im gonna have to ask you to stop that


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

This is my jojo secret santa gift for @sakapet

Merry Christmas, Saka! :> I hope you like this little jotakak drawing! Come talk to me about jojo sometime :D 

guys all im saying is to not go around looking for fights, because it will only result in you and the other person upsetting each other until you both get too fed up with the situation and leave. thats all. 

if youre really bent on discussing this with me, i have a personal blog

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Yo yo yo!!! Ur seeing the boys! Im so happy for u:)) mind me asking where ur seats are? Jst curious, i mean Regardless im sure you'll have a blast ~(@,@)~ hahaha did u like my little emoji thing of u having a blast cause ur so shook lmao im so weird sorry but yeah happy for ya girl!

I am!! And thank you so much :”) My seat is GA standing (im gonna die) I can’t wait to see these boys perform live, it’s gonna be life changing I just know it. LMAO that emoji is meeee!!! Shook to the max. You aren’t weird! Thank you for stopping by, you’re so sweet! ♡

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(holy shit  if i see this^^ live O___O )

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my god, thank you so much for addressing ppl thinking that lesbians are secretly bisexuals who are just choosing not to date men... im a lesbian and ive told my cishet male friends and some of them keep referring to me as a bi girl, which i have literally never called myself ://// mostly i just correct them when i can but i dont really know how to get them to stop

yeah my dad still thinks im gonna marry a man even though he knows im a lesbian and like… it just hurts to see people say “so what if you’re attracted to men and ID as a lesbian? you’re not hurting anyone!” because you’re hurting me. you’re validating people’s lesbophobic ideas.

I wish I could get your friends to stop mislabeling you anon :( if you think talking to them about it might help maybe that would be a good idea, but regardless, im sorry they dont respect your identity :( sending positive vibes ur way!!! <3 <3

Bite me

( Calling 707 8th Day around evening)

>> : 707 said

> : 707 answered

>>Hello? why would you call me when you are right behind me? Now i hear your voices twice and my heart… Nevermind.
>>Im gonna work now.

Then i want to sit beside you
> Youre gonna get curious and ask everything im doing then.
> How can i not get distracted?

Oh come on~ can i poke your cheeks?
>Then ill poke you too

>>Stop messing around and hang up. I need to take care of this as fast as i can for the both of us so i need to focus.

Why dont you get a snack and take a short break?
> No i dont want to eat.. i dont want to waste my time…cant you eat on ur own?

You dont even have time to talk to me?
>We are talking now!
>Well, its more like you trying to talk to me…

>>Stop whining beside me. god… what am i supposed to do?
>>Im going to bite you if you keep interupting me.

Woof Woof!
>… i said id bite you. come here.

>Stop  making cute noises! I cant focus as it is..
>Come here. I should really bite you.

>>What!? You’re running away now? Wait!!

It’s not 2AM but stop complaining have some fam quotes


‘‘im almost always reading gay shit’’

‘‘Iv asked to have a handsaw up my anus before this isnt my first rodeo’’

‘‘Im gonna sket away from the pain lmao’’

‘‘Other important facts include that I run until I feel like passing out and I hate wearing clothes’’

-You know what fuck it I’m pulling up a Google window
+Don’t take it that personally lmao

‘‘Why do you have 90 Chrome windows open are you a madman’’

‘‘European history can be resumed into ‘‘This guy discovered this and we conquered that and we killed these’’’’

‘‘She sent flying penis gifs’’

‘‘I write orgies not tragedies’’

‘‘I’m still purer than two people that’s an archivement’’

‘‘Let’s just say that there may not have been a time when I was so angry I threatened to fist someones grandmother with a handful of glitter’’ 

‘‘Bread is pain’’

‘‘What does that compliment mean’’

‘‘Making him my reincarnated Great Depression era grandfather who is also my son which Ive married and eats soap and spiders and is a duck’’

‘‘It’s just me randomly wanting a penis’’

‘‘Stick it in the toaster’’

‘‘mm yes señorita pour them frisky bits realll good’’

‘‘YoI AU where everything’s the same but everyone has a Spanish accent’’

‘‘She’ll shove a melon in your face’’

-Kiku no
+Kiku yes
-Kiku why
~Kiku duck



‘‘That’s quite a scary monster with like 8 pairs of winking eyes pls’’

‘‘Should I stay or am I being the 3rd wheel: Thy eternal question’’

-And lmao ye Ryan c’here and be my manager
~I’ll do one better and be your coach ;)
~*shows up in Spain with my questionable dick flying in the wind*
~Time to win gold
~*Literally makes everything gay and is extra as fuck*
-as usually
+U know what fite me peasant

‘‘But I have a lot of weird childhood strokes

‘‘lil bitch feet’’

‘‘I’m gonna outyeet the fleet’’


‘‘You may as well just have kickflipped her into the sun Jesus Christ’’

‘‘I am gay and doesn’t matter the gender I feel like’’

‘‘I’m sitting in math avoidi g social life BC they r arguin bout cEREAL’’


‘‘Social constructs are a social construct’’

‘‘I may have ran while pushing my screaming friend through the hallway in a shopping cart’’

‘‘Chop the dick like a papaya’’

‘‘Ok solve it urself imma go read porn’’

‘‘Why are we rping yuuri x papaya smut’’

‘‘Mother nature u little kinky shit’’

‘‘Now is gonna b changed to cheeto land’’

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its so funny to me when aphobes want people to stop identifying as ace like. sorry random internet person i have never talked to before, i dont know why you act so high and mighty but im not gonna change the way i am bc you dont like it. its even funnier when they then send more hate like. why do u care i dont know u u dont know me just fucking block me and move on. jeez.

like, they have no control over our identities? and it’s super rude to force someone to an identity they aren’t comforable with? like i ain’t gonna stop just bc someone i don’t know tries to tell me about my own person. I know more about myself then anyone else does? are you* me? no? then frick off??

-mod stark

*you as in the person, not u anon

i have an au where a bunch of bb characters are variations of mythological creatures or cryptids or whatever have you

honestly my fave decision so far has been making valtr a gross gambeson-wearin dullahan with a bucket full of bugs and blood for a head. Prone to minute long fits of rage that subside once hes thrown blood+bugs from a basin at individuals and called them enough names regarding their lack of cleanliness… mostly insults directed at the fact.. theyre, covered in bugs.. and blood.. that, he threw.. at them


so im back home safe and sound~ still feeling like shit and still wanting to die but thats what happens when your only and closest friends abandon you :D jk all’s good i guess, i mean i still feel really shitty but you dont have to worry about me dying because my parents are never letting me out of their sight

(seriously, even when im sleeping. my mom literally is sleeping in my room)

but anywayyy im glad to be back and im sure yall just wish that id stop with the drama and get back to actually drawing for this blog so thats what im gonna do! soooo send in some asks~~~

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Honestly it's so awesome that you are diligent enough to plan all these parts out for Transference before you release the next part because no matter how long it takes i or should i say us readers all know it's gonna be fiyaaaaaaaa when you do release it. Im fine waiting, it is so good i really don't care. I cant even believe your working on so many right now? (I can't even get my life together ugh lol)

Your ask came at a good time and I’m feeling very open this evening.

Transference is the kind of story that requires planning several steps ahead. I probably should have written something easier lol, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it could be. As the chapters roll out, the story has grown and now I’m thinking it will be closer to seven chapters instead of the 4-5 I was originally planning. If the readers knew what I was writing right now, they wouldn’t mind waiting longer so I could get it right. Lots of research is required given Hoseok’s skill set and I think it really cheapens the experience if I rush it with simplistic sentences like, “He tied you up and you loved it.” I would rather spend those extra couple of weeks to describe what happens to the body under his control, whether you feel excited or afraid, what’s going through your mind, etc.

As for the other works, those are just the ones that I’m more than 75% committed to writing. There are at least ten other ideas I have written which are still a secret (tehehehe), but the ones on the Updates page are those ideas that I pitched to writer-friends who I trust not to spill the beans and all of them begged me in all caps to make those fantasies a reality.

Thank you for your ask and your patience. If it’s any consolation, I don’t think anyone really “has their life together.” I know I certainly don’t!

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im afraid to admit that i might have madd, how did you come to terms with it?

um idk man i just checked the symptoms and questioned my behaviors for like 2 months so i could confirm myself having madd. im pretty much used to having this lil piece of shit with me all the time, hence why im so casual with it and i dont mind talking about it to people. i know that im gonna have this for a quite long time and i cant stop that, so i just roll with it.

dont be afraid to admit that you have madd in this community, you can talk to me and the rest of the blogs whenever you want to, privately or not. if you’re still uncomfortable talking about it off anon, then feel free to ask more. i wont mind either way and im not gonna judge you for that.

idk if anyone would be interested but i think i might start taking requests?? ; o ; idk how fast i’ll be able to get to them but i’d like to draw more consistently and stop going on these long breaks from this blog so ; v ;

out.  okay, this is just a sort of psa?? because i’m having some paranoia issues?? basically, the sleep meds i’m on have some adverse effects on my memory / brain in general. things are fuzzy, i’m a little slow on picking things up, i’ll forget i was IMing someone and not be able to remember what it is i’m forgetting. i’m working really hard on focusing and trying to overcome these issues, but it’s a serious struggle. basically, i may end up asking really stupid questions because i’m having processing issues, or i might stop talking to you out of nowhere, or forget about adding threads to my drafts even though i’ll intend to. i just want to give you all a heads up because i’m gonna ask my doctor about this but ?? it’s a struggle for right now. thanks for understanding <3

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i think ur blog is wonderful and i think ur really amazing and im genuinely very thankful to exist in the same time frame as u and ur blog, have a very very nice day <3

omg stop youre so nice im gonna cry lol. thank you anon youre very lovely i hope you have a very nice day as well :]

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jesus christ saying "im triggered" isnt making fun of people with ptsd ?? have you ever heard of a hyperbole? because thats the point of the joke, like.. you can say "oh no im late my moms gonna kill me" and that doesn't mean you're trivializing Literal Murder, omg

im triggered started off as a joke making fun of people with ptsd amongst other things. its the same thing as you not saying “haha we totally r*ped that team today” when you win against someone in a game. stop making literal trauma into jokes it’s not funny.

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i dont know if this the right blog to ask but i have terrible OCD and one of my obsessions is my sexuality. i've known i was Pan since i was around 12 years old, but for some reason, years later, i've started obsessing over it. i mainly identify as girl and i feel like my attraction to girls isn't valid, and i'm scared that my mind i faking the attraction. it's like i have the fear of being straight, and i just can't stop thinking about it and it's so anxiety inducing

(im gonna put it out there that you could send me an ask about cabbages and i would still try my best to answer it, this is the right blog for every question [but my specialties are mental illness and feminist stuff])

okay, so sexuality is fluid. a label that suits you now won’t necessarily suit you later and that’s 100% awesome and okay. but the thing is your mind can’t fake attraction. like attraction is a chemical reaction in the mind. you literally can’t fake it. And changing your label isn’t a big deal and a label change doesn’t necessarily mean being straight.

Phan Analysis (Behaviour)

(ok so i don’t know if anyone ever talked about this, so sorry if yes >.<)

so as usual i was rewatching some old phan videos, when i noticed this:

unfortunately i couldn’t add subs because im too dumb for that shit but ok that’s not gonna stop me.

so in that specific moment, phil asked dan a would-you-rather-question. one of the choices which dan also picked was: would you rather have a freaky night with hayley williams but with phil’s face [..]

he then added that “it would still be hayley [..] paperbag- ( meaning putting the paperbag over phil’s face, so that he wouldn’t see him but only her body) and then it’s all good to go.”

after that it was cut into another scene.

I made the “all good to go” into a gif, which you can see above. now look at that gif closely. ( i tried to slow it down, so that it’s more obvious) look especially carefully near the end of that gif. 

do you see it? do you also see that subtle, but still obvious little smirk that dan does after saying “then it’s all good to go”. 

but what does that mean? well for that we need to focus again on the context of that specific moment. 

as i just previously said, dan and phil are talking about how he would have sex with hayley, since he could simply hide phil’s face with a paperbag.
it seems that as soon as he says that it’s “then good to go”, he subtly smiles at phil as if to reassure him that this is simply a joke.
that he actually truly loves phil (and his body) and that all of this is just a game that he wants to tease him(phil) with.

i personally think this is really cute because you notice how unconsciously dan does this, meaning that this “teasing” is  something natural between them (which is quite common in a relationship)

i know i could be overanalysing stuff, but idk i thought it was something quite obvious and adorable.

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you liked my post and I choked on my drink thank you I'm gonna cry of happiness when I stop coughing

Im really concerned rn, who did I nearly kill with a simple like? No one should have so much power.

(Also you probably just caught me lurking near ur blog u should run)

(Based on this ask, I have no idea who you are lololol)