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shoutout to wlw who are questioning their religion

to wlw who are doubting the religion they’ve been taught

to wlw who are considering converting into a new religion

to wlw who have no idea what they believe

I know it’s really hard to find what you believe in, especially in regards to your sexuality, but you will figure it out. y’all are beautiful and strong 💕

(this post is double for trans wlw, you deserve the world)

sasuke and naruto probably have the most complex relationship i have seen in a work of media. every single episode with them gave something more, each new piece of information sheds light on the encounter that makes everything look differently, and there is so much genuine heart and pain and love and hatred in every single ounce of their relationship it brings me to tears.

i hate how they’re so often reduced, i hate how their relationship is so often diminished, i hate seeing their relationship in the hands of the straights. especially the ~yaoi fangirls~.

naruto and sasuke have such a deeply entertwined narrative, arc, life… it’s impossible to take one of them without taking the other. every ounce of who they have been for so many years, of their identities, is wrapped up in the other person. it’s impossible to extricate, to figure out who they would be without the influence of the other, and so many don’t even try.

they have one of the most complex, deeply heartfelt relationships that i have seen in anything, really, and seeing ppl reduce it down to teh yaoiz or pretending they’re just rivals honestly kills me.

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Thank you for that response to that post. My father passed 5 yeas ago and my mother is my everything so posts like that always give me anxiety and freak me out even though i know they have no more power than i give them. Im so glad you added onto the end <3

You are very welcome, I hope it helps.

I know me reblogging it might seem counterproductive, but I figure it might help someone who is seeing it anyway to see the reassurance at the bottom. Lord knows I get tagged in it enough times with “can’t risk bibmom” and some of that anxiety is real. Like what kind of witch do y’all think I am that a text post is gonna be what gets me :P


Hi if your wondering why the hell this blog isn’t posting about the new svtfoe episodes…

I don’t have cable and yes

I am suffering

unscholar's dog parade!

hey guys i have 1k followers which is wild!! im gonna do something cool for yall. if u reblog + follow + send an ask with a kind of dog and a kind of flower then i’ll draw them together!! i can also draw just one or the other, or cats if thats ur jam.
thank u so much for following, it means a lot to me!! this is the only way i could figure out how to give back to the community lol. i’ll tag every post with #1k dog parade, so blacklist it if u want!

on another note: make sure to tag ur posts with #unscholar so i can see them! also, it’d make my day if u @’d me on a yellow/orange studyblr post since i love reblogging those!!

requests close on august 3rd.

loses steam on this but i have had a fuckin celestial robyn outfit idea in my head for literal months bc kid looks very adorable in navy

okay im gonna try to participate in Robovember and i already messed up cause its the second of the month but yeah ! 

first day was screen/monitor so idk i was finally motivated to make a robosona of sorts based on the JVC Videosphere! 

it was a tv made to look like a space helmet gkh i think its cute and ye i still gotta figure out how to draw it lmao

me, looking at a picture of my boyfriend and crying: i miss him

im just gonna throw this out there but im pretty sure that the relationship between roy mustang and riza hawkeye was the very pinnacle of het relationships in fiction like i dont make the rules but yeah

Blood Omen 2 thoughts

I think the thing about Blood Omen 2 is that while
I struggled to figure out why almost everyone (including me) really dislikes Blood Omen 2, because it’s not actually uniquely bad when you think about it. I think part of the problem is that is suffers from the same weaknesses as every other game but doesn’t have their strengths. Its gameplay becomes a grind once you get so far (like bo1, sr2 and defiance); the puzzles are repetitive and often dull (bo1 and sr); there are lots of almost identical locations (bo1 dungeons and defiance temples); no exploration (sr2 and defiance).
The thing is, bo and sr have large open worlds even with the annoying number of enemies and graphical limitations. Sr2 and defiance have utterly beautiful locations and fantastic storylines. Bo2 looks kinda bad for a ps2 game and the writing is really not good. It just doesn’t have the things which save the other games, but it does have almost all the things which occasionally let the others down.
That’s my theory, anyway. Thoughts?


ive decided that until i figure out if i wann make another sideblog or not yall are just gonna have to deal w whatever selfship/insert stuff i feel like posting, plus i just wanted to share this sthipost bc i spent too much time on it and i think im hilarious

bless u @seph1roth for showing me the post that cuased these scribbles to exists

Why I personally do not like the Portal Musical

Okay, this is a pretty discoursey post ahead. I mean nothing against the actors and creators and anyone involved in it. I just feel like it needs some improving. This is just my personal opinion

okay first 

-I think it focuses too much on the relationship (which is not really existent in the game) of Chell and Wheatley, like I felt that a reprise of “Suddenly Wheatley” was unnecessary. I would’ve like to have seen Chell and GLaDOS’ relationship, which the musical did not expand upon

-The whole Cave/////line subplot was… yikes (its a toxic relationship)

-glados??? is??? a?? gay??????? 

-super out of character (i cant really find examples because im tired and not to mention its hard to figure out someones personality for me but all i know is that those weren’t the characters in the game)

If you’re gonna send me hate, or saying that I am “harassing” the creators, I will tell you I am not harassing anyone. I am just saying my opinion on this. I will not tag geek/enders in this post. And not to excuse my behavior, but I am 14 and I just want their (the show creators) adult hands off my posts. 


i feel bad for not posting art, so have some super quick doodles! lizard chimera ed wins every staring contest now, while mud grave ed keeps seeing roy baumhauer in dark shadows! fun times! 

(also ive seen the stuff in my tags and omgfg…. im gonna reblog them tomorrow if im not too tired - im almost asleep rn hahaa- and the submission i got…. i cant figure out how to post it with a comment so when i figure that out!!!! it’ll be up) im sorry!!!

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I remember reading an ask mentioning the jackal girl and Fuchisa having a crush on each along with the fam squad spying on Gadget and Infinite on their dates. Would Gadget and Infinite end up doing the same thing to help them hook up or would they let them figure it out themselves without getting involved?

oooo i think a mix of both tbh!! bc i mean everyone needs their space w these things sometimes ofc right? matters of love can p personal and all so they wouldnt take it too far, but to an extent theyd def be the best wingmen possible for their pals, 110%

Youtube Channel

Soo, Im finally gonna put that idle account I have to use to put wip animatics and finished ones, maybe one day Ill figure out speedpaints but for now Ill do this, Ill put the url in a post tagged youtube

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No, he doesn’t think he is. He’s just scared that he’ll act like one when he’s mad. But, he said already. He’s going to have LoLo help him figure out what to do when he’s mad. RoRo knows he’s a good guy, but sometimes his brain has troubles remembering he is. Just like your brain has troubles calming down sometimes. He needs your and LoLo’s help sometimes, just like you do.

mm okay. im gonna help him

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for the jeremyheeredaily thing, which passwords have you tried? im tryina figure it out too and im d um b