im gonna pounce on him

Bugs Mudkip refuses to eat:

● hornworms (stinky? first one didn’t taste good?)

● canned silkworms (very stinky—don’t blame him, screw that lady for talking me into buying them)

● crickets (too fast, too still, no in between and he has no patience, disinterested)

What Mudkip digs:

○ mealworms, pupa, superworms (loves but gets bored easily)

○ Dubia roaches (the favorite but a pain in the butt to catch if he misses and gives up hunting them, always interested)

○ black solider fly larva (not that interested but eats them)

○ that one waxworm that was alive in my order with a bunch of dead ones (never again, they are too fragile but at least he got a snack)

What to try still:

✩ live silkworms

✩ butterworms

✩ giantworms

✩ possibly canned crickets