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'Was this just like a game to you?' + 'get out of my sight' for iwaoi?

Tooru’s exhausted, heading home after his latest volleyball game. He can feel it seeping into his bones, and he’s longing for a hot shower and a nice long rest in bed.

He isn’t expecting to walk up the sidewalk to his apartment and see Hajime sitting on the stairs, hands pressed together, expression tight.

He’s happy to see his boyfriend, and a smile brightens his features.


“Was this just a game to you?” Hajime’s voice is low, and shaky. Tooru’s never heard him talk like this before, the hurt in his voice cutting through Tooru like a knife, completely cutting off what he wanted to say.

Tooru freezes, still in front of the steps. He drops his bag to his feet. All of the excitement he had felt about coming home, seeing Hajime, fizzles away, leaving acid in his stomach. No, no, of course not-

I saw your interview,” Hajime cuts in, closing his eyes, and inhaling sharply. He looks pained, and Tooru can see how hard he’s clenching his hands into fists. How hard he’s shaking. No, this isn’t right-

“No, I’m not involved with anyone,”  Hajime repeats, the exact lines from Tooru’s interview that had ended just hours prior. Tooru can feel the bile building up in his throat. This is wrong-

“No, Hajime-”

“Seriously?” He stands, voice raising. “I-I know that we talked about it, and decided that we’d keep all this quiet… for your career - a gay pro athlete would cause a stir… and you can’t do that, and I get it, I really get it, but…” He lets out a frustrated groan, covering his face with his hands. “But, fuck - you pretending, so easily-”

Tooru pales, “It wasn’t easy-”

“That we haven’t been together for the past five years? I… I didn’t expect it to hurt so badly.” Hajime sighs, and he sounds.. defeated.


And, god - Tooru caused that.

Tooru swallows, biting back tears. He takes a step closer, reaching desperately for Hajime - he needs to explain this, fix this, now. He touches his face, fingers pressing familiarly against his cheeks and jaw, but Hajime does… nothing.

He doesn’t lean into him. He doesn’t push him away. He just doesn’t react.

Somehow, that’s even worse.

Tooru drops his hands to his sides, fingernails digging into his palms. He feels blood pearl around each finger, and it only pushes him to press harder. They’d talked about this. Hajime had promised him, he’d told him it was okay - he’d lied. “Hajime, this isn’t fair, you said it was okay-

“For fuck’s sake, we can’t even share an apartment! We’re still visiting each other every other weekend like we’re still in college. I don’t even have a key to yours. I want to be with you, Tooru. I don’t want… this. Hiding. Being too scared to be seen together too much in public. Lying to the world..” Hajime’s voice breaks, and he closes his eyes. “I’m… tired, Tooru. Tired of never feeling like we’re going anywhere. Like I’m not enough. Like… we aren’t enough for you.”

“Hajime, no… I can’t… I don’t… Please, I love you…” Tooru pleads desperately, unable to even cry, he’s too shocked. His own skin is cold as ice; Hajime finally looks at him, and his gaze feels like a needle piercing his heart.

“I don’t know if that’s enough anymore.” Hajime takes a step back and his shoulders sag. “I… I can’t do this right now. I need you out of my sight.” He shakes his head, biting back tears. Tooru chokes on a sob; Hajime doesn’t cry. “Please.”

Tooru doesn’t move. He can’t. Hajime is everything - he’s the one who lifts him up, makes him strong, keeps him safe. He’s the one who talks Tooru off the ledge when everything else seems lost, he’s the one who goes above and beyond to help him, love him-

And Tooru just unknowingly dealt his finishing blow.

It feels like time is standing still. At least that way, Tooru doesn’t have to face it - the openness, the nothingness that he can already feel ebbing in, swirling around, threatening to swallow him up. It’d be easy, just to let himself be consumed by it.

But Tooru looks up, and Hajime is still watching him. Waiting for his reaction.

So he figures out how to move his limbs again. Feels the blood start to pump back into his system, leaving him dizzy. He turns, making room for Hajime, who walks down the stairs and out of Tooru’s life.

It isn’t until Tooru walks back into his apartment that he falls to the floor, and breaks.

Part 2 | Part 3

Bubbles | Oneshot

Summary: You always thought blowing bubbles was for children.
Word Count: 5,479
Genre: mahou!au, fantasy, angst, fluff
Member: Lee “Dino” Chan 
TW: weapons, violence, death

A/N: it’s taking a lot of courage for me to post this aha,,, this originally the first fic (or fic part lmao) i posted in my transition from a gfx to a writing blog so it’s rly dear to me…. the original flopped (like. 0 notes flopped. lmao.) so i deleted it and put up coffee + roses instead (which actually caught the interest of a few people.) i decided to bring back my first fic (revised and the entire storyline condensed into a oneshot, obviously) as a special in my lil project for chan’s birthday. i hope you enjoy!

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People Grow Apart

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1,199

(A/N: I’m thinking about doing a part two but I'm not 100% sure yet)

Originally posted by sugutie

“12?” Jungkook asked as he stared at his math homework in complete confusion, his body sprawled out flat on his bed.

“ did you even get that answer?” you asked in complete shock as you looked at your working to compare it with his. You tapped the desk you sat at in deep thought before Jungkook spoke.

He let out a frustrated groan before closing his math textbook lazily. “let’s take a break” he said before turning over onto his back and staring at the ceiling. 

“you really don’t like math do you?” you asked as you scooted your chair closer towards the bed.

 He let out a shaky chuckle before shaking his head. “not one bit..buts its fine, I’m not gonna need it anyway” he shrugged as he sat up excitedly.

 “do you think ill make it as an idol?” he asked worriedly as he searched my face for an answer. 

“well, of course you will idiot if anyone can it’s you” you smiled as his face lit up with happiness.

 “promise you’re not lying? I swear to God Y/N if you’re just saying that cause I’m your best friend ill die” he exclaimed as his shoulder slouched in anxiety. 

“Jungkook, I swear I’m not lying! You’ll be great, I can see it now” I said nodding my head happily. 

Jungkook has always been the talented one out of the two of you so you knew he’d make it big. Even though you were extremely happy for him it didn’t help that you also had a massive crush on the dork and have had one for a while. Your face suddenly dropped at the realisation that Jungkook would have to leave to pursue his dreams.

 “what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked as concern flooded his face he scooted closer to the edge of the bed. 

“does this mean we can’t be best friends anymore?” you asked sadly as you stared at the floorboards beneath you. 

“no! of course not, who else would I be best friends with?” he asked confused as he scratched his head in confusion.

 “I mean…you’ll be so far away and probably way too busy to even talk to me” you stated as a small tear rolled down your face. He was quiet for a while until he held his pinkie in front of my face.

 You tilted your head to the side in confusion as he cleared his throat loudly. “I, promise that I will never stop being Y/Ns best friend just like she will never stop being mine” he stated loudly. 

You laughed happily before nodding your head and joining your pinkie with his. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but for right now, yours and Jungkook’s relationship remained strong.


“Hey Y/N didn’t you have a best friend called Jungkook?” Kasey asked you as the two of you watched the new BTS comeback. A lined smile came across your face as you nodded your head. 

“hey isn’t Jungkook from BTS from the neighbourhood?” she asked as you continued writing your English essay and she reached for more chips. You nodded your head again as she looked between you and the T.V.

“weird…” she whispered as her brain calculated the sum she had been given. Suddenly a gasp escaped her lip; she pointed to the singing boys and back to you.

 “no freaking way!” she exclaimed in disbelief as you nodded your head not looking up from your laptop.

 “Anyway, we should probably start heading out, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting” you say as you grab your jacket. 

“especially, Dara, she gets so mad when she’s hungry” Kasey said shivering from personal experiences. You laughed as you guys made your way down to the streets.

 You and Jungkook haven’t really spoken in around 3 years, it’s not like you haven’t spoken at all, there is the odd hellos and hows life, but that’s about it… Your prediction was basically correct, he was just too busy.

 “Y/N I’m going to go by that handbag really quick, just wait here I’ll be back!” she said quickly before dashing into the store, not even waiting for a reply.

 You sighed deeply as you rested your back against the store’s glass window, it wasn’t ice cold but cold enough to have you wrapping your arms around your body in hopes to warm up. As you gazed up at the night sky, you closed your eyes quietly listening to the footsteps of people around you.

“Y/N?” you heard a soft surprised voice speak. As you opened your eyes and looked for the source of the voice. A mature Jungkook stood in front of you, eyes opened and mouth slightly hung open in shock. 

You stared at him with the exact same expression he was staring at you with. “er- Jungkook hey? how’s it going? I didn’t know you were back” you asked the boy as he looked you up and down in shock.

 A small blush came onto your cheeks as he examined you after 3 years of not seeing you. 

“y-yer I’m good thanks, were just arrived like an hour ago, I was er going to text you actually…how are you?” he asked sheepishly as he looked everywhere but your eyes.

 “iI'mdoing good actually…yer almost graduation time so…” you answered not really sure what to say to him anymore. It would have been awkward if you hadn’t known each other for so long.

“what are you doing tonight? Do you maybe want to hang out?” he asked as he scratched the back of his head nervously. 

You mmed sadly as you shook your head “sorry, but ive actually got plans. What about tomorrow?” you asked back as he copied your previous action.

“we have rehearsal…are you free any other time this week?” he asked hopefully.

 Going through all the stuff you should do this week you shook your head sadly. 

“Looks like were both busy” he chuckled, remembering our conversation from ages ago. You chuckled along with him admiring that laugh you so very much loved.

 “Y/N im ready-“Kasey piped as she walked out of the store suddenly stopping as jungkook came into view. 

“Maybe next time” he whispered as you nodded your head sadly.

“You’re doing really well by the way, I knew you’d be good” you smiled at him before you and Kasey started walking towards were your other friends were waiting. 

As you glanced back you saw him staring at the two of you, he gave you a small wave goodbye and he sighed and started walking in the opposite direction. 

“why did it feel like that’s the last time you two are ever going to talk?” Kasey asked hesitantly. 

Your shoulders rose and down as you took a deep breath of air.

 “Probably because it was” you sighed as you took in the last memory you would have of your childhood best friend. 

“I guess people really do grow apart” you whispered to yourself.

 As you entered the restaurant filled with people of your present and very near future; the feelings of the boy from your past lingered in the back of your mind. 

She Looks Like Her Daddy Part 1

Prompt:  Reader dated Captain Boomerang (George ‘Digger’ Harkness) years ago before his thieving days – They break up, she comes to America to start over only to find out she is pregnant.  

WARNING: Cursing, mentions of sex, flashbacks, angst, and some serious feels 

(BTW here is a link to Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, PART 4 ½, and Part 5)

Originally posted by felywrites

“Time to get to work..” You mumbled to yourself as you approached the back door to Central Bank. It was nice, actually, being trusted by the owner of the oldest bank of Central City.  He gave you a key to the back entrance and you would come in on Tuesday nights to clean the floors.  It wasn’t a glamorous job by far but it was essential to your income. Working miscellaneous cleaning jobs at strange hours of the night and in the early mornings was all worth it when you had the afternoon free to pick up your daughter from school in the afternoons.  Your life revolved around your nine year old daughter, Olivia.  With dirty blonde curls and big courageous blue eyes Olivia took entirely after her father. 

 “Mommy, how come my hair looks different from yours?” She had asked you on a few different occasions. Questions like that always depressed you because you knew it would stir up sad feelings, for both yourself and Olivia. “Because you take after your father, Olive.” This, of course, was always followed by a question about the man she had never met and more than likely, if she’s lucky, never will. 

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Frisson - Rule #1: Never come home drunk

Excerpt: He could feel it, the tightening in his sweatpants around his crotch, the rushing of adrenaline in his veins. He could feel the heat radiating from his face as he tries to stop himself from just-

“I love you, daddy.”

Summary: A loosely connected chaptered series about a taboo relationship // Dan realises that coming home drunk was already a bad idea, and Phil, realises that tying him up was even worse when the next morning came.

Genre: sin

Warning: age gap, incest(not related by blood tho), daddy!kink,

Words: 2, 950 sins

Alice: wowowowowie we have anoTHER COLLAB AND IT’S GONNA BE A SERIES??!??! woOAAOHAH. i mean, come on, it’s not necessarily incest since it’s more like sugar daddy but then phil is an adoptive father s o (come on). charlie’s a/n is so fucking long wtf.

Charlie: all things evil but wonderful, all demons great and small, all things kinky and disgustening – hail satan he made them all. it was just one night man and now im married to this person and we’re working writing porno together I HAVE NRVER PLANNED MY LIFE TO TURN OUT LIKE THIS. no but srsly this was rly awkward and amusing to write pls enjoy my shaem. speaking of shaem, dedicated to glossybutt u bitch why

read #2 || masterpost

Phil is woken from his deep sleep by a ruckus from the front door, and a scream of “Dan!”, making him go out of his room, only to find Dan face-first on the floor, and one of the three maids hovering over him with both her hands clasped to her mouth. 

Their doorman is picking up the fallen umbrellas from the plastic pot by the door, and Dan is looking up dopily at him.

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Study Buddy | Mingyu

Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: Kim Mingyu needs a little more help in Physics than he would like to admit. Unfortunately, Kim Mingyu is also convinced he’s a genius. 

Originally posted by dearhoshi

“Miss l/n may I have a word with you?”, your physics teacher asked, waving you over once the bell rang.

Stopping in front of the woman’s desk, you expected her to tell you about an upcoming science event or to give you next week’s lesson in advance since she knows you’ve done all of this week’s homework.

“I need you to tutor Kim Mingyu”

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So Stubborn || Luke H.

you’re so sweet xx

I M A G I N E 

“Achoo!” You sneeze loudly from the kitchen. Sniffling your nose harshly, you crinkle it a bit before going back to doing the dishes. While you were at it, you had to order Luke and you some food as well as tend to the tea you were making in the kettle. It was a lot, but you were sure you could handle it. 

“Babe, was that you?” Luke called from a different room as you sniffed again. 

“Yeah, it was me!” You called back weakly, feeling your throat sore and dry-up from the uncomfortable loudness. “I’m sorry if I disturbed your peace, I’m in the kitchen!” You then find yourself let out a cough from the new, bothersome feeling your throat was providing. 

“Wow, your hollering sounds awful!” Luke’s voice sounds closer as you hear his footsteps get louder. Seconds later, your blonde, pajama’d boyfriend came in, his eyes happy and his face full of gleam. “Was it because of all the yelling from the concert last night–” Luke quickly stopped once you let out another sneeze. 

“Probably,” you said with a nasally voice. You felt yourself getting a little bit dizzy from washing the dishes and all the sneezes you were unintentionally dishing out. “But I’m alright.” You tried to play that sentence off with a giggle. 

“Y/N, you sound super sick, are you okay?” Luke asks as he goes over to you and wraps his shoulders around you. You nod your head yes as you continue to wash the plates. As you hung a few to dry, Luke’s hands snake their way up your face and to your forehead. You giggled as he flipped his hand over to feel your forehead. 

“What the heck are you doing?” You say with a giggle as you put a fork in the utensil holster. 

“It doesn’t seem like you have a fever,” Luke says as his hands begin to feel your neck as well. “And your neck isn’t hot either. Have you been hydrated lately?” 

“I drank some soda today,” you admit with a shrug. Your voice came out more raspy than usual, which made Luke’s suspicions rise. Raising an eyebrow, he walks over to the stove and hovers over the steaming kettle. 

“Are you making tea?” Luke asks in a bit of surprise. You didn’t necessarily drink tea too often, and Luke knew this. So it was very abnormal for you to be making some for yourself. It made you grow a bit nervous as you didn’t want to admit to your developing cold. 

“Yeah, I um, I bought this really good black tea that I didn’t want to go to waste,” you say sheepishly as you resume doing the dishes. Luke saw you like some sort of cold robot, constantly cleaning those plates and never turned your head to even look at him. 

“Fucking hell, Y/N,” Luke begins, grabbing your shoulders and suddenly turning you around. Some water splashes on him as you drop the sponge on the ground. Luke analyzes your ill face, seeing as your eyes were puffy and your nose was a red as Rudolph’s. You sniffle a bit as you look up at your stern boyfriend. Flushing a bit, you attempt to look away but Luke grabs your chin and keeps your gaze on him. “Y/N, you’re sick.” 

“I’m not, seriously!” You try to cover with a nervous chuckle. “It’s an allergic reaction, I’m sure, but I’ll be alright!” You then accidentally let out a cough, having Luke sigh. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cough on you…”

“Alright, c’mon, princess,” Luke began as he grabbed a dry paper towel and started drying your hands. While he let you do that on your own, he picked up the sponge and put it back in the sink. Turning off the faucet, you look at him with frustration and being to pout. 

“Luke, what the hell, I was doing stuff!” You exclaim while gesturing at the sink. But because you rose your voice, it hurt and made you cough harshly. That cough made you feel weak as the dizziness enhanced. You began to slightly fall forward until Luke caught you and shook his head. 

“You can barely stand up,” Luke murmurs as he holds onto you tightly. His arm slides around your waist as he begins to slowly guide you to the bedroom. You reluctantly let him lead you, having him help you get on the bed and settle. He immediately takes out 3 quilts from the closet and places them on you one by one to keep you warm.

“Luke, seriously, I’m okay–” you began but Luke had completely shut out your pleas. He walks over to the drawer and takes out 2 pairs of socks. Going to the end of the bed, he scouts out your feet from the quilt and places the socks on your feet. You blush, feeling as though you were 6 again and your mother was getting you ready for school. 

“I’ll go get the tea, I’ll be right back,” Luke says as he leaves you alone in the bedroom. You sigh in frustration, feeling unaccomplished with a few more plates still dirty. Furthering, you were making the tea so you should be going to the kitchen to serve yourself. You grumbled for a bit before Luke came back with a large mug that was most likely your milk tea. 

“Alright, let’s sit you up,” Luke says as he quickly places the mug down on the bedside table to sit you up. As he adjusted the pillows behind you, you reticently sat up and got comfortable as you figured Luke wasn’t letting you do anything anymore. He takes a seat on the bed next to you as he offers the tea. You go to grab it, but he shakes his head. 

“Luke, I can hold the mug on my own,” you say irritably. 

“I know,” Luke says. “But I can hold it for you while you’re pretty weak. Also, no more soda for now, okay? You’re gonna drink water for that sore throat.” As he offered you the mug to take a sip, you back up a bit and pout. 

“I’m fine!”

“You’re not fine!” Luke exclaims loudly, having you go silent and look at your now slightly-agitated boyfriend. “You’re having sneezing fits, coughing harshly, and you’re too weak to even stand on your own. I’m going to nurse you back to health and you’re just gonna have to deal with it, okay?” Luke finished, giving you an intense stare with those ocean eyes of his. 

“Alright,” you grumble as Luke delicately pressed the mug against your bottom lip and lifted gently. He knew it was hot and didn’t want to burn you. As you carefully took your drink, Luke looked at you and smiled. 

“So stubborn,” he whispered gently, chuckling quietly as he shook his head. “But God, do I love you and your stubbornness,” Luke finishes as he goes up to plant a loving kiss on your forehead. 

awh, im actually sick so this was actually peachy xx

I’m Right

Summary: There’s this boy who wears black, including a ring on the middle finger of his right hand, and he’s starting to grow tired because all his friends and family talk about is him meeting his soulmate. What they don’t know is that he’s never going to be able to love his soulmate like they want him to.

Warnings: Acephobia, arophobia, self-hate, alcohol, swearing. I think that’s it. Dan freaks out a lot. Generally quite a lot of angst. 

Word count: 5,285

Disclaimer: I’m ace, but I don’t know if I’m aro, so I’m not claiming this is how all aro/ace people feel. Fuck, I don’t feel like this at all, I’m pretty happy with my sexuality. I don’t really get angsty about it, I’m generally quite proud of how I identify. I just imagine that, seeing as our own society is already kinda shit when it comes to this,  in a universe like this soulmate!AU, being aroace would feel kinda shitty, so I exaggerated Dan’s emotions a lot, so uh, yeah. I hope you like it.

A/N: Very much inspired by this fic (warning: mentions of non-con) and this fic (i v much recommend both)

(And hey, just remember that I love you, no matter what your identity is. Nothing is wrong with you, aight? You’re a pretty cool person.)

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anonymous asked:

Ooo can you do Haruka, Rin , Makoto and sousuke getting massages from their gf after a rough day? :)

so this is my first official post here as Admin Tito * deep breath * . I hope you guys enjoy it, and please let me know if there’s something you’d like to see being done differently. Oh, and I believe I have put up another post in the queue, so look out for that in a few hours

Haruka: Trudged footsteps were met with a sticky substance as Haru glanced down, seeing a stretched out piece of gum latched on. Sighing in exasperation, Haru gently closed his eyes, praying for the day to just end already, and went ahead to open the door. Sobs threatened to shake his very core as he gaped at the fact that you appeared to be studying for a final at his desk, but instead chose to sit him on his bed away from you, strip off his shirt, and massage him. Comfortable silence deafened the room for only moments until slight moans of relaxation escaped from Haru’s dry lips and triggered your addicting chuckle. You placed butterfly kisses along his jugular and across his shoulder blades, whispering cheeky comments and sweet encouragement into his ear that was still red from all his previous frustration. All the traces of stress and anger that gnawed his mental stability dissipated when your nimble fingers began to knead into his muscles with more vigor. Haru automatically sat back and allowed you to wrap your warm arms around him, rocking him gently back and forth. Nothing was needed to be said anymore, and that was fine. All he needed to know was that you were always there to steady him, to hold him close to you.

Rin: “Fuck” Rin mumbled to himself as he just couldn’t get his keys to open his dorm door. Another lose, another reason to agonize over what only he did wrong that cost Samezuka their glory. His annoyance grew exponentially until he finally opened the door and threw his bag across the room. Sweets, sweets, Rin thought, where are they?

“Hey, I get your mad, but don’t take it out on me” A soft, yet snide voice caught his boiling temper as he saw you relaxing on his bed. Rin grumbled in response and sat at the edge, not wanting to talk about how he felt.

“Hey, c’mon, I was only joking.” You reasoned as a few tears gradually began spill. Rin glanced at you through his carmine orbs as in the middle of your apologies, you took off his black tank top and made him lie stomach down on the bed.

“Hey, what are you-” His angry questions were subsided when he felt you straddle his hips and your soft palms make routine touches across his back and arms.

“You need to relax more.” You chided as you kissed his reddening ear. “ I hate seeing you like this, you know? You’ve got so much going for you, and one setback only means greater opportunities are out there waiting. Samezuka couldn’t have asked for a more better captain than you, Rin”

He could only grunt as he was overtaken by the euphoria you provided him, and released small, hot tears as he buried his face into the covers. What he’d do with out you certainly beat him.

“…Thank you” Rin mumbled later as his jaw slacked and much needed sleep washed over him.


“Hey” Makoto plastered on a brief grin as he placed his gym bag to the side of the shoji board and made his way to you in the living room.

“Hey” you smiled back as you went back to the meal Makoto’s mom prepped for the both of you before leaving for work. Usually, light hearted laughter and teasing conversation would fill the late afternoon air, but only the clinks of silverware remained. You take another glance at Makoto, who hadn’t touched his food since the first bite. All he did was glare at his knees where his fists were in tight balls, mouth clamped to keep in who knows what.

“What’s wrong, Mako-chan?” You crawl your way over to him and prod him to get an answer out. The plan proving unsuccessful, you turn Makoto’s lips towards you, one hand on his clenched jaw. Your tongue licked his top and bottom lip all the while parting his mouth open, and then went to massage his pink muscle with yours. His submissiveness caught you by surprise as he allowed you to rub calloused circles along his thigh muscles and hips while also tasting the savory and spicy that danced between the two of you.

“____” Makoto breathed against heavily against you as you pressed jaunty kisses along his jugular, maintaining the massages along the lower part of his body. “What do you think your doing?” You chuckled before moving to rub a sliver of his skin between your teeth and straddle his waist.

“Tell me.” you begged gently as you elicited quiet moans from Makoto’s slack jaw. “Don’t think I don’t know how hard college is, I go to one too, you know. C’mon, I want to help you.”

“Stress…Future…” He choked out in squeaky phrases as he felt something hard starting to prod through his sweats.

Feeling the effects you were having on him, you grinned to yourself and began to move your hips against his in a shallow dance.

“Don’t crush your own potential before you even try.” You croon against him as you press another chaste kiss on his lips. “And you and I both know this is what you really want, right? So are you gonna let all that stress keep you from getting there?”

“No” Makoto shook his head, mesmerized by you as you started to push him down so he was lying on the ground. You looked down at him with a sweet smile, knowing how much he needed and wanted something to give him a release, and you were certainly willing to do just that.

“So, until we can resolve that problem…” You hovered on all fours over his body and felt Makoto’s knuckles dig into your waist band. “Why don’t we blow off a little steam, if ya catch my drift.”

“Oh, I catch your drift alright.”

Sousuke (omg my bby) :

I can’t do this anymore, Sousuke thought to himself as he trudged into your shared apartments and threw his jacket and bag in random directions. Acute stabs in his shoulder forced him to double over the kitchen counter and clench his teeth until the pain subsided. He wished he could feel frustrated, feel like he’s about to erupt. At least there seemed to be some type of closure after that. But there wasn’t enough energy, enough care left for him to feel anything but the endless abyss he was falling back into. Sure, he found his new dream, but was that worth all this pain in physical therapy?

   Walking straight through the living room and the corridor leading to the bathroom, Sosuke stripped down to his boxers and vaulted his shoulder strap down to the floor. He had planned to originally take a long, hot shower until you were supposed to arrive from work, but he saw you had already beat him to the bathroom. Eyes closed, arms on each side of the tub, and body completely submerged in the steaming water, you looked absolutely at peace to Sousuke. Just seeing you made him clench his jaw in nostalgia, his feet involuntarily carrying him to your slack body. He wanted to feel your hands all over him, to kiss all the perfection that was you, to be reminded of your love, care and most importantly how much you believed in him. But he didn’t know how.

“Sousuke…” You interjected his thoughts, but to not avail did he listen as he removed his last piece of clothing and left you gaping at his vulnerable figure. A vulnerable Sousuke, who would’ve thought, you told yourself as he sank down in front of you and silently prompted for your legs to secure him. Beads of sweat that trickled down his exposed back from the therapy and the heat made it hard for you to make a strong grip on his shoulders, but once you did, painful groans elicited from Sousuke’s quivering lips . If he could stay like this forever or if you’d let him, he absolutely would.

Pain subsided into comfort as your wet fingertips worked to remove all the tiny knots that kept his muscles in an eternal lock. Pressing your lips against his salty skin, you tried to get him to talk to you about what was making him act so differently.

“___ , please. Please, I’ll tell you later. I’ll tell you everything. Just let me sit here, with you, for now.”

You quizzically looked at Sousuke’s stoic expression, teal eyes now a strange cerulean, trying to understand if those lines came from the same person. But instead, you left it alone for the time being, leaned against the ceramic and allowed Sousuke’s warm back radiate onto your chest. Where your body started and his body ended was no longer recognizable, and as he became as slack as you, it was then that you realized how much you meant to him.

“Alright, Sousuke.”

Frustrated Kings and cheeky Djinns

Night One

Since his Majesty Sinbad returned from his buisness trip in the Kou Empire, there was no day were he wasn’t buried under a pile of documents. In his absence, despite Ja'fars relentless and hard work, there had been masses of paperwork awaiting him to be looked over and signed. The days had been dull and boring but despite the frustration he completed his tasks under the watchful eyes of his advisor.

The sun was starting to go down, colouring the white tiles into a warm, orange shade. Sinbad was signing the last contract for the day, leaning back in his chair as he finished folding the parchment.

Staring off into the distance, watching the room grow darker and the sun vanishing on the horizon, an old familiar feeling crept up his spine. The vague sensation of not being alone with his thoughts anymore. He could hear a slight chuckle, then the deep voice was whispering what he has been holding back for so many weeks.

„It’s not like you to hold out that long without giving yourself any sort of relief, your Majesty.“

Sinbad sighed, knowing this conversation would proof very difficult in his current strained situation.

„Focalor, you should feel how frustrated i am right now. Youre teasing isn’t going to help my case at all you know?“

He could hear his Djinn trying to hide his amusement concerning his Masters predicament.

„I offered you quite a few times back in Kou to help you with your…“pressing matters“.“

„And i already gave you my answer regarding this topic. You never know when to give up, do you?“

Short silence was looming over the now darkened throne room. The sun was gone and the air started to get chilly, letting Sinbad shiver in his thin robes. He was lighting an oil lamp on his desk, waiting if the Djinn would give up or conter his Master’s statement. The response came immediatly as he sat back down in his chair.

„I know you’re at the end of your patience, my King. Anymore of these never changing daily patterns, without turning to your worldy desires and you might lash out at your subordinates. We all know this has happened before. So why don’t you let yourself go for once. I promise i won’t leave you unsatisfied…“

Sinbad was grunting in response, knowing that he was completely right and not able to give an justifying answer in return. He swallowed the knot in his throat, gave out a huge sigh and rubbed his temples in a futile attempt to stay composed.

„If i agree to this, will you finally leave me alone afterwards?“

„I won’t make any promises, cause if it ends up being more than just pleasant, im gonna make sure you will give into my demands again…“

Too exhausted to fight back, Sinbad stood up to slowly walk back to his chambers, pondering wether this was the worst idea he has ever had in his life.  

„The Master is submitting himself to his own servant…“ he mused while shaking his head faintly in denial, entering his bedroom and quietly closing the curtains behind him, not knowing what will await him.

First attempts at FanFic writing! Hope anyone enjoys this. Feedback always welcome. English isn’t my first language so im sorry for any grammar issues! And to anyone reading this: I probably love you! <3

Ugo out!

I Thought You Were Different (Part 27/?) (Thor x reader)

Part 26

“Okay, so when we get back, someone has to tell-“

“Not it!”

“No way in hell.”


“You guys are jerks,” Clint huffed, resting his hands on his hips with a disgusted look on his face.  “The last person who should tell Steve about this is me, are you serious?  You guys all can’t bail out on this.”

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REQUEST: Can you do a Derek Hale imagine where the reader is so frustrated with school, work, whatever bad things going on, and boys. She rants to everyone and she tells everyone that she is sexually frustrated and everyone tries to calm her down because she just in a bitchy mood. Then when they all leave Derek and her alone and Derek tells her to stop being bitchy, they fight, and Derek makes sure she’s not sexually frustrated anymore

Here ya go love! ☺️😘 Hope you guys enjoy!

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“OH MY FUCKING GOD I CAN LITERALLY NOT EVEN DEAL WITH PEOPLE RIGHT NOW WHAT EVEN,” yelled Y/N. The rest of the group simply stared in shock at her outburst. They were just wrapping up the pack meeting when you suddenly couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to yell out about who knows what. You were all planning your plan of attack for Black Friday shopping, as to see that the danger was quite nonexistent at the moment, so you all had made plans to go shopping to see the sights of Beacon Hills Mall. But at that moment, all eyes were on you. 


The first one to break the silence was Scott. The always diplomatic one, Scott always knew all the right things to say when someone was having a tough day, however, did he know what to say to someone who was having a tough life?

“Well Y/N, I kinda wanna let Derek handle this one. I’m all out of suggestions, besides I’m a little late on eating dinner with my dad again. Stiles, wanna join?” Immediately Stiles’ face broke into a grin and dashed out the door in the hopeful conquest to food at the McCalls. “Yeah I think we’re gonna head home too,” Kira said, gesturing towards Malia and Lydia. “ We want to get our rest before shopping tomorrow night!” As everyone filed out, you help but feel the sexual tension in the air. “You know, you’ve been real bitch today, and it’s really fucking annoying and I’m sick and tired of it, so stop having this bitchy ass attitude because it’s pissing me off.”

This really stung you. You weren’t used to being sassed! You were the one that did the sassing and that was only because when you sassed people, you exercised a type of ‘control’ that shows that you were not one to be fucked with. “You know what? I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ask to be bitten, I didn’t ask to be failing three classes my sophomore year, didn’t ask to have no feelings, like you apparently have. You say I have a bitchy ass attitude when you’re the one who thinks he’s Superman! Thinking he can do everything himself without any help from anyone else. So yeah, sorry I have feelings and choose to express them, whereas you’re basically a robot. Cold and foreign.”

 At that moment, you questioned whether you should have said that or not. A steely look came into Derek’s eyes - one that both scared you and turned you on. You heard the growl tearing its way up his throat, and at that moment he pounced. He ravaged your mouth and neck, leaving love bites all up and down. His hands tore at your skirt, pulling it down along with your black lacy thong. HIs hands then moved up to your blouse, unbuttoning it to reveal the matching black lace bra. Derek stepped back and admired the view, smirking cockily. he removed his shirt and lifted you up on the table by the window, so he could fuck you with the beautiful view as the backdrop.

He began to fingering your pussy with one finger, adding one finger with each pump of his hand. The only sounds in the room was the sound of your panting and the splash of water on the windows. “Take - off - your - pants,” you separated the words with a pant, which resulted in a zip and the sound of his pants hitting the ground. He pushed you onto your back on the table and hovered over you, taking one breast in his mouth. He circled your nipple, bit and sucked. It was a cross between pleasure and pain. You reached with your hand to stroke his dick, marveling at the size and thickness of it. 

Derek took you by surprise as he tore your hand away from his dick, not the reaction you were used by guys you had given hand jobs to. He then thrust his hips into yours, penetrating you with the force of a spear. Derek rocked his hips back and forth, helping you get used to the size of is dick. Within seconds he had you moaning and screaming his name. You felt something inside of you, signaling that you were almost about to come, and judging by his face, so was he. 

A few more seconds and the both of you had come undone. After the most earth shattering climax you’ve ever had, the two of you got up and got dressed. Not one of you making eye contact nor saying a word, you left his apartment with a dazed feeling.

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: i think generally when i took this off schedule it was kinda because i was expecting not to be able to update it every week buT AS IT TURNS OUT i can get a lot done when i’m procrastinating revision because i stopped going to class and im literally home all the time ((’’’studying’’’)) apart from when i’m in for exams so IN SHORT after three days here is another chapter gOd i spoil u guys so much i feel like these chapters are gonna start getting shamefully regular arent they

also this chapter gets a lil emo i PROMISE IT WILL HAVE A HAPPY ENDING EVENTUALLY DONT THROW THINGS AT ME but i wrote this entire chapter listening to wrapped around your finger and beside you so the link’s there if u wanna u know  ~set an atmosphere~~ or somethign

 cash in the attic, dickinson’s real deal and bargain hunt are these auction shows always on daytime tv they have quite a reputation here in the uk (i think it’s notable to mention this for anyone who isn’t british) it’ll make sense when u read the chapter i promise





It’s gone too quickly. Dan shuts his eyes. It’s gone way too quickly.

He opens them again, taking in the sight of the skyline surrounding him until the image is engraved behind his eyelids when he squeezes them shut again. He needs to take it in. He needs to memorise every single detail before he’s dragged away from it, leaving only a mere vapour trail in the Viennese sky as a remain of his presence. He wants his memory of this city to be as permanent as he is temporary.

He leans against the railings of the bridge, the iron cold against his cheek as he stares down at the River Danube flowing beneath him; a weird, murky green in the daylight. His eyes trail over the layers of beige, decorative infrastructure surrounding him; studying the modern architecture against the old, thinking about how two buildings can be as close as a matter of metres together, yet centuries apart. It reminds him of London.

Dan gives the St. Charles Church a quick glance, and St. Paul’s Cathedral comes to mind. Schonbrunn Palace in the distance catches his eye, and he thinks of Buckingham Palace. It confuses him how a city so architecturally similar to London could be so atmospherically different.

He stares back down at the river. Although even with a colour as cloudy as that, it’s evident it’s probably still about nine-hundred times cleaner than the Thames. He strains his ears. Even in the early morning, it’s still quieter in the city centre than it ever would be in even the most distant outskirts of London. And if he were to sit out on a bridge for this long in his home city, he’d be surprised about making it this far without being either accidentally pushed off, shouted at, thrown money at or whacked with a selfie stick.

He’s going to miss Vienna dreadfully.

They’d made a promise, he and Phil, to come back here someday. To revisit all the places they’d discovered over the course of the fortnight, to stay in the same hotel and even dance in the same ballroom.

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taehyung; count on me

❝you can always count on taehyung to make you feel better
►882 words // mini scenario
♡ for the love @taereads​ ((bc i can’t hug you my babe))

Originally posted by taevhyung

taehyung knows that when he comes home to dimmed lights and constant sighs, there’s something to be on the lookout for and he’s on his feet the moment he walks through that door. he carefully sets his things aside and strips of his jacket and though he’s very tempted to rid of his clothes for something more comfortable, he ignores it.

he goes straight to where he hopes he’ll see you and is disappointed when emptiness greets him and the coldness of the air conditioning that grazes on his skin instead of the warmth of your touch. huffing, he makes a quick decision to change out of a button up shirt with slacks into something that lets him breathe properly; a loose sweater (the one you got him on his birthday last year - it was a whole box of things he’d die for and this was one of it) along with his boxers hanging off his hips.

once in comfort, and the feeling of you hugging him because of the cotton material, he makes his way to walk out of the bedroom. part of him debates if he should head to the spare guest room or if he should trudge out to the balcony but both disappears when he stands by the kitchen doorway and he finds there’s a shadow looming under the moonlight, casted on the white tiles that lures him in because he knows that shape, the silhouette and the breathing pattern as a whole to even look past it.

his steps are light, calculated with each one and when he makes it past the fridge, he tries not to frown too hard at the sight. the person that he loves looking so sad when they (you) deserve everything that the world should grant you on a golden platter when you bring so much happiness and you actually make the world a better place you, deserve the world.

taehyung makes himself known as he walks around the island and stands in front of you, blocking the light from the glow out the window and it makes you tip your chin up to meet with his worried gaze. his deep voice resonates in the quiet apartment, echoes through the hollow of your chest and makes its way down to your spine and back up into your heart because he belonged there.

“something’s wrong, isn’t it…?”

biting down on your lip, you manage a small nod and you almost feel bad for not saying anything because taehyung’s looking at you like that. like that translates into wide eyes dilated with fear of losing you. like that is that look in his eyes whenever he’s not feeling happy. like that is a bundle of facial features dragging down into an unpleasant one like the frown digging on the corners of his lips or the furrowing of his brows that knit together with frustration - anything. when taehyung is sad, he shows it. and all the more when he’s sad because you’re sad.

he doesn’t say much and walks around the island once more but it’s to reach where you are this time. he gets on his knees and beckons you to do the same - which you do, relentlessly following his suit when he pulls you down to the floor and you’re crawling into the space between his legs that you call home when he welcomes you with long, warm arms that are made to hold you. it was as if taehyung was made to love you and you couldn’t question anything aside from that anymore. in fact, you don’t.

because you’re the exact same thing to him.

in any occasion, taehyung would be the first one to not resort to violence but when it involves you, taehyung could resort to anything.

“any butts i need to kick in your favor?” he murmurs, caressing your head down to your back and over and over again with his other arm latched around your waist for leverage. shaking your head against him, he only exhales before he tries again, “anyone made you upset?”

shaking your head again, taehyung manages to put together of the pieces that you’ve dropped that contained information that might’ve contributed to why you’re feeling like this. he’s also wise enough to know he shouldn’t bring it up so he just - “it’s… that thing, isn’t it? the one you’ve been stressing about these few days…?”

with a simple yes, taehyung leaves it at that and drops the topic, so he can - “how about some ice cream and your favorite movie? it’s not too late. we can sleep after,”

he was so sure he had it in the bag but he’s always finding out new things when you refuse and just cling onto him tighter, mumbling under your breath that somehow floats into his ears to decipher all the syllables, “just wanna stay like this. just want you to hold me,”

with a small smile and a heart big enough to swallow you up until you feel nothing but the warmth of all that he is and how the heartbeats match the tempo in this rhythm of love, he simply kisses the side of your head and goes back to stroking you gently and he hums against your chest, “you can count on me, love.”

imagine getting in a stupid fight with lukey in your dorm room because you keep feeling like there’s a reason he never wants to stay the night with you and gah and you’d both be facing each other and luke would be trying so had to get you to understand
“god, it’s really nothing personal. I just don’t do that whole thing, can’t you just respect that?” as you’d sigh “luke i do respect that, but it’s just i feel like I can’t even tell if you like me at all anymore…” and he’d be getting so frustrated bc he just wants to tell you how much he loves you, but he can’t and he’d run his hand through his hair answering “christ, you can’t be serious? god i do like you, why can’t you just let this fucking go it’s not a big deal really!”
“i get that it’s not your thing, i do but itd just mean a fucking lot to me if my boyfriend acted like he cared a little more!” and luke would want to say it he’d just want to scream those three little words at you but he really just couldn’t get himself to do it
“you know, if you weren’t so fucking insecure this wouldn’t-” and the second those words fell out of his mouth he knew he fucked up “wait, no no no, I didn’t mean that, i didn’t-” and you’d just start letting out a whimper and feel the tears starting come so you’d sit on the bed and luke would just be frozen and you’d just let out a ‘leave’ and he’d try to come over to you and you’d say “luke, just please leave” and he’d be so pissed at himself because that’s the opposite of what he really wanted to do and you would be laying in your bed just whimpering into your pillow because you didn’t want to hear from your boyfriend that your insecurities annoyed him so after a good 30 minutes you’d decide you needed some air and you’d open your door to get out to the hall and there luke would be right next to your door, back pressed against the wall and you could tell he just felt like shit and the second he saw you he’d start “im such a fucking asshole. that’s not at all what i wanted to say, and fuck you just mean so much to me and you deserve someone who’s not gonna say something that shitty i-i just um i…god I just love you, i love you, i love you and that terrifies me.” and you’d get down and sit right in front of him and lean your forehead on his and whisper “it terrifies me too” and he’d just bring you into his arms and continuously mumble how sorry he was and at some point you’d feel him start shaking and you’d look at him and he’d be crying because god he’s so in love with you and he isn’t good with words and all he’s ever wanted is right in front of him and you just kiss right where a tear was falling down on his cheek and say “luke robert hemmings i am completely in love with you, and i forgive you and i get it now…but i promise i won’t leave you…just please…stay the night?” and he’d grab your hand and start nodding continuously, standing up and walking into your room and closing the door before slipping right next to you in bed and he’d pull you in super close and kiss your forehead then rest his chin on your head and whisper
“it terrified me. past tense.”

friends with benefits au

This is the second part of the childhood best friends au. First part here.

Words: 1.6k
Rating: Mature

“Holy f-“ Percy’s curse was muffled by a hand over his mouth. Jason laughed behind him, before he got back to sucking a bruise into Percy’s neck. Jason rolled his hips again and Percy had a hard time keeping his voice down or controlling the noises spilling from his throat. Percy’s jeans were bunched around his knees, his shirt half pulled up his torso and his head thrown back to rest against Jason’s shoulder. His knees were getting weak, but Jason held most of his weight with an arm snaked around his waist. Jason was the worst tease, thrusting into him with a pace slow enough to be considered torture and touching him everywhere but where Percy wanted him to. He hated it as much as he loved it. 

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T-Shirt ▏Bobby

“Try'na decide, try'na decide if I really wanna go out tonight. I never used to go out without ya, not sure I remember how to.” ♪

“Hello, are you still alive there?”

    You blinked and stared into your best friend’s Min’s eyes. Then, your attention turned to your other three friends across the table, who seemed to be lost in a world of their own, laughing hysterically. The restaurant the five of you were in was particularly busy tonight, and you felt strange being there without him.

    “Yeah,” you mumbled and picked up the menu. “So, what are you guys ordering?”

    Min eyed you weirdly and slowly picked up her menu. “I’m getting the steak,” she answered. “Yura and Jia are getting the chicken dishes, and Chae is still deciding. What are you thinking about?”

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