im gonna have children with both of them

Changkyun (I.M) As A Dad

Requested by @/ew-kihyun ; “ all of monsta x as dads pls queen”

This is my ult so while writing I’m probably gonna cry ;-;


Changkyun would probably be a proud father

His kid is his lockscreen.

but because he’s the youngest he’d probably have quite a few insecurities

‘Am I a good dad?’ He’d ask every once in a while, just needing reassurance 

he’d probably feel awkward sometimes

lets be honest he’s not the best with kids

if he didn’t know how to cheer his child up he’d get that sinking feeling in his stomach

and he’d be so grateful to have someone to help him out eventually he’d learn to understand his child 

and then he’d just be a weirdo

his 4D personality would truly come out

and because this is Changkyun’s son/daughter they’d be just as weird

but that’s what you love about them right

so either you join them or just shake your head and smile?

let’s be honest we’re all joining because who can really resist Changkyun + a child

chasing each other is their favourite game

and collapsing in fits of laughter is a daily routine

honestly I’m scared that if I go on much longer im gonna actually shed tears of happiness why did i agree to do this he’s my ult im dying

they’d have multiple inside jokes and you’d probably fall victim to them bullying you

eating on the couch is the preferred location

they are both gonna get food everywhere and laugh at each other when they do

and you always end up cleaning it

if they wanted to go somewhere they’ll both beg like children because there is nothing they disagree on

disipline is not something Changkyun perticually wants to do but he understands it’s an essential and he’d probably end up being pretty good at it.

Anyway I’ll stop because I didn’t plan on it being this long lmao


If you can’t already tell Lim changkyun is the love of my life. Happy i’ve finally finished these ! - Lauren

9DaysofLancaster: Day one

(so yeah there is a nine days of lancaster thing that imma gonna try to do. Hopefully I can get all nine days but meh. Anyway im going to do shit with the rwbabies cause i havent done stuff with the Lancaster family in forever. 

Anyway for this first snippet, the kids are younger. Like Garnet is ~7, Clover ~3, and Azure >1 year. Enjoy)

“Okay kids, go have fun but do go wandering off,” Janue tells his two young children. Both his son and daughter nod before darting off towards the jungle gym. The little girl in his arms turns her head to see where her older siblings are going and tries to reach out to them.

“Not you little miss,” Ruby says, touching the tip of Azure’s nose. “You and daddy are gonna go to the swings. I am going to make sure that your brother and sister don’t get hurt.”

Ruby gives her husband and daughter a kiss before walking over to the jungle gym. She finds Garnet on the monkey bars, reaching out for the next metal rod to hold on to. After a moment, his fingers around the bar and manages to gain enough momentum to swing right to the next bar.

Ruby then turns her head to look for Clover. At first glance, she cannot find the young girl. Then she spots her. The young blonde somehow managed to climb half way up the large slide. Right away, Ruby darts over to the slide and starts to climb. Clover giggles and starts to ascend even more.

God, she is nimble! Ruby thinks. “Clover Argent Arc! Get down here right now before you get hurt!”

Clover reaches the top of the slide and waits for her mother to reach the top of the slide. Just as Ruby is about to grab her daughter, Clover jumps down onto the opening of slide and slides down it. Ruby only grumbles to herself as she climbs down slide.

Thankfully, when Ruby reaches the ground, she finds Garnet is now holding Clover by the collar of her shirt. Once he sees his mother, he gets go of his little sister.

“Don’t run off, Clover,” Ruby says. “And please don’t climb up the slide again.”

“Sorry, Mommy.”

“Just stay close you your brother.”

Clover nods her head. She gives her older brother a nudge, shouting tag as she does so. Before the red head can react, his sister darts off as fast as she can. Quickly, Garnet chases the younger girl. Ruby chuckles as she watches her children run around.

Meanwhile, Jaune smiles as he pushes his infant daughter on the swing. Azure giggles as her father pushes her up high in the air. When the swing comes back down, Jaune stops it. Azure looks confused and looks at her father with her dark silver eyes.

“Daddy is getting tired sweetie.” Jaune picks up Azure. She starts to squirm around in Jaune’s arms. “Hold on, I’ll let you in a sec.”

Jaune walks off the playground and places Azure down on the soft grass. At first, Azure does not like the feeling of the grass tickling her hands and feet. After a few moments, Azure starts to crawl around. Jaune sits down on the ground next to Azure, making sure she stays within arm’s reach.

Azure makes a noise. She starts to climb up on her father’s lap. Jaune smiles as he gently holds Azure. He lays down on the grass and places Azure on his chest. Both father and daughter fall asleep on the grass. They are woken up when someone nudges Jaune. He opens his blue eyes to find two pairs of blue also staring back at him. Both Garnet and Clover smile.

“Hi, Daddy!” Garnet shouts.

“Hi kids.” Jaune yawns and stretches out, keeping one hand on Azure, before sitting up. Ruby comes up just as Jaune stands to his feet. Jaune gives her a kiss before handing Azure to her.

“Have a nice nap you two?” Ruby asks.

“Yes, I did. Did you have fun with Garnet and Clover.”

“We had fun also! Garnet took forever to catch me in tag,” Clover tells Jaune. Her brother gives her look.

“Okay you two, I am glad that you had fun. Come on, let’s go home.”

petertheromaniwolf  asked:

Enjoltaire for the ships thing

aa thank u!! and lets fuckin do this

  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: i mean neither of them?? enjolras sucks and he knows it, whereas grantaire totally doesnt suck and he’s kinda on the down low about it
  • likes to watch reality tv: grantaire probably, he likes to make fun of the idiocy and yell at the TV that “HES NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR U U FIND URSELF A BETTER MAN”
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: definitely grantaire.  probably not even just when they’re home alone.  if he’s in the apartment, off go the pants
  • is the jealous / protective one: enjolras probably?  enjolras knows that sometimes people don’t treat grantaire very well and he’s very protective of him and will not let people treat him like shit.  plus enjolras has never really dated before and its his first time and its all new for him
  • goes all out on the holidays: GRANTAIRE
  • cries over books: ….enjolras
  • is terrible with kids: fuckin enjolras man have you seen him tiny children would like tackle him and he’d be SCREAMING while grantaire just laughs at him
  • drinks too much caffeine: both of them, god, have u seen these boys
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: grantaire probably has
  • never wears matching socks: grantaire definitely, its his Aesthetic
  • punches a tree when they’re angry: grantaire, and then he’s gotta nurse his fist while bahorel laughs at him probably
  • gets scared by the toaster: im gonna say enjolras when he’s in a coffee-induced dream state while studying for the BAR exam

this was so fun tbh

(send me a ship and I’ll answer these questions!)

anonymous asked:

the departed and nc :^)

  • Name: Lily: Soft Edition Camellia 
  • Gender: female! (she/they)
  • General Appearance: Physically similar to Lily, except for their slightly yellow tint skin, brown eyes and curly puffy hair. 
  • Personality: Actually sweet and caring. She’s also patient and gentle. Pretty mature for their age.
  • Special Talents: The most patient person in the world, can you believe it
  • Who they like better: They love both! <3
  • Who they take after more: She’s a good balance of both parents~ 
  • Personal Head canon: Camellia doesn’t usually dislike people, but she really hates Lily. 

@ask-thehuman ( = w=)b

inemori  asked:

♡☆ൠ for soukoku and/or akuatsu bc i'm greedy af, sorry & thanks ;D

it’s not greedy!  thanks for sending!

♡ : romantic headcanon

the first time atsushi and akutagawa go on a mission as actual partners, not just happen to meet with separate agendas, they step on each other’s toes CONSTANTLY even though they should be more practiced at this by now.  their cover almost blown by an increasingly angry akutagawa, atsushi shoves him into an alcove and covers his mouth with his hand.  akutagawa has the weirdest boner right now.

☆ : happy headcanon

FIRSTLY: have you checked my good buddy’s fic for all your amazing adorable akuatsu needs??

SECONDLY: akutagawa fucking HATES beans, ok?  and like, he’s not PICKY with food, okay, he doesn’t have that luxury, but maybe he’s a little touched that atsushi always makes sure to make/buy food he knows akutagawa will actually enjoy and not just subsist off of.

ൠ : random headcanon

ummmm….im totally making these up on the fly so this one’s a little harder, so i’m gonna use this for a little soapbox-y moment:

akutagawa and atsushi are both skinny due to malnourishment, and if we ever see them shirtless and they’re shredded i’m gonna be laffin and also kinda mad, lmao.  someone make these children box lunches and drive them to the bus stop, they’re going to be late for school.

sorry that one was kinda pitiful, haha.  thanks again!