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just a comic for Animated Zorox’s contest, page 1 (?) idk Time took: 4 hours cuz i had trouble with the colors and if you keep an eye on horror sans hand on the bottom left side I.. uh.. gave up on that arm hehe, so now it looks like that, Im gonna make a second part of this and no, Horror Sans is not dead, if you have watched Underverse by Jakei;which I totally recommend ; you know what happens when the scene looks like at the bottom most right of the comic. be back later with part 2 cuz Im tired af. hope u like it. -KimLui

Perceptor’s aim is perfect, even when sneezing

and then Brainstorm ran away with it yelling “IT’S MINE NOW! MWAHAHA”
and that’s how he had that eyepiece on that one issue XD


I DREW THE THING!!! @gunthatshootsennui @timewxrp @junghexe

based on junghexe’s post over here.

consider: lance has never kissed anyone before and he really wants to and so one day hunk is just like “you can kiss me” and lance is freaking out a lil cuz he’s definitely got a crush on hunk, who just offered to KISS him and he tries to play it cool and is all “dude really?? u would do that for me??”and hunk is like “i would do anything for u bro” (that makes lance’s heart flutter like crazy!!!) 

and so they’re sitting on lance’s bed and it’s kinda awkward and lance is trying to keep himself together cuz holy moly he’s about to kiss HUNK his best friend and crush and hes just “so um…im gonna kiss you now” and hunk says “okay” and they close their eyes and lean in all slow and nervous and then their lips touch and they’re both so tentative with each other and it’s really short and soft but when lance pulls away all he can say is “wow” bc WOW he’s kind of wanted to do that forever 

then lance notices that hunk looks kinda nervous and that makes him nervous bc what if hunk thinks this is a mistake and he’s ready to suggest they just forget about this when hunk asks “do you wanna do it again?” and lance’s heart just… flies out of his chest he never thought he’d get to kiss hunk once and now he can do it TWICE?? so they kiss again and this time it lasts longer but it’s still just as soft and hunk puts a hand on lance’s cheek and lance’s heart is Out Of Control 

when they pull away they’re both looking at each other, hesitant and unsure and lance swallows his fear with a nervous laugh and says “hunk, you’re a 9 and i’m the 1 you need” and now hunk is SMILING and it’s so beautiful and lance feels So Warm when hunk just goes “lance that’s ridiculous you’re a 10″ “you’re a 10 too” and anyway please just consider… HANCE

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my boyfriend is goig to a party later and i dont know what or who is going to be there. Im worried hes going to cheat on me or just get extremely wasted and hrut himself. idk what to do because its not like I want to keep him from goig

u have to trust ur significant other or ur relationship will literally fail. even if u dont want them to go respect that it’s their life and ur just a portion of it. they’re allowed to go out with friends and have fun without u,,, trust that he will come home to u & only ever have eyes for u otherwise ur gonna end up making urself rly unhappy

The signs when angry
  • Aries: *morphs into an actual tomato* IM GONNA END YOU
  • Taurus: lol ur so extra tho?? haha bye *continues playing with their lighter and being fascinated with the flames*
  • Cancer: WHY I OUGHTA!!!!ARGGGGG!!!!damn kids *angrily pulls out a watermelon flavoured lollipop*
  • Leo: hm. well. thats fine. you just keep doin u and i'll just keep sharpening this knife haha catch ya later bruh
  • Virgo: i find that the best stress reliever is actually human flesh!!! the slabs of it i keep in my fridge are getting a little stale...i think im gonna keep u around for a bit :D
  • Libra: *sprinkles glitter up into the air* *watches as it lands in your eyes and slices your corneas* hahahahahaha nice!
  • Scorpio: see im hoping for a little give and take here. i give you a lump of coal up your ass like a jolly little santa clause and you give me a diamond in return :)
  • Sagittarius: if hazel grace was a grenade, then im a fucking atom bomb. but i don't mind blowin' you up bby. so pipe the hell down before ur guts are decorating my walls like christmas ornaments <3
  • Capricorn: aw hunny if i wanted to waste my time being mad at something irrelevant, insignificant and worthless, i'd just yell at ur dick
  • Aquarius: i am too sober for this

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tired eyes focus on the redhead. cat-like eyes narrow. “I feel like we’re about to die or something.”

gonna be posting some sales tomorrow!!

some nice things from my personal plushie and anime collections! \(OUO)/

i need to clear out some space bc im dying to preorder the primarina plush aaa ;u;

keep an eye out! <3                            


M: “Careful Yuu-chan, don’t get so excited, who knows what this filthy human might try to make us do in the future?”

me: ”Fine, fine! I apologize in advance for every possible indecent/”bit bloody” scenes n co. between you two in the future”

M:  (///□///) 

Y: “…Mika…  \(°//∇//°)\  … can’t we give her a chance? She worked so much and everything! She kinda figured even your hair out somehow! Everybody deserves a chance! Come on….! Mikaaa~”

M: “W-Well… *cough*… if she must….”  (///-///)*


And so evakaname debuts in Mika x Yuu Art Hell!!! Yeyy!!
Thank you @rindartist, it is partly your miracle working inspiring me to draw again, to draw THEM. You are kicking my muse awake every time i see you around, and then she starts kicking MY lazy slow ass…
…there was no escape for me… 

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im wondering… what is the need to keep running ur mouth about 5h if yall dont care abt them???? like literally no one fucking cares what u have to say so pls just keep ur god dam mouth shut and waste ur fucking time making stupid ass posts abt ur own faves instead??? like its literally so annoying have to wash my eyes every single day cause ive read dumb ass posts cause yall cant mind your own fucking business??? i have no idea what i did to deserve having to deal w this but im fuciking tired… do u rly think ur stupid ass opinion is gonna change anything like pls think harder… before u do a stupid ass post like that u should stop for a sec and ask urself dam does anyone rly care?? does anyone wanna kno what i think??? should i be wasting my time talking shit like this instead of getting myself off to this mediocre punk rock wannabe band???? i can answer that for u!!! the answer is always no!!!!!