im gonna have fun with these

I’ve been testing out some new papers and just doodling to get myself back into the habit of drawing/coloring before i get to anything important…

And I also played unhealthy amounts of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

So. Expect a lot of ToT for a while. LOLOL

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Hear me out, some like random piece of chariot memorabilia shows up on campus but there's no name so everyone just assumes it's Akko who's like "I didn't order this but whatev" and then the whole ep is diana trying to secretly get the stuff out of Akkos room

om g

As cute and fun as that would be I…. I think I need the angsty rich girl backstory more though… I wanna see more of little Diana admiring Chariot and then learn how/why she had to give it up (and again, then it will make it all the better if Akko can allow her to enjoy magic again like she once used to instead of using magic solely out of obligation).

Ugh these nightmares are so bad wtf

Me and my partner were living with this person teaching my partner how to fight demons and shit. And I realized the teacher knew he was gonna die and that I was going to have to kill him because he was going to be possessed. My brain is honestly good at plot twists tho.
So i was the one who ended up getting possessed, which is why I’d end up killing him. but getting possessed wasn’t like “Im not in control of my body, I’m watching myself do things I can’t control”, instead I just turned into a shittier person gradually which was significantly more terrifying because I was doing it. and screaming at my partner was what finally woke me up.

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can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her

Closet Softie

Or, How Bucky Barnes Nearly Ruined His Tough-Guy Rep

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The trail mix was gone. 

The nice, expensive trail mix, with twelve kinds of nuts and the big sunflower seeds and dried fruits, the kind Tony only rarely left sitting on the common floors for everyone to get at, was gone. 

Clint had been looking forward to that stuff all morning

All the way through a hellish morning “jog” with Steve, all through Nat handing him his ass on the training mats, all through firing the same batch of misweighted arrows over and over so Tony could take scans and fix the design, he’d been thinking, when this is done I get to go upstairs and hang out on the couch and watch Dog Cops and eat the good trail mix, guilt-free. 

And it was gone.

Clint was gonna shoot somebody.

Just as soon as he figured out who’d taken the trail mix.

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yesterday i saw a sad duck in the park who kept getting picked on by the other ducks so today i brought some trail mix and we had a nice lunch together. also i think he might be the duck who pooped on sam last week. if so, he is officially my new best friend. 

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happy or angry? 


in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman