im gonna go jump off the roof

Signs as What My Sisters have Said

Aries- “I want to fight a pirate fleet! And then take all their booty!”

Taurus- “But it’s Friday, I deserve to go to school in my pajamas!”


Cancer- *teary eyed* “That dog •sniffles• commercial with t-the sad song is so sad”

Leo- “pfffffttt I’m the Queen you peasant!”

Virgo- “I just color coded my underwear.”

Libra-“Trump seems kinda really stupid.”

Scorpio-“I’ll take his booty any day!”

Sagittarius-*Superhero theme song* “IM GONNA JUMP OFF THE ROOF AND FLY”

Capricorn-“Nah, you can have the last fruit snack”

Aquarius-“I’m going to draw something mysterious.”

Pisces-“I want a big fish for a pet.”