didnt happen thank u


[PR_SS] 2 Glasses for toddlers! Conversion

Glasses for toddlers *.* Looks so cute! <3 Last gift for today im gonna go to sleep! Have a nice day/night!!!

Nerdy Glasses

  • 8 colors

Round Glasses

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Download the two glasses here!  (552.0 kB)

Berry collar not share (i put the collar tomorrow!)

if something wrong send me a message!
if you use it tag me #PR_Supernovasims or mysims4screenshots, i will like and reblog the pictures!!

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something about nasal spray

yeah i can’t think of a title for this lmao

self ship fanfiction?? really?? wowie wowie

ah anyway, this ended up being a bit longer than i wanted, but i’m still kinda sorta proud of it seeing as i haven’t finished a story in like,,,ever. this is also the first time i post my writing so yay for me i guess

i also finished it in like three days so that’s pretty cool, sorry if it’s a little rushed at the end but i still feel kinda happy with this (i also wanted to add another flashback between the two last pieces but it was already getting so long)

also sorry if something looks/sounds weird, english isn’t my first language!! also sorry if any of the characters seem ooc or smth idk im apologizing way too much wtf

alright enough of that. earnest/milliz, earnest’s p.o.v. things in italics = some sort of flashback thing

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send me one of these emojis and a character and i'll draw them in that situation

😷 (in a face mask)

🤒 (thermometer/feverish)

🤢 (nauseated)

🤧 (sneezy)

🤕 (injured)


I didn’t even like Star Wars.

But guess what happened. 

I will wait. Just guess.

Suddenly I am trash for Reylo.

???? HELP. Why do I always ship the things that get the most hate. *hysterical laughter* I cannot deal with myself anymore. It is literally 3:35 AM and I just spent a good two hours watching videos on REYLO THEORIES. 



And it’s funny because legit while I was watching the movie in theaters a long time ago, when ren took his mask off infront of Rey I was like “wow are they gonna be a thing” anD THEN THEY WERENT BUT I SWORE THERE WAS SOMETHING GOING ON.

ALSO, BY THE WAY, the Reylo theories are extremely plausible and make so much sense and now I have false hope that this is going to happen anD IF IT DOESNT HAPPEN I AM GOING TO THROW MYSELF OFF MY ROOF AND NOW I AM BINGE WATCHING REYLO EDITS AND WATCHING CLIPS OF THEIR SCENES FROM THE MOVIES.  👏 I👏 AM 👏 NOT 👏 OKAY 👏

im sorry. goodnight. 

(p.s. I blame this on the people I follow on tumblr who reblog gifset’s of reylo and it finally got to me and I didnt even climb into the ship I fucking smashed into the side of it and now im trapped in a jail cell inside of the ship) (p.s.s I think I’m going crazy)