im gonna miss this show so much :(


this is the monologue of youth 



Today is a very memorable day. Last Thursday, after the x company finale, I posted a photo on my ig and tagged the cast and TORBEN LIKED IT. Okay, that was amazing but he does that when people tag him on ig on twitter. But then today he LIKED A PHOTO OF LARA PULVER I POSTED IN OCTOBER AND THERE WERE 25 OTHER PICTURES BEFORE THAT ONE. And the question is, did he scroll down my instagram???
Does he like Sherlock???
Also this cured my depression for a day and I have no idea how did we deserve him and I’m going to miss seeing him every week in x company so much 😭


it’s finally done. One drawing of Mabel for every episode of Gravity Falls (excluding the shorts.) Really puts into perspective how few episodes there are, huh? 

(Check the captions for episode names! :0 )